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Ninja Storm: The Ice Warrior

Summary: Ice. It can save lives, or it can claim them. What are the secrets of the Ranger who wields this awesome element, and why does he look very familiar?


Ice Ninja Academy- Stone Canyon

Deep in the of mountains of Stone Canyon, hidden behind powerful ancient protection and illusion spells stood the Ice Ninja Academy, which teaches pupils with the power to wield the strongest and most rare of the elements.

Sensei Hanaori, the head teacher of the Ice Academy, was watching his adopted son Chris, who is the best student of the Academy, work through a kata using a bo. Chris loved using the bo, and was an absolute terror with it. Sensei Hanaori knew his son wasn't going to like what has to be done, but he was the best student, and he stood the best chance of helping get things done. He cleared his throat to get Chris' attention.

"Chris, may I have a word?"

Chris put his bo up in the weapons case nearby and approached his foster father. "What is it, Dad? You look distressed," Chris said.

Sensei sighed. "I am distressed. All the other Academies have been attacked, and the pupils and teachers that haven't been killed in the attack have been abducted by a rogue Ninja named Lothor."

Chris frowned. "Who is this 'Lothor,' and what does he want? Furthermore, why attack now? What does he hope to accomplish?"

"Unfortunately, while those are good questions, we don't know the answers to any of them. He seemingly appeared at random and attacked the Wind Academy in Blue Bay Harbor. Only 3 students either survived or escaped Lothor's wrath."

"Dad, there were over 300 students alone at the Wind Academy! Where could this 'Lothor' put so many pupils, not to mention the students and teachers of the other Academies? To pull something like this off, he'd need a sizeable army and a large base of operations. Given that, what can we do about all this? And what about us? If Lothor has attacked the other schools, won't we be next?"

"It is highly likely that Lothor does not know of our location. We will do everything possible to make sure it stays that way. Now as for the next question, Sensei Watanabe of the Wind Academy has equipped the surviving students with something similar to what I'm about to give to you," Sensei Hanaori responded as he pulled out a cherry blossom chest with an icicle engraved into the lid. Snowflakes adorned the sides. He opened the chest to reveal a wrist-mounted device with a disc that has the symbol of the Ice Academy on it.

"This is the Tundra morpher. You activate it by saying, 'Tundra Storm, Ranger Form.' You'll then morph into the Ice Ninja Ranger."

It took a lot of take Chris off guard, but this was one of those things. "Dad, do you think I can do this? I don't know if I'm ready for something as big as a war."

"I firmly believe you can. There isn't a student here with your skill in both armed and unarmed combat, and your skill with the element is unmatched. With more time and practice, there's no doubt in my mind that you'll even surpass me."

Chris raised an eyebrow at that. His father wasn't prone to exaggeration, but that boast seemed a little farfetched. But he wasn't going to doubt his father's judgment. He sighed and took the morpher from the case, attaching it to his wrist. Sensei Hanaori smiled and handed him a small piece of paper.

"This is the number of a friend of mine. He and his wife are former Rangers themselves, and run a youth center and juice bar in Blue Bay. In exchange for letting you stay in the apartment above the youth center free of charge, they'd like for you to work there. They know of your duties, so there won't be a problem if you have to head into battle. I also have set up a checking and savings account for you, and put several thousand in there. You'll have nothing to worry about in regards to money."

Chris nodded. "Fair trade-off. Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Yes, one of the hangouts of the locals is a sports shop called Storm Chargers. The proprietor of the establishment has the other Rangers of the team working for her, and she knows of their Ranger duties, as well. You wouldn't have to hide from her should you find yourself hanging out there. You shouldn't need to pack much, as the room you'll be staying in is fully furnished and stocked. Just your electronics and clothes for a week should suffice, as you can buy more clothes later. You'll also find something waiting for you at the youth center when you arrive."

Chris didn't know what to think. Never in his wildest dreams did he consider getting involved in a covert war, especially when certain factions of the government have been trying to discover the identities of the Rangers, and getting their hands on Ranger secrets and technology. But he agreed to do this, even though he still felt he wasn't ready. He idly wondered if all Rangers felt that way when they were chosen. After he had packed his uniforms and clothes, which he didn't have a lot of, he carefully put his electronics into a backpack and was about to head to the front of the Academy grounds and hike down to the bus stop when his father stopped him and said he'd take him to the bus station. After doing so, he wished his foster son the best of luck, and that he's proud of him. After grabbing a salmon salad from a Greek restaurant nearby, he hopped onto the first bus to Blue Bay Harbor, not knowing what awaited him when he reached the site of the newest Ranger team.