I couldn't believe nobody had written a BTTF/Voyagers! crossover before (considering everyone loves to point out that Marty and Jeffrey wear the same shoes) so I thought I'd give it a try. No guarentees about regular updates, you'll just have to wait until I find time to write something. Sorry, but life happens.


November 5th


A familiar whistling sound pierced the air as two figures landed on a small patch of grass next to a large building. The smaller one sat up, looked around, and asked his customary question, "Where are we, Bogg?"

The older man unclipped a round golden device from his belt and flipped it open. "Hill Valley, California, November 5th, 1955." Replacing the omni, he asked, "Got any ideas, kid?"

"Red light?"

" What else?"

Jeffrey Jones frowned, trying to place the date and figure out what might be wrong. "1955...Eisenhower's still president, umm... there's Rosa Parks and the bus boycott, but that doesn't happen until December..." He shrugged and looked up at his partner. "Sorry, I can't think of anything that has to do with California. Actually, come to think of it, I've never even heard of Hill Valley."

"That's okay, Jeff, we'll figure it out," Bogg replied, trying to cheer him up. Jeff was obviously disappointed that he didn't know the cause of the red light, and Bogg didn't want to put too much pressure on his 13-year-old partner. "Let's take a look around."

The two of them got up and walkd around the corner of the building, which turned out to be a large clock tower. A small, bustling town was spread out before them, filled with people who seemed to be enjoying a beautiful, lazy Saturday morning. Their clothes earned them a few funny looks, but for the most part they were able to explore the town unobserved until something caught Jeff's attention.

"Hey, Bogg, look at the movie theater!"

"What about it?" Bogg asked, more to indulge his young friend than out of any real curiosity.

"The movie they're playing stars Ronald Reagan! He's our current president in 1982!"

"Your president? Is that what's wrong, we've got to get this guy to stop acting?"

"No," laughed Jeffrey. "President Reagan was an actor in 1955. He was in several movies, and then had a TV show for awhile. It wasn't until 1964 that his political career really got going when he made a speech endorsing Barry Goldwater's candidacy for president. He became governor of California in 1966, and became president only last ye- uh, in 1981. He beat out- hey, Bogg, where'd you go?"

Jeff's partner was no longer with him. He blushed- sometimes he got carried away with his history lessons, but Bogg had never flat-out LEFT him before. "Bogg! I'm sorry, okay? Where are you?" Jeff scanned the scene and was immediately brought up short. Bogg was sitting on a bench in the park across the street, talking intimately with a lovely blonde woman in a light blue dress.

Jeff groaned, but after almost two years in Bogg's company, he'd all but given up trying to prevent Bogg's "entertainment". From the look on his lovestruck face, Bogg wouldn't listen to Jeff now for anything short of disaster. Better to explore the town on his own and wait for the woman's boyfriend to set Bogg straight.

Setting off, Jeffrey noted the shops and businesses along the main street. The record company began playing "Mr. Sandman," and he smiled sadly. The song had been one of his mother's favorites. Wait, his mother... Jeff nearly laughed aloud. In 1955, his mother would have been exactly his own age, and his father only a year older. It would be great to see his parents as kids! Maybe he could talk to them and see if all their stories about growing up were true. Why hadn't he asked Bogg about this before? To see his parents wearing these 50s clothes... Jeff looked around, trying to spot any kids his age, to see what his parents might have worn as children. The only kids around were a younger boy with some sort of bouncy thing strapped to his feet, and a teenager wearing...

Jeff blinked. The teenage boy was wearing jeans, a jean jacket, and an orange down vest. 'Geez, I haven't seen a vest like that since...' He froze mid-thought, and finished aloud, "1982."

It couldn't be, could it? The teen glanced at the record store, and Jeff quickly hid around the corner. He didn't want the youth to see him. A few seconds later he peered out again, and, seeing that the coast was clear, followed the teen into the park. The boy was clearly disoriented- he stared all around without seeming to take in a thing, and when the clock struck the half-hour, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

'That's weird,' thought Jeff, sidling along 10 yards behind him. As they approached Bogg's bench, Jeffrey considered telling Bogg his suspicions, but changed his mind when be saw Bogg in full liplock with the blonde woman. Let him embarass himself.

He caught up with the teen just in time to hear him say, "This has gotta be a dream." Jeff's hopes raised a few more notches, but he didn't want to jump to conclusions. It could be nothing... but then he saw the shoes.

That did it for Jeffrey. As the teen darted across the street into a café, Jeff turned around and ran back the way he'd come. Bogg, unfortunately, was in exactly the same position as before. Jeff cleared his throat loudly. "Excuse me, Bogg, I hate to interrupt," Jeff said, his voice dripping in sarcasm, "but there's something really important I need to tell you."

Bogg reluctantly surfaced and told the blonde woman not to move. Then he followed Jeff back to the street corner, saying, "One of these days, kid, you'll figure out what's important and what's not."

"Oh, can it, Bogg, it's not like you won't find another one next week," Jeff replied unsympathetically, then ducked the swing Bogg took at him. Jeff grinned, and said, " But you'll never guess who I found!"

Bogg sighed. "Another of your favorite historical heroes?"

"Nope, better. Bogg, I think there's another Voyager here, and he's from the 80s!"

Bogg was taken aback. "Another Voyager? Are you sure?"

"Sure, I'm sure. He's wearing a puffy vest, nobody in this time would wear that, they'd probably think it was a life preserver or something. And Bogg, he's wearing the exact same shoes I am, look!" Jeff pointed into the café, where the large red Nike symbols were clearly visible. "Nike wasn't even around until the 70s!"

"Okay, okay calm down," Bogg said, studying the boy in the café. A group of other teens walked in, and Bogg could see that their clothes were markedly different from his. Still... "Jeff, there's gotta be some mistake. That kid can't be a Voyager."

Jeffrey seemed to deflate. "Why?"

"Look at him, he can't be more than 18. Voyager Headquarters never plucks minors."

"What about me?"

Bogg sighed. "You're a special case. Normally the youngest they pluck anyone is 18, and even then, you can't get an omni until you're 21. That kid is not 21."

"So... maybe they plucked him and then he took an omni without permission, to try it out, you know? He looked a little freaked out earlier, I bet it wasn't what he expected." Jeff grabbed Bogg's hand. "Come on, let's go talk to him!"

"Hold on, kid, wait. We don't know for sure that he's a Voyager, and if he did take an omni without permission, they'll recall him very soon. They keep close tabs on their omnis."


"No arguements. Besides, he wouldn't be the cause of the red light."

Jeffrey opened his mouth to reply, but just then the boy raced out of the café and yelled, "Hey Dad! George! Hey, you with the bike!" He tore off after another teenaged boy on a bicycle. Jeff ran to follow.

"Jeffrey! I said not to talk to him!" Bogg said, catching his arm.

"But Bogg, if he's a new Voyager student, he won't know anything. Shouldn't we keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't screw things up?" Without waiting for a reply, Jeff sprinted off down the street again.

Bogg watched him go for a second, then groaned and said, to no one in particular, "Smart kids give me a pain."