Hello. Going to start out serious. Yes, Naruto technically cheated on Sakura, but it was rape or forced. You saw how forceful his sister was. And plus you don't even know their relationship good enough. You only have how Naruto treated Sakura, not how she treated him. I sorta foreshadowed for you. Happy?

And glad some one brought this up, Incest. As you have seen there will be lot of it. Tayuya and Karin and Ino are uzumaki in this story. Ino being an distant relative. More will be added... Looking for an aunt... Honoka maybe? Yes Honoka and Fuka will be aunts!... If you guys know any one else who has red hair in the anime. Tell me. And NOO, no mito... just no... She has to be old... Oh Sara and Amaru from the movies. the lost tower and Bonds one!

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This was awkward.

Naruto was sitting across from Hinata, his child hood friend who he was planning to ask out and his sister with benefits.

"So" He started trying to break the awkwardness.

Naruko pouted and crossed her arms under chest making her babies[as she calls them] stick out. " Don't you have something to say Naruto" She huffed.

Naruto coughed at her. "Here" He said beating his chest.

"Where else" She adding sarcastically.

Hinata was red and quiet. She gulped knowing what they were talking about. Sure she had a boyfriend before... She spent so long going for Naruto and still is, it only intensified when she caught him and his sister fucking, and she saw his penis. How big it was. She always knew they were more then siblings, the way they played and wrestled when they were little got really touchy and hot. She had finally decided to try to go out with someone else when she was in college with Naruto and Naruko. She gave that first boyfriend her first kiss, the guy had deserved it for even trying with her knowing she had not been interested in him the slightest, there was only one guy she ever wanted. Then she broke up with him. He wasn't surprised or hurt, he just told her that the guy that had her so smitten was one lucky some of female dog, then actually thanked her for trying with him. Sweet right? Yea and no.

Turns out that guy was persistent, it was just after Naruto started dating Sakura which was over a year ago. Yes she stayed in touch, the guy was a good friend. But it seems the guy always or still thinks she will come to her senses. His name is Itachi.

"I-uh I guess" Naruto studded while looking at Hinata. Hinata looked at him with a smiled, always so patient. Always waiting! Naruto thought as he sent her a small smile. "I mean are you willing to try Hinata knowing my family?" He asked with a raised eye brow.

Hinata nodded, she knew Naruto's wild family. His family was mostly girls. And very... how could she say this, very aggressive.. no that's not it, very... incestual of Naruto. She was sure that wasn't a word but she was damn sure that's how they were. Even his mother was like that, well after she lost her husband, it became no holds bar with her son. She didn't know the exact extent everything went but it wasn't hard to guest. Was she ok with it? No. But she could live with it, the only one she would probably have to deal with on a daily bases was Naruko..

"Ok you two are officially dating now!" Naruko yelled as she pulled out a phone, Naruto's phone to be exact. It wasn't fancy, he didn't even use phones to be honest.

"What are you doing" He asked, see! He didn't even care that someone took his phone. Hinata mused.

"Changing your status to in a relationship with Hinata Hyuuga on facebook."She said casually.

"WHAT YOU CAN'T DO THAT NOT YET" Hinata surprisingly yelled out diving at Naruko, Naruko didn't have time to move before she felt Hinata crash into her, the phone fell on the floor beside them as they crashed on the carpet.

Hinata raised up and looked down at Naruko who had a dangerous expression. She gulped. Something you should always remember when dealing with Naruko, never deny here.

"You are going to get Hyuuga"

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