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Hans paced nervously in front of his dorm, his phone clutched in his hand. 'Man what's taking them so long? They said they'd call 20 minutes ago. I guess that's what I get for trusting...'

A light musical tone interrupted Hans' thoughts and he looked down at the screen. He rolled his eyes and hit answer more aggressively than necessary for the touch screen.

"Well it's about damn time. Are you sure this is going to work?" Hans spat into the phone. He had been waiting for weeks on an answer and was beginning to doubt himself, and his new

"Don't worry, just show up to the student center at the predetermined time," the voice hissed into the phone. "And don't forget your ADT stuff. It'll be a show no one will ever forget."

"Would you guys hurry up?" Rapunzel huffed as she all but dragged Flynn behind her towards the student center. It was the first Open Mic Night of the new semester and for some reason the slots always filled up super quick.

The winter break had flown by and the group was excited to be back together They had talked every day, their group chat never quiet for more than a few hours. Elsa even contributed more than normal, mainly because she wasn't all consumed by her models like she usually was.

"Blondie would you please just slow down! You've left the others at least 30 feet behind us," Flynn pleaded through puffs of air. "Anna's the one performing, and she's not even rushing like this!"

Rapunzel stopped in her tracks, causing Flynn to run into her from behind, pushing them both into a hand rail leading to the large modern looking building. The both flushed and laughed, looking only slightly embarrassed as the rest of the group finally caught up to them.

"We're coming, we're coming, don't get yer kilt in a twist" Red moaned, Kristoff's huge arm draped over her shoulders, clearly weighing her down. "And would you please get your tree trunk arms off me?"

Kristoff smiled down at Red and nudged her playfully, "Sorry babe, I thought you liked my tree trunk arms, especially when they're wrapped around you after we..."

Red flushed as deep as her hair and started wailing on Kristoff's torso. Well, wailing might be a stretch because Kristoff just sighed and looked at the tiny Scott like her punches were nothing but light taps. Eventually Red got tired and grabbed Kristoff's hand in her own, a defeated look on her face.

"I swear they do this at least 15 times a day," Anna mumbled, loud enough only for Elsa to hear. Elsa giggled and looked down at Anna. She was visibly getting more and more nervous the closer they got to the student center, Elsa gave Anna's hand a reassuring squeeze and Anna smiled up at the blonde appreciatively.

"You're going to be great, you and Baby are ready for this."

"I know", Anna moaned, clutching the straps on Baby's case around her shoulders. "I just always get like this before I perform. And besides, I know you'll be there to cheer me on."

"Oh you can count on that," Elsa smiled down at her and gave Anna a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Hey! Come on you two, don't want to be even later," Rapunzel called. The rest of the group had already entered the student center, leaving the pair behind. This is becoming a pattern with their group now that everyone seems to be in a relationship.

Elsa pulled Anna towards the building, only feeling slight resistance from her Little being dragged behind her.

The main Great Room had been set up with a makeshift stage and a bunch of tables spread throughout the room. A small area in front of the stage was left clear, though no one really knew why.

After scanning their ID's at the door, the group filed into the room and looked around. It was packed as usual and some guy was on stage belting out some love song, horribly out of key. Somehow a girl sitting front and center was enjoying the song more than anyone else. She was clearly so into the guy she must have been love deaf. Too bad no one else was.

As the group made their way to an open table, the tone deaf guy finally finished, to weak applause. He somehow thought he did a great job and took the mild applause as validation. As he left the stage, Olaf entered, bouncing and somehow unaffected by the horrible performance.

"Wasn't he great everybody? Let's give him another round of applause." Olaf led the applause, but not many joined in. Olaf, ignoring the minimal response continued. "Okay and next up, we have Anna Sommers. Let's hear it for her folks."

As Anna got up and walked towards the stage, a roar of applause erupted in the room. Anna had played a few Open Mic nights last semester and had amassed a small fan club. Well, outside of her friend group who were putting the fan club to shame. 'Those weirdos are gonna be the death of me,' Anna chuckled to herself as she walked up the steps giving Olaf a quick hug for good luck before getting herself settled on the small stool.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Anna looked out at the audience anxiously awaiting her performance. Anna gave a thumbs up and the lights dimmed and a spotlight illuminated her on the stage.

Anna began strumming and the room murmured approval at her song choice. The approval seemed to boost Anna's confidence as she began singing.

'You're staring me down with those electric eyes
No matter how hard I try,
I can't escape that gaze tonight
That girl's up in the atmosphere
That girl's up in the atmosphere...'

Anna looked out at the crowd who was dancing and swaying in their seats, clearly enjoying her performance. Scanning the room more carefully, Anna locked eyes on the ice blue ones she'd never been able to get out of her head. Elsa was clearly enjoying herself, and had clearly figured out Anna was singing about her by the deep crimson blush on her cheeks.

Seeing Elsa blush made Anna more confident as she kept singing, her nerves disappeared and she lost herself completely in the performance.

'And I've been catching myself thinking of it
It was 3 in the morning,
Every day I chase after her
But I can't catch lightning
Catching myself thinking of it
It was 3 in the morning,
Every day I chase after her
But I can't catch lightning'

This was the part of performing Anna looked forward to the most. The feeling of being connected to the audience, feeling their energy rise and fall with the movements of the song. Watching how strangers became like friends all sharing the experience. How she and Baby seemed to melt into one being, and in this particular moment, how a certain blonde was beaming at her from their table.

'...And I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for you
Chasing after things that you do
But I can't catch lightning
Waiting, waiting, waiting for you
Chasing after things that you do
But I can't catch lightning'

Anna played the few remaining refrains and as she finished the song, the whole room erupted in a roar of applause, cheers and whistles. Anna stood, took a bow and exited the stage, giving Olaf another hug as the chubby boy ran back on stage to keep the momentum going. Anna made it back to the table and was greeted by hugs from Rapunzel and Red, a fist bump from Kristoff, a nod of approval from Flynn and finally she got to Elsa who was beaming at her from ear to ear.

The taller girl opened her arms and Anna slid into them, feeling so safe and comfortable she wondered how she had lived so much of her life without her.

"You were wonderful," Elsa cooed as she released Anna from the hug. "I have no idea who you were singing about though, she must be something else to have earned such an incredible performance."

Anna laughed and playfully shoved Elsa's arm before giving her a kiss. Elsa smiled against Anna's lips. Their attention was brought back to the action around them when they heard Kristoff's deep voice.

"No. Way."

The two girls looked at the stage and their jaws dropped. Sven had walked on stage, with a stunning cherry red electric guitar strung on her back. The lights started to dim, but not before Sven pulled the guitar around and started playing the beginning of "Born to be Wild".

Kristoff laughed an almost disbelieving laugh and everyone at the table looked at him.

"We've talked about doing this since freshman year and here he is."

"Oh I am so glad I'm here to see this," chuckled Red as she pulled out her phone and opened the camera app.

Kristoff gave her a quick kiss on the head and turned to Sven who was looking right at him smiling. Kristoff ran on stage, yelled a quick "ROCK N' ROLL" into the mic as Sven continued the song.

"Get your motor runnin'

Head out on the highway

Lookin' for adventure

And whatever comes our way…"

The table sat in shocked awe. Well, everyone except Anna. They looked like real musicians, so comfortable and in sync with each other. It's like they had performed this song a million times and it wasn't just a spur of the moment decision.

Red looked at Anna in disbelief, all the while recording the performance. 'Did you know?' she lipped to Anna.

'Oh yeah' Anna mouthed back and turned her attention back to Kristoff and Sven who had started head banging and jumping all over the stage like 5 year olds having teh time of their lives.

'Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never want to die

Born to be wild

Born to be wild…'

Everyone in the room was on their feet and cheering. It was like a real Steppenwolf concert, complete with the mosh pit. A few students were crowd surfing and others were jumping and bouncing off the walls.

As the song neared it's end, the tune changed ever so slightly, causing the musicians in the crowd to look around confused. The majority of the crowd however kept rocking out like nothing happened.

Sven played a few chords and somehow transitioned perfected from Born to be Wild to P.Y.T.

Red almost fell out of her seat. P.Y.T. was her favorite Michael Jackson song, that she was fairly certain she mentioned to Kristoff on their first or second date.

Kristoff looked out at Red, winked and smiled at her. "This one's for you Red." Red flushed as deep as her hair as Anna and Rapunzel pulled out their phones to record both Red and the performance. They had both known Kristoff was going to do something at the Open Mic night, but neither knew exactly what or when so they had both been waiting anxiously the whole time.

'Where did you come from lady
And ooh won't you take me there
Right away won't you baby...'

Red looked like she had died and gone to heaven. Her boyfriend, playing her favorite song, dedicated to her. She didn't know how it could get any better. Kristoff seemed to get the feeling as he pushed on.

'I want to love you (P-Y-T)
Pretty young thing
You need some lovin' (T-L-C)
Tender lovin' care
And I'll take you there'

Red stopped. Stopped in her tracks. Her red curls covered one eye but the other was as wide as a deer caught in headlights. Kristoff looked so genuine, but a look of apprehension on his face. He hadn't broken eye contact with Red and everyone realized what had happened in that moment.


The rest of the table erupted in shrieks and excited looks. That happened. That just happened.

'Nothin' can stop this burnin'
Desire to be with you
Gotta get to you baby
Won't you come, it's emergency
Cool my fire yearnin'
Honey, come set me free'

Red didn't move but you could tell she was smiling by the way her body shifted and she was playing with her curls. She had different ways of expressing her emotions, but her most obvious to express happiness was playing with her curls.

Kristoff smiled from the stage and seeing this, he jumped from the stage and half danced, half walked towards the table.

'I want to love you (P-Y-T)
Pretty young thing
You need some lovin' (T-L-C)
Tender lovin' care
And I'll take you there'

He approached Red and extended his hand, which she eagerly accepted. He gracefully spun Red into him and wrapped his free arm around her, making sure she was wrapped up tight. Before she knew what was happening the mic was in front of her and she knew what was coming. The call and response.

'Pretty young things, repeat after me
I said,
Na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na
Na na na
I said na na na na na
Na na na na na
I'll take you there'

It was like they had rehearsed it but when Kristoff stopped singing, Red took it up perfectly. Kristoff smiled bigger and bigger every time Red sang and he knew he made the right choice. What surprised all of them was when Red grabbed the mic from Kristoff, ran and jumped back on stage and sang the last chorus at full volume.

'You need some lovin' (T-L-C)
Tender lovin' care
And I'll take you there
I want to love you (P-Y-T)
Pretty young thing
You need some lovin' (T-L-C)
Tender lovin' care
And I'll take you there.'

The room erupted in wild applause as Red called Kristoff back up to the stage for their bows. He jumped on stage, grabbed her hand and they both bowed with Sven who looked particularly proud of both of them.

Red jumped onto Kristoff and he gave her a spinning bear hug. At some point around he hugged her even tighter, implying that Red had said 'I love you' back.

Olaf ran on stage, looking like he was about to explode from joy. "WOW! What a double performance folks! It'll be hard to follow that!"

"We'll take a crack at it," a deep commanding voice echoed from the doors.