Secrets Whispered in the Night

Chichi stood over the stove stirring the pot of stew she had started this morning, the house was filled with the delicious aromatic smells of her cooking and baking just as it always was. The bouncy seat could be heard springing against its cords as it sprang from the kitchen doorway with much more force than any normal child could manage. But she didn't have normal children and she was well aware of that.

Another set of tiny hands and feet could be heard smacking against the wooden floors of the living room as the grown man sat on the couch watching the active young boys, he grumbled in frustration.

"Vegeta? Can you take Goten out of his seat, he can play with Trunks for a bit. Otherwise he's going to break that door."

Vegeta grumbled about the request but didn't think twice about it as he removed the spitting image of his once rival from the colorful plastic bouncy chair, placing him on the floor with his own purple haired brat. Here he sat in Kakarot's house, with Kakarot's mate and child, he wasn't sure how this had happened, but he had developed a relationship with the woman everyone viewed as a nagging harpy.

It had turned out that Vegeta had more in common with her than he would ever care to admit to anyone including his currently estranged woman. Bulma had thrown him out after a particularly turbulent fight two months back and she had yet to ask him back into their home or their bed. Everytime he got close to reconciliation, he would open his big fat mouth and despite his logic screaming at him to shutup, he always spewed something stupid and triggered her anger once again. He had been surprised when Kakarot's woman offered him their guest room until he was able to patch up the broken pieces of his relationship with her best friend.

Today the energy felt more light hearted than normal, the house was filled with the laughter of both of their respective children playing together. It was his day to spend time with his son and he hadn't hesitated to pick him up and take him out. He almost didn't mind getting stuck with the double duty of watching both the brats, being a father wasn't a burden to him, he truly enjoyed it.

Chichi finished stirring the stew and placed the top on the pot leaving it to cook slowly. She placed the spoon down and wiped her hands on her pink apron, observing the small mess spread across the kitchen counter. For once it didn't bother her. She had reached a point in her life where she had finally become more laid back, it had been either that or give herself an aneurism. Raising two boys was finally breaking her in and allowing her to be the warm nurturing mother that they both needed.

She stood in the doorway of the kitchen, staring into the living room, leaning against the doorframe watching the sight before her. A bright smile spread across her face as both Goten and Trunks climbed all over Vegeta, tugging on his gravity defying hair and getting airplaned over his head with one hand.

"Vegeta, feel free to say no, but would you be willing to spar with me later? I know I'm no match for you, not like Goku, but…."

She trailed off and almost reneged the favor that she was asking of him, instead she steeled her resolve and met his eyes as he peered at her over the back of the couch as baby Trunks gnawed his father's hair happily teething away.

Vegeta couldn't believe his ears, did she really just ask him to spar with her? He had practically begged Bulma to spar with him over the better part of a year since Trunks was born, but she always refused him, said that she could handle herself, that she didn't need him to teach her to defend herself, that she had the brains to handle her problems. He wanted her to be able to take care of herself if it ever came down to it.

"Well, yes or no?" Her voice raising slightly at the incredulous dumbfounded look plastered on his face.

"Calm yourself woman! After I bring my runt home I can spar with you. I'll have to take it easy on you." He said with a cocky smirk on his face. His attitude earned him a middle finger flipped up at him before she walked back into the kitchen to check on the large meal she had in the making.

Vegeta looked over at her, a guilty feeling settling into his stomach. He should have held himself back a bit more than he had, although he wasn't sure in the long run if that was a possibility at this point. This woman riled him up in a strange way, she was infuriating during sparring, egging him on and instigating him to fight her harder. He wondered if she had always been this tenacious when sparring with her idiot husband.

Chichi laid in the grass, panting heavily from the exertion of their sparring session. A very clear bruise was forming on her right cheek, a number of gashes and wounds lightly seeping. Reaching a delicate wrapped hand up she wiped the blood away from her split lip with her thumb. She laughed out loud, startling Vegeta for a moment as she freed her hair from the ponytail, her hair splayed around her head as the grass cooled her body.

"You know, I used to spar with Goku like this when we were younger. He wasn't nearly as strong back then and I was able to take him down, although that didn't last long. Then after Gohan was born that all changed, he wouldn't spar with me at all, like I was breakable or something!" She snorted out the last part indignantly.

"But then again he was never around long enough, always off fighting someone or other." A tiny bit of resentment had seeped into her voice with the statement.

"To be fair woman, after your mate bears your child, you feel this need to protect her. And as much as I hate to admit, but as strong as that idiot is, he knew he would hurt you no matter how much he held back." Something poked at his insides, he didn't like hearing the anger and sadness mixed in her voice.

"Be honest, why do you want me to train with you?" He needed to satiate the curiosity that was nagging at him since this afternoon.

"I used to be the strongest woman around, now I'm just a mother of two, wife of the great hero Son Goku. But he isn't around to protect me, or Goten. Besides someone will have to train Goten, and I'm sure as hell not allowing anyone else to take my baby off to train like Piccolo did with Gohan." A sad smile made its way onto her lips, the split on her bottom lip making her cringe through the smile. She had become Goku's shadow, and Vegeta understood that feeling although his pride would never allow him to admit that to anyone.

Chichi got quiet, not expecting any response to her rant about her life. She crossed her arms behind her head, as she stared at the dimming sky overhead, the stars flickering into life for the evening. At least life was peaceful right now, no one trashing her house, no evil villains bent on destruction, no things were alright aside from her husband being off in the other world away from her.

"Did you get to talk to Bulma when you dropped Trunks off?" She turned to look at Vegeta as he sat in the grass a few feet from her, looking much better for the wear than she did.

"Fuck no, the woman took him from my arms, grabbed the diaper bag, and slammed the door in my face. A human woman slammed the door in the face of the Saiya-jin Prince!" He practically barked the last part at her.

Chichi snorted derisively, "While I don't normally look down at someone, if I were your wife and you expected me to cowtow to you because you're the Prince of a planet long since gone, I would not only tell you to get over yourself, but would be putting my foot up your ass on the regular."

It was liberating being able to swear again, there were no kids around right now. Gohan was off with Piccolo for the week and Goten was fast asleep in his crib, sleeping like a rock, well sleeping like Goku. For the first time in ages she wasn't just a mother, she was Chichi, she was getting to relax and simply be herself, something she had long ago forgotten being essentially a single mother.

"Watch who you're speaking to with that mouth!" He snarled at her, his lip curling up at her attitude.

Laughter bubbled from her chest until she couldn't hold back any longer. "No! You watch who you're speaking to. You're sleeping in my house and eating my cooking, Baka! I could stop feeding you if I so pleased!"

His jaw dropped as he attempted to stay angry at the disrespectful woman before him, but his mouth shut itself quickly, the words being lost on his lips. Not only was she arguing back with him, now she was name calling. There wasn't an ounce of fear in her voice as she loudly scolded him like a bratty child demanding a cookie.

"Besides, if you've forgotten, I'm considered a Princess still. So really, you're speaking to your equal. I could make the same demand of you, but you don't hear me whining!" She quipped back, her snarky attitude laced into her sugary sweet voice.

"Shutup woman!" Vegeta snapped back.

"Someone out of things to say? Listen if you want Bulma to take you back, you have to give respect to get respect. It took me forever to figure that out, but if you don't respect her, she's never going to respect you. I mean, do you want her to love you or fear you, Oh mighty Prince?" She asked him sarcastically.

The prince was stunned into silence for the millionth time that day, this woman was killing him, talking about feelings and all, it wasn't an area he was fully comfortable with.

"I….uh….Well, love me, I guess." His gruff voice was barely above a whisper as he stared down at his white training gloves, stained with droplets of her blood.

"Then I suggest you stop this whole, worship me bullshit. A woman like Bulma is never going to fall at your feet, it's not who she is. But she won't expect you to fall at hers either. She'll argue with you, she'll fight you on everything, she'll give you hell if you cross her. But at the end of the day, she'll love you and she'll be there for you. If you drop this crap, she'll give you the rest of her life."

"She'll be my mate?" Vegeta's tone piqued at the idea proposed to him by the delicate human female sitting beside him.

"Well by human standards I would certainly say to make her your wife, but yea, she'll be your mate. Don't blow it with her, that woman doesn't just hand her heart out to anyone. Believe me, I've known her a long time, she's my best friend."

Chichi boosted herself off of the grass, hopping up to her feet. She looked back over her shoulder at Vegeta, still sitting calmly in the grass as the firefly's began to make their appearance in the yard. The soreness was beginning to set in, her muscles aching, the wounds tugging with each movement as they fought to close themselves and begin the healing process. She brushed a stray strand of hair away from her eyes, looking over his figure, for once he seemed vulnerable, and less like an asshole. Getting to know him as a human being rather than Goku's enemy or Bulma's man had given her a different perspective on the gruff Saiya-jin.

"Come on, let's go inside Vegeta, dinner is ready."

For the first time in a long time she didn't worry about cleaning up before dinner, she didn't concern herself with the dirt being tracked into the home. She worked up an appetite and she was going to remedy that immediately, formalities aside.

The hot shower had felt amazing against her skin, washing away all the dirt and blood that had caked itself to her during their session. Scrubbing away the blood that had escaped her wounds stung, but felt wonderful at the same time. She had finished off by rubbing the home made balm over the bruises to insure that they healed quickly. Her hair and flesh now smelling of lavender and vanilla, calming her completely after a long day.

Chichi had changed into her nightgown, the thin fabric stopping above her knee, cool enough for her to tolerate the summer air that warmed the house, but enough for her that she didn't feel risqué having another man in her home. The dark blue spaghetti strap dress clashed against her pale skin. She stopped at the dresser and picked her brush up, running it through her long midnight tresses as they fell around her shoulders.

Her bare feet padded softly over the hard wood floors as she made her way into the kitchen. Yes she had already had dinner, but she needed something else to satiate herself tonight. Snacks weren't her thing usually, except tonight, it must have been the work out she had gotten. Her eyes fell on the bottle tucked into the door, a drink may be exactly what she was in need of this evening. She grabbed the chilled bottle of plum wine and poured it into one of the stemmed wine glasses Bulma had given her for she and Goku's anniversary.

Vegeta entered the kitchen, his eyes following her well shaped form, she was indeed a gorgeous woman, and the fact that she was able to hold her own just made her that more alluring. He wondered if Kakarot really knew how lucky he was to have her as his mate. As he took her in, he could see the bruises scattered along her strong yet slender thighs where he had landed kicks, her shins bruised from blocking others.

"There's sake in the fridge as well if you are looking to join me." She said teasingly as she sipped at the sweet drink in her hand, her eyes never moving to meet his. She stared out the window into the dark night, the line of trees just beyond her vision, she couldn't help but feel at peace tonight. It was a wonderful sensation.

Vegeta didn't respond, but took her up on her offer. He made his way to the fridge and pulled the bottle open before popping the cork off in one smooth motion. There was no need for a glass in his mind when he knew that he could easily polish the bottle off without any trouble, why bother dirtying another glass that the woman would insist on washing before she headed to bed.

Chichi heard one of the kitchen chairs slide away from the table, she looked over her shoulder to find Vegeta perched in one of the chairs with the entire bottle in his hand and resisted the urge to roll her eyes at him. Approaching the table she smiled at him and plopped her bottle onto the table as well before taking a seat across from him. The silence in the room was deafening as the two adults downed their drinks of choice with a strange urgency.

Minute later she finally decided to break the silence, "Why did you hate my husband so much?"

The question stunned Vegeta, most of their social group never bothered to ask him, they just assumed that he was an asshole. "I suppose it was a pride thing. He had it easy, he never had to see our race wiped out of existence, never lost his family in one foul swoop. Here on earth he ended up achieving everything I wanted, everything that I fought for with such ease, he was better than me."

"You know, he never thought that he was better than you? Goku actually views you as a friend." She took another large sip of her wine, finding the glass empty now. This time she took a page from Vegeta's book and simply picked up the bottle, drinking straight from it, ignoring all her normal formalities and manners.

"I've tried to kill him, I've fought for the other side, and that man still trusts me, he's a fool."

"No, he just seems to understand that you aren't an asshole deep down. He's loyal, he's got a good heart, even if that takes him away from his family all the time, it's the truth." Averting her eyes quickly from his, she looked at the wall behind him before taking another sip of the plum wine from the bottle.

"Speaking of loyalty, why have you stuck beside that Baka all these years?" He wasn't sure why, but he felt this urge to pry into her life since he had been getting to know her.

A sad smile reached her face as she downed another large sip of the sweet wine. "I loved him since we were little, long before he understood what that meant. I promised myself to him, I said my vows and I never looked back. I love him, although sometimes it's hard to remember why. And he is a good father. There's so much more, but I'm not getting into that." A blush spread across her cheeks, immediately giving away her less than chaste thoughts regarding her husband, causing Vegeta to cringe. He was glad that she hadn't continued, he didn't need to know about Kakarot's sex life.

It was evident to him that this was the perfect type of woman for a Saiya-jin male, stubborn, strong, never submissive, and loyal. Her mate running off into battle, and she still sat by awaiting his return, expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Unlike these other ridiculous human women, she acted as a bonded mate would. Yet somehow someone as daft as Kakarot had managed to catch himself a woman like this, it absolutely baffled him beyond comprehension!

Chichi finished off the bottle of wine and stood from her seat at the table, swaying slightly in her steps. Making her way to the counter to stare out the kitchen window over the sink, she leaned against the edge of the counter to steady herself. She sighed wistfully and looked at the cloudless starry sky sitting just outside of her home, seemingly lost in her thoughts.

He felt a strange pull to her that he wanted to resist. Her ample bottom pressing back against the fabric of her short nightgown, every curve accentuated by the soft garment. His eyes trailed down following the curve of her slender legs. The bruises littered not only her legs, but her arms, her hands not only bruised but marked by the small wounds created during the impacts of their sparring. There was something sensual to him about a woman who wasn't hiding the signs of her training, but instead wore them proudly, embracing them as part of her; she was a warrior. Her long hair fell loosely around her shoulders, hiding her face from him as she lost herself in the outside world.

Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it had been the frustrating circumstances he was going through, but he was drawn to her. Standing from his seat he remained silent as he approached her from behind, his eyes roaming her body the entire time, taking her in completely. Every step closed the gap between their bodies without her being aware. She was driving him mad and she didn't have a clue about the thoughts mulling through his head, he ran over the scenarios, what he could do to her. He wanted her, he wanted to know what it was that Kakarot had. The idea of her writhing beneath him, moaning his name was becoming too much for him to resist.

Vegeta slid his hands over the silky fabric of the nightgown and around her waist, resting them flush on her flat stomach, his fingers moving gently over her skin eliciting a deep breath, her chest rising with the intake. There wasn't any resistance, no notorious frying pans flying at his head, he took this as a sign to continue forward with her. He pressed himself against her back as she leaned against the counter, his knee moving to separate her legs before pressing up against the warmth residing there. Chichi's hands gripped the edge of the counter, her delicate hands with their bruises from sparring, hanging on for dear life. His hand slid up to cup one of her full breasts, his thumb brushing over the hardening peak as he kneaded her flesh in the palm of his hand.

She knew she should resist this, that she should have stopped it before it even started, but the alcohol now clouded her judgment, and dropped her inhibitions.

Continuing to knead her through the nightgown his free hand moved to slip down to her thigh, brushing past the edge of the nightgown covering her body from his sight as his fingers rubbed over her now heated center through the thin fabric of her panties. He could smell her arousal, and her hesitation, but he continued forward, and intended to unless the woman told him otherwise, something about her scent was driving him further into madness unlike anything else.

Vegeta fingers snuck past her panties, pushing them aside as he slipped two fingers into her slick warm entrance. He smirked at the little gasp then moan that escaped her parted lips. Quickening his pace he moved his fingers in and out of her, feeling her hips buck at the enjoyable intrusion. Her back arching, pressing her ass back against his now hardened member.

"Oh god Goku"

He stopped dead in his tracks, pulling his fingers from her panties quickly, he spun her to face him, his other hand now fisted into her silken hair forcing her eyes to meet his, lust and jealousy now burning in them. Chichi's eyes widened and she audibly gulped before his lips crashed down onto hers, claiming her mouth, nipping at her lips to gain entrance. Surprisingly she obliged him as her tongue met his in a heated kiss, each battling for dominance.

Reaching down he ripped her panties away before freeing himself from the training pants containing him. His hips settled between her slightly parted legs as he hoisted her up to wrap her slender legs around his waist. Positioning himself at her now soaking opening he rubbed the tip of his throbbing member against her, thrusting himself into her fully as she moaned out, her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

The pained look on her face and her open palms pressing back against his chest told him that something wasn't right. He stopped his movement and stared at her face, reaching up to touch her flushed cheek as he let go of her hair.

"What's wrong woman?" His eyebrows furrowed and the normal frown found its way to his face once again.

"Vegeta, stop. I can't do this… I just can't" Her voice was soft and wavered as she responded.

The tears gathered in her eyes, clinging to her long dark eye lashes, her eyes finally coming to meet his. He resisted the urge to continue, a growl rising in his chest as he pulled out of her and placed her back on her feet. The feeling of leaving her tight warmth frustrating him intensely, he struggled to calm himself as he buried his face against her neck.

"Let me guess, your mate?"

She nodded against his shoulder as she hid her face against the training shirt, her hands grasping the fabric covering his chest tightly in her fists.

"I know he's dead, but I can't. I'm so sorry. I should have stopped you sooner."

Vegeta could feel the small sob that shook her body, her tears softened what was left of his excitement for her, guilt now sinking into his body. Not for the other Saiya-jin man but for the now timid woman in front of him, she had been a friend and he had pushed beyond acceptable boundaries. He steeled his resolve and placed his arms around her, his face still buried against her neck as he took in her scent. It finally struck him that she still smelled of Kakarot, he opened his eyes and could see the faint scar on the crook of her neck where he knew the other Saiya-jin had marked her as his own.

Why had he bothered, it wasn't like he loved the woman. Yes he liked her, but he knew that she was taken. His mind went to Bulma, he had just betrayed her and would have to figure what to do about that.

"No I'm sorry Chichi."

Chichi swallowed the lump in her throat and looked up at him. He had never called her by her name before, between that and the soft tone in his voice, he had truly taken her by surprise. His thumb traced along her jaw and down the other side of her neck, coming to rest on her shoulder as he held her body against his. She relaxed against him, and let out a sign between her tears, she had messed up and she knew it.

Chichi snapped awake, a cold sweat clinging to her skin like a ghost, she rested her head in her shaking hands. Her eyes were wide as she took in shallow panicked breaths, her chest rising and falling in rapid succession, running her hands through her hair before it fell in front of her face, hiding her panicked look.
She felt the warm strong body beside her in the bed stirring, two strong arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her back down to the bed, pressing her backside against his crotch, he snuggled her into his chest. Soft lips pressed to the back of her neck as her hair fell to the pillow once again beneath her head, causing her to shutter at the touch.

"Everything ok babe?" His voice was husky with sleep as he came to enough to notice that she was awake.

"Just a nightmare, Goku, go back to sleep." She whispered softly as she fisted the sheets tightly in her sweating hand, her knuckles white as the moonlight shining through the bedroom window.

The memories haunted her dreams, they were something she didn't want to have anymore. Memories that she hadn't been able to share with anyone, not her best friend, not her husband, she held onto this burden alone. It was eating her up inside.

Chichi knew that the solution was simple, she had to tell Goku.

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