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Chapter 2

A New King in the Hood

"It's a official, Ryoga's an A-class dumbass," Yusuke grumbled.

Not long ago had the former spirit detective discovered he was in Nerima all along after he ignorantly asked an old geezer where he was.

Beforehand the half demon had foolishly left Nerima and journeyed elsewhere around Japan in the hopes of finding the Tendo Dojo, after that didn't work out his senses brought him back to the town playing host to all kinds of crazy reiki-signatures, for better or for worse.

Yusuke released a sigh from his lips, "Well at least I sniffed out the dojo," Yusuke said, standing beside a short four-sided wall blocking an easy entrance to what he believed was the Tendo Dojo's back garden, "Only one way to find out," Yusuke smirked, wiping his nose with his thumb, "It's time for my fist to make an appointment with Saotome's face!"

"Gimme that chart old man!"

A curious look came to Yusuke's face hearing the shrieking command of a young girl on the other side of the wall.

"Sounds like the party's started already," Yusuke mumbled to himself.

Yusuke's eyebrow rose in curiosity once he sensed the 'girl''s reiki-signature, "Now that's odd. Either I need therapy sessions, or that emo-boy I saw earlier today suddenly hit high notes," Or he could have fallen into some magical grave pool of a drowned girl or boy, like how Ryoga fell into one and became a potential roast cook dinner.

"Are there more of those burial ponds thingumajigs around China," Yusuke wondered to himself, cupping his chin with his hand as he pondered Ryoga's explanation of how he became a half-boy, half-piglet.

Ryoga did say there was only one spring in Jusenkyo probably containing the dead skeleton of a piglet, thus cursing it for life and all those who fall into it.

"Ranma you can stay a hopeless weakling for all your life for all I care."

Yusuke looked up to see a very short reddened-skinned, nearly bald old man, except for the fluffy white hair stretching from one ear to the next behind his head, and the pencil-shaped moustache, wearing a nondescript-looking dark purple gi with a black sash tied around his waist and black shoes on his feet.

From the scornful look on the old man's face and voice Yusuke could tell something must have gone down on the other side of this wall the old man was standing on.

"No," The same feminine voice as before, which was probably this Ranma-person the old man dismissed, wailed pitifully.

The old man didn't look merciful in any sense of the word.

"Grandpa Happosai!" Yusuke recognized that girlish voice as the girl who was trying to cheer up the emo-boy earlier before giving up and turning away from him in contempt, "Don't worry, Ranma, we'll get that pressure point chart off of grandpa Happosai one way or the other. You'll see."

"What's the use Akane? The old geezer ain't budging," Ranma murmured miserably, the old man identified as Happosai just stared disdainfully at Ranma, "I'm gonna be at the bottom of the food-chain for the rest of my days on this stinking planet."

"I was just trying to help!" Akane defended her actions righteously.

"Well you shouldna! Who would need an uncute tomboy's help like yours anyway?" Ranma shot back sourly.


"I wish I had some popcorn now," Yusuke muttered to himself, rubbing his nostrils with his index finger while a smirk came to his face, "I think I just found myself some entertainment. Haha."

Yusuke's mutterings caught Happosai's attention and the old man turned to him curiously, "Whatcha standing around here fella?"

Happosai's instincts alerted him to impending doom as Yusuke's self-satisfied smile hardened into a malevolent grin, the wolf-esque fangs poking out of Yusuke's mouth made Happosai blanch, "Ah. Nuthin' you need to rally the troops 'bout old geezer," Yusuke lied expertly, casually bending down and picking up a pebble.

Happosai visibly let out a sigh of relief, "Phew. I thought you were here to assist that disrespectful Ranma."

"Is that so?" Yusuke asked, a dark tone creeping into his voice which the old man remained oblivious to.

"Roger! She won't respect her elders!" The ancient man whimpered, reaching into his gi and pulling out a frilly bra, "And all I wanted her to do is put on a cute bra for me! Is that so much to ask for? Adolescents are supposed to respect their elders!"

"Ya hit the jackpot with that old geezer," Yusuke smiled ghostly, causing Happosai to smile victoriously as he placed his hands on his hips and held his nose in the air, "It's just a darn shame that-," Yusuke let his actions finish off his speech by launching the pebble at Happosai at a blinding speed, forcing blood out of the old man's forehead and pushing him into the garden once again after the super, super-duper bullet-esque pebble connected resoundingly with Happosai's forehead.


"…That same rule doesn't apply to a withered up shrimp who doesn't even come up to my knee."


(Moments Earlier – Tendo Dojo – Back Garden)

"Arghhhhh!" Akane raged with her nearly shoulder-lengthened tomboyish blue hair rustling slightly as she stomped her foot angrily on the ground. She had fair skin, dark eyes filled with exasperation and aimed at the kneeling red haired girl, curvaceous hips, cc-cup breasts, and sharply legs.

Despite her tomboyish hair and tomboy nickname given to her by Ranma, Akane wore a bright yellow blouse underneath a red dress, a nice sun flower hat on her head, and red slip-on shoes on her feet. Her attire and overall complexion spoke of femininity, contrary to Ranma's insult of her being a tomboy.

"I was trying to support you idiot!" Akane scolded the redhead.

The redhead looked up at Akane with her blue eyes blazing with fury, "Who do ya think you're talking to tomboy? I ain't no baby!" Ranma's luscious red hair fell to her mid-back and was tied in a pigtail. Her skin was also light like Akane's, but Ranma wore clothes more suited to displaying the prowess of a martial artist.

A red silk Chinese top, black silky loose pants, and black slip-on shoes was Ranma's choice of clothing. It did nothing to hide the diminutive redhead's shapely hips and D-cup breasts.

"Well you sure act like one Ranma-idiot!"

"Who asked ya for your input, dummy?!"

"…I guess it's back to the drawing board, eh Saotome?" Depressively sighed a middle-aged man who looked like he'd been spending too much time in the sun like the middle-aged man next to him named Saotome and the old man on the wall known as Happosai.

His black straightened long hair fell to his back and matched his black moustache. He wore a dark grey karate-styled gi with matching pants, and martial arts shoes on his feet.

Standing on one side of the black haired man was the one he'd addressed as Saotome and on his other side were his two lovely daughters, one with a pleasant smile on her face as she quietly fretted at the squabbling Akane and Ranma, and the other one had an ice-cold nonchalant look on her face as she looked at Happosai who seemed to be engaged in a conversation with someone.

Saotome appeared to have a deep look of concentration on his face.

The bespectacled man was bald without an ounce of hair on his head, but he shamefully covered his bald head with a white bandanna. His skin also looked very sun-burned like the black haired man's and Happosai's skins. Saotome wore a white karate-styled white top, karate-esque white pants, and a black belt tied around his waist. For whatever reason he didn't wear shoes and left the karate-styled top open a bit to show-off his rather chubby chest.

Saotome was probably hoping to woo some lady with his fat self.

A man can dream.

Saotome's pseudo-focused look only lasted a minute before he broke into tears.

"Waa. Waa. How could the master do that to my lifelong work? I dedicated years into turning my boy into a man among men, and m'boy let the master ruin it!" The bald man known as Genma Saotome whimpered, drawing his son-turned-daughter's attention onto him, "My son's such a disappointment! Waa. Waa. Waa."

A shoe to the forehead momentarily silenced the bawling Genma, "You're one to talk, ya stupid old man! Ya think I wanted that dirty letch of an old geezer to zap me of my hard-earned strength!"

Genma looked at Ranma and frowned disappointingly, "You're a disgrace boy, letting the master do that to you! I've taught you better than that! Now look at yourself, wallowing like a girl! Haven't I always taught you already that everything can be used for training purposes?!"

"Ugh!" Ranma raged.

"Saotome quieten down! The master might hear you!" Soun Tendo chided his long-time friend with an aura of worry around him.

"Whoops," Genma said and dropped to his knees, bowing his head to the old man standing atop of the wall in a cowardly manner, "I'm sorry master, I didn't know what came over me! Please forgive me master!"

"Oh my, uncle Saotome," The teenage girl with a polite smile on her face said sympathetically. She had chocolate brown hair falling to her back with a white hair-bobble tied neatly at the end of her hair, and gentle blue eyes. She wore a baby blue dress underneath a white cooking apron and white sandals on her feet.

"Boy, aren't you the paragon of righteousness, old man," Ranma quipped with sarcasm dipping into her voice, causing her father to growl at her, but otherwise keep his head firmly glued to the ground to avoid the master's wrath.

"Yes, that's the perfect position to be in Saotome-san since the old fool's 'looking' exactly at you," The middle Tendo daughter of Soun sarcastically told Genma, to which earned her several raised eyebrows.

The moneymaking wannabe business girl had brown hair like her sister Kasumi Tendo, only hers fall to her shoulders, she also had disinterested brown eyes, and she wore a green loose women-top, a frilly lacy bra-top, white short shorts, and sneakers on her feet. Like her sisters the girl's skin was light and she had sharply legs and C-cup breasts.

"What do you mean Nabiki?" Akane asked curiously, but Nabiki only languidly pointed at Happosai, making the others look to see the old man with his back turned to them.

"You don't say? The master's actually having a conversation with someone?" Soun asked while cupping his chin with his hand, a calm pensive expression on his face.

"Preposterous! Our master's too evil and thoughtless to have social interaction with an acquaintance! He hasn't a kind bone in his entire body!" Genma was quick to shoot down that ridiculous notion with 100% conviction in his voice.

"What are we waiting for, a bus? He's still detracted isn't he? Let's ninja the old-freak and pick-pocket the pressure point chart off of him!" Ranma quipped loudly, a fire of resolution lighting up her eyes. She still had a small glimmer of a chance to regain the strength she had worked so hard to gain in all her years of training with her father since she could walk.

Although those years Ranma had been training she'd been a boy, not a half boy, half girl.

Stupid old man.

And stupid Jusenkyo curse.


Happosai's weep of pain disrupted Ranma's train of thought. The redhead along with the others watched in shock as Happosai practically flew back into the back garden with a trail of dark red liquid leaking from his forehead.

"Master!" Soun and Genma called out reflexively. He was still their master as much as the two middle-aged men resented and feared him, they had to show some concern, if only so the master wouldn't see a need to batter them until they couldn't walk. Or worse…

…Make Genma and Soun do his dirty work for him.

"Oh my, whatever could have hit grandpa Happosai?" Kasumi wondered gently, looking at the tiny old man with a hint of concern in her eyes.

Akane peered closer at the hurt old man and noticed the red liquid pouring down from his busted open forehead, "Hey, I think grandpa Happosai is bleeding." This revoked a surprising reaction from both her father and uncle Saotome.

"What?" Soun and Genma gawked.

"S-someone p-possibly i-injured t-the m-master," Soun drawled stutteringly. His and Genma's whole bodies trembled while hope filled their eyes, "S-Saotome, d-do you realize what this means?"

"Y-yes," Genma stammered, "We could be rid of the evil master for good!"

Tears ran down Soun's eyes, "Oh how I've longed to see this day, we shall celebrate with a bottle of sake and a game of shogi!"-

Genma grinned and patted his old friend on his shoulder, "My thoughts exactly, Tendo old friend."

Soun and Genma happily, and blissfully turned around to amble back inside with their arms wrapped around their shoulders, laughing jollily.

"Hey, it ain't over until we get that pressure point chart off of the old freak!" reminded Ranma, causing the two over-enjoyed men to pause in their tracks.

Happosai winced in a babyish manner, "Ouch. You tricked me! That's not fair, you hoodlum!"



Soun cried fearfully, dropping onto his knees and bowing profusely to Happosai while Genma hopped into the pond and emerged as a big white and black panda before joining Soun in pleading to their master for his forgiveness.

*I'm just a helpless panda!* The panda bowing to Happosai held up a wooden sign he seemingly pulled out of nowhere with the aforementioned words engraved on it. The panda rose its head long enough to reveal tears running down its eyes.

"Dad…" Akane muttered with a scowl of annoyance on her face at her father's shameless, pitiful display of begging.

"Really, daddy?" Nabiki deadpanned, "You two really do need to grow a backbone."

"Oh father," Kasumi reprimanded demurely and quietly.

Kasumi's words of disapproval were definitely the most painful Soun felt.

Fortunately for Genma, his own daughter was too busy observing the spot of where Happosai had been thrown off, trying to surmise what could cause the annoying, but overly powerful ancient martial artist to fall off of the wall like that.

"Hn. What could make the old freak bleed like that?" Ranma asked herself, eyeing the spot Happosai was now standing in and only spotting a small pebble nearby, "A pebble?"

"Hm. Were you saying something, Ranma?" Akane asked pensively, but Ranma ignored her in favour of listening to Happosai rant.

"Grrr, you better come out now, you little delinquent. I'll teach you to respect your elders," Happosai bitched commandingly.

"Your wish is my command, old mousey," They heard someone say in a mocking tone.

"Who said that?" Akane asked.

She didn't have to wait long as a black haired teen around Kasumi's age landed on top of the Tendo Dojo's wall in an impressive show of flexibility.

"Yo, Gramps, you rang?" The boy inquired in a taunting manner.

A pensive expression adorned Nabiki Tendo's features as the attentive girl took in the boy's appearance. Tanned-skin, combed back black hair, and rebellious-looking clothes. Could it be who Nabiki Tendo thought it was?

Nabiki had always been about making money, even it meant she'd need to sell out her own family to do so, bet on fights, horse-races, or even selling pictures of her own sister, Akane, and Ranma-chan to an illusion boy who gave off the feeling that he along with his entire family were escapees from a mental institution.

Whatever method worked to bring in the bills, Nabiki Tendo was using it.

The gold-digger even had agents around different schools running a betting operation. One of those schools was Sarayashiki Junior High school where the renowned and very much feared Yusuke Urameshi attended.

Nabiki had won a lot of money from Yusuke's fights. If this boy turned to be thee Yusuke Urameshi then Nabiki Tendo could find herself in a lot of trouble. No one fucked with Yusuke Urameshi. No one.

Nabiki knew that Yusuke knew she had been making a profit off of him because the money coming back to her from her little minions were always 70% less than what it should have been, which meant Yusuke had discovered Nabiki's follower betting on his fights and cornered her until she gave him his fair cut.

'Well it's looks like I'm screwed,' Nabiki mused as she schooled her emotions to remain calm and collected in the face of danger, 'Or maybe not. He still has to go through daddy and Saotome-san before he can get to me.' Somehow that didn't reassure her of her safely.

"Oh my, grandpa Happosai has a grandson," Kasumi stated with her hand covering her mouth.

"I never knew the master had any children to begin with," Soun said to Kasumi before he looked at Genma, "Saotome, did you know of this?"

"No. The master hasn't an ounce of kindness in his body. It's obvious this boy's as disrespectful as my boy," Genma murmured, turning his head to give his son-turned-daughter a disappointed look.

"That's Happosai-sama to you, you little whippersnapper!" Happosai bitched angrily, balling his hands into fists at Yusuke's smug grin, "Argh! I'll teach you to respect your elders you riff-raff!"

"Respect? Kinda a hard thing to give to a dwarf-geezer who doesn't even come up to my knee eh," Yusuke taunted.

"Well I guess that proves whose side he's on," Ranma mumbled, looking at Yusuke with a pensive expression on her cute face and wondering how he knocked Happosai off of that wall so easily, judging by Happosai's reaction, 'The guy mowed the old freak off of the wall with nuthin' more but a freaking pebble. How'd he do that?'

Happosai pouted furiously, looking like a mad children who couldn't get his way, "Ohhh! I'll teach you to respect me! Then I'll make you go out and bring me my one true treasure: the bras and panties of pretty ladies!"

Soun and Genma winced, feeling sorry for the poor boy about to face Happosai's wrath, while Ranma and Akane raged silently at Happosai's perversion.

"Y'know, I sure hope that guy pimp-slaps the old freak into next week," Ranma muttered and for once the youngest Tendo had to agree with her fiancé.

"For once, we agree Ranma," Akane replied dryly.

Happosai, oblivious to Ranma-chan's and Akane's ire, leaped at Yusuke with a fist clenched to hammer the cocky grin off of his face. It reminded the old man too much of Ranma's fake, infinitely inferior, male form.

"Take this brat!" Happosai shouted, his fist flying to Yusuke's face, but only hit a finger as big as his whole little fist, "Grrr!"

"What was that 'bout making me do your dirty work, Mr pervy smurf?" Yusuke remarked mockingly, Happosai scowling furiously at him, "I didn't quite catch that with your bitching and all," Yusuke's smirk was driving Happosai's nuts at this point, much to the gawks of the martial artists of Soun, Genma, Akane, and Ranma.

"What? Cat got your tongue midget geezer?" Yusuke mocked the old pervert.

"I don't believe it! He blocked grandpa Happosai's punch with just his right index finger!" Akane pointed out the obvious with her gaping expression increasing by the second.

"Gee. Thank you captain-obvious," Ranma quipped dryly, rolling her eyes as Akane glared at her, "This guy, just how he is so strong that he can manhandle the old freak like that?"

Akane sighed, "I wish I knew Ranma. But hey, just be grateful he can. That way we can get the pressure point chart off of grandpa Happosai!" Akane smiled brightly, making Ranma's eyes go wide at the rationalizing thought of one Akane Tendo.

"For once you make a valid point instead of lettin' off hot air," Ranma said, a smirk crossing her face while Akane frowned at her. The anti-social redheaded girl always had to insult her in one form or the next.

Ranma batted her eyelashes at Yusuke to make her eyes glow in a sparkling radiance of happiness, "Alright! Kick his ass, man! Mister, I dunno who you are, but I don't care, 'cause today you're my hero!" Ranma gushed with delightedness at Yusuke's dominating display of Happosai.

"Pervert." Akane muttered distastefully.

Boys could be so icky.

"Looks like I got my own cheerleader," Yusuke smirked at the straining look on Happosai's face as if he was trying to will Yusuke's index finger to break with his mind alone. Due to the height difference Yusuke had to bend his knees to keep his finger connected to Happosai's fist as gravity took over and brought the incredibly diminutive perverted martial artist to his feet.

"Traitor!" Happosai screamed.

The old man pulled his fist back and slammed his other one at Yusuke, only to be left exasperated again once Yusuke blocked it with his same finger.

Stubborn and resilient to the end, Happosai just started letting off a bombardment of flying rocket-esque punches with enough power to eradicate buildings into pieces, all in the hopes he could land at least one blow on the annoying brat who dared to spoil his fun.

Happosai could feel his frustration building up inside of him and he gnashed his teeth at the sight of his blurry punches getting parried away from a boy's mere index finger as if Happosai was an ant beneath the insanely strong boy's feet. The wall was starting to crumble from the force of Happosai's punches colliding with Yusuke's index finger.

"Damn. That old letch can't even hit this guy!" Ranma awed. The black haired teenage boy was clearly the strongest person Ranma had ever saw, 'Meh. I bet I coulda took on the old letch and this guy if I had my strength.'

"Saotome are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Soun trembled out of eager anticipation.

*Grr.* Genma growled affirmatively, trying to contain his look of thoughtless, but the sight of his old master/tormentor finally getting what he had coming to him was enough to send Genma's excitement skyrocketing. Genma held up a sign, *The old troll is finally paying for all his sins against us! This boy is our saviour! We should praise him! Praise him! Praise him!*

Soun covered his eyes with his forearm as tears poured down his eyes, "I never thought this day would come! How I've longed to see it! Thank you lad! Thank you lad!" Soun profusely thanked Yusuke.

Genma's sign flipped around to reveal more words, *Yes! Pandas everywhere are in your debt!*

"Oh father," Kasumi smiled lightly at Soun.

"Grrrr!" Happosai growled exasperatedly, and by this point the entire side of the four-sided wall(s) they were on was literally a mess of spider-webs, "Hold still so I can wallop you one already, brat!" Happosai's fist was abruptly caught halfway to Yusuke's index finger by the very same finger and a thumb helping it hold Happosai's tiny fist in place effortlessly.



"Will ya be paying in cash or by credit card for your licence to hit card?"

"Panties, I guess, fella?"

Happosai felt a bulldozing hit hammer his nose in and force a sickening pop to reverberate through the air, causing Ranma, Akane, Genma, and Soun to wince reflexively, while Happosai was knocked to the grassy ground from the force of Yusuke's hit. Grass was usually a safe place to land, however the amount of power Yusuke packed into his finger-poke to Happosai's nose, made the old man's landing place feel like solid metal!

A boulder-sized crater opened up underneath the hurt Happosai and quaked the ground enough to throw the others off balance. Soun reacted accordingly to grab his two non-martial artist daughters in Kasumi and Nabiki by their shoulders to keep them from falling over.

Akane and Ranma were skilled enough in the martial arts to regain their own balances without assistance while animal-Genma fell clumsily to the ground.

"Oh my," Kasumi gasped, feeling her father's shaky hand on her arm which kept her from falling over, "I'm going to have to order new grass."

"I think you'll have to order more than that if this fight continues, Kasumi-dear," Soun muttered like he felt car-sick as he removed his hands from his daughters' arms, sighing at the little demonstration of the black haired boy's destructive power, "I do believe the lad's hiding more power than that if he can do this much with only his finger."

"But papa, perhaps he isn't too bad. I mean he is only using his finger after all to knock grandpa Happosai down," Akane said in defence of the strange powerhouse boy who made Ranma look like a baby in comparison to a grown man.

"That's true dear. Perhaps the lad isn't so bad," Soun confirmed sagely, while the black haired boy dropped into the garden with his hands in his pockets, looking at the staggering Happosai with a condescending smile on his face.

"Hurts like a motherfucker, don't it midget-geezer?" Yusuke asked tauntingly.

Happosai managed to stand up on jelly legs, nursing his broken nose which had blood pouring down from it, "Y-You, y-you, y-you, y-you," Happosai stammered, tears beginning to leak from his big round eyes.

*He's gonna erupt!* Genma pulled out another sign from nowhere as the tension escalated, each one of the inhabitants of the Tendo Dojo all held their breaths in feared anticipation for Happosai to release his battle aura.

"You broke my nose, you big meanie!

Nabiki, Soun, Genma, Ranma, and Akane all face-faulted at the babyish wail of Happosai, and to Happosai's disappointment the culprit of his broken nose merely pulled out a box of cigarettes and a lighter before putting one in his mouth and lighting it up, taking a drag and exhaling the smoke with an air of nonchalance around him.

"So I did," Yusuke confessed coolly, putting away his box of cigarettes, and lighter before inhaling another ounce of smoke, "The question is, whatcha gonna do about it midget-geezer?" Yusuke asked while simultaneously releasing a cloud of smoke from his lips.

Yusuke's eye held a challenging glint to it as he stared at Happosai in calm indifference.

Happosai sniffed, "You big meanie! You're meant to respect your elders!"

"Aw! Get over it and man-up, ya old freak!" The feisty redheaded girl screeched.

Yusuke turned his head to look at Ranma with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"What? Whatcha lookin' at me like that?" Ranma asked demandingly, though she blinked dumbly afterwards, pointing lamely at herself, "Is there something on my face?"

"I think I'm startin' to dig ya," Yusuke grinned, laughing, "Damn, I gotta new friend, one easy on the eyes too, which is always a bonus."

Ranma blushed, "…Well, thanks, I guess."

"Ranma-chan!" Happosai wailed and flung himself at Ranma, tears flying off of his eyes, his arms outstretched to grope Ranma-chan's D-cup breasts, "Don't leave me for him!"

"Ugh! Stay the hell away from me, you old freak!" Ranma shouted, instinctively covering herself up.

Ranma was well aware of the fact that she couldn't send the old man of perversion flying off into orbit with her superhuman strength as was par usual in their daily ritual since it wasn't available to her due to some deus ex machina nonsense Happosai ripped from his ass to seal her strength away, so she settled with covering herself up with her arms.

Luckily, her arms weren't needed to block the pervert from her breasts since Happosai was treated to a burning sensation in the exact wound the pebble made on his forehead instead of the luscious feel of Ranma's breasts.

Happosai dropped to the ground several feet away from Ranma who couldn't see the old man rolling around and wailing excruciatingly, as the colour green blocked her view from Happosai.

"T-The l-lad's s-so f-fast! I… didn't even see him move." Soun stuttered as he gaped at Yusuke's amazing speed along with Nabiki, Genma, Akane and most of all Ranma.

'D-did h-he... j-just,' Ranma-chan gulped hard, 'S-Shield m-me from the old freak's attempt to grope me?' Not once in Ranma's life had the boy/girl ever had someone shield her/him from danger, it was the exact opposite actually. Most people for better or for worse had always aimed to inflict damage on Ranma. Her own pops tied her to a tree log wrapped in tuna and bread, and doused (her/him) in sardine-juice for hungry, aggressive cats Genma had agitated so they'd put extra effort in their ruthless attempts to eat Ranma.

And Genma done that all so Ranma could master a deadly prominent style called Neko-ken (Cat-fist), and he actually had the audacity to be disappointed in Ranma for not mastering the Neko-ken consciously, despite the fact that all the reckless free-loading man did was leave his child mentally scarred.

Now Ranma can't even go near a cat without freaking out.

Because her father's incompetence: Ranma had a cat-phobia.

Luckily, Ranma developed a defence mechanism to deal with being too close to cats.

But that was a story for another time.

So it was understandable if anyone showed Ranma a small amount of kindness she was bound to be attached to that person in the hopes she could have a true friend. Fiancées and rivals didn't count, especially since the fiancées were all nuts and the rival was likely to turn on her if she insulted Akane.

'What a guy,' Ranma mused, almost in a daze while Yusuke stood protectively in front of her.

'Huh? Ranma?' Akane thought as she noticed the redhead's stupor, and jumped the gun instantly, 'Argh! That pervert! He's probably gonna flirt for some free training sessions from this man so he can beat grandpa Happosai! Ugh!'

"You got some nerve pulling a stunt like that midget-geezer," Yusuke's casual words broke Ranma out of her stupor and Akane out of her righteous musings while Happosai scowled at Yusuke, "You zapped this Ranma-chick of her fire-power, but ya still have the balls to cop a feel. If nuthin' else you get points for tryin'."

Ranma flinched at being identified as a girl, "I'm not a girl!"

"Yeah, right. And I'm a monkey's uncle," Yusuke coolly told Ranma without sparing her glance.

"I'm not! I'm a guy, damn it!" Ranma insisted as she stomped her foot on the ground with a pout of annoyance on her face.

"Yeah, yeah," Yusuke said. His tone said he didn't believe her and wasn't interested in hearing her chat lies to him.

"I am a guy," Ranma said in an almost desperate attempt to get Yusuke to take her seriously, but the former spirit detective wasn't having any of it.

"It's not fun to have the shoe on the other foot, eh Ranma?" Akane quipped dryly, making Ranma sigh with a defeated air around her. She was so going to batter this guy once she had her full strength back.

"That hurt!" Happosai growled as he held his head.

"The feeling's mutual midget-geezer," Yusuke groused with a serious look on his face while he looked over his shoulder at Ranma, the implications Happosai understood easily enough.

"I'm not handing over the pressure point chart unless Ranma puts on this bra!" Happosai shouted stubbornly, pulling out a frilly lacy bra, much to Ranma's annoyance while an lecherous smirk appeared on Happosai's face.

"I told ya a billion times already, you old freak! I ain't wea-." Yusuke silenced the girl by sharply raising his index and middle fingers.

"What thingumajig would that be again midget-geezer, the one in my back-pocket?" Yusuke said calmly, causing Akane and Ranma to gawk at him.

"What are you talking about brat? I have the chart right here," Happosai shot back as he pulled out a folded up piece of paper, unfolding it to show Yusuke, Ranma, Akane, and the others the picture of a blank man with kanji-markings pointed to the pressure point areas on the body, "You ain't getting it. So mmm!" Happosai stuck his tongue out at Yusuke in a childish manner.

"Unless Ranma-chan wants to wear a bra," Happosai added with a victory smirk on his face.

"Is that so, eh midget-geezer?" Yusuke asked, his dark tone and evil smirk made Akane, Ranma, and Soun shiver involuntarily, "Last time I checked it was already in my hand."

"Your petty tricks won't work on me fell-." Happosai blinked once Yusuke blindly swiped his hand across the air, then coolly folded his arms across his chest in a blink of an eye, "What's that gonna do for ya, fella?" Happosai waved his hand, raising an eyebrow once he never heard the rustling of paper, "Huh?" He looked at his hand in confusion and gasped, "Oh no! The chart's gone!"

Hope filled Ranma's and Akane's eyes as Ranma peered around Yusuke to see him unfold his fingers, revealing a square-shaped piece of paper, "Like I said, it's already in my hand midget-geezer." The others were left speechless at Yusuke's display of speed to easily take the pressure point chart away from Happosai.

"Booyah!" Ranma yelled cheerfully, throwing her arms in the air, "I'm gonna be cured! I'm gonna be cured!"

"Oh Ranma, I'm so happy for you!" Akane smiled brightly.

"Way to go, mister!" In her overly happy mood, Ranma swung her arms around Yusuke's neck and pressed herself against his back.

"H-He a-actually d-did i-it. T-The l-lad actually took something back from the master," Soun stammered in debrief.

*Hurrah! My son won't be a hopeless weakling anymore and we can be free of the evil master!* Genma held up a sign with a gleeful expression on his face.

"Oh my, that young man really is strong," Kasumi said with a pleasant smile on her face.

Kasumi was just relieved that Ranma would be able to get her strength back and stop being miserable.

"Haha. It was nuthin' Ranma-chan. Just taking out the garbage," Yusuke jeered.

Ranma purged herself from Yusuke and gave him something akin to a shy smile, "I'm so gonna whoop your ass for that one 'Mister No name'…"

"Alright. I see. In that case the name's Yusuke. Yusuke Urameshi's at your service, Ranma-chan," Yusuke introduced himself, still with that teasing smile on his face.

'Yep. I'm screwed,' Nabiki realized.

"Oh! You're so going down to Chinatown once ya get this darn thing off of my back Yusuke!" Ranma assured with a challenging smirk on her face.

"I look for-."

"No!" Happosai shouted ragingly, throwing himself to the ground and pounding the grass with his little legs and arms, "It's not fair! You cheated! Cheater! You tricked me!" Happosai was crying melodramatically, "Don't you know you're supposed to respect your elders!"

Yusuke was just unfolding the pressure point chart and was looking at it with an air of nonchalance around him. As far as he was concerned he had won and he owed that dirty old man nothing. Besides, guys like Happosai were beneath Yusuke in Yusuke's opinion.

"Give it a rest you old letch! You've lost! Yu-chan won! Deal with it!" Ranma demanded, taking satisfaction seeing Yusuke flinch upon being called Yu-chan. He could just feel the teasing smirk plastered on Ranma's face and saw it as he looked at her with a glare.

"Don't call me that!" Yusuke commanded and added under his breath, "I hated that nickname when my mom called me that, and I hate it now!"

"All is fair in love and war, Yu-chan," Ranma insisted teasingly, making Yusuke sigh while Akane glared angrily at Ranma.

"Fair dues then," Yusuke said, turning Ranma around and flashing through some hand-signs, holding up his index finger which suddenly had a pinkish glow on the tip of it.

Ranma flinched as Yusuke ran his finger around her back, looking for the stupid thing which was left on her by Happosai, "Checkmate. King me." Yusuke found the mark sealing Ranma's strength away, "This might sting like a bitch now, but-. Meh. I'm sure you can hack it."

"Just get it over with already! My foot's made reservations with the old freak's ass," Ranma quipped, then shrieked painfully once Yusuke pushed his glowing pinkish finger onto the spot sealing Ranma's strength away. It was like Yusuke had pressed a lighter to her back. A sizzling sound even came from Ranma's back complete with stream flowing up in the air.

"Kyaaaaa!" Ranma screamed painfully, spinning around and glaring at Yusuke, "Whatcha do that for? Did ya have to make it so darn painful, Yu-chan?"

"I told ya it was gonna sting like a bitch, Ranma-chan!" Yusuke teased.

Ranma pouted at Yusuke before turning to Happosai with a smirk on her features, cracking her knuckles, "Now, you old freak. I think it's 'bout time my fists got reacquainted with your face! Whaddya say to that?"

"NO! Traitors! All of you have abandoned me for him! I won't allow it!" Happosai wailed, unleashing his battle-aura and increasing the size of himself exponentially, becoming a giant with demonic-esque glowing blue eyes, much to the horrors of Soun, Genma, Akane, and Ranma.

"N-Now, m-master, p-please calm down, I-I'm s-sure the l-lad meant well," Soun squeaked and quickly dropped to his knees, bowing his head multiple of times to the giant that was Happosai, "Please don't kill us master!"

*Spare us oh so great one!*

"No one's gonna die on my watch! Geez. Take a chill pill y'all," Yusuke muttered and Ranma was almost taken back by the conviction in his voice.

"So you think you can stop me eh fella?" Happosai smirked malevolently, "I'll have ya know I'm gonna take Ranma-chan away with me and make her do all sorts of things if she won't put on the bra I got for her!"

"Fat chance that'll ever happen," Yusuke said before Ranma could go on a rant stating how that wasn't going to happen, so instead the redhead just stopped glaring at Happosai and peered at Yusuke.

"Oh. Why's that fella? You don't even come up to my knee now!"

"'Cause ya already have a flight booked for America. See ya."

Yusuke casually stabbed his index finger out and sent a white-ish beam-esque wave of pressure at Happosai, nailing the old man's pervert in his forehead and launching him in the air and away from the Tendo Dojo, back to his normal tiny size.

"Ayaaaaaaaa!" The sight of Happosai was no more but a mere sparkle in the sky.

"Pop and away goes the weasel," Yusuke quipped as he blew his index finger.

"Whoa! How'd ya do that? You gotta teach me that trick Yu-chan!" Ranma asked gleefully.

"What trick?" Yusuke asked in return.

"Ugh! Don't play dumb with me! The one you just used to send that old freak blasting off to the moon!"

"Ah." Yusuke made a noise of understanding.

"So can you show it to me. Pretty please with a cherry on top," Ranma gushed, putting on her cute girl act to coax Yusuke into teaching her a new move.

"I could, but-."

"But." Ranma said expectantly, 'You're mine!'

"But that ain't a move." Yusuke stated while Ranma and Akane blinked in confusion.

"But if that wasn't a move then how did you send grandpa Happosai away like that Urameshi-san?" Akane wondered curiously.

"That? That was just some air pressure released from me jerking my finger forward like Speedy Gonzales running a marathon," Yusuke dismissed, making shock expressions appear on Ranma's, Akane's, Soun's, and Genma's faces.

"You mean you defeated the master with nothing more but a simple shockwave?" Soun asked to make sure and gawked once Yusuke nodded.

Soun regained his composure before walking over to Yusuke and placing a calming hand on the boy's shoulder, "Urameshi-kun, I think I speak for all of us here when I say, you have our thanks for your courageous victory over the master."

"Think nuthin of it, old man. I was bored. Nuff said," Yusuke brushed off the praise coolly.

Soun coughed into his fist a couple of times, "Yes. In any case why don't you stay around the Dojo for a while? It's the least we could do after what you did for us today."

*I second that!*

"But papa we don't even know Urameshi-san that well," Akane whined.

"Nonsense Akane-dear, Yusuke-kun's a fine young man!" Soun said with a happy smile on his face.

*I second that too!*

"You just want Urameshi-san around so he can protect you and uncle Saotome from grandpa Happosai," Akane sulked and Soun sputtered before quickly regaining his recompose.

"Well the offer's up if you're interested," Soun said to Yusuke with a look which just practically begged the powerhouse boy to take up his offer in the fear the master would return and kill them all for their insolence.

With Yusuke here Soun could feel reassured that he and his family were safe from harm.

"Sure. Not like I got anything better to do," Yusuke groused, much to Akane's chagrin as the youngest Tendo stomped off into the Dojo.

"Excellent. Kasumi will prepare dinner," Soun assured gleefully.

The evil master wouldn't be able to touch them now.

"I'll get started right away, father," Kasumi assured pleasantly, sauntering into the Dojo, and Nabiki chose that moment to follow her sister before Yusuke caught sight of her.

"Come Saotome. The day is young and master free. Let us play a game of shogi." Soun suggested chirpily.

*You're on!* Genma's sign read as he followed Soun over to the porch to play a game of shogi.

"What the fuck's up with that panda?" Yusuke asked Ranma.

"Don't ask." Ranma replied dryly.

"This place is looking nutter the longer I stay here." Yusuke said.

"Welcome to Nerima: home to the escapees of the asylum." Ranma quipped and Yusuke hummed in agreement with the red head girl, "So have you got any other techniques to show me, Yu-chan? I know you must have some after seeing the way you creamed the old freak into next week."

"Hmm." Yusuke hummed like he was really considering what to show the cheerful girl. "Well I got this," Yusuke held up his hand and shaped it in the form of a gun. A basketball-shaped ball of luminous spirit energy formed on the tip of Yusuke's index finger to Ranma's amazement before the ball expanded and grew to cover Yusuke's body.

Yusuke casually lifted up his hand to point his cannon-beam of energy at the harmless clouds.

"Reigan (Spirit Gun)!"

The ball of spirit energy left Yusuke's finger and roofed the sky apart before Ranma's stunned-filled eyes.

"Awesome!" Ranma said cheerfully, "Show me that reigan-thingy a few more times and I'll have it down in no time flat!"

"Sure. I got an infinite amount of gas in the tank and nuthin' but time." Yusuke replied and Ranma smiled brightly, "At least I think my hands are untied." Yusuke couldn't shake the feeling he was forgetting something or someone as he fired off his spirit gun for Ranma-chan.


"Now how do I get out of here?" Ryoga wondered to himself, having only just managed to find his way out of the bathroom of the old lady's house Yusuke brought him into to change him back into his birth form.

"Sunny, your tea's getting cold. You should come drink it now." The old lady said kindly once Ryoga found himself walking into the living room of where she sat watching Jerry Springer.

"U-Uhm. No thank you madam. I'm just trying to find the door," Ryoga said shyly, walking away from the old lady, and walking in the opposite direction of where the front door was, "Damn it, Saotome. If that damn ingrate wasn't so mean to Akane-chan then Yusuke-san wouldn't have had to leave me here to go teach Saotome a lesson! Damn it Saotome." Somehow it was always Ranma's fault. No matter what happened to the lost boy, he would always find a reason to blame it on Saotome.