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Ranma just stood in an identical-looking furo to the one she had been in a few times before with clear trepidation on her face. It wasn't like she didn't want to be a guy again. On the contrary, she'd been demanding to be a guy all of last night ago, going as far as to snap at Yusuke-chan when he asked her if she could wait until she reached his place to be a guy again.

"Aw. What am I sweating for?" Ranma asked herself with immeasurable fury across her brow, staring at the reflection of her naked form in the hot streaming water of the bathtub of Genkai's furo.

Her answer came in the form of an image of a smirking Yusuke-chan appearing in the surface of the water. All of a sudden stepping into hot boiling water or anything of heat substance didn't feel like the best thing to do at the moment with her body temperature readily matching anything even remotely related to heat.

A look of frustrated shame fell over Ranma's face. She quickly sat down on the small stool Genkai had provided so anyone of the trio could have a comfortable time rinsing themselves off before jumping into the tub. Once Ranma's butt hit the chair, she wasted no time clamping her legs shut.

"Dolt," She muttered, turning her nose up into the air, trying to replace her insecurity with arrogance, "Humph. It ain't my fault Yusuke-chan's a big sexy hunk of man-meat!" She randomly shivered as if the spirits from the great beyond was trying to tell her something.

Whoa, now that was freaky, "Man. Now what did I do to tick karma off?" Ranma moaned despondently, still staring hesitantly at the unmoving steaming water as if it was going to rise up and attack her at any given minute, "I ain't got time for this. I 'till hafta find some way to sneak sum training in under Granny's nose."

Ranma hummed in a thoughtful manner, a finger caressing her little chin. She prodded for a moment if her arousal would go away if she turned back into a guy, but quickly waved away that idea when she remembered how annoyed she was with herself for feeling sweaty just when her crush popped up into her mind yesterday.

Desperately wanting to ease her mind off of her crush so she wouldn't feel aroused by her memory of him when she turned back into a guy, Ranma did the only thing she could; she replayed her fight from last night.

"Stupid crummy Sachi," Ranma grumbled, trying to shift her mind onto something else not related to her crush, "Ohhh. She was so lucky last night. If she hadn't a' gotten in those sucker punches on me I betcha I woulda smashed her to the milky-way, humph!" She crossed her arms, a sour expression on her face.

A deadpanned expression fell on Ranma's face when she realized how inaccurate her previous witty statement was, "Well I guess that should be sucker kicks for lady-kicks-a lot." Ranma sighed, "Wonder why she wasn't ta keen on the idea of dirtying her hands, hmm," Ranma crossed her arms, a contemplative expression on her face.

"She does seem like one of those high-profile ladies, so mebbies she didn't wanna break a nail or sumthin," A devious smirk crossed Ranma's face at her guess, "Guess I know where I'm aiming at next time we butt heads."

And that would be the time she would emerge victorious. Sachiko might have gotten the better of her then but come round two Ranma would have her number.

Hidden guilt swelled up inside of Ranma.

"Ooooo," Ranma pouted, "Stupid knuckleheaded conscious of mine."

She shook her head in a determined manner, trying to forcibly quell the guilt in the pit of her stomach by telling herself repeatedly that she would've kicked Sachiko's little spoiled princess behind even if Yusuke hadn't of showed up, but it was all for naught. Her persistent words didn't even sound like they were coming out in her voice, even in her head.

"Oh-kay, damn it! So Sachi woulda wrecked my ass had Yusuke-chan not shown up to pull me outta the frying pan!" Ranma quipped heatedly, throwing her hands into the air, "Happy now, ya nincompoop?!" Oddly enough, she did feel better, but even still, karma was a bitch.

"Guess I should get this over with now," Before she lost her nerve and chickened out again, "Aw, to hell with it! I'm sure I'll be dandy after a dip in sum hot water!" Ranma said optimistically, leaping up to her feet and cannonballing into the warm water, resulting in a huge splash.

A crop of black hair tied tightly in a braid shot up out of the remaining water still in the tub with a combination of sprinkles and a relieved sigh flowing through the air.

"Ah. Now that feels,-" Ranma stopped himself before he could finish his sentence, a dumbed look of confusion gracing his face, "Hm. Now dat I think 'bout it, I dunno how it feels," An expression of bored annoyance graced Ranma's face.

In the past it had always felt as if Ranma had won the lottery when he had landed himself in hot water.

…In the past.

…When he… she lived with the Tendos, a family which all had expectations of him/her being a man, no matter what. Probably with the exception of Kasumi, (and most likely Nabiki since she usually disregarded him), everyone anticipated to see him/her as a guy, not a rebellious girl who liked a guy.

Pop, Mr Tendo, or even Tomboy had never taken into consideration what he/she wanted, who he/she wanted to be, or what he/she wanted to do with his/her life.

…It was as if they had control of his/her life.

Ranma bitterly clenched his fist with gnashed teeth of sheer frustration, "What the hell did they take me fer, anyway, a puppet?" A deadpanned expression fell on his face, "If all attendants don't raise their hands, I know one that will like she doesn't care." Goddamn it Nabs.

It was pretty depressing how much shame the admittance brought to the once prideful martial artist. He/she let a schoolgirl - a normal one as powerful as a normal human being could be - dominate him, and all because he/she was scared to fight back in case he/she badly injured Nabs.

Did Ranma really have so-little faith in his/her own self-control?

More shame swelled up inside of him/her when Ranma remembered one rainy day in the Tendo-residence when all of his clothes were dirty and couldn't be washed. He allowed Nabiki to impose herself on him/her as she commanded him to put on girl's clothes so he/she wouldn't be running around naked in the house. Conveniently, he/she was a girl that day, but even still, having relented to Nabiki's orders hurt his pride.

"Just gotta take it with a grain of salt," Ranma mumbled, his tone bored, but his eyes held sorrow and regret. Why couldn't he/she have been more like Yusuke? It wasn't like Ranma enjoyed getting ordered around, it was just that he was afraid of losing his temper and getting discriminated against because of it. So in the end he accommodates.

"Gah! Why couldn't 'em lousy control freaks have been more like Granny and Yukina-chan!?" Ranma stressed with a wince and exasperated ruffle of his hair.

That was why he was here and not there. Thanks to Yusuke. Not for the first time Ranma found himself/herself mentally patting Yusuke on the back for a job well done. It was refreshing to wake up in whatever gender he/she happened to be in and not receive judgemental eyes from his/her fellow residents. They would just greet Ranma in their usual way, and the three would carry on with their day. Simple.

The more this happened, the more Ranma's mind came off of the self-made mandatory rule that he had to be a guy, to the point he involuntarily stayed as a girl a whole day, and never bothered to change.

In fact the only time she wanted to be a guy was yesterday, and that was just a feeble attempt to deny she had any feelings remotely romantic for Yusuke-chan but was that for him.

What did he want really?

"A bowl of Yu-chan creamy delight…" The impulsive gender-changing teen mumbled automatically, allowing his body to relax in the bathtub, sliding down until the water was level with his chin, his eyes lowering shut as he began to drift away to a blissful fantasy.

The shadows of the night were relatively overcome by the beautiful, flashy lights of tall buildings and mesmerizing billboards.

A diminutive redhead drank in all the artistic lights with a pleasant smile on her face. It was as if everything else didn't even exist as she stood in this ostentatious world, all except for her and that dashing young man from across the road, looking at her with cool eyes full of acceptance.

Her heart raced a million miles per second.


She breathlessly murmured, heart in her mouth as her crush took a couple of teasing steps toward her. Inch by inch, the green clad youngster who had captured her heart neared her, and with each step he took the feisty redhead could feel the drumming of her heart beat increase in her ears. Her crush really did know how to keep the suspense going.

"Would-cha just bring yer butt here already?" Ranma commanded.

Ah. Now there was a lovely sight for one Ranma Saotome to see. It was almost as good as eating ice cream. It was her Yusuke-chan obeying her order via flashing forward in an unbelievable burst of immense speed no one other than Ranma would be able to follow.


Her eyes fluttered delicately and she drew in a short breath at the soft call of her pep-name. She shyly lay her hand upon the spot where her heart used to reside since it was standing in front of her, a loving smile on his face.

"Whatever you need, now's the time to lay it on the table, ya big stud."

She told him in her best playacting voice, diverting her eyes when she could feel the heat rushing to her head from seeing Yusuke's heart-warming grin hardening into a complimentary fanged smirk.

"Heh. I feel humbled."

"E-Err, oh-kay," She passively accepted with an awkward expression on her face, building up enough courage to look Yusuke in the eyes, "Would it be too much to ask why, your majesty?" She was hoping that by being snarky, she would be able to at least delay the melting of her body from being in Yusuke's warm presence.

'Aw. No dice. I 'till feel like I'm baking out in paradise around here.'

She was meant to look frustrated, but that exotic scent, that rhythmic, easy-flowing breathe gently hitting her ear like a soothing tidal wave, and those all-adoring brown orbs staring passionately down on her petite form kept the redhead in dreamland.

"Aww. Ya really know what buttons to press on a lady, don't-cha RRRRRRR~Romeo?" Ranma teased. Situations such as these could essentially be related to playing the raffle for one Ranma Saotome.

If she didn't try, she wouldn't get her reward. And her reward just so happened to be a flustered, awkwardly grinning Yusuke. That embarrassed motion of rubbing the back of his head with his hand went majestically well with his sheepish grin in Ranma's opinion.

"Don't tell me. You're humbled, right?" Ranma predicted with a dry smile.

Yusuke blinked, seemingly surprised as his dumbfounded expression spoke volumes, "Whoa! How'd ya figure that one out?"

Ranma stifled a chuckle, putting on a mock-irony expression of the obvious, before sarcastically answering Yusuke's question, "I'm telepathist."

Yusuke smirked, "You ain't the complete package, but you're semi at least," His smirk softened into a wide, cheery goofy smile that nearly drained the strength in Ranma's knees away, "And that's gotta count for sumthin'!"

A blank expression of incomprehension marked Ranma's blinking eyed face, "Ahuh. Not sure how ya came to that one Doctor Decider," She quipped, placing her hands on her hips, her tone now exclusively matter-of-fact, "Why don't-cha try going over on that one again. It works for me."

Yusuke let out a short, brief chuckle regardless of the fact that he was the subject of friendly ridicule, "Why take a U-turn elsewhere when ya' know you're in the 'right-lane'?" He retorted, now bellowing out a cruel laugh at Ranma's expertise.

Ranma huffed with a deep sulky, petulant expression on her face, never one to back down from a challenge, "Well yer not exactly leaving tire-trails to your destination, ya blockhead," Ranma retaliated, rebounding the imaginary comeback ball back in Yusuke's court as she crossed her arms with an impatient expression on her face, "Just spill it already."

Yusuke stopped laughing in Ranma's face to instead show her a secretive smile; the kind of grin one would use when they knew something they just knew with one hundred percent certainty that their close friend wanted to know, "You dunno why I feel flattened."

Ranma's impatience morphed into deadpanned nonchalance, "Is that all ya were really riding on?" When Yusuke nodded with a wide grin on his face, Ranma returned it with a particularly delightful, overconfident smirk, "I can think of a few reasons. The prime one coming right off the top of my head being that ya finally woke up and smelled the coffee. Now you realize just how mind-blowing your partner-in-whoop ass is," She bragged, presenting herself as if she was on show in a flourish, "Heh. It was a long-time coming buddy, but nonetheless, I'll take your butt-mooches like a pro, 'cause I'm, after all, humble."

The following Yusuke noise made clearly indicated he was amused, again. Only this time, instead of sniggering cruelly at Ranma's face, the young man guffawed with her, eliciting a proud smile from Ranma, "The funny thing about that is, I totally think you're humble." Well, the smile was on her face until Yusuke spoke... that was.

"Eh? Whaddya mean, Yu-chan?"

Her eyes widened and the cheeks were rapidly filled with warmth when her entire body was eclipsed by a shadow. Her body froze, and her mind blanked out after being on the fritz trying to form a coherent sentence for her to say in this almost intimate scenario.

"Whoa, there Cowboy! Ever heard of a thing called personal space? Hehehe," Ranma weakly laughed, hoping by cracking a joke she could better cope with her feelings skyrocketing to the surface, 'Till, all dis huddle-crap is twistin' my darn heart in flippin' knots.'

"You think you've got my flattened feeling cracked, enit little missy?" Yusuke rhetorically asked, a cheeky, taunting grin on his face, before he sheepishly scratched his cheek with his index finger, "Well, you're partly correct in that I do think I've got a high-flying partner in front of me. Ya just think ya got it all, but that's not the same as actually getting it all, get it?"

Ranma blinked, "Yeah... Ya sorta lost me back at the turn ya took in riddle-town," She said, tightening her face as she took in Yusuke's scent, 'Aw, today just had to be the day Mr Troll used his best old ghoul-spray, the tricky bastard.'

Her mind shut down again when Yusuke began lowering his head, positioning it so his lips could be literally across the road from Ranma's, "U-Uhm. E-Err. W-Wait a s-sec. I-. E-Err," Her fears were subtly put to rest when Yusuke moved his head to her ear, showing that maybe he didn't have any intentions of laying a wet one on her just yet.

"Ya most likely assumed I thought of ya as an asset and not as a liability 'cause I recognized ya as my equal," His warm breath on her ear sent a strange, but nice tingling sensation all over her body, "That's where you fail. It's not 'cause I recognize you as my equal as to why I feel humbled to be partnered up with ya. I don't."

Ranma felt a tremendous, internal blow hammer away at her heart at Yusuke's flat confession.


"-It's 'cause in reality, you're my better," Yusuke just finished with an undertone of smugness, drawing a surprised gasp from Ranma, "Your ears don't need waxing, babe. It is what it is. I feel like I've just won the lottery to be alongside someone as powerful as you."

Ranma felt her eyes fill with watery moisture.

"Aw, is little Red crying?"

"S-Shut up! I-I ain't crying ya stupid jerk!" Ranma insisted angrily, knocking her crush back with a punch to his arm.

"Ouch!" That wince of agony was like music to Ranma's ears, the redhead watching Yusuke massage his arm with a satisfied grin, "Always the tsundere eh?"

Roguishly shaking her head, Ranma affectionately insulted her crush as if it would really push him away, "You idiot."

A gentle silence of relaxing tranquillity settled between the two, mostly spent with Ranma admiring Yusuke's impervious ability to return to his cocky demeanour, crossed arms and all, despite the touching, romantic moment the two just shared. For someone like Ranma, who was just so socially inept with girls, Yusuke's detached approach toward the opposite sex was truly inspirational. Even as the petite redhead stood there gazing at Yusuke with misty, sparkling eyes of admiration she never realized she had thought of herself as a teen girl in her observation of Yusuke instead of a macho, stereotypical male jock.



The serious call of her birth name as opposed to her pet name that her crush usually referred to her as got Ranma to tense up.

"Y-Yeah, Yu-chan? W-What's buggin' ya?"

"Get ready," He advised.

As if a switch was turned, the flashing lights of the billboards went out to make way for the exquisite magnificence of an eclipsing sun, unveiling a horde of black suited ninjas assembled in a military formation.

"...Oh." Lifting up an index finger, Ranma bluntly pointed at the assembled goon squad, "I get it. They might be a problem."

With his chest swelling up from the huge breath of air he inhaled, Yusuke roared with bold bravado, "C'MON THEN YA COCKROACHES! I'LL HAVE YA!" Dashing forward with blistering pace, Yusuke distinctly extended his fists, starting with his weaker left hand, then his dominant right, "YA CAN SAY HELLO TO MY LIL FRIENDS, SCREW, AND YOU, FUCKERS!"

Waggishly giving her head a good shake, Ranma effortlessly caught up to Yusuke regardless of the two second head-start he got, "Not without me ya don't, ya goofball," Actually passing Yusuke so he was watching her ass, (something he certainly inclined to), Ranma virtually bull-tackled dozens upon dozens of ninjas, sending them soaring throughout the air from the force she packed into her charge, "Whoopsy daisy! Sorry, Mr ninjas. Not 'xactly the best at containing myself when I really cut loose! I betta tho, 'cuz I wouldn't want Yu-chan missin' out on all the fun."

Those fears of hers were put to rest by the muscular back that touched her smooth one after another huge amount of the enemy's forces were sent hurtling to mars, "Who's gonna miss out?" Yusuke asked with a smirk.

Sighing blissfully, Ranma rolled her eyes and head over her shoulder slightly to look at the young man who had her back securely covered, "Not ya, loverboy," She replied playfully, earning herself a backward spank on her rear, making her blush, "So, should we clean house buddy? I'm eager to get ya home now," 'And get into your pants. 'Cuz ya know what they say, early bird gets the worm.'

"Yep. You go that way, and-."

"And you go dat-O-way!"

"Heh. Now you're speaking my language."

"When wasn't I?"

"Point made."

Not even giving their opponents time to draw their weapons, the warrior couple of Ranma and Yusuke pounced, tearing the ninja asunder without even so much as breaking a sweat. The shinobi-troops' howls of agony were completely ignored by their tormentors, and the devastation the two lovebirds caused was nonexistent to their eyes. The lovebirds were in paradise, willingly helping each other out not because they needed help, but because they wanted to tag-team a particularly unfortunate sap.

Basically gliding across from Ranma after brutally clotheslining a poor bastard into a skyscraper, collapsing it from the force of his blow, Yusuke smiled lovingly, "I'm proud of ya. You've become the woman I've always wanted," Ranma blushed, abruptly leapfrogging high into the air to roundhouse kick a ninja into a faraway mountain, shattering it to pieces.

"Gee. Thanks, ya big stud."

"Aw, rats," Ranma moaned silently, lamenting his teenage hormones after a quick feel in between his legs, "Lousy hormones," Reaching over to the tap, Ranma switched on the cold water, making sure to pull the plug out to release some of the warm water to avoid it overflooding.

Now feeling himself sink into despondency after his body confirmed what his mind was telling him he didn't want, Ranma turned around in the bathtub, placing his forearms on the edge, "Who am I kiddin'? I would trade in the chance ta stand next ta Yu-chan if it meant I could be with him. Heh... Now I sorta understand why tomboy wanted ta cook fer me." Feeling his eyes clouded by tears, Ranma stubbornly swiped them away, not wanting to be seen as weak even to himself, "Damn it... I-I'm so pathetic. how can a guy even... err, like-like another guy in... that way, anyway?"

The running cold water conveniently made the once warm water in the bathtub lukewarm, cold enough to trigger Ranma's curse; the effects were nigh instantaneous. Ranma's height shortened considerably, her skin lightened, her muscles disappeared to be replaced by a pair of busty breasts, and her trademark braid-styled hair known as a pigtail morphed from black to red.

"B-But if I'm a girl, then... it'll be alright ta l-like-l-like a guy, right?"

...Wasn't girls ultimately meant to like-like guys anyway?

Man. Ranma really hoped so, because as much as she lamented to admit it she did really and truly care for Yusuke Urameshi.

"Heck... I'll go as far as ta say I-I-I... sorta-kinda maybe… err, uhm, l-love t-that big dummy!"


The World's Strongest Man









Day of Reckoning


(Elsewhere – Tendo Dojo)

The creaks of the door to the Tendo Dojo sounded out as the lock moved itself around from clockwise to anticlockwise, and back again. This process wouldn't continue for very long before the lock gave away, allowing the door to be pushed aside to reveal Yusuke in all his green-clad glory, staring nonchalantly at a startled Kasumi.

"Hey," He mumbled, stepping into the dojo.

"Urameshi-kun?" Kasumi rhetorically asked with a broom-stick in her hands, blinking her eyes.

"The one and only," He quipped, still in his casual-persona.

"Odd. I was led to believe you would be on shift until later, perhaps even supper-time if my intuition proved right," Yusuke's current choice of garments only served to prove her suspicion right.

Instead of a presentable uniform the young man flexed a long-sleeved medium green hooded jumper. It had a fancy boxer-glove serving as its logo in the middle embedded in the centre of a spiky jaw, the symbolism for a powerful-connected punch in comics.

Additionally, Yusuke was also sporting his gun-shaped pendant around his neck, loose-fitting beige pants that came with two additional pockets by the thigh-areas, a pair of sneakers fitted on his feet, and a two-strapped backpack coolly slung over one of his shoulders.

Yusuke didn't even need to look himself over to tell Kasumi had her doubts about his garments being anything other than casual clothing. It was self-explanatory, "Let's just say I got myself a vacation. Permanently," He said plainly, putting on a grimace, "And leave it at that."

"Oh my, I'm so sorry you felt you had to quit your job," Kasumi said with a small bow. Leave it to her to blatantly misinterpret his explanation to make him feel better. Good lord, was she created for the sole purpose of spreading goodwill to the unfortunate? Yusuke was starting to believe she herself was the originator of the hippy-crew.

"Least that makes one of us," Yusuke said plainly, "Cause I'm not.

Kasumi stood up straight from her previous-bowed position, sending a smile at Yusuke. At first glance, the casual observer may have believed it was just her typical, everyday default kind smile, but an acquaintance of hers would've been able to read the knowing expression the smile was emitting on her face.

"Oh. You don't mean that really," Kasumi insisted, her smile wavering a tad as Yusuke smirked at her. In a brief moment of desperation, Kasumi covered up her minor anxiety with a peaceful drone, "My, your financials will be really low if you don't receive your last paycheck."

Yusuke sniggered, finding Kasumi's innocent concern just so cruelly amusing; though when it was clear he was the only one who was chuckling scornfully, he sobered up, having the decency to look mildly sheepish.

"…Right. You would think so," Yusuke started, allowing the last sights of jest to linger on his countenance before wiping it off to leave a deadpanned, flat one, "-But no."

"No?" Kasumi repeated with a look of adorable incomprehension.

Yusuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes with a sneer. She was just too nice, "I'll spell it out for you," He said jestingly, boldly holding his arms out wide, "It just so happens I got an ace in the hole for just the occasion."

"Well, as long as you can manage," Kasumi whispered softly, carefully cupping her chin with mild concern painted on her visage, "I know it's silly, but I can't help but worry fo-."

"Kasumi, really?" Yusuke asked, interrupting Kasumi's admittance with a wry laugh.

Kasumi's pleasant smile only returned, making Yusuke almost feel the need to wince at how callous he came off for disregarding her frets, "Yes, really," She confirmed gently, though as her next choice of words left her mouth she frowned, "You're not much older than myself, if my hunch proves correct."

Yusuke took the subject regarding their age as his cue to bring up his.

"Nineteen," The green-clad youngster said, "My birthday was four months ago, on match."

Kasumi's smile noticeably brightened, "My, it's as I thought, you're the same age as myself!" She chirped melodically, delicately clapping her hands together in a way an innocent kid might, "Though my birthday was three months ago, on April twelfth."

"Neat," Yusuke said almost with a dismissive tone. His fellow nineteen year old could see his head turning in the direction of the stairs and she couldn't help but mimic his actions.

Their expressions radically differed at the view they were graced with. The green-clad nineteen year old male hummed with a perfectly controlled, pleased expression while the blue dress-clad young woman frowned, an expression vastly contrary to his own.

"Boss, you're early," A practically naked Nabiki said from atop the stairs. In fact it wasn't for the towel slung over her breasts, she would've been fully unclothed as the day she was born.

Taking her sweet time to saunter down the steps, Nabiki couldn't quite hide the coy smile on her countenance at seeing her boss' eyes roaming all over her nigh-exposed body. Even though her regular garments brought out her curvy figure it didn't come with the added bonus of flesh skin on show like just wearing towel did for her.

"What happened? Did you get annual leave?" Nabiki acerbically asked, her tone mockingly sweet.

"Nabiki-imouto, you're being rude," Kasumi reprimanded delicately, being silently self-conscious of being too strict with her younger sister.

"I don't think boss minds, sis," Nabiki countered, cheekily smirking at the mild studying expression on Yusuke's face.

Having stolen a glance at the young man by her, Kasumi intentionally misinterpreted his leering look aimed at her younger sister, "I don't think Urameshi-kun finds your state of dress appropriate young lady," She said, her voice surprisingly still holding the airiness it always had.

"Hm." Yusuke grunted cryptically, following Nabiki's bare feet to the tiled flooring below from the last step, then slowly taking in the rest of her luscious body as if he was moving a camera upwards from the ground up. A nigh-naked Nabiki was quite the view to stare at.

Truth be told it got him a little hard.

'That body,' Yusuke mused, nigh-dreamy

Kasumi brightened her already sunny smile with just dash of impatience beneath its beautiful layers, "Wouldn't you agree, Urameshi-kun?" She asked, "That it is immoral for a young lady to be so… indecent."

"I think you're just wasting air, sis," Nabiki quipped, finding it difficult not to laugh at her so obviously miffed sister. Seeing Kasumi portray any other emotion that wasn't infinite kindness of some variation was just so humorously amusing.

"Oh?" Kasumi blinked in her usual innocence before smiling pleasantly at Nabiki, "And why would that be, little sister? Urameshi-kun's a man. Why, it was my belief that most men preferred a modest, dutiful young lady with adept-cooking skills."

"Then we can chalk it up to Boss not being like 'most men'," Nabiki countered, mockingly tossing her eyes around at Yusuke's scowl of disgust. Shaking her head, Nabiki took two huge strides to the sulking Yusuke, "Oh lighten up," She playfully suggested, swinging her arms around the taller young man's neck, "She means no harm."

"So I've been told," Yusuke remarked acerbically, sparing the blankly observing Kasumi a glance. He couldn't even find it in him to toss a reassuring smirk her way.

Nabiki, catching the barest glimpse of Yusuke's disdainful look at her sister, acted in the only way she could to get Yusuke's mind off of her sister, "Your intelligence would astound even a universal professor!" She said with cheery sarcasm, pressing her body up against Yusuke's.

Yusuke breathed through his nostrils in surprise, "Yowza. You sure know how to make a man feel welcomed, Nabs," He commented, greedily wrapping his free arm around Nabiki's waist.

Nabiki moaned quietly, feeling pleasurable tingles lightly tickling her from Yusuke's one-armed embrace, "Well," The towel-clad young woman said in a sultry voice, "You're quite the man to welcome."

"Eep," Kasumi yelped indistinctly, "Uhm. Little sister, perhaps you would like to freshen up," She smiled even when Yusuke glared at her, "Why, Akane-imouto has company! I believe it would be a most unpleasant experience for them to see you in such an indecent state."

"Why Kasumi, if I didn't know any better, I would say you were desperate!" Yusuke teased with a perky expression on his visage.

Realizing her hastiness was deciphered so easily, Kasumi gently cupped one of her blushing cheeks, "Oh my, I never realized I could be so… pushy. You'll have to accept my apology. I hope I haven't offended either of you."

Instantly, all the jest and brightness were gone from Yusuke's countenance, 'Well that didn't last long,' He mused moodily, "Don't mention it."

"Besides!" Nabiki said in a ecstatic voice, throwing up her back heel, "I kind of like flexing my stuff. It's what mother-nature intended after all," She gazed up with a flirtatious smile on her face at Yusuke who had breathed through his nostrils, "What do you think, boss? I would really like to hear your opinion on the matter."

Yusuke hummed indistinctly, but his mind was elsewhere, 'Definitely strawberries,' He concluded, liking the shampoo Nabiki used to wash her hair, "So-long as I get treated to this kinda luxury treatment, I ain't complaining," He let his hands slide down Nabiki's back, cupping her butt cheeks securely, making her jump into him.

"Why thank you, boss! I applaud your honest feedback!" Nabiki cheerfully mocked, eliciting a smirk her way from the man holding her in his strong grasp.

Kasumi bit her top lip. Even though Yusuke was smirking down at Nabiki and she in return was giving him her typical coy smile the eldest Tendo-sibling could almost feel a sense of longing between the two, making the sexual tension apparent.

She as the older sister would have to do something. Fast. Kasumi wanted neither Akane nor Nabiki to bed any of their significant others until after marriage. At least! To her, it would be classified as right in the eyes of the lord.

"Oh Urameshi-kun," She could tell the older man was angry at her right now for interrupting his moment with Nabiki. For a moment she felt sad, but the negative feeling quickly passed when she remembered Yusuke most likely wanted to have his way with her sister, "Won't you speak with Ryoga-kun? Why, the poor dear had a slight… accident."

Yusuke looked at her, his face portraying his processing comprehension of Kasumi's suggestion, "Think I remember sensing Ryoga's reiki going all sorts outta control earlier on," He scratched his head with a frown, "Though it wasn't for long." He turned to Nabiki with an expectant look on his face.

Nabiki didn't need to be told to know to explain Kasumi's suggestion, "Seems Hibiki had a precognition of a certain Saotome during his meditative period. Daddy volunteered to assist him but that only served to come back to bite him in the ass."

Yusuke clasped his face with repugnance, and none too gently either, creating an audible 'smack' sound, "Don't mind me, I'm just gonna take a wild shot in the dark and say Ryo bull-charged Pansy-boy 'cause he somehow thought he was 'Red,' right?"

"Yep," Nabiki said nonchalantly, confirming Yusuke's guess, "Go ahead and see for yourself what Hibiki's done to the living room as a result."

"Idiot." Yusuke growled, "What the fuck is he on? I can't even imagine the kind of mad drugs he must've been taking to hallucinate in the manner that he did."

"What are you going to do now, Urameshi-kun?" Kasumi whispered gently, trying to ignore the twinge of rancour that occurred in her from the spiteful nickname given to her father by Yusuke.

"No choice. Gotta have a word with the kid," Yusuke said, calmly removing Nabiki's arms from his neck, getting a playful pout from her, "Aw, don't feel down, babe. There'll be plenty of time to cuddle and…" He paused to give the playfully sulking Nabiki a mischievous smirk, "More."

Nabiki gasped slightly with surprised recognition on her face before smiling skittishly, "I look forward to it."

Yusuke offered her a glimpse of his fangs in a fanged-grin before sauntering past her and her sister in the direction of the living room, with Nabiki right on his tail.

After Kasumi's sister had followed her-maybe-love-interest to his next destination in mind, the young woman herself let out a small sigh, silently disappointed in herself for having failed to accomplish her task of keeping Nabiki and Yusuke apart adequately.

"Well, I suppose I should check on Akane-imouto and her fri-." She gasped in remembrance, "Oh my! I forgot about little sister's friends! How rude of me! I should go ask them if they would like any drinks," She said, hurrying up the upstairs.


(Tendo Dojo – Living Room)

"So!" Nabiki said brightly, gesturing grandly to the gaping Soun-sized hole in the wall while Yusuke monitored his 'sleeping student'. "Pretty nice, right? I'm thinking of adding my own touches, you know, to glamour it up for the potential pigeons who might be interested in this sort of artistic devastation."

"You do that then," Yusuke said impassively.

Though her leader clearly wasn't in the mood for jokes, Nabiki nodded her head with a sunny smile on her countenance regardless, "Well, I guess it's time to get the one and only Hibiki's advice on the matter," Nabiki said mischievously, smirking when Ryoga's form twitched indistinctly, "He ultimately was the one who sculpted this masterpiece."

"Ptff. Yeah. It's a masterpiece alright," Yusuke said sarcastically, wandering up to Ryoga with Nabiki by his side. He watched in irritation as his student laid on his stomach with his head forcibly buried into his arms. Tapping Ryoga's kidney-area with the sole of his sneaker, Yusuke elicited a distinct feigned sleepy groan from the boy, further adding fuel to Yusuke's already burning annoyance.

"Get your ass up!" Yusuke commanded, nudging Ryoga with a tad more force. He was injured after all.

Wincing from the agony his sensei's nudge triggered in him, Ryoga slowly flipped himself around so he was sitting on his butt, shrinking away from the glare of intimidation Yusuke sent him, "Uh… hi, sensei," Ryoga said shyly, awkwardly waving at Yusuke.

"Oh, sure; pretend you're asleep to avoid a confrontation with your sensei, then just say "Hi" when he tells you to get your ass up, because we all know owning up to your actions are so overrated. Good job," Yusuke said with mock-approval, making Ryoga wince.

Pushing his index fingers, Ryoga lowered his head to his lap, "I-I'm s-sorry, s-sensei. I-I d-d-didn't know what came over me… I-I."

"Sometime today would be nice," Yusuke said dryly, feeling the depressive Ki of his student begin to cloud the impulsive teen. Scowling, Yusuke nudged Ryoga's leg with his foot, "Hey! Don't be going emo on me."

Ryoga snapped at attention, remembering that his sensei could sense his inner emotions easily, "Right." He mumbled, scratching the back of his head, "Sorry."

Yusuke sighed with leniency, dropping down in a squat so he was eye-level with his disciple, "Look, I'm not mad, alright? I just want to know what the fuck was going through that thick skull of yours when you went on a rampage."

Ryoga cringed at Yusuke's bluntness, finding his lap far more appealing to look at instead of his sensei's eyes, "Y-Yeah, I, err-."

"Oh, don't be so harsh on him," Thankfully for Ryoga, Nabiki of all people came to his rescue, squatting down to lean over Yusuke with her arms securely wrapped around his neck. The fact that she was only in a towel surprisingly didn't bother Ryoga all that much, "He just loves little sis so much he'll freak out even when just imagining her being with someone else."

This time instead of cringing at Yusuke's bluntness, Ryoga winced at Nabiki's sly, plain-spoken jibe disguised as a defensive compliment.

Nabiki's head honcho, however, merely twirled his head as much as his body would allow it with an expression of mock-intrigue on his ill-tempered face, "And this is coming from you, aka Miss Misery. You live to drug yourself up on the anguish of others."

Nabiki shrugged, already having a half-assed, common answer at the ready, "People change." And they really do, especially when they get a taste of their own medicine from the very person who they were now working under. Nabiki didn't even want to recall the Fear of God Yusuke installed in her the night he returned to Nerima without Ranma.

…Though Nabiki did occasionally still get a kick out of torturing saps such as Kuno, because as far as her boss was concerned, if a super-powered fighter didn't have the cojones to stand up to her, then said spiritually enhanced fighter deserved everything he/she got from his subordinate.

In the case of Ryoga, he was just sympathetic as opposed to the usual unsympathetic nut-cases which inhabit the loony City of Nerima, and truth be told, Nabiki felt kind of sorry for the guy. He did honestly and wholeheartedly love her sister unconditionally despite her flaws, and the youngest Tendo had a myriad of them.

"True." Yusuke said, turning back to his blankly watching student with a gaze of clemency, "Okay, Ryo, I'm officially issuing recess, you can go back to your state of hibernation with the worry of your master's admonishment no longer on your mind. We'll resume your meditative training once I get back."

A part of Ryoga was indeed put to a peaceful rest hearing that he wouldn't be receiving an ear-full from his sensei for inadvertently assaulting his girlfriend's father. Speaking of which, there was still the matter of the collateral damage left behind as consequential evidence of the bodily harm.

Tentatively whirling his head to the damaged wall over to the far left of the living room next to the TV, Ryoga pointed, "W-What about that sensei?"

"Don't worry about that," Yusuke sharply commanded without sparing a glance at the wall, making Ryoga flinch at his grafted voice, "I will personally gather the loot from an underground fighting arena to call in the reconstruction boys to deal with that like it never happened, then we will all proceed to carry on with our daily lives, exactly as if it had never happened. Comprende?"

Ryoga stared up at the man who had taken him underneath his wing in silent admiration of his mature imperturbability, 'Sensei, how can you be so calm about all this?'

Nabiki's mouth opened wide in recognition, "Oh, I see," The brown-haired woman's mouth closed so her lips could curve outwards to form her discernible skittish grin, "Really, I should've expected as much. What better way for the strongest man in the town to make elementary money other than a sport he was basically designed for," She almost wanted to chuckle at the logicality of Yusuke's method of racking in a profit. How had she not thought of that? "Child's play, really."

"You're right on the money," Yusuke grinned roguishly, taking his time to rise to his feet. Taking that as her cue to either put up or shut up, Nabiki chose the former, locking her bare legs around Yusuke's muscular torso. Placing his calloused hands on the sides of Nabiki's legs, Yusuke smoothly allowed his hands to run up and down them, sending a shiver of lust up Nabiki's spine as she shut her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder in peaceful delight

Glancing down at Ryoga, Yusuke smirked, "See Ryo. That's how you deal with a gal. You just gotta be adamantly decisive in your decisions, hence influencing her to stay with ya," He shot Ryoga a quick reassuring thumbs-up as if to reaffirm his ideology as fact.

"Uh, I'll try to keep that in mind, Yusuke-sensei," Ryoga said awkwardly, blinking up at Yusuke giving Nabiki a piggyback ride.

"Oh, boss," Nabiki called out in a cheery, sensual voice, almost giving poor Ryoga a nosebleed, the young – occasionally hot-headed – man attempting to force the images of Nabiki giving his sensei a lap dance out of his mind.

Yusuke, still smirking down at his student, decided to show him another lesson in dealing with horny women; blatantly pretend you have no idea why they longed for your D, "S'up, honey?"

"I a-almost neglected to inform you of daddy's rather suspect behaviour earlier," Nabiki said, stuttering involuntarily from the pleasure Yusuke's massage to her legs aroused in her. She was undoubtedly disappointed when Yusuke decided rub-down time was over, wiping all the exuberance from his face.

"When you say, "suspect"," Yusuke quoted with careful consideration, "How so?"

Sighing with resignation, Nabiki clarified, "Not only was he dressed up as a detective, but he was specifically heedful to avoid letting his targeted destination or even objective slip, boss," Breathlessly gasping from being chucked upwards, Nabiki's head and legs landed square in the muscular arms of her commander. Neatly folding her arms to emanate a relaxed aura despite her surprise, Nabiki inquisitively glanced up into the earnest expression of Yusuke.

"I only got one more question for you, Nabs," Yusuke said, his dispassionate tone making his declaration that much more momentous, "Did Pansy-boy by any chance dispose of that magic mirror?"

Slowly, Nabiki shook her head, "No, not to my knowledge."

Carefully dilating his eyes, Ryoga's blood turned cold, "Does that mean Tendo-san went off to meet up with Genma-san and that dirty old man to travel back into the past to retrieve that Ganondorf-guy?" He asked, hoping by stating the obvious he could have his fear lulled.

Unfortunately, Yusuke wasn't that benevolent to a young man who didn't have the innocence of an eight year child, "If the implications are anything to go by, then yeah, doomsday could be approaching real soon."

"Damn!" Ryoga cursed in frustration, wincing from his wounds.

"But Boss, shouldn't you be able to track down daddy and his band of misfits before they leave the realm of the present to journey to the past?" Nabiki quipped in Yusuke's arms, making hope flash across Ryoga's face while a dry one appeared on hers, "If we consider Hibiki's current condition after his "manly duel" with the old fools, then I wholeheartedly believe it's safe to assume it'll take a while till daddy tracks down his "partners-in-crime"."

"She's right, sensei! That means ther-." Ryoga hurried, shooting up to his feet a little too quickly, aggravating his burning wounds as a consequence. "Ugh."

Feeling a gentle breeze blew the bangs of her hair when Yusuke coolly rounded on Ryoga, Nabiki's calm, inquisitive expression mirrored his, "Take it easy, kid. Currently, the three stooges of douchebaggery are not even on the radar," Yusuke informed.

What his sensei's admittance insinuated at made the disciple tense up, "I-it… can't be." The bandana-clad young man said, unnerved. Standing in a hunched position with balled fists, Ryoga's face scrunched up in frustration at an obvious failed endeavour.

"What does he believe he's accomplishing, boss?" Nabiki asked, gazing up at her leader for answers. Clearly, by his expression alone she could tell he and Ryoga were in an internal spiritual plane-field she was not part of.

"He's trying and failing to locate your old man's energy signature."

"Oh." Nabiki said in nonchalant acknowledgement.

"Damn." Ryoga lamented his fail to pick up on Soun's energy signature.

"I specifically recall telling you that worrying was futile." Yusuke said with some annoyance in his tone, "So do us all a favour and quit stressing. It isn't going to change the past you know. What done is done."

"But sensei, if Tendo-san manages to bring back that Ganondorf-guy then you cou-." Ryoga began to argue, but quickly shut his mouth when he realized what exactly he was about to suggest.

"Die?" Yusuke finished for him with impassivity, eliciting a wince from Ryoga, "Not gonna lie to you, it's a possibility."

Ryoga shot his head up to Yusuke with an expression of adamant insistence, "But sensei, you're so strong! You've trounced everyone here without even breaking a sweat at some point!" Ryoga yelled in an argumentative manner, throwing his hands up, "How could you possibly lose to a dead guy who may or may not even exist!?"

"Hate to break it to you, but I'm not invincible, kid," Yusuke retorted, shooting an miffed glare at Ryoga for shouting in his face, making him shrink back with raised hands and a nervous smile on his face, "You may think I am, but I'm not. Just 'cuz I've put every wannabe around here in their places, doesn't mean I'm this "all-powerful god"; and if you think I am, then you need a reality check."

Ryoga hung his head in despondency.

"Sounds like Boss has had his own distinct taste of defeat," Nabiki grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Never said I was unbeatable," Yusuke riposted lackadaisically, thinking of Yomi and the other super S-classed demons that were above his level. He even considered his father in his prime since he could recall Enki admitting that a full-powered, hundred percent healthy Raizen could've systematically annihilated them all as easy as him taking a stroll in the park.

To the mighty, former godlike demon of Makai, it most likely was.

With those last plain-spoken words uttered by Yusuke publicized, a tense, concentrated silence lurked over the living room area with the three current visitors lost in their own thoughts.

'Daddy's dug his own grave now,' Nabiki regarded her father's fate at the hands of Yusuke with an angry grimace on her face, 'How foolish! Was being of assistance to big sis really so difficult this morning? Or, like Uncle Saotome, is he till pining for Saotome to marry little sis? Whatever the reason may be one thing's for sure; it's that daddy's eradication at the hands of Boss will be imminent.'

'Damn it! What the hell's Tendo-san thinking, joining up with those assholes?' Ryoga reflected with a considerable amount of resentful frustration, 'Is this about me attacking him?' He considered thoughtfully, 'Maybe he till wants to marry off one of his other daughters to Saotome to merge his damned school!' He growled in disgust,'Grr, asshole! I swear, if it wasn't for Akan-.'

Either one or two reasons could've been what had reminded Ryoga of his girlfriend. On one side of the spectrum he had mentally mentioned her, and on the other side he'd picked up on the distinct sounds of dull, metal thuds reverberating from above them thanks to the silence.


Looking blankly at the space once preoccupied by Ryoga, only the dominant one of the mock-couple would easily see Ryoga moving speedily out of the living room as if he was going in slow-motion. Nabiki, on the other hand, only caught a cloud shaped in the form of the young man who was previously there.

To Nabiki, Ryoga may as well had teleported.

"Well," Nabiki said, batting her eyelashes, "How unexpected."

"Ain't that the truth?"

With the rhetorical question out in the open, Yusuke followed Ryoga's trail at a cool, relaxed pace, all the while keeping the towel-clad Nabiki in his arms.


Just before Ryoga could run through an undamaged part of the Tendo Dojo back garden wall - conveniently next to the gaping hole Yusuke had made a month ago - he felt a vice-lock grip on the back of his neck before he was dragged off of the ground.

"Ahh! N-Now w-who's g-got me?" Panicking, Ryoga flailed his legs and arms around in a feeble attempt to escape his captor's grasp, "L-Lemme go! I've gotta get to Akan-."

"Chillax. Right now, kid," The bone-chilling calm command of his sensei settled his nerves instantly. Twirling his head to the left side, Ryoga would see the towel-clad Nabiki still held in the right-armed embrace of his sensei like a baby, arms crossed underneath her bosom and a sneer on her lips.

"Were you really running off to little sis or away from the big-bad coyote? Hmm. I wonder."

With a light blush of embarrassment gracing his cheeks, Ryoga massaged the back of his head with his hand, "Woops, sorry. I-I didn't know what came over me."

"No? Oh, do tell. You could've fooled us."

Ryoga found his dangled form flinching like a flopping fish at Nabiki's sarcasm, "I know I goofed. Sorry, and... thanks, for stopping me from disappearing to wherever, sensei," Sighing with an air of leniency, Yusuke would offer Ryoga a casual guarantee and a reference before flashing them all back inside of the Tendo Dojo.

"Nevermind, kid. We'll get you fixed. Just... 'believe it'."


(Upstairs - with Akane – Her friends - and Kasumi)


"Would you like some help, Akane-chan?" Yuki asked carefully, standing at the ready behind Akane who was struggling down the stairs.

"O-Oh! I-I'm okay, Yuki-chan!" Akane insisted with a broad, cheerful smile of reassurance. Placing her crutches on the top step, Akane's face scrunched up as she forced her weight up and over to her crutches, "T-Thanks for offering though! You and Sayuri-chan are really great friends!" Akane said with a huge sigh of relief from just accomplishing to get herself on the top step.

Her two school friends both shared a glance of concern between each other, but otherwise acquiesced with Akane's decision to get herself down the stairs of her home.

Seeing her little sister's two friends wincing in sync with Akane herself straining her limbs to get to the second step of the stairs, Kasumi decided to discreetly command Akane to accept assistance under the disguise of a kind suggestion, "Oh, little sister. Might I suggest letting your two friends help yo-?"


But Ryoga's stout-hearted cry cut off Kasumi, making the four young women shoot their head down the stairs in the direction of his voice.

"R-Ryoga-kun," Akane stuttered in surprise.

Once her eyes landed on the bandaged form of her significant other, it was as if time itself had slowed down. None of the ladies moved, but Ryoga did. It probably didn't take Ryoga very long to reach her, but he may as well have. Every step his feet treaded on to Akane's eyes were slow, and heedless, yet dauntless and hasty, and all just to reach her.

"Akane-chan," Ryoga said with a staggered breath, impulsively wrapping his arms around Akane's waist, bringing her out of her daydream. With Ryoga's strong arms hugged securely around her waist, Akane's face heated up with several shades of red, "You should be careful. You might fall in your condition."

"Oh Ryoga-kun," Akane said dreamily, neither noticing Yuki nor Sayuri watching them with excited expressions. Both were in their own private little world, "I-I got worried about you," She hesitated, bringing up her hand to rest on his chest.

Ryoga's face mirrored his confusion, "Worried about me? What do you mean, dear?"

Averting her eyes slightly from Ryoga's, Akane attempted to moist her dry throat, "I-I figured Urameshi-san would give you a hard time about the… incident earlier on." She discreetly explained, not wanting her friends to know about the incident involving her father and her boyfriend.

As far as she was concerned it was a family matter.

"Oh, yeah; you mean that," Akane was almost surprised to hear how calm Ryoga was while he rubbed the back of his head, "You don't have to worry about that. Sensei said he'll take care of it."

Akane's eyes widened at the information given to her by Ryoga, "No way, really? Urameshi-san actually said he would fix something that belongs to Daddy?" Ryoga hesitated, but otherwise gave Akane a tentative nod of his head in confirmation, not knowing if his sensei was eavesdropping on them or not despite being close by, "Oh, wow, that's really nice of him."

"Sensei's just a nice guy like that," Ryoga said, his visage twisting in sharp concentration, "Hell, I'm living breathing proof of his kindness. Had it not been for him finding me lurking around I wouldn't have gotten the courage to admit my feelings to you, Akane-chan."

"Oi, you," Akane playfully castigated her humble partner, softly jabbing him on his chest, making him squirm shyly, "Don't give him all the credit. I'm positive you would've told me how you feel even if Urameshi-san hadn't offered to be some kind of personal coach to you. I'm sure of it! You're not only a wonderful person but my fair, gallant knight."

A nervous sweat built on Ryoga's face. Trying to mask his nervousness, Ryoga offered Akane what he hoped was a winning smile, but it only came off as shaky, "Uhm. W-Well, I'm really not all that."

"Awwwwww," Ryoga flinched at the drawn out affectionate coos coming from neither him nor Akane. Now taking exclusive notice to their audience Ryoga paled at the heart-eyed Yuki and Sayuri, "That's so romantic!" They gushed simultaneously, sweetly joining their heads together and conveniently synchronizing their hands to form a heart.

"H-Hey! W-Where'd you guys come from?" Ryoga yelped.

Akane smiled at her girlfriends in a triumphant manner, "See! I told you two my Ryoga-kun is the sweetest most humble sweetie pie you would ever see!" She gushed, forgetting all about her crutches to cling onto Ryoga's arm.

"Whoa, careful," Ryoga advised, speedily snatching both crutches before they could fall in one hand. When he did, the implications of previous Akane's statement struck him like thunder, making him extend his eyes in momentary shock.

Since when'd he become Akane's Ryoga?

…When she became his Akane.

"Woops, silly me," Akane said, looking bashful, "Thank you, Ryoga-kun. I don't know where I would be without you," Clearly an exaggeration of her appreciation for Ryoga's assistance, but that was beside the point. It was meant to showcase just how much she adored Ryoga, and she really did. Even now, she almost completely forgot about her friends, as she stared with sparkling eyes at the teenage boy holding her up, capturing his love-struck gaze in hers.

"Oh dearest Akane, you're too good to me," Ryoga mumbled.

"So romantic…" Sayuri and Yuki's affectionate cheer broke the two lovebirds out of their stupor, making them instinctively give the two eavesdropping girls their best bashful smiles.

"So we can expect a wedding sometime soon between you two lovebirds, right?"

"Eh?" Ryoga dumbly asked.

"Ah! L-Let's not jump to any hasty decisions, Sayuri-chan!" Akane nervously suggested.

"Oh, of course! They're clearly perfect for each other. All that's left is for them to tie the knot!"

"Okay," Ryoga said passively, too stupefied to put a stop to the girls' wild fantasies.

"C'mon that's ridiculous! Ryoga-kun and I have only just started going out!" Akane whined with strong insistence.

But the youngest Tendo might as well have been talking to a brick wall for all the good her suggestion did, "Oh! Bridesmaids, you're gonna need a couple of those Akane-chan!" Sayuri stated cheerfully, giving her friend a hinting wink.

"And we know where you can find two of those, right Sayuri-chan?"

"You betcha Yuki-chan!"

The girls then whirled on their unofficial leader, sending her what they hoped were their best victorious, charming smiles, ones that just screamed, "We're not cheeky, we just know 'V' is for victory!"

Akane was left baffled by her friends' absurd behaviour, and for a few moments, she stood in place mumbling rapidly and indistinctly, as if attempting to piece together the correct words to politely inform her friends no wedding was happening, at least not so soon.

She made one mistake agreeing to an early marriage, she wasn't going to make another one.

"Just go with it," Ryoga's humorous-induced voice cut Akane off, the injured teen girl twirling her head to see the edges of her significant other's lips curving outwards to form a puckish grin, "I think it's pretty funny actually," Giving Akane's sides a soft hinting squeeze, Ryoga turned his head to her, "Mrs Hibiki."

The gaiety in Ryoga's voice triggered Akane's own funny bone, something highly lost during Ranma's time in the Tendo Dojo. Sighing in an overly dramatic manner, Akane started, "I guess you're right," Smiling waggishly, Akane ended, "My hubby."

While Ryoga felt his cheeks flare up with the colour of twin shades of cherry blossom petals, Sayuri and Yuki silently cheered, as if pleased to see some master plan of theirs was going perfectly according to plan.

"Right. So can I help you back up to your room dear?" Ryoga asked gallantly.

Looking at their intertwined bodies, then to the ground floor where she noticed her nigh-naked sister in the arms of Yusuke, Akane nodded, "Yes, if you wouldn't mind."

"Not at all," Ryoga assured, sweeping Akane off of her feet and into his arms, making Sayuri and Yuki practically swoon like a pair of starry-eyed fan-girls, "It's the least I could do for you," He said, smiling at Akane as he began to "carry" her to her room, much to Sayuri and Yuki's confusion.

"Err, Ryoga-kun?"

Ryoga sighed in peaceful ecstasy.

"Yes, dearest Akane-chan?"

"You're going the wrong way."

Ryoga was brought down from the clouds to earth.


Gazing downward instead of upward, Ryoga spotted his sensei and Nabiki, both giving him and Akane a wave with calm, bland expressions.

"Uh, right." Now realizing his mistake Ryoga began to make a U-turn, but not before Akane caught a glimpse of Yusuke with a smile of serenity that looked totally foreign to her on his face.

'Huh? Urameshi-san?'

"All well that ends well, huh?" Yusuke asked, seeing Kasumi and Akane's friends leading Ryoga to Akane's room with the teen girl herself in the arms of his student.

"I'm almost surprised daddy doesn't just hitch Hibiki and little sis," Nabiki said with some consideration.

"Nah. In his screwed up head, that till wouldn't join up the Tendo and Saotome schools," Yusuke explained with a grimace coming to his face at the mention of Soun.

"I know, but if my father's brain was any bigger than a microscopic peanut he would rope Hibiki and little sis into marriage while he till can, wait for them to start their own family, and hitch their kid to Saotome's. He… she may not have been the most well-mannered of people during his… her stay here, but as we've already discussed, time can change people," Nabiki reasoned, "I'm pretty sure little sis and Hibiki don't actually have plans of tying the knot while she's till in school, so that should give Saotome sufficient time to mature and find a mate of her own whoever that may be."

"Well put."

"Why, thank you. I do try!"


(Moments earlier - Somewhere else – Location unknown)

A spherical orb of a bright white light materialized, dropping Soun, a heavily wounded and bandaged Genma, and a severely scorched Happosai in the middle of nowhere by the looks of it, though one could clearly make out the mountains in the distance.

Upon arriving in the home of his chosen saviour, Soun squeezed, taking one hand off of the injured Genma to rub his nose.

"Oh I say, it appears I might have come down with a cold," Soun said blandly, straightening Genma up, "How you suppose that happened?"

"Hurrah, fella!" Happosai cheered with childish glee, springing up high and to Soun's shoulder, wrapping a diminutive arm around half of his neck, with a distinct little mirror in his other grip, "I just knew you wouldn't let your old master down. Oh, I'm so proud of you I could just weep!"

Genma found even using his vocal cords to speak in his injured state was too painful. So instead of talking he whipped out a sign as if he was in cursed form. *But master, wasn't you castigating Tendo the other day ago?* The sign was abruptly heeled out of his hands by Happosai's foot.

"Oh, pipe down Genma!" Happosai said sulkily, turning his head back to Soun with a conceited grin. "You think I would betray my own hard work like that? Ha! What do you take your old master for, huh? Why, you and Soun have been like my very own boys! I could never backstab either of you!" He finished dramatically, covering up his tears.

"Is that so, master?" Soun deadpanned.

"Grr!" Getting angry with his students' adamant refusal to accept his fatherly affection, Happosai hopped down from Soun's shoulder, petulantly stomping his tiny feet into the dirt ground below, "Is that any way to speak to your master, you ungrateful brat? Perhaps," A mischievous smirk crossed Happosai's features, "You don't want to be underneath the secure heavenly sanctuary of lord Ganondorf's rule?"

Going bug-eyed at the implications of Happosai's teasing contemplation, Genma ignored the agony to drop onto his knees, making sure to take an all too willing Soun with him, *Forgive our rudeness, master! We just want the BOY out of our lives so Ranma-boy can marry Akane, thus joining our schools together!* The words of plea were inscribed on Genma's sign while said injured man bowed before Happosai's feet.

Flipping his sign around without taking his head off of the ground, Genma rotated it in Soun's direction, *Tell him, Tendo! Tell him it was all just one big misunderstanding!*

"U-Uh… yes. P-Please master, forgive my impudence. I had not meant to offend you oh-so great and honourable master!" Soun excessively worshipped Happosai, pleading for forgiveness.

Apparently, Soun's kiss ass approach was not appreciated by the unnaturally stunted old man who pouted with clear disdain, crossing his arms behind his back to balance out his childish spite with wise consideration, "Your suck-up method won't work on me fella!"

"Oh please master!" Soun begged in a pitiful whimper, pressing his forehead with so much exertion into the ground he could feel his head sinking into the dirt floor, "I can't bear to live another moment under the evil Urameshi-kun's eternal damnation! Please save me from the apocalypse Urameshi-kun's wrath will bring upon me and my family!"

"Humph. Well that's more like it," Happosai insisted with approval, waltzing up to the bowed Soun to rest a tiny hand upon his head, feeling him flinching beneath his hand, "Consider this your only warning, you little whippersnapper," Giving Soun's hair a seemingly affectionate ruffle that disguised his superiority, Happosai smirked at Soun readily nodding his head into the ground.

"Oh yes, master! Of course! I'll listen to anything you say!" Soun exclaimed dramatically.

"And that's just what I wanted to hear!" Happosai yelled haughtily, putting his magic mirror away inside of his Gi before striking an heroic pose, "It's just what lord Ganondorf would want to hear too, ya got that? 'Cause as ya could probably guess, this was all a small test staged by me to see where your loyalties lie."

Soun and Genma lifted up shaky heads, "*Test?*" They simultaneously made their confusion known via a small, quiet voice and a wobbly sign.

"Yes, test," Happosai confirmed in a lecturing tone, "As you boys can imagine, lord Ganondorf has little to no tolerance for insubordination. One clumsy slip up and you're out!" He heedfully left out the full consequences of double-crossing Ganondorf, not wanting to scare them shitless.

"O-Oh, y-yes! A test!" Soun stammered happily, bowing his head rapidly, "Oh. How could I be so silly? You hear that Saotome? We've been cleared by our ever forgiving and gracious master. Oh, how our luck is changing!" He stated histrionically, "This is a happy, joyous occasion!" Tears poured down Soun's eyes.

Genma's curiosity was piqued from all the hype the man of the hour, Ganondorf, was receiving. Lifting up a sign, he made his enquiry known, *I was just wondering master.*

"Yes. What is it Genma?"

*How powerful is this Ganondorf-guy?* Genma flipped his sign around.

"What?!" Happosai shouted furiously, making Genma and Soun wince from the anger in his voice. Galloping up to Genma, Happosai unsympathetically whacked his foot into Genma's chin. Genma, already severely injured from the thrashing he received from Ryoga and Yusuke's hands, yowled in agony, feeling his entire upper lurch upwards from the force of Happosai's blow. Not needing any more invitation, Happosai leaped up, taking out his trusty pipe to thwack Genma right on his forehead, forcing him on his back.

"Grr! How dare you doubt lord Ganondorf's strength, ya ungrateful hooligan!" Happosai self-righteously chastised Genma, standing on his chest.

"Oh please master! Saotome's injured!" Soun pleaded for his friend's sake, secretly happy it wasn't him on the receiving end of his master's ire.

Forcibly pulling Genma up by his Gi, Happosai disregarded his pained grimace, "Lord Ganondorf is our one and only saviour and protector, the one who will clobber that brat Urameshi into oblivion! That oughta teach him to interrupt me from my treasure hunt of bountiful panti-. I mean, err, spreading joy and peace throughout Nerima. Yes, that's what I meant to say," Happosai awkwardly corrected.

"Oh master," Soun moaned.

"Humph!" Happosai said contemptuously, hopping off of Genma, "So chap, I hope you've learned a valuable lesson. Which is?"

Flopping flat on his back with a dust cloud appearing around his body, Genma weakly held up a sign, *Uh. Not to underestimate Ganondorf?*

"That's lord Ganondorf or Ganondorf-sama to ya fella!" Happosai screeched, eliciting winces from Genma and Soun. Speaking of the Tendo patriarch, Happosai rounded on him too, "That goes double for ya too, fella! I don't want lord Ganondorf thinking I haven't taught my boys how to properly address someone of such high class as himself now, got it?"

Soun flinched, "Oh, yes, of course. Proper respect for one's own superior is essential. How could I forget? Haha," He laughed in forced cheerfulness, "Ganondorf-sama sounds splendid indeed. Wouldn't you agree Saotome?"

Genma groaned with a raised sign. *Yes, Ganondorf-sama is fine by me.* Happosai released a pouty noise from his mouth and crossed his arms.

"And you better believe it too, brat, 'cause you'll see the power of lord Ganondorf himself first hand! And then you'll know what true utopia is, utopia to his loyal followers, but true terror to all his enemies!"

A bolt of blue voluminous lightning thundered across the air, startling Genma and Soun.

*What's that?*

Happosai smirked, slowly spinning his head over his shoulder before offering the two a quip, "Why, the devil himself of course!"

Widening their eyes at their new god's unexpected arrival, Genma and Soun hastily sat up straight, glancing in the general direction Happosai for staring at with pronounced inquisitive expressions.

What they found, at this point in their terrified lives, could basically be related to a prospect right out of their dreams, (or nightmares, depending on one's own perspective). This man's,- no, godly being's power was just… well, for a lack of a better term, unreadable. They could not gauge his comprehensive power, it was immeasurable. His energy pool felt like a void of sheer nothingness, but the unspeakable malice he was emanating left them on edge.

Somehow, as the two misguided students of Happosai watched the silhouette sitting atop another one in the form of a horse who rose up on its master's order to stand on two feet, they began to have second doubts.

Was this really what they wanted?


(Elsewhere – Location Unknown)


Kazuma Kuwabara cussed with a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek as he sat in a red one seated recliner chair hunched forward with his hands held together in concentration. Wearing a waist-high navy blue jacket over a baby blue shirt Kuwabara's ginger hair was still styled in his trademark pompadour style. He had on slim jeans as opposed to Yusuke's baggy slacks and black shoes fitted on his feet.

"This is, just," Kuwabara said gruffly, pausing to scrunch up his face in frustration. "Unreal. That guy," If he could even call that demonic-like godly entity a human being to begin with, "-Was like fifteen Urameshis put together," The ginger swordsman's angular-shaped face was getting progressively more solemn the longer he contemplated on the matter, "Part of me even thinks I'm just trying to downplay that freak's power just to make me feel better, somewhat anyway."

It was at that point Kuwabara heard the turning of his doorknob, signifying someone was entering. For a warrior with such high spiritual awareness as Kuwabara, looking up to see who had opened the door was redundant. He could tell with a mere scan of the person's enormous energy signature. It could've been that or the fact that beside him there was only one other person who had a key to his dorm room.

"Ah. Yes, I thank you for your gracious invitation, Haruno-san, but I'm afraid I will have to decline. You see, I have other assignments that I must attend to," A similar voice echoed, gentle and polite despite the refusal, "You understand that they take clear precedence, do you not? A last I fear mother would have my head if I neglected my duties."

"Oh, of course Shuichi-senpai! I understand. I mean, you got to do what you got to do, right?" An overly peppy feminine voice reached Kuwabara's ears, making the broad-shouldered young man snort indistinctly.

'Fan-girls,' The ginger warrior mused with a scowl, 'They're like wolves, swarming all over the first poor guy they deem 'stud-material'. Geez. Didn't their parents teach them anything about honour?' Kuwabara thought, his countenance morphing into a look of intense determination, 'One day, I'm gonna find a way to spread my ideology around the world, or at the very least inject it into misguided wet-behind-the-ears brats,' If nothing else they would inherit his will and make it their ambition to bring peace to the world.

Kuwabara had to play his part in making the world a better place.

"But I would be really honoured if you could accept it in your spare time Shuichi-senpai," Haruno insisted.

"Although I confess I cannot promise any guarantees, I shall keep your invitation in mind for a later date," Shuichi said smoothly, earning himself a squeal from the girl. As per usual, Kuwabara heard the sound of lips smacking against flesh before his sheepish roommate stepped into his room, his visage covered in lip-shaped lipstick.

"Ah. The innocence of adolescence, something clearly to be admired for its uniqueness, not frowned upon for its obnoxiousness," Shuichi smiled with an even tone, coolly cupping his chin to emanate a contemplative expression.

Shuichi Minamino sported a silver coloured long-sleeved, regal Chinese-styled shirt with black buttons, matching pants, and a pair of smart black shoes fitted on his feet to coexist with the colour of his buttons, overall complementing his luxurious outfit. His exquisite visage was framed by two long, wonderfully done bangs of his red hair, and a couple of strands fell in between his beautiful emerald, forest-coloured eyes.

All in all he was an exceedingly handsome young man at first glance and someone any young woman would basically give their right arm to be with. Would they still feel that way after discovering the skeletons hidden deep within this "young man's" closest? That would forever remain to be seen.

Opening his sly, leaf-green beautiful eyes that could've pierced through even the darkest of voids, Shuichi curiously observed Kuwabara's tense, unrelaxed form, "Is something troubling you, Kuwabara? You seem unnaturally tense."

"Yeah, man, and it isn't pretty," Kuwabara confirmed, immediately putting his friend on the edge of seriousness with his own deep, grave voice void of any and all jest or playfulness, "I just had a precognition."

Knowing when and when not to take Kuwabara's otherworldly predictions seriously, Shuichi calmly closed his eyes, resting one of his hands into his pocket of his pants while the other cupped his chin, "I see. Should I inform Hiei while you notify Yusuke of this substantially crucial event of the future?"

Standing up, Kuwabara kept his emotions in check with a perfectly placed detached expression on his face, "Yeah, definitely. This is something we'll need all the big guns for, and then some."

"And you sincerely articulate this void of any exaggeration but precision?"

"As sincerely as me marrying Yukina-chan in ten years! Trouble's on the horizon soldier."


(The Next Day, Cat café – with Yusuke)


Three dull, loud thuds reverberated throughout the café from the back of Yusuke's fist.

Being confirmed of his gut-feeling by a message left to his "secretary" for him from his childhood friend was alarming. Even the difficulty Kuwabara had with Nabs on the phone could barely lull the agitation he felt in the pit of his gut.

Now he really wished the wannabes who posed as fighters in the underground fighting arena he took Nabs to, to act as his betting girl were stronger, so that way he could at least can some training in. The minuscule amount of euphoria he received from smashing blockheads together only lasted so long before nothing was left but bored indifference.

Well at least Yusuke made enough money to last him years, even with the thirty five percent he gave to Nabs for A – doing a terrific job, and B, and most importantly – annoying Kuwabara. It was just sadistically awesome hearing how vexed Kuwabara sounded on the phone when Yusuke got back to him.

He liked the way "his girl" thought.

"Coming!" A familiar bubbly voice was heard to Yusuke's ears.

Well, "one of them" anyway. He wondered for a moment how he had obtained four girls he could share moments of intimacy with, but then he soon remembered he was immortal. He wasn't going to die. They were though. Why settle down when the end result was going to be widowhood anyway? He may as well channel his inner Charlie Sheen and go nuts.

With a click, the door cracked opened, giving way to a momentarily stunned-faced Shampoo wearing her usual darkish pink Chinese blouse matched by Chinese pants that appeared a tad too small for her, leaving her bare ankles on show, as well as doing wonders to bring out her curves.

Yusuke rationalized she was up bright and early to assist her great grandmother in the process of setting up shop before hungry customers popped down to stuff their faces in with delicious noodles, "So, you just gonna stand there gawking or are you gonna invite me in?" He said expressionlessly.

"Yusuke-airen!" Shampoo squealed happily, leaping up to latch her arms around Yusuke's neck and her legs around his muscular torso, pushing her busty breasts into his chest, "You come to declare love to your Shampoo, yes?"

"Actually, no," Yusuke said bluntly, "Need to speak with your old lady, on the double. Shit can't wait."

"Aw," Shampoo sulkily moaned, putting a small fanged-smirk on Yusuke's face. Taking a moment to thoroughly examine her would-be fiancée, the blue-haired beauty had to thank god that there was no angry girls to come along and "punish" him by allowing her to hug him, not that her airen would ever allow anyone to disrespect him in the first place.

"Okay. At least let your Shampoo feed you her best ramen-dish," Shampoo compensated.

"That'll work," Yusuke said in agreement, earning himself not only another squeal from the teen girl held in his strong grasp, but also a rapid, affectionate-filled massage by Shampoo's face.


"Yeah, my thoughts exactly," Yusuke joked with a small chuckle.

Finding her chosen sweetheart's laughter infectious, Shampoo giggled cutely, keeping herself pressed against Yusuke so he would have to carry her into the restaurant, and he actually did, easily closing the door with the back of his heel.

"Hey, Shampoo, who was that at the door, my love?" Mousse asked in a curious voice of a chivalrous man, appearing into the main lounge from the stairs.

Yusuke snickered from the look of utter disdain that appeared on the teen girl's face from hearing Mousse's voice, "Stupid Mousse. Stop trying to ruin Shampoo's moment with her airen, go back to bed," The blue-haired amazon angrily demanded.

The thing about that was, Mousse couldn't just go back to bed after hearing the familiar title that was so disdainful to his ears, especially considering the fact his beloved Shampoo called his hated rival Saotome that virtually every day. Now if only he had his glasses on...

"What? The scum Saotome's here? Damn you, Saotome you despicable dirt-bag! You've already gathered a legion of women and even men to your sick twisted harem! Can't you just leave my Shampoo be!" Mousse roared, making Yusuke frown in a contemplative manner.

He wondered why this tenacious, short-sighted martial artist couldn't leave Shampoo alone. Doggedness could only be admired so much before it starts getting creepy, and in Yusuke's opinion Mousse had already long since well passed that line by miles now.

'Should I just erase his presence here and now?' Yusuke mused, considering Mousse's eradication thoroughly. Even though he had annihilated an entire force as little as last night Shampoo didn't seem to mind. Evaluating her sheer contempt of the persistent bespectacled boy who had harassed her time and again Yusuke would guess Shampoo would appreciate having Mousse out of her life permanently.

"You stupid Mousse! Boy-Ranma not even here," Shampoo retorted, now intent on climbing off of her sweetheart to change Mousse into his curse form and lock him in his cage. Yusuke had miraculously decided to come over, and although he may not be here for her, the Amazonian warrior had to take this golden chance while she could to get intimate with him. The last thing she needed was Mousse wasting his time with his misplaced chivalry.

Though when Shampoo tried to gracefully glide out of Yusuke's grip, the young man straightened her back up with a quick throw up, "Eh, Yusuke-airen?" Shampoo asked curiously, "What wrong? Shampoo can handle stupid Mousse no problem."

"Oh I know," Yusuke said, not at all worried about Shampoo losing to Mousse. Her power level was clearly higher, "Just leave this one to me tho. I'll take out the garbage, and believe me, when I, quote, "take out the garbage," it stays out, unquote."

Shampoo pierced together the implication of Yusuke's quip with curious recognition, "Airen mean he take out Mousse. Yes?"

Yusuke nodded, "Affirmative."

Shampoo gasped, though a cheery smile quickly found its way to her visage, "Okay! Airen knows best!"

'Damn. She's cold. Granny's taught her well, I see,' Yusuke thought with a smirk, half mischievous, half devilish in nature. Letting Shampoo nimbly glide from his arms, he watched the young woman of an Amazonian heritage spring around ebulliently to offer Mousse a mock farewell wave.

"Bye, bye, Mousse! You not be missed!" Shampoo smiled with a wave.

Mousse scowled, believing the sleazebag Saotome was planning to take Shampoo away, "Oh no you don't Saotome! I won't just stand idly by, and watch you take my dear Shampoo away from me. Prepare yourself, scum!" Leapfrogging skilfully into the air, Mousse conjured up a flurry of metal chains from his long-sleeves, sending them flying at what he believed to be his long-time rival.

Nodding with a mock applause of his hands, Yusuke's stance remained completely immobile despite the barrage of deadly weapons heading toward his person, "Sufficiently good," He said, easily snatching all of Mousse's chains in one hand, "But not good enough," With a casual yank of his weaker left hand that made amazement appear on Shampoo's features, a shell-shocked Mousse was sent hurtling toward Yusuke.

The short-sighted male Amazonian warrior couldn't even describe the tremendous explosive-like object that had assaulted his ribs, causing an sickening crunch of shattering bones to ring out through the café. It was like a goddamned rocket had blown into him, "Grrrgh!" Groaning with a batch of blood spattering out of his mouth, Mousse weakly lifted up his hands, trying to tell by touch alone what had buried itself into his now broken ribs.

He could safely deduce he was folded over "Ranma's" knee.

'What the hell's going on? Saotome was never this strong before. He damned near pulled me in with my own chains like a magnetic force and broke my ribs with one knee strike!' There was only one person Mousse knew who had that kind of ungodly striking power. Seeing as he had met him only yesterday, the event and his unbearable malevolence was still fresh in Mousse's mind, turning his blood cold.

'N-No… It can't be hi-.'

"Hey, you till with us, dude?" Mousse's eyes dilated in horrified acknowledgement at the faux concerned voice. Slowly lifting up his head, Mousse winced, gritting his teeth to keep it indistinct. Not wanting to believe his eyes, Mousse struggled to lift up his hand to his forehead.

Yusuke predicted what he was trying to do, "Ah, how could I forget. You're short-sighted," Quickly bouncing Mousse off of his knee as if he was a soccer ball, causing the injured teen to wince painfully, Yusuke grabbed the front of his shirt, easily keeping him in the air with a sadistic smirk, "Ehhh. You know what they say, the customer should always see what they've bargained for," Putting his index to Mousse's thick lenses, Yusuke pushed them down and over his eyes, relishing in the utter look of fear that washed over Mousse's face at seeing him clearly.

"I-It's… y-you," Mousse stammered with a wince.

"S'up doc?" Yusuke asked innocently, chuckling with a disturbing tone that was totally ignored by Shampoo, the teen girl watching him deal with Mousse with a petulant eager expression, "You know you fucked up, right. You do know that?"

Confusion also gathered inside of Mousse amidst his fear, "Eh? I-I-I d-don't u-understand w-what y-you mean?"

"You fucked up," Yusuke repeated with satisfactory, jabbing his free thumb in Shampoo's direction, "Care to explain girl."

"Absolutely, anything for Yusuke-airen!" Shampoo exclaimed enthusiastically, pausing to take a moment to cough into her fist to build up a nervous suspense for Mousse.

Having expected a really overly-dramatic loud declaration from the girl of his dreams, Mousse flinched from his fellow Amazonian's cheery, but noticeably calm explanation, "Airen make Mousse go nighty-night, for good. He won't wake up now, or ever to bother us again."

Even though the teen on death's step had been aware of the female Amazonians' disregard for their male counterparts, it still cut deep within him to hear the young woman he had been crushing on since adolescence snub him off with cheerful indifference, "Oh no," Using the last bit of his strength, Mousse pulled a long katana out of his sleeve and sloppily slashed Yusuke in the face, bellowing out a desperate demanding scream, "What have you done to my Shampoo!"

"Yusuke-airen!" Shampoo screamed in concern. She was prepared to smash Mousse out of his grip to check on the extent of his "injury," she really was, but she ended up freezing at the distinct sound of shattering steel before the sword just fell to pieces, leaving behind a useless hilt.



'Wow, that incredible. Not even scratch on Shampoo's airen.'

"N-No," Mousse murmured in a horrifying manner, wishing he could pinch himself awake as he dropped the hilt of his now broken sword to which it hit the ground with a dull thud echoing out eerily, "J-Just w-what k-kind o-o-f inhuman machine are y-you?"

Yusuke reasoned with the most logical statement in the world, "You're death." Casually chuckling Mousse into the wall not only caused it to crack but also made Shampoo jump up in excitement as if she was watching a wrestling match.

"Aiyaa. Mousse really going to get it now."

Pitifully crawling upward to the best of his abilities, using the wall as leverage, Mousse inched his way closer to the door, his hollow breath deepening with every little distance he travelled, "No," He whimpered quietly, finally reaching the door, and grabbing the doorknob with all his might, "Y-You're a m-monster!"

Straining his muscles to pull himself to his feet, Mousse was indeed able to stand on wobbly legs, wasting no time to throw open the door and head for the hills, as fast as he could in his injured state. That wasn't fast at all, "Oh Shampoo, I'm so sorry I've had to leave you like this. Please forgive me my love."

Sighing calmly, Yusuke jammed his hands into his pockets, quickly ambling after the fleeing teen boy, "Now if only the Jusenkyo-screwballs were wise enough to scram with their tails between their legs, it might have saved their lives," He sighed in mock-pity, never halting his eerie leisured chase down of the teen, "With great power comes a great ass-clown I suppose."

Had he looked, he would've noticed that Shampoo's expression could've basically been related to a kid in a candy store, however at the moment he currently had slightly larger fish to fry, "Mousse running away, but Yusuke-airen in no rush to catch up to him." She shivered lustfully, "Shampoo make right decision picking Yusuke as her airen. He has heart of Amazonian warrior." By that she meant he had no heart at all.

An accurate description would be Yusuke had the ruthlessness instilled in each and every Amazonian woman of China.

And Shampoo adored it.


Mousse was absolutely terrified, dragging his feet via sheer willpower alone away from the cat café as quick as he possibly could. As much as he feared to admit it in this increasingly bleak situation he felt it was redundant to even attempt to get away from that beast. His broken ribs severely hindered his hasty departure, making it all but impossible to turn on what little super speed he had at his disposal.

When he moved, it was like a serial killer was taking a knife and stabbing him repeatedly in the chest, which was kind of ironic considering who was on his tail. Somehow, Mousse just knew this would-be assassin wouldn't be using any weapons to take him out. After all, he had done this much to him with just one strike of his knee for Pete's sake.

'Oh! Why couldn't it have been Saotome who had showed up to attempt to steal my Shampoo away!?' Mousse frantically reflected. He could at least deal with Ranma. And if, by some strange stroke of fate, his potential victory over Ranma wasn't to be, than the worst case scenario was Ranma beating him up, excessively bragging in his face about it, and going home afterward. Mousse certainly wouldn't be on the run for his life though.

The old saying "Better with the Devil you know" couldn't have been more appropriate.

'It feels like he's breathing right down my neck!' The teen literally attempting to make himself scarce of death himself thought. Paranoid? Yes, but who wouldn't be limping away with an overwhelming amount of killing intent weighing them down?

Cautiously turning his head over his shoulder, hoping to have put some semblance of distance between himself and his potential murderer, Mousse almost let out the unmanly squeak at finding him closing the distance at a leisured pace, no real haste at all.

'Damn! He's going that fast while walking? Just what is h-.' Unfortunately, his need for a security blanket would end up being his undoing as he took his eyes off of the pathway. As he crashed into the all too familiar structure of a lamppost Mousse could only lament the irony of his dire predicament.

"Oh Shampoo, please break free of his spell and save me." Mousse whimpered, lying on his back with a pair of broken glasses falling off of his face. He didn't even need glasses to know a huge shadow was eclipsing his entire body, with a stony visage sizing him up as if he was an ant to be crushed beneath his feet.

"I'll make this quick. Cockroaches take zero exertion to crush anyway," Yusuke said, lifting up his heel.

"N-No, please! I'm begging you! Don't kill m-."

"Hey, you're a cockroach. Last time I checked they don't chat. You feel?" Yusuke quipped, bringing his heel downward in the direction of the whimpering Mousse. For the briefest of seconds, everything appeared to stop to Mousse's perspective, allowing the other world's newest tenant a glimpse of his life.

Mousse's life certainly wasn't one of exquisite fortunate, growing up with his mom in the old country. He didn't know his father, seeing as his mother never spoke of him in a positive light. When questioned of the man Mousse's mother had nothing but ill criticisms of him and asked her son not to speak of him to her.

Maybe that was why he pined for Shampoo, because he himself desperately wanted to start his own family in the near future, to be the man his father wasn't.

His attempts at winning her over proved far less than adequate with each merciless rejection the girl had given him since childhood. A part of him thought a new start in Japan would ignite a blossoming relationship between him and his beloved Shampoo, but no, that she-boy Saotome stood in his way. Shamefully Crawling back to his home country, Mousse was further punished for his own clumsiness, falling into the Spring of Drowned Duck. Since then it had been one hilarious misadventure after the next in a bid to not only cure himself of his curse but win Shampoo over, until he came along.

The rest wrote itself.

'Shampoo,' Was Mousse's last thought before his entire body was squashed by the foot of Yusuke.

Now Musu – aka Mousse – was no more but a bloody smudge in a cratered ground.

"Sayonara." Yusuke said remorselessly, coolly ambling back to the cat café with his hands still shoved inside of his pockets, finding the ever euphoric Shampoo standing in the doorway, if not more excited than before.

"Aiyaa, Yusuke-airen did it!" Shampoo cheered, once again ensnarling Yusuke's neck and torso with her arms and legs respectively. She was pleased to feel his strong hands groping her rear, "Take care of stupid hurdle Mousse like true amazon warrior," She stated sweetly, tilting her head to the side, "Now we have no distractions."

"Yeah, that's one way to look at it," Yusuke said a tad sheepishly, stepping into the cat café once again.

Seizing her opportunity, Shampoo pushed her lips against Yusuke's, overjoyed to find him kissing her back without prejudice. Permitting his tongue entrance to her mouth, her tongue engaged Yusuke's in a playful match.

"Ah," Shampoo moaned into the compass of Yusuke's mouth, feeling her back pinned roughly against the wall, turning her on even more. Now as she mooched her airen back with even more vigour, only taking short breathers to nibble and sickle on his bottom lip, she dug her nails into his broad back, awed to discover just how durable he was.

When the need for air became too great the two broke apart, taking in audible breaths to recuperate faster, "That… was," Shampoo started, watching Yusuke with an lovey-dovey gaze, sliding her arms up to hug his neck, "…Amazing. Shampoo want do that to boy-Ranma, but never could. She glad she has airen who let her kiss him."

Instead of quipping with his usual cockiness, he did so without anything of the sort on his visage. Not even a playful sneer lingered, making it apparent he wasn't speaking to Shampoo, "Enjoying the show, lady?" He said, twirling around so he was the one facing a grinning Cologne now, "If so, might I recommend getting some popcorn? It'll make the experience that much more pleasurable."

"Oh, don't mind me sunny-boy, the picture was quite satisfying as it was," Cologne said playfully, standing atop a table with her long staff right beside her, "Though I suppose such a treat wouldn't hurt an old lady such as myself now, eh?" She let out her typical croaky laugh.

"Course. Next time I'll buy ya all the popcorn you can eat to watch a two-hour make-out special of me and Shampoo attempting to eat our faces off," Yusuke mumbled flippantly, putting a blush on Shampoo's cheeks, the teen girl twiddling her fingers on his muscular chest.

"Oh I look forward to it," Cologne grinned mischievously.

"Good, good, tho that's for next time. Right now I've got another highly essential topic I need to discuss with you," Yusuke admitted, lowering Shampoo to the ground, much to the teen girl's chargin.

"Aw," Shampoo whined whimsically, gently running her finger in circles on Yusuke's beefy packs, a dreamy expression on her face, 'Shampoo airen so big. It really great feat he keep himself so in shape.'

Humming pensively, Cologne folded her hands underneath her tiny chin, all but more mentally declaring playtime over, "Yes, I was made aware beforehand by Shampoo of your request to speak with me regarding a grave subject while you were permanently dealing with our duck problem," Shampoo scoffed with contempt.

Yusuke narrowed his eyes, a look of mild, sharp inquisitiveness on his countenance, "I find that odd," His intense curiosity caught Shampoo by surprise.

Even Cologne felt intimidated by Yusuke's pierce gaze, and quite frankly, only years of experience kept her from showing it, "And why would that be sunny?"

"Easy. Wasn't four-eyes part of your dynasty? I would think you'd be considerably woeful, and maybe even a tad vengeful, than you are now, that a warrior of my calibre had swaggered into this joint and iced him as if he was eating a piece of cake," Yusuke smoothly explained.

Studying the young man with an energy-signature and an attitude that resembled her old friend so with an impassive glance, Cologne would soon sigh in a resigned manner, "Oh, It seems you are a lot more perceptive than you let on sunny-boy, though I mean no disrespect to you before."

"None taken."

Nodding gratefully, Cologne explained, "But you are very much correct about Musu. Had it been my Shampoo on the receiving end of your wrath, I would have had to step in, even if the end result would have been my imminent annihilation."

Shampoo shuddered to think being on Yusuke's bad side. She still had the bruise on the side of her neck, a tribute to the massive engulf in power between the two.

"In our society, if our male-counterparts do not have power equal or greater to our own, they are treated with an air of contempt, Musu was no different. Keeping him here had been partly for my own amusement, but mostly as a contrivance to edge Shampoo and Ranma closer together. I had hoped his proximity with her would trigger a pang of jealousy within Ranma, enough for him to fight for her hand in marriage against Musu. When the dust settled, Shampoo and Ranma would marry, and produce powerful off springs to the tribe. Do you understand?"

That was the kicker, Yusuke did indeed understand. As dirty and underhanded as it was, Yusuke couldn't deny it was quite clever. Ranma was like a petulant boy/girl-baby in that aspect. When they saw that toy they didn't want anything to do with in the hands of someone else they conveniently decided they wanted it.

Yusuke smirked, closing his eyes, "Heh. You know you're evil, right. You do know that, don't you?" He reopened his eyes to pin Cologne with a mischievous glint that made Shampoo smile brightly.

"Oh, none more so than you, sunny," Cologne retorted in kind, grinning. The two residents and their visitors shared a moment of amusement between the three of them before Cologne decided it was time to get down to business with a stiff cough into her wrinkled hand, "So, what was concerning you that you felt you needed to pay a visit to old little me sunny-boy?"

"Yeah," Yusuke mumbled, his expression sobering considerably, drawing a curious Shampoo in closer, "Shampoo, why don't you get grub started. This," His darkening eyes made the insinuation of his discussion with Cologne that much more dangerous, "-May take a while."

Shampoo stared at her airen blankly, "Really that important?"

"Yes, really that important." Yusuke said, quoting Shampoo's broken speech mechanisms.

Shampoo gasped, placing her hands on her mouth, "Whoa," She hushed out in an awed whisper, a cheery smile of acceptance coming to her face, "Okay! Your Shampoo go make you best ramen dish now!" Capturing Yusuke's lips against hers, the blue-haired beauty savoured the pleasurable sensation of Yusuke's warm breath inside her mouth, and his rough hands groping her round, firm ass.

'Oh, sunny-bo-, no, son-in-law doesn't even realize he's all but sealed the deal by accepting the Kiss of Marriage not once, but twice now,' Cologne mused mischievously, just hoping he wouldn't decide to deal with her and Shampoo when he found out what he had signed himself up for.

When the kiss broke, Shampoo reluctantly stepped away from Yusuke with her arms held out wide in childish euphoria, "Be back!" She said, turning around to give Yusuke a clear view of her rear end. Not wasting any time Yusuke rebounded his hand off of the cushy body part of Shampoo, making her jump, "Ouch!" Twirling her head over her shoulder to see Yusuke's cheeky smirk, she smiled herself, before taking off to the kitchen.

Moving over to the grinning old lady, Yusuke pulled out a chair, professionally tucking himself in, "Get your head out of the gutter, lady."

"Oh, you might want to take your own advice sunny-boy," Cologne retorted, not having the courage necessary call him her son-in-law just yet. After receiving a mute nod from the young man, Cologne took that as her cue to go into her elderly stoicism, "What would be the best way to start this grave discussion child."

"I have an idiot-proof method for just the occasion," Yusuke said in jest, keeping his hands intertwined on his lap, "You wouldn't happen to know of a teeny-weensy old fart by the name of Happosai by any chance, would-cha?" He lowered his hand to the ground, "He's about yea high, acts like he's till in diapers, and apparently has a fetish for women's panties."

It didn't take long at all for Yusuke to get his desire answer.

"So even to this day, Happy still insists on making a nuisance of himself," Cologne sighed with resignation, earning herself a calm look of acknowledgement from the young man sitting at the table she was standing on, "I concede I should have predicted as much, but part of me had an aspiration of Happy maturing mentally in his old, old, old age."

The implications of her statement and the pep name itself Cologne had for Happosai were all the evidence Yusuke needed to come to the conclusion that the two ancient martial artists had lived very long lives, being somewhat close at one stage.

"But yes, I acknowledge my familiarity with Happy, though with the petulant way he acts I sometimes wish I never. In the old days, the self-proclaimed fool for love made passes at every girl in the village before he eventually plundered all of our valuables, including my magic mirror," Cologne explained.

Yusuke didn't care for ninety-nine percent of the story, only the last one-percent of it held any significant merit to him, "What kind?"

"The magic works by shredding a single tear drop on its surface, opening a window to the bearer's heartland, bringing the bearer and anyone within the carrier's proximity to the place he or she would most like to be at the current moment of time. It could range from anywhere to fifty years into the future, one hundred years into the past, or even an alter dimension entirely," Cologne said croakily.

"That fits the bill, I guess," Yusuke mumbled, stretching his arm up to massage the side of his head with a sigh, closing his eyes, "Now that perfectly sums up the little turd's plan to bring this uber powerful overlord-guy named Ganondorf to whup my ass."


Opening his eyes, Yusuke would find Cologne's long staff rolling slowly toward the edge of the table. Looking over to the elderly lady, Yusuke would see the extended-eyed look of absolute terror on her wrinkled visage.

"It is not my intention to sound senile," Cologne started in a notable careful tone, "-But may I ask you to confirm your last statement so I know for certain my hearing is not failing me in my old age."

In simple terms even his friend Ranma could decipher, Cologne's request essentially translated to, "You're kidding, right? Please for the love that is all things holy tell me you're kidding?" Unfortunately for the elderly lady, he wasn't. And Yusuke made sure to get his point across in his typical straightforward, yet witty way.

"Midget-geezer and his gang of bitches are booking Ganondorf a one-way flight ticket to the present as we speak."

"I see." Cologne said, closing her eyes in resignation. What was that old fool thinking? Had he lost his mind? Clearly, both questions were rhetorical because he obviously had if he was planning on bringing Ganondorf to the present. Cologne knew there were only two people who could step to Ganondorf's pedestal, and both had long since passed now, and even if one didn't pass, his power had long since diminished to the point Ganondorf would find no challenge in defeating him.

Opening her eyes, it seemed even Raizen's descendant was worried, even only on a minuscule-level.

"You should thoroughly prepare yourself, sunny-boy. The worst is yet to come."

"If you don't mind me asking…"

"No, not at all… the entire world will be forced into subjugation by Ganondorf."

Whoop, whoop. This story just continues to get considerably more darker as it goes along! The first of Ranma 1/2's bland, one-dimensional robots fuelled on exaggerated emotions has been crushed underneath the heel of self-righteous justice. The dark cloud that symbolizes the threat of the ever powerful Ganondorf lurks over Nerima, but the question of the day remains; can he get to Nermina fast enough to spread "despair" throughout the world before Yusuke kills 'em all?

You shall see if you stick around.