"Can you believe we're actually here?!" cried Olaf. His eyes ran from one side to another along the long line of tables lining the university lawn. The pudgy boy ran from table to table, never staying longer than a few seconds at any one table. Everything from intramural basketball teams to university choirs, there was even a pottery club. "I wanna try everything here!" Olaf exclaimed, his twig brown hair fell in front of his dark brown eyes, beads of sweat dripping down his snow white skin as he looked around for two people in particular. "Anna? Punzie? Where'd you guys go?"

Two girls came puffing through the crowd. Pieces of strawberry blonde hair fell from what were once two perfect braids into near teal eyes shielded behind dark sunglasses. The blonde panting behind her wiped sweat from her forehead, shielding her emerald green eyes from the summer sun. "Olaf slow down!" Rapunzel said through gulps of her water. "Not everyone likes the summer heat as much as you do ya know."

"Yeah, what's the rush anyway? Activity fair is going to be here till sundown. And it is now," Anna pulled out her phone and switched on the screen."1:37. Sundown isn't for another 6 hours!" Anna looked at her phone again, seeing a text from her friend Kristoff. Unlocking the phone, Anna read the message, 'Hey heard u got 2 campus. wanna meet up l8tr? -k.' Anna smiled. Kristoff had come to Arendelle U three years earlier and ever since her first visit, Anna had been certain she would one day attend the same university. The day her acceptance letter came was the happiest day of her life. And the day Olaf and her cousin Rapunzel were accepted was easily a close second. Now that they were all here, the reality of it all flooded Anna's mind as she quickly typed her response. 'hey. would love to meet up later. name the time and place. -a". When she looked up, she saw Olaf running through the crowd towards yet another table, something to do with the spirit committee. 'How appropriate, he can give warm hugs to everyone he meets on the street." Anna thought. She loved her friend, but whenever they went anywhere, they always had to leave an extra 15 minutes for the boy to stop and say hello to everyone he came across.

"Oh look cuz, an adventure club!" Anna was jolted from her thoughts as her cousins voice, more like a squeal coming from next to her. Anna looked over to see her cousin running towards a table with a huge yellow sign with the words "Join the Adventure Club" written in purple and green paint. Rapunzel was already talking to one of the people behind the table. And not just anyone, a tall handsome man with shaggy brown hair with a matching chin beard and chocolate brown eyes that seemed to dance with something Anna couldn't identify. The only thing that went through Anna's mind, 'Wow, that guys nose is amazing!' Anna smiled to herself as she wandered past the table, catching the guys name through the giggles of her smitten cousin. "Eugene Fitzherbert? Please tell me there's a nickname...oh Flynn. Flynn? How the hell do you get Flynn from Eugene?"

Anna shrugged as she wandered among the tables. Archery, pottery, sword fighting, wait sword fighting? What kind of school is this? Finally, one came to Anna's attention. "'AU Baking Society' Now that's what I'm talking about' Anna thought. She was famous for her triple chocolate cake. As she walked up, a girl flashed a brilliant smile at Anna. "Well hey there sugar, you interested in joining the tastiest club on the AU campus?" Anna was instantly more comfortable and smiled as warmly as possible.

"Yeah, totally. My triple chocolate cake is to die for. At least that's what my cousin and parents say." Anna smiled and shyly looked at the girl behind the table. She relaxed considerably when the girl laughed and extended her hand.

"I like you sugar, my name is Tiana, president of the Baking Society. Anything you need, you let me know. Our first meeting is next Wednesday in the Student Center kitchen. Can we count on you?" Tiana asked with sincerity. Anna could tell they would be good friends. "Yeah absolutely. I'lll be there, and teach you a thing or two about chocolate cake." Anna laughed as she wrote her information on the sign up sheet, feeling more and more at home.

'Well that's one down, one to go.' Anna thought as she waved to Tiana before making her way back into the streams of people filing around the student center lawn. Before her parents had left her and Rapunzel to organize their room, Anna's parents had made both girls promise they would sign up, and stick with, at least two activities or clubs for the first year. Anna had laughed at the stick with part of the condition. Her parents knew Anna was never one to stick with anything for very long. The longest activity she had kept up with was the guitar, and that was more of a passion. Her guitar, who she affectionately called Baby was currently sitting in her place of honor in Anna's room, proudly on display in her stand.

Anna smiled as she thought of her baby as she walked though the labyrinth of tables. After wandering around the rows of tables for another 10 minutes, and finding nothing of particular interest, Anna as about to give up and text her cousin and best friend where they were. Then, Anna saw Her.