Hey everyone!

I was just checking my e-mail and saw that I had new reviews for this fanfic! I thought to myself, wow, could people really still be reading this after all this time? I began this fanfic story when I was thirteen years old, still in middle school. Now, I am almost twenty and going to be entering my fifth semester of college. So I clicked on the link and saw the two most recent : Kymie29 and Champion of Justice. All I can say is, wow. Thanks you guys for continuing to read my story! Soo, I skimmed down and read the reviews and it brought a smile to my face. Because of the great reviews, I have decided to redo the story and continue writing and, eventually, finish the story. This means updates and new chapters. But first, I have to re-read the story and figure out where I was headed. Honestly, I cannot remember being this amusing when I was thirteen.

So hang tight for new chapters, because they will most definitely be coming. I haven't decided if I am going to redo the entire thing and go under a different name or not. I am, however, partial to my pen name of Xiora Li.

Anyway, if you all would like to be kept updated let me know. You can post a review on here and it will link to my e-mail account and I will get back to you that way and such. If not that, I am considering creating a yahoogroups group for this. You know, used to be onelist then egroups and so on.

Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for the encouragement for me to continue this story! Just be patient, because I am a college student and we do have a ton of term papers and exams. They suck. Trust me.


Xiora Li