Tainted with Crimson


It was just another boring first day of school. Yumi was walking down the path to it, her skirt going in the direction the wind was taking it. The brunette sighed as she undid her scarf and tried to tie it correctly for the millionth time that day. She was beginning to get frustrated with this thing. It was her first day at the new school and she did not want to make a bad first impression on everyone. She tied the scarf and sighed looking up at the sky. Her eyes started to water but she wiped them away.

Why am I even trying?

Yumi had no idea why she was doing this to herself again. She had been far better off alone being home schooled but her mother just had to come up with the idea that her daughter needed to start getting used to normal life and that was not going to happen by being antisocial and barking at every living soul that tried to talk to you. Of course, the brown-haired girl did not bark. She was only laconic and cut people off most of the time saying she was either not in the mood for conversation or she just disliked something in them. The latter resulted in making it hard for both her and said person to become friends. It was hard for the poor broken girl to open up to the world again. She had risked her heart twice and both times it had ended up broken and empty. Yumi was not going to take her chances again. She was going to stay safe and out of trouble. She was going to be unnoticeable. She was going to be a shadow just like she had gone through life for the past three years.

Sachiko sighed as she watched how yet another candidate failed to meet her expectations. It was true that she was the least tolerable out of all the judges but the department was not called "Music Geniuses" for nothing. She tried not to lose hope but she was tired of all the frivolous people who walked through those doors thinking they had talent and creativity while all they possessed was the ability to make her ears bleed.

It was true she was far too demanding and what some would call picky but she was also a perfectionist and refused to help people who were completely unoriginal improve their musical skills. She was firm and resolute. She was also extremely stubborn and every single colleague she had worked with so far did not go against her or rather at least those that knew how to use their common sense. The poor souls who went against their better judgment and questioned her decisions faced the infamous Ogasawara wrath and to say that things got ugly would be an understatement.

Sachiko Ogasawara was the youngest teacher at the department but she was also the most ambitious and stubborn one out of them all. She searched for that pure, breathtaking talent and she was not going to back down; especially not now when she was this close to accomplishing her dreams. She was getting closer. She could feel it with every last fiber of her entire being.

Yumi was walking down the park when she noticed the cherry blossom trees. They were incredible and took Yumi's breath away. Warm brown glowed with such a bright light, which could outshine even the sun. The brown-haired girl was happy. She was in eternal bliss as dear childhood memories clouded her mind and she immersed herself in the amazing feeling. She outstretched both of her hands and her suitcase started slipping out her right one in the process. The black suitcase was just about to fall when a gasp caught Yumi off guard and made her open her eyes. The girl quickly recollected herself and turned to the intruder ready to just walk away rather then let her anger boil but what she saw surprised her.

In front of Yumi was standing a very beautiful girl with fair complexion. Crystal clear blue eyes stared at Yumi with curiosity. The owner of those warm orbs also had golden like hair which was long and wavy and was now being the wind's object of adoration. Yumi's breath caught in her throat at the sight before her. This creature was definitely an angel. The unknown being stepped a bit closer smiling warmly at Yumi asking, " My name is Shimako Todo. May I ask what is yours?"

The girl's voice was smooth and sweet. It was so beautiful that you could fall asleep only by listening to her talk. Yumi closed her eyes for a second as she inhaled and exhaled. She decided that it was high time she stopped living in the past and started living in the present time. The brown-haired girl then reopened her eyes and smiled with the same amount of warmth, if not more, at the girl before her.

" I am pleased to meet you. My name is Yumi Fukuzawa." Yumi said as she bowed slightly to which Shimako giggled quietly. Yumi then looked up confused after she had straightened her back, which caused her newly found acquaintance to giggle slightly more. The blue-eyed girl then composed herself and answered the unspoken question, which had been spinning in Yumi's head for the past few seconds.

" It is very nice to meet you as well Yumi-san. You are eighteen years of age, I gather?"

Yumi only nodded earning a satisfied smile from Shimako, who was obviously pleased that she had been right. The brown-haired girl was happy that someone had managed to guess something about her so fast. Usually people did not even stop to talk to her let alone ask for her name or even guess her age. Yumi was surprised but in a pleasant way. She then realized that the girl before her had the same uniform as her and was wearing a tag which showed that she was a freshmen at " Lillian Girls' Academy" or rather college would be more appropriate to use here. Yumi smiled at the thought of finally being able to socialize and make at least one friend. She had been a loner for far too long now.

Three years to be exact…

Yumi thought bitterly of her past experience and a frown made its way across her beautiful features. Shimako noticed the change on the girl's face and frowned slightly. She wanted to help the brown-haired girl in any way she could. Somehow the serene angel knew that pain was the only feeling which was now clouding Yumi's heart and that brought ache to Shimako's as well. The blue-eyed girl sighed and decided that now was not the time to question Yumi about something that was so unbearable that it turned bright brown into empty black. Instead of confronting the brown-eyed girl, Shimako decided to go with her to their school and try to cheer her up.

" Yumi-san?" Shimako called breaking Yumi out of her reverie. The brown-haired girl gasped slightly due to her surprise but quickly managed to recollect herself and put a fake smile on her face.

Judging by the quick reaction, she must do this a lot if not every single day.

"Yes, Shimako-san?" Yumi questioned giving the girl before her, her undivided attention.

"Which department are you part of?"

The question caught Yumi slightly off guard, but she managed to answer it, nonetheless. "I am to attend the classes in the regular department."

Shimako was a bit surprised at that seeing as Yumi had a certain aura around her which artists usually had. The blue-eyed girl could not explain it more precisely. She only had a hunch that Yumi was not who she was pretending or rather trying to be. Shimako immediately became interested in the brown-haired girl and knew that this year was certainly going to be eventful. The question which Yumi asked brought the angel back to Earth, "And which department do you belong to, Shimako-san?"

"The Music Department." Shimako answered simply deciding to keep her actual occupation at the school a secret for now. She wanted to know if Yumi would truly be her friend for who she was instead of what her place at the school was.

" Would you like to walk to school together, Yumi-san?" Shimako asked but did not fail to notice the quickly masked pain Yumi's face showed for a second time in the past few minutes. On the inside Shimako was worried as hell. She hated the fact that just the mere mention of the word "Music" brought so much pain to someone. It was easy to figure it out because the miserable expression had become more noticeable only seconds after her answer. Shimako was not a genius as some called her, but she was certainly perceptive and observant enough to know when someone was in pain and was almost always right about her guess of the cause of it. That was partially the reason why she was able to help people and give them good advice about their problems.

Shimako smiled when Yumi gave her a nod signaling that she did want to be accompanied during the rest of her walk to school. Seconds later they were already exiting the park when Shimako caught a glimpse of someone she was apparently close to judging by the smile that immediately graced her features. Yumi smiled as well when she saw the hug her newly found companion and the other girl had shared. They soon came back and Shimako was so immersed in her friend that she forgot for a second to introduce Yumi, who had been sitting there silently waiting for such an event to occur. A clearing of a throat was needed to bring the angel back to Earth. Unfortunately, that action had been carried out by both girls. Yumi giggled slightly amused by the shame and embarrassment which quickly made their way on Shimako's face. Apparently her friend too had found the sight enjoyable. The blue-eyed angel sighed at the laughter which quickly erupted from her friend but was soon ceased by the look said person received from the apparently annoyed golden-haired girl. Shimako then smiled and said, " Yumi-san, this is my best friend, Yoshino Shimazu."

Yumi smiled at the dark-haired girl as she bowed slightly saying, "Pleased to meet you, Yoshino-san."

Shimako noted that Yumi had again behaved in a very formal way. It was true that the angel was a bit intrigued by her newly found companion and wanted to learn more about her. She just had a feeling that things were going to change drastically with her here. And again she could not explain why.

Yoshino was having the same debate in her head after the introduction between her and Yumi had passed. In all honesty, Yumi did not seem suspicious or mysterious when you first looked at her, but, although the pain that was hidden all too well, it could still be noticed by the keen eye of an experienced and perceptive observer. That exact constant darkness in Yumi's brown eyes was what intrigued these two girls, and on the walk to school both Yoshino and Shimako thought the same thing:

This is definitely going to be an interesting school year.

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