Character Development

An Oklahoma Fan Fiction- New and Improved for 2014

Chapter 1 Tales of New Places

Notes: It has been two years since I was in Oklahoma with the PTA and for some odd reason deleted my original version of this story which was my ensemble character's reaction to various scenes in the play. I no longer have the original story saved on my computer because it got deleted when my old hard drive crashed over the summer. All the more reason to revise old chapters and add some new ones from Laurey and Jud's perspective.

Will Parker just pulled in on the train from Kansas City. It's so great to have him back in town. He was gone for a whole 3 weeks. It was so great to hear that he won the steer roping compettion I bet Ado Annie will sure be happy to see him. She has been sneaking around with that peddler Ali Hakim but now that Will is back maybe Will is finally going to propose to her. I sure hope he does! They make such a good couple. Kansas City sure sounds like a place I'd like to go down there. Will showed us some pretty fancy dance steps too. I hope Ado Annie realiizes that he's a keeper and Ali Hakim is someone who is just passing through town who she'll likely never see again.