Chapter 14: Halloween Town/Christmas Town

With their last adventure behind them, Tommy and Chuckie are discussing on how many of their friends they found. "Well Chuckie, looks like we found Dil, Phil, Lil and Suzie so far." Tommy said counting them down. "That's right T. But we still need to find Kimi and anyone else we know." Chuckie reminded him. "I know. But do you think we might find Rachel around?" Tommy asked him. "Didn't she break up with you after… what we did before?" Chuckie said uneasy. "She did. It's just that when our world was getting swallowed by the darkness, I all of a sudden ran into her. But she was acting strange." Tommy said thinking back. "How exactly do you mean by… wait, a world is coming up." Chuckie said just as he spotted another world. The world in front of them has a big pumpkin with a creepy looking face on it. Around the pumpkin has some scary looking buildings and a fountain with green water at the top. Then Jiminy jumped on to Tommy's shoulder taking a look. "Why, that's Halloween Town. It's where they celebrate Halloween festival's every year." The cricket told them. "Really? I think we should go around and…" "You're worrying too much Chuck. Let's head on down there and check it out." Tommy told his best friend as the gummi ship heads on down to Halloween Town.

As they land, they walked into the town square where they see in the middle is a fountain with green water. "This looks to be creepy. I think we should leave." Chuckie said shivering a lot. "There's nothing to worry about Chuckie. Besides, we now blend in to this town right now." Tommy said to him. What Tommy looks like is that he is wearing a bunch of black clothes, a black cape on his back, and some pointy looking shoes. His hair is a darker shade of purple and is lying flat on his head and his skin is paler and now has fangs. For Chuckie, he is wearing the same things he had before, but his skin is now covered in fur as his hands now have claws. "I know, but this place is really creeping me out. Like that green water in that fountain." Chuckie said pointing to the fountain. "It's probably not that bad. Go see yourself." Tommy told him in a serious tone. "But, what if… all right." Chuckie gave in as he walked slowly to the fountain. As he got closer, a tall skeleton with a dark suit and a bat like bow tie came out of the water and really freaked Chuckie out. "Welcome to Halloween Town!" The skeleton said as he sees the scared look on Chuckie's face. "Wow that is the most frightened face I've seen in ages! Allow me to intro duce myself. I'm Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town." The skeleton, now named Jack, said. "Cool and fitting name. I'm Tommy and the one you just scared is Chuckie." Tommy said just as Chuckie regained himself. "Really? I think I met someone looking for you." Jack said scratching his skull. "Really? Who is it?" Chuckie said hopefully. "I never got her name, but she had a black coat on with the hood over her face." Jack told them. "What?! So the hooded girl is here? Where did she go?" Tommy asked the Pumpkin King. "Well, my friend Sally might have seen where she went. I'll take you both to Dr. Finkelstein's lab where she lives and she will tell you." Jack said as he leads them to the lab. "This might be our chance to find out who she is." Tommy said in thought.

As they made it to the lab, they see in front a big book is an old looking man all white with a balled head in a lab coat. He is also in a weal chair. "Doctor, have you seen Sally anywhere?" Jack asked him. "Why do you want to know where she is?" Finkelstein said as he turned his chair to face him. "I happen to have the two that the hooded girl was looking for. I'm pretty sure she knows where she went." Jack informed him. "Very well. Sally. Sally!" The doctor called out, but didn't get a response. "That good-for-nothing girl! Why can't she do as she was created to do?" Finkelstein said frustrated. "What do you mean 'created'?" Tommy asked him. "You see my boy, I was in need of an assistant. So I put all my effort into creating a living puppet. As an added bonus, I equipped her with a heart of her own." Finkelstein said as he opened his head revealing his brain and scratches it nearly making Chuckie faint. "Creepy, but kind of cool. Anyway, can you think of any place where she might have gone to?" Tommy asked the doctor as he put his head in place. "If I recall correctly, she was with someone from out of town like you two. They might have gone off to the Valley of Halloween Memories." Dr. Finkelstein told him. "Thank you Doctor. Come along gentlemen." Jack said as they head on out of the laboratory.

Spooks of Halloween Town: KH1

As they got to the square, Heartless appeared from Wight Knights, Gargoyles, Trick Ghosts and Mega-Shadows came out of nowhere. "The Heartless are back!" Jack said keeping guard. "This must be the hooded girls doing!" Tommy said as he and Chuckie summoned their weapons. "On guard gentlemen! Let's send them out of here!" Jack said as the fight begins.

It starts as some Wight Knights makes low jumps and spins around to attack, but Tommy made a barrier around them to stop the attack. "Force!" He shouted as a gravitational force appears and forced some of the Heartless to the ground and took out some of them with the Keyblade. "Prepare to scream!" Jack called out as he surrounds himself with three flaming pumpkin heads and runs around burning some of the Heartless and took out two Mega-Shadows. Then a Mega-Shadow jumps high in the air to land on top of Tommy, but Chuckie spotted it first and shot a fire ball at it and destroyed it. "Thanks Chuck." Tommy said as he made some thunder bolts appear and took out some of the Gargoyle and Trick Ghost Heartless. Then the Trick Ghost Heartless made some dark shots from the mouth, but Tommy deflected them and made them hit the surrounding Heartless. "Light!" Tommy said as he started to summon a pillar of light around him and took out some Heartless as three more goes around the square and takes out the rest of the Heartless.

End Spooks of Halloween Town

"That fight was intense." Chuckie said after the fight was over. "If the Heartless are around right now, Sally and this other person might be in danger." Tommy said in worry. "Then let's hurry gentlemen. To the valley of Halloween Memories!" Jack declared as they walk on off. "Who do you think that other person could be?" Chuckie ask his best friend. "I don't know. But it might be one of our friends, but only a possibility." Tommy said as they continue on.

They soon made it to their destination where they see a bunch of things laying around. "That's a lot of things here. Exactly why this is called the Valley of Halloween Memories?" Tommy asked the Pumpkin King. "You see my friend, everything you see here are things are what was involved during Halloween each year. Like this for example." Jack said as he walked over to a machine with a wheel with pictures of monsters. "This machine here looks like it can turn anyone into any kind of monster from this wheel. Whoever it was that made this must be quite the genius like Dr. Finkelstein." Jack informed them. "I don't know if it's cool or scary." Chuckie said shivering. "Well I think it was a brilliant idea for Halloween. Look around if you want, but keep an eye out for Sally." Jack told them as they all walk off to look around. What Tommy stumbled upon was a giant robot that looks like a jack-o-lantern. "I get the feeling this was just wished up." Tommy said looking at it. "What's this?" Jack said all of a sudden as Tommy and Chuckie came up to him. "What is it?" Chuckie asked him. "This doesn't look anything Halloween related." Jack said as he showed them a stone sticking out from the ground as it shows a heart on it with an arrow threw it with the initials TP+KF. "Something like this is for Valentine's Day not Halloween. Why it that here?" Jack said confused. "I think I know why. A certain brother was very protective that he would even think that his best friend dating his sister is a bad thing, even when his best friend was dating someone else at the time." Tommy said looking straight at Chuckie. "I did apologies for that. I was just overprotective with her." Chuckie said to him. "I know you did Chuck, but that nearly ruined our lifelong friendship, and might have broken up the gang." Tommy said. "I kind of realized that and… over there!" Chuckie said pointing to a group of Shadow Heartless surrounding someone on the ground. "Get away from her!" Tommy said as he summoned his Keyblade and ran over to them and took each one out with one strike. "Are you okay?" Tommy asked the person who is getting up. "Yea yea I didn't… Pickles?!" "Angelica?" Tommy said surprised to see his cousin Angelica Pickles. What she looks like now is that she is wearing a witch's hat and her hair is a darker shade of blond. She is also wearing a black dress with some scary looking boots. Her face looks the same, but her nose is now bigger and uglier. "I never thought I'd say this, but I'm so glad to see you!" Angelica said as she hugged her cousin really tight. "I'm… glad to see… you too but… do you know… where Sally is?" Tommy struggled to say as she let go of him. "As you mention it, I have. She was showing me this creepy town until this hooded guy came out of nowhere and grabbed her. I tried to get the weirdo a way, but those black things appeared and attacked me." Angelica told him. "Sally's been taken? Did you see where they went?" Jack asked her. "As you mention it bone head, I did. It looked like they went off to some woods over there." Angelica said pointing to a group of trees far off. "What? That's where the door to Christmas Town is! That hooded girl could be after Sandy Claus!" Jack said in worry. "You mean Santa Clause? That guy is not real." Angelica said in disbelief. "We met some Aliens, fairies, and went back in time. Santa may actually be real." Chuckie informed her. "You expect me to believe that Finster?" She said scolding him. "Never mind that guys, we need to stop that hooded girl and save Sally." Tommy said to them. "He's right fellas. Onward to Christmas Town!" Jack declared as he runs off. "How did I get stuck with this?" Angelica muttered to herself as she, Tommy and Chuckie run after Jack over to Christmas Town.

Soon they made it into the woods as they stumble upon a tree with a door shaped like a Christmas tree. "So that is the entrance to Christmas Town, right?" Tommy asked the pumpkin king. "That's right. I once found this looking for something new. I'd also wanted to give Sandy Clause a break, but it ended up with…" "As much as we want to hear what happened, we should hurry up and catch that hooded girl." Chuckie said to him. "Oh come on. That door is probably painted on." Angelica said stubbornly. "It looks real to me Angelica, so let's go now!" Tommy said as he ran up to the door and opened it as he jumped in. "What? But how?" Angelica said in shock. "If you were in the same places we was at, it wouldn't be as shocking." Chuckie said as he jumped into the entrance as well. "Wait for me you Pre-Teens!" Angelica said as she and Jack jumps after them as the door closes.

From the other side of the door, it shows a tree with a pumpkin as it opens its mouth as it shows Tommy coming out and lands safely on his feet. what he looks like now is that he is now wearing a red coat and black gloves. He also has a large red pair of pants with black boots. His skin still looks like its normal color as he wears a red hat as the top of it hangs to the side. "Wow. This is so cool." He said looking around. Then out came Chuckie and Angelica as they fall out and lies face first on the ground. "That's some rough landing." Chuckie said as they both get up. Chuckie now looks like he has antlers on his head and a snout with a round red nose at the tip and a green wreath on his neck with a gold bell and several red berries. He also have a small dark red coat and gloves with a green ribbon around them. His legs now look more like a renders as his feet are now hooves. Angelica now has a red and green hat with a bell hanging on the top and her ears are now pointy. She also has a red and green dress with white gloves and red boots. "Again with the change of look? First a which and now an Elf?!" Angelica exclaimed. "It's what sometimes happens when you go to another world." Tommy told her as Jack appeared. "Come on fellas, we have to go save Sandy Claus and Sally!" He said as he walked down the hill. "Is he ever going to stop with this Santa Claus nonsense?" Angelica said in annoyance. "It is highly likely that he is real after seeing this town. Now let's go!" Chuckie said as they followed Jack down the hill and into town. Just then…

Happy Holidays: KH2FM

"What the heck!" Angelica shouted as Icy Cube, Snowy Crystal and Toy Soldier Heartless appeared around town. "Why here of all places?!" Tommy exclaimed as he summoned his Keyblade. "With them here, we know we are on the right track." Chuckie said as he got out his staff. "Brace yourself fellas!" Jack said getting ready to fight. "Watch what i can do Pre-Teens." Angelica said as the fight starts.

The fight starts as some Icy Cubes slides towards them, but they moved out of the way in time. "Take this!" Tommy said as he throws the Keyblade as it surounds it self in flames as it takes out the Icy Cubes and a Snowy Crystal. "Get away you things!" Angelica said as she made three flaming pumpkins around her and runs around burning them. "Ho!" Jack said as he made one lightning bolt at a time at a Toy Solder until it was wiped out. Then a Snowy Crystal jumps into the air and lands with an icy shock wave appears on the ground, but Tommy made a barrier around them. "Fire!" Chuckie said as he shot three fire balls at the remaining Snowy Crystal Heartless as they are taken out. Then the Toy Solder went to its pumpkin form and makes some slashes with its weapons at Tommy, but he made a high jump and performs a Ragnarok as the projectiles aim for the remaining Heartless and ends the fight.

End Happy Holidays

"That was intense." Chuckie said after the fight was over. "It sure was. But i have to say, that was a cool trick Angelica did." Tommy said as the Keyblade vanished. "I don't even know how i learned it. It just happened when I came to that town." Angelica said to them. "Let's go fellas, Sandy Claus needs our help!" Jack told them as they walk to the work shop. "When will he stop with this Santa Claus nonsense?" Angelica thought.

Soon they came across Santa's office only to fined that Ol' Saint Nick is not there. "Oh no! we're too late!" Jack said in horror. "Hey, someones over there!" Tommy said as he spots an elf in a green outfit laying down behind the chair. "Are you okay?" Chuckie asked him as he managed to wake him up. "I'm okay, but Santa is held captive by the guy in a black coat." The elf told him in panic. "Do you know where she's keeping him?" Tommy asked him. "She has him in the second floor of the workshop." The elf told him. "Come on fellas, Sandy needs our help!" Jack said as they head into another door and goes up as they reach the second floor. Who they see are both Sally and Santa Claus tide up by the wall as well as the hooded girl facing away from them. "No way! He is real!" Was all Angelica thought. "Jack!" Sally called out to the Pumpkin King which made the hooded girl turn around so her shadowed face can see them. "Let them go!" Tommy demanded as the figure started to run off. "No you Don't!" Angelica exclaimed as she jump high over her and managed to grab ahold of her. "Good going Angelica!" Chuckie said as they head on over to them. "Let me go!"

Shaded Truths: KH BBS

"Wait, I know that voice." Tommy said as he walks over to the struggling hooded girl. He then grabs a hold of the hood and pulls it down to reveal… "Rachel!?" Both Tommy and Chuckie exclaimed as they are shocked to see Tommy's ex-girlfriend Rachel. "Well, that's some way to greet your girlfriend." Rachel said sarcastically. "Your the one who keeps on messing around with us every where we go?" Tommy said in disbelieve. "That's right Tommy." She said as she escaped from Angelicas grip. "But why would you kidnap both Sally and Santa?" Chuckie asked her. "I'll tell you about Faty Claus. He did not give me ANYTHING on my wish list last Christmas!" Rachel said angrily. "I put you on my naughty list for a reason. After that incident with you and Tommy, you keep on making everyone you met afterwards in a miserable state with their loved ones." Santa said as Jack started to untie him. "I did that for a reason. To keep jerks like him away form them!" Rachel said pointing an accusing finger at Tommy. "Me!? Rachel, what happened back then was all a misunderstanding." Tommy said trying to reason with her. "And what you did is something even I would never do so low." Angelica said to her as she unties Sally. "Tell that to those stupid initials in the Finster garage!" "WHAT!?" Tommy and Chuckie exclaimed in shock. "How did you know about that!? I never even told you about that!" Tommy told her. "Exactly! That just proves how much you care more about that japanese freak!" Rachel shouted. "That japanese freak is my sister your talking about!" Chuckie said angrily as he brought out his staff and ran up to her, but she was too fast and got behind him and knocked him unconscious. "Chuckie!" Tommy said in horror. "He's the least of your worries right now. and as I forgot to say about Sally, I took her 'cause i believe her heart is the key into, oh i don't know, helping out your dear girlfriend."

End Shaded Truths

"What do you mean by that?" Tommy said as he summoned his Keyblade. "Like you don't know. You where the one that took a couple of things from her last time you met." Rachel said as she summoned a weapon that took on a bat like appearance as the handle has a blue eye in the middle. "That makes no senesce. She vanished as I found her back home. She couldn't have given' me any thing in that short amount of time." He said just as Chuckie got back up after being knocked out. "Oh really? Then what's THIS?!" Rachel said as she quickly ran to him and slashed him faster than you can blink as he fell to the ground in pain. As that happened, a purple star shaped charm was sent flying out of nowhere from his coat pocket and landed on the ground. "Tommy!" Chuckie and Angelica exclaimed in horror after that as he slowly got up from ground. "Man, I heard that love hurts but… what is that?" He said as he spots the charm. "Wow! You had it all this time but did not know this? I thought you and her shared something special?" Rachel said sarcastically as she picked up the charm. "Hey! I remember now! Kimi was making that charm in her room but never told me what it is or what it's for!" Chuckie said in realization. "Of course she didn't you idiot. She has her own, personnole reasons after all. But if you don't care about her feelings, then i'll just SMASH this pice of junk!" Rachel said preparing to smash the charm until…

Sinister Shadows: KH2

"Let it go!" Tommy said as he struck his Keyblade to her wrist and forced her to throw the charm in the air as he jumped to catch it. "I don't know how i got it, or how it ended up with me, but i will not let you break anything that belongs to her!" Tommy said as he prepares to fight. "So you are willing to fight your former girlfriend over a stupid charm? Then so be it!" Rachel said as she held out her weapon, the Soul Eater, to get ready to fight. "Chuckie, Angelica, Jack. Take Sally and Santa and get out of hear." Tommy demanded. "What? I'm not going to leave you hear with her alone!" Chuckie protested. "This is between me and Rachel Chuck. Get going now!" Tommy said to him. "Listen to your friend Chuckie. He has always been brave when you were both in the playpen." Santa informed him. "Okay, be careful T." Chuckie said as everyone fled from the workshop.

"Talk about selfish." Rachel said as she ran up to him to strike, but Tommy blocked the attack at the last moment. "That was not selfish, I was protecting them!" He said as they both started to triad blows from their weapons. "Protect this!" Rachel said as she fired a dark ball of fire from her hand strait to him, but Tommy swat the blast away just in time. "Get a load of this!" Tommy said as he hurled his Keyblade to her and made her stunned and confused. "Take this!" He said as he slides to her and lunched her to the air and then slams her down to the grown. "You're such a jerk!" She exclaimed as she made a dark disk and sent it to him, only for him to duck down as the disk only sliced a small amount of hair. "Look who's talkin'!" Tommy said as he made a jump and sliced her downward as she is thrown to the wall of the workshop beaten.

End Sinister Shadows

After the fight was over, Rachel started to get up with some struggle. "Well, seems like I underestimated you." She said in a board tone. "Come on Rachel. You can't keep working with that which. The darkness will eventually swallow your heart. Let's work together to save Kimi." Tommy said as he slowly walked over to her. "Yea right. Maleficent told me not to fear about the darkness. Your lies wont get to me like last time!" Rachel said in anger. "I did not lie to you when we were together. I was only trying to move on with my life after you moved away. My friends was just making things harder, thinking the opposite of what I was doing afterwards." Tommy tried to reason with her. "Thats just what you want me to think." Rachel said as she summoned a dark corridor. "Maybe your life would be beter if your dad was a rabbi than a hopeless inventor." She said as she walked into the portal as it vanishes. "So much negative thoughts. The darkness in her heart will eventually consume her if she keeps this up. I better fined the others and tell them what happened." Tommy said as he walks out from the workshop.

Shortly after his fight with Rachel, he found every one at the town plaza at Halloween Town. "Tommy! Are you okay?" Chuckie asked him as he and the others walked over to him. "I'm alright Chuck. But you should hear this." Tommy said as he informs them every thing he knew. "I admit, I never liked her much but this is ridiculous." Angelica said. "That girl has caused trouble every wear you went. She is definitely going to be on the naughty list for some time." Santa said. "Anyway, we should get on going now. Who knows what else she could be doing right now." Tommy told them. "You be careful you three." Sally told them. "Come visit Halloween Town anytime fellas." Jack said to them. "We will." Chuckie said as the three of them leaves town.

"Who would of thought your ex-girlfriend would be behind this." Angelica said as they made it to the gummi ship. "I didn't believe it ether. I knew their was something familiar about the hooded girl, but I did not think it would be Rachel." Tommy said pretty down. "I know T. But what about Kimi's charm that she just revealed you had?" Chuckie said looking at the star shaped charm in Tommy's hand. "I don't know Chuck, but I will hold on to it right now. It should mean something if it ended up with me." Tommy said as he put the charm in his pocket and looked at his cousin. "Anyway, we should be sending you over to Yen Sid's tower right now." He said as he brought out his Keyblade and summoned a beam of light as it forms into a corridor of light. "No way you Pre-Teens! Your taking me with you on this journey your on!" Angelica said stubbornly. "Angelica, Yen Sid gave us orders to send as many of our friends as we can to his tower. You can't come with us right now!" Chuckie said to her. "Orders, Shmorders! I'm coming with you weather you like it or not!" She said sternly. "Hey is that Sean Butler over there?" Tommy said pointing at a random direction. "What? Were?" Angelica said as she turns around, but then Tommy pushes her into the corridor just as it vanished with her. "Was that really a good idea Tommy?" Chuckie said worried. "She was being too stubborn. What else was I supost to do?" Tommy said as they went into the ship as they take off their next world.

Sorry for the long wait, I keep on having writers block every time I try to write this chapter. So I might end up with a slower progress than before. Until next time.