Alright, here we go, rewrite time. I think it was about time I did anyway. I love this story, I really did, but I made a lot of noticeable mistakes. The pacing was rushed and the grammar wasn't the best. I felt I rushed getting Ranma out of Nerima which I stupidly made its own fuckin' city despite the fact it's just a district in Tokyo. Blame canon for that one. So much shit what happened in that little area it's easy to mistake it as it's own separate town. But anyway, the new version has the same general conception. Yusuke's bored, everyone's left him, and he's looking for a purpose. He stumbled across Ranma's neighbourhood in Tokyo and we go from there. Taking my time with this one too. I do have plans for a serious Ranma-buff in the new version "Coasting Through Life" so she'll eventually catch up with Yusuke like she's doing in the "City of Insanity" with Ichigo, so yh.

Hope to see you there buddies.

P.S I also cut out the needless slangy shit like "legs" for let's go. No idea why I thought that was a thing. Guess because I see them saying "leggo" in their respective mangas for let go, I just thought legs might mean let's go. I was wrong. I admit this.