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Chapter 1: Entering Blue Bay Harbor

Greyhound bus station

Chris got off the bus and called the number his foster father gave him.

"Youth Center, this is Aisha. May I help you?"

"Yes, I was given this number by my foster father, who said he share a certain side job."

Aisha DeSantos knew Ranger talk when she heard it, and her head immediately picked up at that. She was expecting it, but still hearing it was different, as she and her husband Rocky haven't donned the suit in more than a decade. She called Rocky over and said they got the call they were expecting. He told her he'd continue putting things up for the Grand Opening, which was next week. Everything else was pretty much finished: The furniture had been delivered and set up, the workout equipment put together, the flatscreens put up and cable installed, computers set up, the juice bar stocked, and the kitchen and its staff had been taken care of. All that remained was putting up pictures and decorations, and sweeping up. All that should be done by the time she got back, he told his wife. She nodded and said she'll be at the station in a few minutes.

Greyhound bus station

After Chris hung up, he wondered if he was in over his head. He knew how to fight and kill, but becoming a superhero was not something he trained for. He waited for about 20 minutes when he saw a Yellow convertible pull up and a beautiful African-American female looking around. He kept a close eye on her, in the off chance she might be looking for him, although he couldn't know for certain without asking. He didn't want to appear presumptuous, so he didn't go up to her; it was possible, after all, that she was looking for someone else.

That hypothesis was shot down as she pulled out her cell and dialed the number that appeared on the Caller ID back at the Youth Center. When she heard Chris' cell ring nearby, she whipped her head to the sound and saw Chris holding up his cell. She quickly hung up and approached him.

"Chris Hanaori?" Chris nodded.

"I am. And since people ask all the time about my appearance, I'll just say I'm adopted."

Aisha nodded. "I wasn't going to ask, but you couldn't have known. People asking about your name probably gets annoying." Chris nodded again, as she led him to her car and drove back to the Youth Center.

Youth Center

As Aisha pulled into the parking lot, she told Chris that the stairway leading to the apartment was by the delivery lot. She showed him the apartment, where he put his stuff down and she gave him a key, which he put on a keychain he was already wearing. She then brought him down to the first floor of the Youth Center where Rocky had finished putting the decorations up and just got finished sweeping. Everything was done, and all that was left was waiting for the Grand Opening next week. Rocky had already sent home another Ranger who was working for them, the Green Ranger Samantha Sinclair, an Irish transplant. After introducing Chris to Rocky, the three started talking.

"So, where are you from," Rocky asked.

"Stone Canyon," the Ice Ninja responded. Rocky and Aisha got excited.

"Really? That's where we're initially from," Aisha said.

"I know. I've been reading about all the previous teams," Chris said after making sure no civilians were around and Rocky and Aisha said the surveillance cameras haven't been turned on yet. "It took a lot of time, but I think I have memorized the pertinent information. But something I've always wondered about is who took Dark Specter's place as Monarch of Evil? And since villains keep coming back like a bad rash, will Ivan Ooze ever return?"

Those questions deeply unnerved the veteran Rangers, although they had to admit that they were very good questions, and had oftentimes wondered the same.

"There has been a power vacuum, as far as we can tell. There have been numerous entities vying for Dark Specter's vacated spot, and parties have been consolidating their forces and power. But so far, nobody has conclusively emerged as the new Monarch. And as for Ivan Ooze, well…we pray he never returns. In all our years as Rangers, he was easily our toughest opponent."

It was that answer that showcased just how different Rocky DeSantos was from his teenaged self. He knew how to be serious when he, Adam, and Aisha were Rangers, but he always liked to crack jokes or create mischief. His legendary appetite remained intact, but his time as a Ranger forced him to grow up. He sometimes flashed signs of his playful youth days, but he was now much more serious.

"A power vacuum, you say? That's most disturbing, as nature abhors a vacuum," Chris said ominously. Rocky and Aisha nodded solemnly, agreeing with the new Ranger.

"So, what can you do," Aisha asked. Chris spotted a lukewarm glass of Coke sitting by Rocky and he pointed a finger towards it. A thin, concentrated beam of Ice shot from his finger and instantly cooled the drink considerably. Rocky looked at it and took a sip, finding those Ice powers really work. Although he had to put the glass down before his hand got too cold.

"Very impressive," the former Red Ranger said, as Aisha nodded.

"What else," she asked.

"Well, a lot of my other Ice powers are offensive in nature, although I do have some defensive capabilities. I can generate an Ice shield, or a barrier of Ice. The defensive capabilities of our kind are amazing."

"But what about offensive power," Rocky pushed. Chris gazed into space.

"You probably don't want to know about them. They're terrifying," he said quietly.

The sudden change in the White Ranger's tone wasn't lost on the former Red and Yellow Rangers, who exchanged worried glances. Rocky started to feel as if maybe asking about his abilities wasn't a great idea after all. He pushed the conversation to the side.

"Oh well. Anyway, Grand Opening is next week, and everything has been set up. The only thing left, aside from turning on the surveillance cameras, is getting the refreshments together, but we won't do that until at least 4 days before the event, at the earliest. So you have the nest 5 days to explore the city before you'll be needed to start work. Any questions?" The White Ranger shook his head.

"Good. We just need you to pass a drug test, and we have some materials for you to go over. It's just basic stuff, such as blood borne pathogens one could encounter, employee conduct, etc."

"I could take that drug test now. I have to use the restroom anyway, so why not take down two birds with one stone?"

Aisha nodded and gave the White Ranger a specimen container, telling him what to do. After he returned with a urine sample, they sent it to a friend in a lab just down the street. The test came back clean, as expected. After telling Chris how to get into the apartment without having to go through the Youth Center and setting off the security system after hours, Rocky and Aisha closed shop and left until next week. They gave Chris their contact information in case of concerns or an emergency.

Chris looked around the city from the window in his new apartment. He had several days to explore his new city and read up on the material he was given. Since the pamphlets weren't that thick at all, he figured he'd be through both in about an hour. So he got to work, and unpacked his suitcase after he finished reading. He grabbed a snack bar and decided that he needed to get some groceries. Maybe later.

As he was about to start doing some pull-ups from the beam in the room, Chris heard some screaming. He looked out the window to see strange black and red creatures with blades attacking civilians, with a strange alien hanging back, looking around for something. He then saw blurs of Red, Blue, Crimson, Navy, and Yellow shoot past the creatures and slam into the alien, knocking it into the nearby square. Chris decided to get a closer look at the battle from afar.

Upon arriving at the scene, Chris stood atop a building and looked down at the Ninja Storm Rangers making battle with the alien and what he assumed to be foot soldiers of Lothor. Making sure he stayed clear of any surveillance equipment, Chris watched the battle. The Rangers seemed to be doing a good job of limiting collateral damage, as well taking care of the alien. They finally managed to knock him down into the nearby rock quarry, taking him away from civilian infrastructure. Chris moved to a tree nearby to continue observing. The Rangers quickly destroyed the alien, as well as the 30-story version.

As the Rangers were heading to their base of operations, Samantha stopped and looked back at the battlefield. Tori noticed her shy Irish friend lagging behind.

"Sam? Sam, what's wrong?"

"I got the strange feeling we're being watched," the Green Ranger said. Tori frowned and scanned the area. She couldn't find anything, but everyone learned to not doubt her instincts.

"Let's get back to Ops. Maybe Cam can find something." Sam nodded as she followed Tori back to her van, and headed to Ninja Ops.

Ninja Ops

"Cam, could you scan the immediate area of the battle? Sam felt we were being observed," Tori said as the Rangers entered Ninja Ops.

Cam nodded and performed the scan. He frowned.

"That's peculiar."


"There's a dead area near the square where you were fighting. No surveillance could be taken of this area," he said, continuing to see if he could get anything.

"You couldn't even get a heat signature," Sam asked.

"Nothing! You're right, Sam. Something was definitely there."

"Rangers, keep your eyes open. You must be more cautious in case this is one of Lothor's schemes," Sensei said. The Rangers nodded.

Sam got the sinking feeling the Rangers were going to be in for a big surprise very soon. She just hoped it wasn't a nasty surprise.