AU: This won't be a romantic fic between Danny and Ember. Even though I'm a DxE fan this story really isn't gonna have much DxE in part from the last chapter was only for his rock star persona and since Ember's a rockstar I figured she would be in that chapter.

(After the kiss)


After Danny kissed Ember he whispered in her ear "Ember if your wondering why I kissed you, it was for public and I'll tell you more if you go back to the Ghost Zone than you'll understand what I'm doing."

Ember in response only just nodded slowly still dazed from the kiss. "Okay but you better explain dipstick" and with she went to her friends and teleported themselves to the ghost zone to see what Danny had to say.


"Were did you get that new costime"

"Will you like a record deal?"

"Mr. Phantom are you and Ms. McLain dating"

"Are you two a couple?"

"When did this happen" asked a bunch of reporters.

"Okay I'm not answering those questions. 'But I'm pretty sure my friends are gonna make me think otherwise ESPECIALLY Sam' thought Danny.

"Okay but if you won't tell us that will you explain those costumes you wore this week Inviso-bile the media and the public wants to know." Said Lance Thunder

"Yeah ghost boy why did you do it" said Maddie and Jack who finally arrived after the love display shown by the ghost siren and Phantom.

"First of all it's DANNT PHANTOM and second of all, I guess I'll tell you guys about it.

"It all happen a few days ago before the costume changes. I was bored of the same routine fighting ghost the same way in a week day-in and day-out, so while I was flying around during my weekly patrol I to spotted a costume store and so I started dressing up in different costumes. Plus it was funny seeing my enemies' reaction when I started dressing up. Seriously you've should of seen it I was pretty sure they were freaked, especially the box ghost I was pretty sure he was going to crap his pants. They thought I was crazy and suffering from some sort of disease so they invented a dart with what they supposed was a cure for my so called craziness. Guess how wrong they were when I showed up the next day dressed as the Ghost Rider. So from there on I started to keep this up 'til now today was my final day."

After a few moments of dazed people one town folk decided to speak up

"Okay but Phantom what was with that kiss earlier" asked Dash still amazed that Ember and Danny Phantom kissed.

"I told you earlier that-oh what the hell I'll just tell you if it gets you guys off my chest." Said Danny.

"I did it because I kind of have hots for her and that I wanted the publicity. It sure got you guys and the media talking." Joked Danny

Everyone just nodded.

"Okay now that the questions are over I'm leaving so GOOD NIGHT AMITY PARK!" and with Danny Phantom the rockstar left.

(Back with Tucker, Jazz, Dani and a fuming Sam at FENTON WORKS Danny's Room) 7:45 P.M.

"Dude I did NOT expect for Danny to kiss Ember like that, but I did like the free concert." Exclaimed Tucker who was playing with his PDA.

"Me neither, but I'll let my cousin explain" commented Dani

"He BETTER EXPLAIN OR I'LL SHOVE MY BOOT SO FAR UP HIS AS-okay Sam we'll ask him when he comes home." Said Jazz cutting off Sam and trying to calm her down a notch.

"I'm home." Yelled Danny coming home from the concert he just did.

"Danny start explaining why you kissed Ember." Said Sam getting straight to the point.

"Jeez Sam calmed down." Said Tucker


"Sam just keep your cool it was the only way to leave the town alone peacefully and not cause a ruckus." Said Danny trying his best from doing something rash.

"Okay I'll buy that…For now" Exclaimed Sam.

"Is that all you guys have to tell me?" questioned Danny

"No that was it dude"

"I don't think so little brother."

"Me neither cuz"

"That was all we had to say Danny."

"Okay then bye guys see you tomorrow."

"Kay dude bye"

"Bye Danny"

"Bye cousin see you tomorrow" and with that they left.

"So Danny will this be the last time we see you dress up in a costume." Said Jazz.

"Yea Jazz other than Halloween and costume parties then yea last time."

"Okay than bye Danny see you in the morning."

"Bye Jazz"

And with that she left leaving Danny to his thoughts,

'Well this week was fun too bad tomorrow it's all over, all well. But it's not my last time doing this my fun not over yet.' Get ready Amity Park because next years gonna be a blast. Thought Danny as he fell asleep to tomorrow's probably 'normal' day.


AU: Yeah that's it and NO there will not be any sequel to this. Too much of a hassle and thanks for all you that reviewed. Even you criticizers but mostly you loyal reviewers.