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Saiya-jin Princess Chichi

Secrets Whispered in the Night
Part 2

Chichi sat in bed the following morning, her heart pounding in her chest, reminding her that she still had a guilty conscious that needed to be released from its bonds. The decision had been made before she dozed back off to sleep that she would tell not only Goku today, but Bulma as well. She knew that she risked losing the two people who meant the world to her in one shot, unfortunately she also knew that it needed to be done if she was to be able to live with herself, there was no longer any avoiding this, no longer any pushing this aside.

Swallowing the lump in her throat she moved to wake Goku up. Shaking his shoulder lightly, causing the snoring to stop on the spot, his eyes opening slowly to look up at his wife sitting beside him on their queen sized bed. He reached up and pulled her back down against his chest, forcing her to rest her head against him. Her entire body tensed at the intimate contact as he felt her wet tears touching his skin, had he missed something important?

"Goku, I need to talk to you."

"Sure Chich, what's wrong?"

It was now or never. Hesitating for only a moment she attempted to strengthen herself for the rebuttal that was sure to follow this conversation. Half expecting him to fly out of bed and pack his bags to leave her following this revelation. Despite this, she knew it needed to be done.

"Goku. While you were gone, I was horribly lonely without you."

"I know and I'm sorry for that, I'll make it up to you, promise." Goku kissed the top of her head gently, in an attempt to soothe her.

"I had company here for a while, I know I didn't mention that." Her voice trailed off softly.

'Please don't say what I think you're going to say Chi' He thought.

"Vegeta came to stay with me for a few months while he and Bulma went through a real rough spot. It was nice to have the company and the help around the house."

"That's real sweet of you Chichi. I'm glad that you were able to help out."

Goku could feel the lump forming in his own throat now, he could hear the hesitation heavy in her voice telling him that she wasn't finished yet, he could feel her body trying not to shake as she leaned against him. Staring down at her, their eyes met before she continued.

"I know you said that if I had found someone that it was ok to move forward."

"Yea I didn't want you to be alone, I wasn't sure if I would be able to come back again."

'Please don't say what I think you're going to say Chich, anyone but him!'

"Things happened while he stayed here, he and I got close, we were training together. We got a little attached." She spoke softly now staring at his shoulder instead of looking him in the eyes, the look of betrayal on his face was killing her and she didn't want to lose her nerve now.

'I'm going to kill him.' Goku thought as he fought back the urge to growl.

"Did you have sex with him?" His voice wavered as he asked her.

"It almost happened, but as he started, I stopped him, I couldn't do it. He wasn't you…." The tears fell freely from her eyes now, dripping down onto his chest as she spoke.

'I'm definitely going to kill him.'

"What do you mean he started?" She could hear the gruff tone slipping into his voice when he asked the question, making her cringe.

"There was a lot of drinking after we sparred one night. He made a pass at me."

'I think I'm going to be sick, I'm murdering him for this, I swear to Kami.'

"What do you mean he made a pass, did you have sex with him?" His voice wasn't soft anymore, it was edged with anger and tension. His arms no longer holding her body to his as he moved to sit up to look at her.

"Things started, but I stopped him." Her voice squeaked and she sat up beside him.

"In our bed?!" This time he shouted at her without holding back.

"No! I never would have let it get that far Goku! I asked him to leave the next day, told him to go back to Bulma and fix things with her." Chichi clenched her hands together tightly in her lap for comfort and found none in the gesture, she wanted him to forgive her, that would be her comfort.

'I don't care how they fixed things. Who's going to fix us now?' He thought.

"Chichi!? Really Vegeta, it had to be Vegeta?!"

'It could have been anyone else in the universe as long as it wasn't him! Anyone but Vegeta! Ok, no, no one else, dammit!' Goku practically yelled in his head.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean for anything to happen! I thought I was doing him a favor, I didn't realize that he was going to try anything. If I had known that I never would have offered him to stay here while he tried to make things right with Bulma!" She meant that, she had run on the assumption that she did the couple a favor by helping him. This wasn't how she had expected it to go by any means!

A sob wracked her body as he pulled back from her completely, now sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from her. This was a different heartbreak than she had ever felt before, she could feel herself losing her husband, she wouldn't blame him if he packed his stuff and left her. Although everything in her mind and soul cried for him to stay.

"This was a mistake, but Goku did you expect me to wait for you forever?!" Her voice cracked, she wasn't only hurt and desperate, she was frustrated now, she had always waited for him, always.

"YES! Of course I wanted you to wait! I would have waited for you!" Goku raised his voice, throwing his hands up in anger as he yelled at her.

"I did wait for you though! I didn't look for it, I didn't want it! I wanted you! It was your name that I shouted, it was you I was thinking about!" Her hand flew up to cover her mouth, as if she had just said the worst thing in the universe out loud.

"You did what?" Goku had heard her loud and clear, but he wanted to hear it again from her lips.

'That must have pissed Vegeta off' He wanted to smirk at that thought, but held it back.

"I was drunk, I was thinking about you. At one point I had myself convinced it was you. It was your name that left my lips. It was you I was wanting and I said your name." A blush had spread across her tear streaked cheeks, yes she had screamed his name, just as she always had for him.

Goku sighed and put his head down in his hands, he didn't know what to do about all this. There was one thing that was sure, he didn't want to leave her, there was no way he would give any other man any chance at getting near his wife again if he could help it. Yes he was livid with her, even more so with Vegeta. But could he really be angry with her? He had died and left her alone for years before he finally returned to her. Was it really cheating since he had died and left her?

"This never happened again?" His voice was stern as he faced away from her, his fingers rubbed his temples, his mind racing.

"No, I told you, I sent him back home to her. He proposed to her only weeks later. You know they just got married. It was a fluke, a mistake."

'I don't want to listen to any of this anymore, I need to get out of here before I snap.' He could feel the same kind of rage that he had felt before going Super Saiya-jin the first time. It bubbled within him before snapping, and while he was infuriated with her, he certainly wasn't going to risk hurting her right now.

"Chichi, I'll be back. I need some time away from you. I'm going to train."

Before she could get a word in edgewise, he snatched his gi from the bed and took off out of their bedroom. She sat there with her head hanging down, her hands fiddling with each other as her hot tears fell to her lap and the blankets below. Her chest shook with each sob that overtook her. The door to the house slammed hard against the frame, shaking things within the house and waking up their son with a startle. Goten's cries for his mother reached her ears, finally drawing her up and out of the bed, she didn't bother with clothing instead just tossing her bathrobe on to go get him from his crib as she wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand.

The one and a half year old perched happily on her hip as she stood staring out the kitchen window, swaying back in forth soothingly, her feet planted in the same spot that had almost destroyed her marriage. She could clearly hear Goku's enraged screams off in the distance, the sounds of trees cracking under the pressure of his attacks, it was a sound she only heard a few times before, and it was always during battles. But she knew she couldn't blame him for being angry, hell she was angry with herself for letting it happen to begin with. She sighed and reached up to run her hand through her sons soft hair, earning little laughs from him, not completely coherent words bubbling from his mouth in enjoyment.

Now she just needed to find a way to bring this up with her best friend too. How do you call your best friend and blurt out that you had almost slept with her now husband before they got married.

Chichi picked the phone up and stared at the glowing numbers on the cordless phone, for the millionth time that day she felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. Her fingers finally glided over the glowing buttons as she dialed directly to Bulma, she knew that this was not only going to lose her her best friend, but Vegeta who she still saw as a friend would probably end up hating her for telling his wife. The only thing she could do was hope that this didn't destroy their marriage too. One destroyed marriage was enough for the day, dread settled into her chest. The phone rang and she heard the click of it being answered.

"Hey Chi, What's up?" Bulma's tone was as sweet as ever.

"Hey B-chan, do you have any time to talk?" The softness in her voice a stark contrast to her bubbly friend.

"Sure Trunks is down for his nap and Vegeta is out training, so I have a bit. What's going on?" Bulma could hear the tension clear in her best friend's voice and hoped that everything was ok with Goku and she.

"I really need to talk to you, and I understand if you hate me when I finish telling you. I get it if you never want to talk to me again." The normally confident loud woman had been relegated to this meek whisper as she spoke.

"Ok, Shoot." Bulma hesitated for a moment, unsure of where this was leading.

"So I know you remember when you threw Vegeta out last year, and he came to stay with me until you patched things up." Chichi gulped audibly.

"Of course I remember. It was awful fighting like that." Of course she remembered it all too well, she had been just as stubborn and nasty as her now husband had been, looking back on it, she wasn't particularly proud of how she had handled the whole situation.

"One of those night, something happened between him and me. There was alcohol involved, and I can't just not tell you anymore, it's killing me inside. I stopped it before it went too far. I'm so sorry, please please don't divorce him for this. It was a mistake and it never happened again! I sent him home to you the next day. I'm so sorry Bulma! I understand if you hate me." Chichi sobbed, her voice cracking and shaking as she told her best friend what she considered to be an earth shattering, life ruining secret.

"Chichi, stop. I know." Bulma's tone softened a bit, hearing the genuine hurt in Chichi's voice.

"What?" Chichi responded in surprise.

"When he came home, he told me. He was upset about it. He told me everything. Said you were both drunk, told me you stopped it, that you cried hysterically afterwords. He felt awful about it. We fought about it then, and moved past it. I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me on purpose." Yes she knew what had happened, it hadn't pleased her, but she realized that she had a hand in it as much as they did.

"I'm so sorry Bulma, I am. I'll understand if you're mad." She sniffled between her words.

"I'm not, I was mad then, it was why even though I wanted to kick him out again, I didn't. I wouldn't send him back to you after that. But I had kicked him out for months, I had wanted nothing to do with him and you made sure he was taken care of. You know he told me what you said about me? About how he needed to treat me, what he needed to do to fix things?" Bulma leaned back on the couch, adjusting the phone in her hand.

"I wanted to see him happy with you…. You both deserved it, you're perfect together. Why aren't you mad that I waited to tell you?"

"Chichi, you were still grieving your husband, even after Vegeta came home to me. I wasn't going to rub it in that you slipped up once in your life. I want you to know that your advice changed things between he and I, he was different after he came back." Bulma sighed and hesitated again, yes she had been angry, but Vegeta had made it clear that it hadn't been Chichi's doing, he took all the blame and then had worked hard to earn her trust back.

"Have you told Goku yet?" Bulma played with her hair as she asked the question, this was the part she was concerned about for her friend. Chichi wasn't a bad person, or a bad wife by any means, she just hoped this didn't ruin everything for them.

"I told him this morning, I couldn't push this aside any more, he's been home for a month and it was killing me."

"How did he take it?" Her eyes widened, she thought maybe she would have held out a little longer.

"He was angry, he had every right to be though. I'm still afraid that he's going to decide to leave me when it all sinks in." Chichi sniffled again and blinked away more tears, attempted to hold them back even if just for the remainder of the phone call.

"Chichi it wasn't like you moved on, he was dead, and you were in a bad spot. One mistake, you made one mistake in the entire what, 13 years you've been together? Give him time, that's what it took for me." Bulma sighed, she knew Goku couldn't hold a grudge well, and certainly couldn't hold one over his wife, not after everything he had put her through.

"I hope so B-chan. I don't want to lose him again, not like this."

"Listen Chi-chan, Come over this week and you and I can take the boys out to the park. I want you to understand that I'm not mad at you. I mean Vegeta came home and begged for forgiveness. He's bonded with me now and we're married. I get that your bond with Goku was why you didn't let it happen. So are you in for a mom's day?" Bulma knew that she could either continue to be angry with her over this, or she could do the right thing and forgive her. Beside Bulma wasn't without fault, she had spent a significant amount of time with Yamcha after she kicked Vegeta out, but now was not the time to tell her friend that.

"Yea I suppose that's good. I'm sorry again B-chan. Thank you for understanding and not hating me." Her tone had perked up a tiny bit toward the end, feeling a sense of relief from having Bulma's forgiveness.

"Listen lady, I may be unreasonable about some things, but you don't want my husband, you aren't some hussy. You were at our wedding, you were at our son's birth. If I ever feel mad about it, we'll talk about it then. Sound like a plan?" If she could alleviate this for her friend she would, and she meant it, if this ever came to the surface again she would worry about it then.

"Thanks hun, I should get going on lunch for Goku, I guess. Thank you for talking with me. Love you guys to death."

"I know girl, we love you too. Give Goku time ok? I'll call you tomorrow to check in. Bye."

Chichi heard the line go dead and sat there staring at the phone until the dial tone kicked in again, reminding her that she needed to hang up the phone on her end, she was simply hanging onto anything for comfort at the moment. Vegeta had gone home and told her everything, she wasn't sure why, but she was surprised that he had been so forthcoming. Relief washed over her, Bulma didn't hate her, and had everything work out the way that Bulma had wanted it too for their relationship at least. Chichi knew that Vegeta loved Bulma more than anything, she had seen it in his eyes when he spoke about her, he just hadn't known how to go about things the right way with a woman as stubborn, and fiery as Bulma was.

Looking down she found her son sleeping peacefully against her shoulder as he sat perched on her hip, his tiny hands grasping at her dress. She kissed the top of his splayed out spikey hair, finding comfort and momentary solace in her infant son. He was his father's child without a doubt, not just in his looks but in his little personality too, it had been what had kept her going while Goku was gone. And right now, his tiny breaths and little body clinging to her, gave her a little piece of mind that she so desperately needed.

Chichi opened the front door a crack and could still hear Goku out there, fighting with everything he had in him, she had never heard him like this during training, and knew that today certainly wouldn't be the day that she would attempt to train with him. Making up her mind, she decided that she would train by herself for today. She needed to distract herself somehow.

The doorbell rang, echoing through the entirety of the house. Chichi ran for the front door with the diaper bag and her young son in her arms. Her father had agreed to take Goten for the evening, since Gohan had decided to go visit Krillin and train. She hadn't even nagged him about studying, there were much bigger things on her mind than Gohan studying, he was more than capable of catching up on his work next week.

She needed to be outdoors, she needed to be training, not because she wanted to be stronger, but just to work off some of the sorrow she was feeling. She was still angry with herself, and this seemed like a logical solution to her, it was that or food, and she had already finished making a large meal, and had it ready for whenever Goku got home.

Throwing the door open she was greeted by her father's massive figure blocking the doorway, she smiled up at him and hugged him with one arm the best that she could manage.

"Hi Daddy! I can come get him tomorrow. Thank you for your help, I just really needed a night to decompress." Chichi faked a smile and handed her son over to her father, placing the not nearly long enough strap of the diaper bag over her father's forearm.

"I understand Princess, If you call me, I can just drive him back for you when you're ready." He smiled down at her and looked at his grandson placed gently in his massive arms.

"Really daddy? That would be spectacular! I'll give you a call in the morning then!" Her voice perked up, forcing the happy tone.

"Alright Princess, Have a good evening. I love you."

"I love you too daddy."

Ox-King bent and gave her a kiss on her forehead, settling a warm feeling in her stomach. She knew that she was always going to be a daddy's girl, even now in her 30's she still looked at her father with the same sparkle that she did as a child. It was hard to look at him differently, his massive size would always make her feel like a little girl around him. All of this was perfectly ok with her though, her father would do anything for her, and just wanted to see his daughter happy. It made this a little easier, she wouldn't have to worry tonight, if Goku came back still upset, Goten wouldn't have to hear their fighting.

As soon as she heard her father's car putt away from the house, she peeked outside and headed into the front yard. Goku could still be heard off in the distance, leaving her with the decision of either hanging out in the house or sticking close by to train for a bit, she was keeping herself clear of him, listening to Bulma's advice to give him his space.

She backflipped through the yard and away from the house before planting her feet firmly in a fighting stance, her hands positioned in front of her as she let out a yell, her red aura flaring up around her body. A series of punches and kicks flew in front of her at a surprising speed, she had gotten much better simply training alone over the past few months. Jumping backwards, she ducked in defense, playing out her opponents attacks in her head, she dropped and avoiding the imaginary attack from behind, reminding herself to guard her back at all times.

The strenuous workout was beginning to take its toll on her as the sweat trickled down her forehead, her bangs now sticking to her skin as she threw one attack after another. Thought after thought raced through her mind, flooding her with a mixture of intense emotions that powered her to keep going. The memories of Raditz taking her firstborn son, her son leaving to go on missions, wondering if he would return to her alive, her husband dying on her, each and every one of his deaths, her thoughts finally coming to the memory of this morning and what had gotten her there in the first place. Her punch landed to the tree in front of her, the wood splintering upon the impact, tearing through the flesh on her knuckles. Her temper flared, her aura pulsing around her as she powered up even further and she pushed her hands forward, her wrists pressed together as a small ki blast flew from her hands, going straight through the tree and off into the forest.

Chichi's strength finally drained from her body as she stared at the tree before her in shock, she had never been able to do that before. Yes she had been training and practicing, but never seemed to get it right. Falling out of her stance she looked down at her hands, the blood dripping from the torn skin on her knuckles. She ran toward the door of the house, her chest heaving as she panted. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, her blood smeared across her pale flesh as she swore out.

A snarl ripped from his throat, one final energy blast being released toward the sky and away from the planet, his chest rising and falling rapidly with his heavy breathing. The ki flaring in the distance grabbed his attention, it was coming from his house. Irrational thoughts still flew through his head just as they had all day, his training a meager attempt to distract himself from the betrayal that weighed heavy on his heart. His brow furrowed in anger as he placed his fingers to his forehead, his instant transmission bringing him straight to the door of his house.

Standing outside of the home he inspected the area, he could see the divots in the grass from where someone's feet had caught the ground as they fought. The damaged line of trees where the forest began, set concern into him momentarily. His temper flared back up, if Vegeta had been to visit he was going to tear him apart.

Goku tossed the front door open, hearing it crack as it hit the wall behind it, a picture across the room falling off of the wall, startling Chichi. She jumped and yelled out at the force coming from the living room, her glass of water spilling down the front of her training Gi. The cold liquid seeped into clothing, her underwear and down into her boots, causing her to shiver. Goku had perfect timing, catching her off guard at just the right moment.

He stormed into the kitchen and roughly shoved her back against the fridge, the glass falling from her hand this time, shattering on the floor. Chichi squeaked, her eyes widening as the air was knocked from her lungs from the force. His thick well-muscled arms placed on either side of her head, trapping her in front of him like prey. Frightened brown eyes locked onto his deep aquamarine eyes, his brow furrowed and a frown set on his normally smiling lips. She swallowed audibly and looked around, realizing that even if she could squeeze past him if he wanted to catch her, there was nothing she could do about it, he was that much faster and she knew that.

A low rumbling growl resounded from his chest, making her weak at the knees. She had never been so terrified and yet so turned on by her husband all at the same time. Her lips parted slightly taking in small breaths, she couldn't look away from him, and she didn't want to either.

"Who was here Chichi?" His voice low in his throat as he stood close to her body, pressing her back against the cool metal of the fridge.

Inhaling deeply, he could smell her scent, she was afraid, she was aroused, smelling like sweat, blood and vanilla. His eyes finally left hers and trailed down her body, her face was smeared with blood, her training gi stained with dirt and blood, her hands bloodied and gashed up. It had been her ki that he had sensed? But how?

Goku leaned down, sniffing her neck, he smelled no one else on her, just her intoxicating aroma, and himself, he could still smell himself as he passed over the faded bite mark on her neck that he had left years and years ago. His foot reached out and yanked her legs out from under her as they tumbled toward the floor of the kitchen roughly. Her body hit the floor, knocking the air out of her for the second time, she hadn't been expecting this kind of behavior from him. Holding his weight over her, he wedged his knees between her legs shoving them apart.

"Goku, I…."

"Shutup Chichi."

Her mouth hung open for a moment, she wanted to get angry, she wanted to smack him, but with how he was acting, for once she didn't think that would go over well with the golden haired warrior. Instead she just pursed her lips together as one of his hands roamed up her body, stopping to grope at her breast, her back arching up into his hand against her will. His hand fisted against the front of her outfit before ripping it away in one fluid motion, the top of her gi shredded in his hand. She almost moved to cover herself as she laid beneath him on the kitchen floor in her bra, swallowing nervously, she had no idea what had come over him.

Kneeling between her legs he leaned up and away from her body, a dangerous smirk playing on his face as he hooked one finger in the center of her bra, ripping it clear in half as her breasts spilled out of the now tattered fabric, leaving her exposed and vulnerable in front of him. She attempted to scoot back away from him, but he grabbed her hips and pulled her back toward him, earning a frustrated huff from his half naked wife.

"I didn't say you could go anywhere, did I?"

He moved to yank the training pants off her in one swift motion, her eyes barely following his motions as her pants disappeared from her legs. Chichi pulled her legs to her chest in a fluid motion, her feet planting against his chest as her aura suddenly flowed around her. She pushed away, using her arms against the floor for leverage, expecting minimal results. Surprise took over her as he flew back off her landing on his back on the floor, jumping to her feet quickly, she dropped into a fighting stance, staring down at him with fire burning in her eyes.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Chichi yelled out at him, anger and frustration laced into her voice now.

A sense of realization finally hit him, it had indeed been her ki that he had picked up, not anyone else's. It flooded his senses as she stood feet from him, her defensive stance guarding her against him for the moment. He felt an attraction to her that he had long since forgotten, pure, animalistic, this was the young female warrior that he remembered from so long ago. A cocky smirk crossed his lips, his tongue darting out to wet them. She made the perfect Saiya-jin wife.

"I want to take back what's mine, that's what."

Chichi practically shuddered at the husky tone his voice had taken on, the aggressiveness still blatantly there as she stared him down with an intensity he had never seen there before. Something had come over her husband, and she was torn to decide if she liked this side of him or not. He had never been the jealous type before, but then again, she had never given him any reason to be before either.

Her aura dropped, and her ki lowered. She sighed and blinked, opening her eyes to find him behind her now. His leg hooked forward and pulled her legs out from under her yet again, plummeting toward the floor face first, she clenched her eyes shut expecting his full weight on top of her. Goku padded her fall, his arm hooked around her waist to lessen the impact. Rubbing himself against her barely covered backside, he earned a gasp from his mostly naked wife beneath him. His hands grabbed her slender wrists and pinned them behind her back, his large hand gripping them tightly as he reached down to pull her panties away from her hips.

A whimper escaped her lips as the fingers of his free hand parted the lips of her womanhood, his fingertip stroking across her spot, causing her to buck up toward him, raising her ass in the air in front of his face as he stared at her.

"Goku, I….."

Goku didn't let her finish her sentence, he leaned forward, his tongue running across her lips and delving into her to taste her. He smirked against her flesh as she moaned his name, her face pressed to the floor as he tormented her, his tongue running over every spot, flicking past her clit over and over again. She became wetter with every lap of his tongue, her sweetness coaxing him to continue with his ministrations. He could feel her twitching as she got closer, but he wasn't going to let her finish without him. Letting go of her wrists and pulling away, he could hear the whimper that came from her at the loss of his touch, driving him insane.

Chichi pushed herself to her knees weakly and turned to crawl toward him, he pulled his weighted training shirt over his head and dropped it to the kitchen floor in front of him with a thud. Kneeling in front of him on his shirt she reached into his pants and wrapped her hand around his throbbing member making strong strokes up and down his length as she pulled his pants down with the other hand, freeing him from them. Goku inhaled sharply as his wife took him into her mouth, her tongue circling around the tip, pushing further into her warm wet mouth. Her hand stroked at the base of his length as she took him in, occasionally stopping to allow her tongue to play with the tip of his completely engorged member.

His hand grabbed her ponytail and pulled back, if she didn't stop now, he wasn't going to last much longer at all, and he fully intended on cumming with her. Chichi pulled him out of her mouth, licking her lips as she looked up at him from her knees. Grabbing her by her shoulders he shoved her down and onto her back, climbing over her prone exposed body, stopping to lick her nipples, teasing them into hardened peaks, his hands kneading them between kisses and bites, making her arch her back toward him. His knees wedged between her thighs, spreading her open for him. He needed her, and he was going to take her.

Chichi's hands gripped into the wild blonde hair tightly, pulling him up to her face and forcing his lips down into a heated passionate kiss, biting at his bottom lip, he opened his mouth and licked hers before delving his tongue into her mouth, battling against her. Another whimper escaped her lips as she tasted herself in his mouth, he was driving her completely insane. Goku positioned himself at her opening, taking the time to rub his tip up and down her now soaking slit, he teased her more, rubbing against her, pressing into her before pulling back. She bucked up against him, practically begging for him to do it. Smirking against her lips at the urgency of her body he obliged her finally and thrust into her, filling her to the hilt. Goku pulled away from the kiss and stared down at her, he held still for a moment, feeling her insides quiver around him. For a moment he sat there enjoying the flushed look on her face, her pink swollen lips parted as she moaned, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in deeper, pulling a groan from his mouth.

There was nothing that could stop him now, he pulled out almost fully before filling her again, her nails now dragging down his back as he started a pace within her. Her hips thrust up to meet his each time, enjoying the feeling of her husband inside her. Their rhythm falling into sync together as they reveled in their pleasure.

"Oh god, Goku! Yes!" Chichi screamed out his name.

His pace quickened, motivated by her moans and whimpers, pumping into her over and over again, the feeling of her driving him closer to the edge. Her legs pulled him deeper with every thrust, his body rubbing against her spot, causing her to grind against him as he thrust into her. He groaned her name, feeling every little bit inside her, the tightness of her insides squeezing his member with every movement.

Chichi's insides began to spasm and tighten around him, she was almost there and so was he. He growled low in his chest and kissed the scar on her neck gently before biting down reopening the old wound, the taste of her blood filling his mouth. The feeling intensified, the world spinning out of control as their bond reconnected. She moaned out his name, her hands digging into his blonde mane, pressing him tighter against her neck as she felt her orgasm coming.

Goku moved to unwrap her legs from his waist and swing them both over his left shoulder, one hand moving to rub her clit while the other tightly gripped her hip, pulling her to completely sheath him with each thrust. He watched her throw her head back, her eyes closed tightly as her insides began to tighten and convulse around him. His speed increased as she reached her orgasm, her hips twitching as she came, her fingers grasping in futility at the kitchen floor as she screamed out his name, overcome by the ecstasy coursing through her.

Smirking down at her mischievously, he didn't stop or slow down, her moans and screams urging him to continue. He could feel himself getting close as he watched the flushed pleasured expression on her face, her mouth still parted as she panted, gasping for the breath that he took away. Pumping into her again, he lifted her hips off the floor arching her back as he pounded into her. His stomach tightened up as he thrust into her, pressing himself into her completely, holding himself inside her as he groaned her name, spilling himself deep within her.

Goku moved her legs to lay between them once again, watching her laying on the floor, her breasts heaving with each pant for breath that she took. Her eyes slipped open to glance up at him. He was glorious to her, the sweat coating his flesh as he kneeled over her. A shiver shook her body as he dragged his hand from her collarbone down to her stomach, her head lolling to the side at the sensation teasing her skin.

He finally laid on top of her, his desire to just be near her had become overwhelming, supporting his weight over her much more petite body. Her entire body covered in a blush, the sweat from their sex and the remnants of her training session still clinging to her skin. He licked her cheek playfully, earning a giggle and a sigh from her as she laid pinned beneath him.

"My wife. Mine." He growled out, his voice still husky and tinged with lust, nuzzling his face against her shoulder only inches from the fresh bite mark.

"You know, I always was, always will be. I will always chose you Goku. Always." Chichi turned her head to the side and nuzzled her nose against his sweaty cheek affectionately.

"Good because no one else can have you. No one." He could feel her happiness flowing through his mind, although he didn't need their bond to sense that from her, he reveled in the intimacy it gave them. He knew she could feel his pride and happiness. She was his and he would make sure that no one else would ever take his wife from him.

"Yea well no one else can have you either, I'll beat a little hussy for coming near you." She laughed lightly and dragged her fingers through his untamable blonde hair one final time.

Goku chuckled and kneeled to pull out of her, eliciting a small whimper at the feeling of him leaving her warmth, her hips jolting at the feeling. He adored it when she got like this. Standing from his spot he offered her a hand, pulling her to her feet and straight against his broad chest. His arms slipping around her waist to hold her still quivering body to him, while she got her bearings and steadied herself. Chichi's fingers traced gently along the bare skin of his chest, bringing goosebumps to the surface, she looked up at him and smiled happily.

"I think we still need a shower, you still got a little something there." He rubbed his thumb over the dried blood stain, earning a soft swat away from her face.

Dinner had been officially forgotten, dessert was the only thing on his mind for the night.

Chichi laid sprawled out across their bed, the sheets ripped from their corners of the mattress and the blankets strewn across the floor along with the abandoned towels. Her wet hair splayed out underneath her, bits and pieces of it clinging to her neck and face, the sweat and water still clinging to her. In all reality she probably needed another shower, but there wasn't one damn thing in the world that could motivate her to move right now. Goku laid with his head on her toned stomach, one of her hands still entwined in the wet wild blonde mess of hair, her other hand resting on his shoulder. She had barely managed to push him off her after their last time, and the strength had gone from her completely. Goku had taken her again in the shower after they had finally made it out of the kitchen, and two more times in their bedroom; once with her on her hands and knees on their bedroom floor and the final time decimating their bed again as he had flipped her into every position he could think of, her body writhing underneath his in ecstasy.

Her mind had wandered back to the issue that they had begun their day with, what had driven her husband into a jealous beast. Not that she could complain, he had never been this aggressive with her before and she loved this side of him. She couldn't help but question whether or not things were truly ok, or if this had been his momentary lapse of judgment clouded by his anger.

"So Goku, do you forgive me?"

Lifting his head to look up at her, his eyes met her dark brown pools, filled with hesitancy and fear. He would always hate seeing anything other than happiness in her eyes, although she was sexy when she was angry, sadness was not an emotion he liked on her.

"Give me time Chich, but of course I will." Goku wasn't lying, he wasn't capable of staying angry with her.

"I love you so much Goku, I'm so sorry." There was a genuine feeling behind her words, she really did mean it, she loved him fully and truly and never had she meant to hurt him.

"Shh Chi, I love you too." He leaned down and kissed her lips for a moment before pulling back and meeting her eyes once again.

"You know I'm going to kill him when I see him next though." His voice was completely serious despite the playful smile on his face.

Chichi didn't doubt him for a moment, she knew that he was forgiving, but there were lines that shouldn't be crossed even with the kind hearted Son Goku.

"I know."

Chichi stood leaning on the wood doorframe of Goten's nursery, watching him sleeping peacefully in the crib, marred by his gnaw marks, just as his brothers had been. Her arms crossed over her chest and she sighed, he looked so much like his father, and she adored that about him. Finally picking up on the other man standing behind her, she pursed her lips together unhappily. The alcohol had worn off very quickly and she had become irate over the predicament.

"Vegeta, I think in the morning you need to leave. Go home. Make her take you back, whatever you do, you can't stay here anymore." Chichi spoke quietly, a dangerous confidence to her voice as she stated the demand.

"I understand woman." He responded softly.

She almost raised an eyebrow at the fact that he hadn't argued with her about it at all, but she felt relieved.

"You know Kakarot loves you, right woman?"

"I know and that's why I need you out, I'm sorry Vegeta, this was all a mistake." Her voice tasted of bitterness as the words passed her lips, she didn't mean to be so angry but she couldn't help herself.

"Agreed. Kakarot's a lucky man and he better treat you right. But I'm a lucky man, and there's a woman at home that I need to let know that. I'm a fool if I don't." For once he was being serious, no snarkiness involved, no attitudes. He knew both Saiya-jins had mates that they loved, and he had almost messed that up for himself.

"That would be an understatement, if you don't tell her, you're downright stupid." Chichi smirked, she knew she was pushing buttons, but that was fine by her.

"Thank you for repeating what I said." He said sarcastically.

"Vegeta, don't be an asshole. I know you may not see marriage the same way, it may not mean much to you or your people. But as much as marking her and making her your mate means to you, mating and marriage together will mean that much to her as well." She tucked a stray piece of hair away from her face as she spoke, her eyes never leaving the sleeping infant only feet from her.

"Don't fuck this up. Remember respect her, treat her like she's your Queen and she'll make you her King." Chichi knew that would be something that would resound with him, something that would sink in for the stubborn Saiya-jin.

Chichi never looked back at him, never made eye contact, while he was someone she still wanted to be able to see as a friend, right now she couldn't stomach to look at him. This had not been a position she had ever wanted to be put in, and now she was here.

"I've got it, don't worry." His normal cocky tone was back in his voice, seemingly un-phased by the awkward spot they had been in only hours earlier.

The sheets tangled around their bodies, forcing their entwined forms closer together, the only thing between them being their naked flesh as they cuddled together. Chichi sighed happily against his shoulder and hugged her arm tighter around his waist, her body draped halfway over his and her legs wrapped between his.

Goku looked down at the mess of bruises sprawled over his wife's pale flesh, some clearly in the shape of hand prints where he had been gripping her too hard, others clearly impact bruises from her training. Both types made him proud, one was because she was his and his alone, the other set from the fact that she still had the spirit of a warrior. This was clearly his woman and that sent a warm feeling through his body. Leaning down he kissed her gently on the lips, feeling the small smile glimmering on her face as he pressed against her.

He didn't intend on leaving her again, not if he could help it. It sank in that when they married 'til death do us part' simply hadn't covered the events that they would experience in their lifetime.

But he was here now with her, and he was going to make up for that lost time.

"I love you Chi"

"I know, I love you too sweetie."