Okay, so I'm going to be honest, I was stumped as hell on what to do for the summary and still explain this story correctly. To be quite honest, I don't know how the hell to explain it all, so please just hang on and roll with me until later to actually get what this is about, but the summary does say the basis of the story. Anyways. let me say that this isn't a legitimate first chapter, it's just an introduction, so I hope to put the first real first chapter up soon.


Five years. Five Arceus-damned years. I've been in this horrid stasis tank, floating in a state of semi- consciousness. Five motherfucking years since this bullshit excuse for an organization destroyed my life and kidnapped me, all because I have some rare disease, a disease known as Morphism. Morphism is a disease with unknown origins that turns the infected into a hybrid of a pokemon and a human. I contracted it five years ago, and my life has been hell since. The only reason that I haven't completely turned is the strange chemicals in this tank. The "scientists" think that I'm in a coma, but the truth is that I'm still awake, and this has made my life even worse. I can hear and feel, but I can't move or speak. Every twelve hours they pump me full of the nutrients vital for life, and give me large electric shocks painful enough to make me almost black out, but are used to keep my muscle mass up. They keep saying that they are going to have me have me do physical tests once they are done sticking needles in my damn body. My name is Izaak and, according to these "scientists", I'm part Absol.

So yeah, there's the introduction. I hope I can get the first chapter up soon and I hope the story doesn't disappoint. See-yah next time guys.