I know that in my last update note to you all I said that in all my fanfiction stories I would not have Naruto becom the sixth hokage of the hidden leaf village but i have been contemplating this decision and I have decided that for this and this story only I will make naruto the hokage of the hidden leaf village only because the way that this new story is set up I am beginning a week or two before the fourth great ninja war all the four previous hokages will have been resurrected throughout this time period and will be a part of the shinobi alliance sasuke and orochimaru will get pardons only because sasuke will make it known of itachi's sacrifice but that is all I am going to reveal about the plot the rest you all will have to wait and see, but as I stated sasuke will be the one who tries to save nruto from his descent into the darkness instead of Naruto being the one to try and save him.



As Madara stared down the five kages along with the leader of the samurai he had explained to them his vision's and his dream for the future.

"the moons eye plan." Madara concluded as all the kages had looked at him with shock. Madara had just revealed to all of them his plan for putting the world in a UN escapable genjutsu that would place the whole world under his control for the gratification of insuring that their would be no more war…..no more killing…no more death….just a long lasting genjutsu that would last for an eternity.

" If you don't comply with my demands and hand over the nine tails or the eight tails….. I will have no other choice but to declare war." Madara said with a resound in his voice. The kages listened to this along with mifune the samurai chief.

"No." mifune said in defiance with a fire in his eyes that could melt ice just by glance. "I will not let this world my home or anyone I care about fall prey to your evil plot madara." Mifune said with a new profound power in his voice.

"Neither will i." said tsunade as she stomped her foot on the ground to profound her new resolve.

"The ninja world is for us to live in. Not for you to destroy, or control." Gaara said as he knew thee wasn't a hance in hell that he would let his precious friend Naruto uzumaki fall prey to madara's evil plot.

" You can count me in." the raikage said with a booster of confidence confidence realizing that his brother and friend killer bee would be subjected to madara's plot as well with him being the jinchuuriki of the eight tails.

"We will stop you at all cost." Mizukage said. " We will never let you tk control of the ninja world madara uchia. As the tsuchikage of the hidden rock village I can swear to you that we will stop you!"

The tsuchikage said as he floated to infront of the group. In truth he wanted his payback rom madara uchia all those years ago for the terrible defeat madara had handed him at the hands of his susano'o.

" THEN BY MY DECREE I DECLARE BATTLE ON THE FIVE GREAT NATIONS. THE FOURTH GREAT NINJA WAR!" Madara said as he begin his transportation jutsu. " be prepaired for he next few days you fools!" he exclaimed as he vanished in what appeared to be thin air.


Tsunade reminisced on the past events as she looked at her forces. The headbands for the new alliance had arrived to all five villages the kanji for all the headbands said "SHINOBI". She looked from her office at the sunset. UN aware of what was about to happen during the night time.


Sasuke uchia grimaced at the mere memory of the battle he and his resurrected brother itachi uchia had underwent as they stopped kabuto.


Both sasuke, and itachi where panting heavily as both of them had used up a enormous amount of chakra dealing with the snake sage kabuto. Looking ahead sasuke saw itachi rush at kabuto as the snake that was attached and sticking out of kabuto's stomach and wrapped around itachi's neck and continued to squeeze until.


Was heard sasuke looked up to see his brother be impaled by his own snake blade.

"ITACHIEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Sasuke yelled out loud with a small tear running down his cheek. It didn't matter to him that him and itachi fought so much in the past it doesn't matter to him that he killed his entire clan. It doesn't matter to him that he had killed Itachi months ago and had his eyes implanted into his sharingan eyes. All that mattered to him was the fact that sasuke learned the truth from madara, and Danzo that itachi was forced to kill off his clan as a mission form the hidden leaf village.

What sasuke had failed to notice was the light in itachi's left sharingan eye vanish.

FLOCK FLOCK FLOCK. Was the noises that you heard as itachi's body had disembarked into crows that had sharingan eyes in them.

" gaaaaaaah NUISANCE!" kabuto said as he tried to fan the crows away with his hand he failed to notice itachi appear behind him with sasuke's blade in his hand.

Kabuto turned around and saw itachi wield sasuke's blade and before he could react




Itachi jumped away and appeared besides sasuke's side to hand him his blade. Kabuto looked up to see that two of his horns had been cleaned cut off.

"HAH. This is nothing to me itachi." Kabuto shouted out as he was prepaired to charge at itachi again until the room around him began to spin.

"W-W-what is t-this?" kabuto had asked as he seen the whole room start to spin as itachi spoke the words that kabuto was most afraid of.

"You can't stop this genjutsu you're trapped in it now." Itachi had said as the room continued to spin out of control.

"I DON'T CARE I AM A GOD COMPAIRED TO YOU BASTARDS. I AM THE CLOSET THING TO THE SAGE OF THE SIX PAAAAAAAAATHS." Kabuto said as the scene began to replay over and over and over again.


"This is the true power of the "IZANAMI." Itachi exclaimed as kabuto was stuck in a type of genjutsu. Itahi used his technique to learn the seals to release the genjutsu.

"Sasuke." Itachi said as he seen sasuke look down with sadeness as he realized what he was going to do. " your about to relase the jutsu." Sasuke said more then asked as he saw itachi go through the hand signs.

"Sasuke, I understand your hatred for the hidden leaf village. I understand that you ant forgive them for giving me the mission to destroy our clan, and our family however." He stopped to turn around to see sasuke giving him his full attention. "even though I have done everything the village has asked and even though excepted hatred for the place of love, and shame for the place of fame realize that no matter what has happened I am still itachi uchia of the hidden leaf village." He said as he walked towards him

"And no mater what you choose from this point on sasuke, no matter the root you decide to take or choose upon." He said as he reached fo sasuke and grabbed the back of his head and butted it agasint his forehead.

"I will always love you baby brother." He said as he disappeared into the light and returned to the nther world.

Sasuke had a million and one things running through his mind. What was a clan? what was a village? What was the meaning of honor? What is the real will of fire? What is a shinobi? He contemplated as he looked at anko.



Tsunade was finishing up the paperwork. "one week." She said to herself as she looked out the window and gazed at the beautiful night fall.

"LADY HOKAGE OROCHIMARU, AND SASUKE UCHIA HAVE APPEARED INFRONT OF THE VILLAGE GATES." An ambu yelled out loud as tsunade's eyes bugged out there eye socket.

"WHAT?!" tsunade yelled out loud as she jumped from the hokage balcony and rushed to the vilge gates.


"Well this is pleasant isn't it?" orochimaru said in sarcasm as about 30 ambu, and 20 jonin along with kakashi, and might guy surrounded them.

"What are you doing here." Might guy said with venom coming out of his mouth. Kakashi was stairing at his former student with mixed feelings while his sharingan was activated.

"sasuke." Kakashi said to himself as he watched his former student still feeling the samething he felt when he battled him at the sight of the bridge.

"KAKASHI GIVE THE ORDER WE'LL KILL THESE BASTARDS RIGHT HERE, AND RIGHT NOW." Yelled a ambu as everyone else yelled in unison. It was no secret that kakashi was made in charge of one of the five groups that was to fight in the war.

"…. Damn it what do I do?" kakashi thought to himself as he hesitated to make the order.

"I wouldint do that if I was you kakashi….expecially since I have something that can add you fools in this war. As kakashi raised a eyebrow.

"And what would that be orochimaru?" tsunade said with Naruto, sakura, and the rest of the rookie nine in tow.

"Sasuke!" both Naruto and sakura said in shock to see there former team mate with the thought of dead orochimaru

Sasuke looked at Naruto and sakura and remembered what itachi had said to him. He smiled which shocked the hell out of Naruto, and sasuke this was probably the first time they had ever seen sasuke smile. But this smile didn't have malice or a "Im better then everyone, and superior to everyone smile. This was actually a genuine smile.

" hello sakura…..hello dead last." Sasuke said knowing he mad Naruto scowl at him with a tic mark appearing on his forehead.


"ANYWAY." She yelled out loud she looked at her former teammate. "What can you offer to us that will help aid us in this war?" she asked slightly intrigued even though he is a criminal of the leaf they where facing up against madara uchia, along with the other tailed beast they would need all the help they can get.

"This!" orochimaru yelled out loud as he made a handsign. Everyone quickly shifted their guard to alert incase orochimaru attempted to pull a fast one.

"EDO TENSEI!" HE yelled out loud as eveyones eye widened at this. Four coffins appeared out of the ground. For each coffin there was a number. 1,2,3,and 4.

"This is-" Naruto said astonished as he finally caught on to exactly who orochimaru had summoned.

"Precisely." Orochimaru said as the coffin doors slammed to the ground and the individuals walked out of their respective coffin.

"Hello son." Minato namikaze said as he walked out of his coffin with everyone shocked.

" M-M-M-MINATO SENSEI?!" Kakashi yelled outloud as minato smiled at him. "Hello kakashi how has life been for you?" he said as kakashi looked at him before,

THUD he fainted.

This wasnt the only reaction as tsunade was in tears at the sight of her great grandfather. The first hokage hasirama senju, along with her great uncle tobirama senju.

"G-g-g-grandad?...U-u-u-uncle?" she said as tears streamed down her face at the sight of her grandfather and uncle standing before them.

"Hello princess ho- UUFFFHHH." Was all the first hokage had gotten to say as tsunade charged at him crying tears of joy seeing her grandfather.

"Well still a hokages little grandchild are we? A great uncle doesn't even get a hug." Tobirama said but was surprised as tsunade surprisingly reached for her uncle and pulled both of them in for a hug. People around them where touched at the sight but also wondering one thing. Why would orochimaru decided to help konoha? The village that choose minato namikaze over him to be hokage? The same village that he went to war with and swore vengeance upon?

"let's walk to the kage tower." She said as she casual walked with her uncle and great uncle while the rest followed in tow.

Even thought to tsunade this felt like a regular thing her and her grandfather and uncle would do. There wore whispers amongst the crowd. Everyone was wondering how the hell the previous four hokages can be alive today.


As they sat down they all listened to the tale of sasuke uhia, and itachi uchia as both of them took down kabuto, in his snake sage form and how they both basically protected the ninja world.

"I want the truth to be known to this village lady tsunade. I want those two elders of yours to openly admit what they have done to him and how they have wrong my family. I want the name of the uchia to be clensed even if they attempted a coup itachi cleansed there name by doing the purge of my clan." Sasuke asked as tsunade nodded in respect.

"Ok sasuke and in exchange you and orochimaru will have a pardon for your crimes against konoha….for the time being." She said with both sannin, and disciple nodding in exceptance.

The next day

Tsunade had publicly announced the tragedy of the uchia clan how itachi was ordered by the village elder to slay the clan and leave sasuke alive, also they was told how sasuke, and itachi bother protected the ninja world by disposing of kabuto in his sage mode. However most of the population was still weary around orochimaru since it was no secret of his exploits and his experimentation on the young children of konoha. So to appeal to the villages wishes she decided to place orochimaru on a type of probation. But this wasn't a regular probation. This probation literally prohibited no contact with any child from konoha and if orochimaru ever needed the basic needs of life such as food, water toilet tissue or anything of that sorts he would have to send his chakra to a special bracelet on his ankle to call for assistants.


"I need to talk to sakura. With sasuke back in the village things will go back to the way they once were." Naruto said happily as he walked to sakura's house.

He walked up to sakura's house but slowly stopped as he heard certain noises. (come on you guys you all should know where this is going.)

"What the hell?" Naruto thought as he walked closer to her apartment door. The noises got louder.

"…..No way, there's no way…there's just no way." Naruto thought as he walked towards the door hoping that what he thought was happening was not really happeing. He leaned into the door and his heart sank

He heard sakura shouting sasukes name. his heart sank just a few weeks ago she had confessed her love to him at the snow point when she told him to stop following sasuke…even though he knew she was lying to him he wanted to so desperately believe that maybe she had finally gotten over sasuke.

He looked through the window to see sakura's naked body ontop of sasuke's body as she was jumping up and down on him. Sakura was so caught up in her…."moment" that she failed to see naruto's eyes.

Hoever sasuke seen his eyes and his eyes met naruto's. "What's wrong darling areint you enjoying this?" she asked in a seductive voice until she looked at where sasukes gaze was…..her eyes met naruto's. She could see the pained look in his eyes as she watched streams of tears coming out of his eyes. She reached out to him but Naruto quickly chakra dashed away from the apartment.

"NARUTO!" Sakura yelled out in despair. Realizing the mistake she made. In all honesty she did start to love Naruto over the time that sasuke was gone but with sasuke back well….you can't stray away from the on you really love for too long sometimes.

"Sakura….I- THIS WAS A MISTAKE SASUKE!" Sakura yelled out as she cut off sasuke. Sasuke just hung his head in shame. "Your right it was a mistake….i didn't mean for this to happen…."sasuke said with a pause as he saw sakura scrambling to get her clothes on. " I HAVE TO GO FIND HIM." Sakura yelled out she made a mad dash for the window and tried to catch up to Naruto. Sasuke just looked out the window and wondered….." damn what have I done?"

With sakura

She was running throughout the street of konoha. She had to find Naruto she had to apologize to him. It didn't matter if they wasn't an official couple or not she knew she had feelings for Naruto and she knew Naruto always had feelings for him. She had betrayed him, and herself. It hasn't even been a fucking day and she already fucked the uchia brat that quick.

" HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?!" she asked herself in her mind as she ran through the streets trying to find some trace of Naruto… she soon stopped and looked at her surroundings as to where Naruto was running off to….the old team seven practice ground. She continued to run through the ground looking for the blond as she feared what he would do to her, the village or worse


With Naruto

He was running. He didn't know where he was running but he knew he just had to run. He had no clue where his destination was but he had to get away from the village before someone got hurt.

He soon stopped in front of a small pond and looked at himself. He was crying….he had been crying the whole time he had been running the pictures that just ran through his mind. The pictures of sakura his love interest on top of sasuke the TEME who just got bck into the village stirred up something to him. What was this feeling he was feeling? Was it…hatred?...he knew he was feeling anger and sadness for what sakura did but…..hatred…he thought he had overcome his hatred at the waterfall training him and bee had done on turtle island.

…." Whats this feelings? I feel…..dizzy….lightheaded…. like im about to faint…." He said before he passed out….unkown to him his seal that was on his abdomen had started to glow with a mixture of black and purple.

The next day

Sakura had went to the hokage to tell her what happened happen to say that tsunade was upset with her student was an understatement. She was furious with her. Tsunade had known that sakura had told naruto that bold lie about her loving Naruto instead of sasuke but her doing this was over the edge. All of the rookie nine was quite upset with her as well as they were in the hokage's office discussing what would happen since Naruto was now missing.

"yo man you fucked him sakura? What the hell is the matter with you? The piece of shit has not even been here one week, and your already spreading your legs to him?" kiba asked angrily to her knowing full well that sakura lied to Naruto that day since him, rock lee, and kakashi where there when she told him to stop looking for sasuke. Kakashi was watching but he had nothing to say he did not know how to feel about the situation at one end sakura was following her heart, at another end she knew ful well what she was doing that might have caused her friendship with Naruto.

"Kiba stop calm down." Ino said to her fellow rookie in truth she felt the exact same way but she didn't say nothing to sakura even though she knows sakura is wrong.


"Look it was an accident and it wasn't supoose to- BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

Sasuke was cut off at the loud explosion they looked two the source and to see that it was in the old team 7 training ground.

"this amount of demonic chakra. NARUTO!" tsunade yelled out as she knew it was the blond enigma. She jumped out the window while the other followed.

At the training grounds of team 7

Tsunade had arrived along with the rest of the rookie nine to a horroundous sight. Naruto being surrounded by demonic chakra.

"ROOOOOAREEEEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR." Naruto yelled out as he was in the middle of a jinchuuriki transformation.

"THIS IS BAD…REAL BAD." Tsunade said in her mind as she seen naruto's skin began to peel off until…..the necklace around naruto's neck started to glow. "The necklace" tsunade thought as she started to see a neon glow of light engulf Naruto as his demonic powers began to recede.


Naruto's body hit the ground with a loud noise as tsunade rushed towards him to hopefully see whats wrong with her adoptive brother. While the rest of the rookie nine rushed in to see if there's any way of their assistance.

Well that's the end of this chapter. The next chapter will be entitled OVERCOMING TRUE HATRED. Everyone is so focused on Naruto overcoming the hatred of the village but just like how in the manga when Naruto shred his chakra with th shinobi alliance and as long as theirs a link to him he can giv them their power the samething with hatred as long as theirs a silver lining or thread of hatred that remains as long as you call upon it or pull for it it will appear and next chapter will show the concept. Also I understand I haven't written any fight scenes yet bear with me you guys there coming but I have to get the whole concept of the story down before theirs any fighting.