This is my first fic.


Summary - Naruto is a otaku who thought he had it all. A hot girlfriend, a nice paying job, his own apartment, great friends. But what happens when one of those throws a rift in his perfect world? Can his great friends help?

Pairing. It's a small harem. The offical girls are Hinata, ten ten and down line Sakura[you will see, it will be HOT]. The non official are girls he will have 'intercourse' with him but aren't 'with' him parse.

This is M rated. Meaning Mature. has become prudes! Luckily i am not! If you are 17 and below. Get your ass out of this fic! If you think you are mature enough to read, this story contains sex, violence and other graphical things!

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What type of Otaku is Naruto? Firstly, Hentai manga and Anime. Second, Sexual, meaning he likes to use toys to fuck his lover. Thirdly, Games/anime/Manga's. So basically he is your average Otaku... If you are an otaku and don't use to toys on your partner then... What the hell man!

I do not own Naruto, you and I both Know who owns it!

Naruto stared wide eyed at the pinkette in front of him.

"W-what" He mumbled out.

"I am sorry Naruto" The girl said with tears in her eyes.

"But i thought you were happy" Naruto said trying to give a hopeful smile.

"I am Naruto, you are the best boy friend" She said though the tears.

"Then why are you leaving me" He said with a breaking voice.

"Naruto" She moaned "Please just listen ok Please" She begged as she looked him in his big blue eyes.

"Ok Sakura chan i am listening" He agreed Looking into her sad green eyes.

"Naruto I just want to live my life... You are great. You have always done right by me Naruto but I want... I just want to make sure that I-i have somewhere else in life to go Naruto. I can't live in this small world like you do Naruto... I want to experience life" She said with a hard voice.. " I w-want to make sure i didn't pass anything good up Naruto, you know me better then anyone! You have to understand!" She finished.

Understand? Naruto thought bitterly, the only thing he understood was that she was leaving him.. He turned from her and sat on his couch, he waved her off. Telling her to leave.

Sakura stared at him, her eyes growing wider. "Naruto please talk-

"What do you want me to say Sakura" He said coldly cutting her off. "That it's ok for you to leave me? OK fine go, go enjoy your goddamn life!" He finished with a roar now looking at her.

Sakura whimpered, she picked up her bag of clothes, she turned to leave then stopped and looked over her shoulder at Naruto. "Nar-naruto" She said softly, he groaned muttering something under his breathe. "Can you please promise me that if this doesn't work, you will wait for me" She asked softly turning toward the door.

His reply was instant and cold. " That's not fucking fair Sakura!"

Sakura clenched her eyes shut, "I-i know but please... can you wait, if this doesn't work out for me, please promise me you will be here for me" She asked again.

Naruto's heart pumped painfully against his chest, his heart was apparently still hopeful. " No promises" He said softly while lying back on his couch. Damn his love for her.

"Thank you" She said back before walking out of his apartment, out of his life.

Naruto face palmed. "What the fuck did I do to deserve this" He yelled.

A voice deep in his head said. 'Nothing Naruto sama. That bitch is the selfish one, she left you. you took care of that cunt for years, satisfied every part of her just for her to leave you? No you don't deserve this Naruto! She didn't deserve you. What she asked of you is not fair! As a matter of fact Naruto sama, i am going to do you a favor soon.'

"The fuck" Naruto said sitting up abruptly while looking around his room, "Now I am hearing shit!" He said then quickly pulled out his laptop, "Manga will save my mind and mend my broken heart" He said with teary eyes as he put his thick black glassed on.