Chapter 1: Dive to the Heart

A 12 year old boy with purple hair can be seen falling slowly in a dark bottom less pit. After what seemed like forever he stops falling and lands. He looks around to see nothing but the darkness. As he takes the first step, light shines upon him and a flock of birds come out of it and fly away to the darkness. What he sees below him is a staned glass design of a red headed kid with glasses, who appears to be asleep.

So much to do, so little time… take your time. Don't be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Con you do it?

The boy steps forward and he sees three pedestals appear.

Power sleeps within you. (Out comes the shield)

If you give it form… (The staff appears)

It will give you strength. (Finally the sword)

Choose well.

The boy soon walks over to the shield and grabs it

The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all. Is this the power you seek? The boy thoughts it over and says it is, then the shield vanishes. Your path is set. Choose another.

Next the boy walks over to the sword. The path of the soldier. Fights who stand for what they believe in, even when afraid. Is this the form you choose? Thinking over it he says it is as the sword vanishes. Soon the pedestals start to vanish as the stained glass crumbles up and he starts to fall.

Shortly another stained glass appears with a boy wearing a Sherpa hat who also appears to be asleep. Then the shield reappears in his hands. You've gained the power to fight. Use this power to protect yourself and others. Shortly a small shadow appears from the ground. There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong. Then the boy fights the shadows and they have ben whipped out. After that a door appears as the boy goes on over to it as it opens up and a bright light flashes.

When the light fades the boy finds himself what he recognized as his own backyard, he looks around to see a Japanese girl with two pigtails on her hair. "What's most important to you?" she says, then the boy says, "friendship", then the girl vanishes. The boy walks around and finds a red headed boy with glasses when he says "What are you so afraid of?" the boy answers "Being different" as the red headed boy vanished as well. Lastly he finds another boy but with brown hair that goes to both sides. "What do you want outta life?" he says, he answers "to see rare sights" as the brown haired kid vanishes.

The day you will open the door is both far off and very near. Then his surroundings vanished as he is on another stained glass with a girl with brown hair with a pink streak in front as he walks forward. The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

Fragments of sorrow: KH1

The boy looks behind him to see his shadow so dark, then it rises from the grown and frightens the boy. But don't be afraid. The boy backs away slowly as the shadow grows. And don't forget… then the boy runs off to the edge of the platform and stumbles as the shadow got bigger, then the shield appears as the boy fights. The shadow throws a punch to the platform as darkness seeps out of it as smaller shadows come out. He sweeps them out and jumps on its arm and attacks the head. The shadow gets up and it shoots out dark orbs but the boy deflects them to the head causing some damage to the shadow.

End fragments of sorrow

As he was going to deliver the final blow, the shield vanishes as the big shadow stumbles as the boy begins to be surrounded by darkness. - But don't be afraid. as the darkness starts to surround him. You hold the mightiest weapon of all. The boy struggles to get but was no use. So don't forget: then he is completely covered by the darkness.

You are the one who will save all worlds.