Not How A Wedding Night Should End

Character Development Chapter 7

Reaction to Curly and Jud's fight scene.

Inez's reaction

What a wonderful wedding this has been. I am so happy that Laurey is married to Curly. I kind of figured they would eventually end up together. It's relieving to me to see Laurey so happy. A few weeks ago at the Box Social she did not look happy at all to be with Jud at the dance. It was nice to be invited to the wedding and that we were able to partake in the festivities. Oh my goodness! Why ever did Jud Fry have to come and ruin such a wonderful celebration? He was completely intoxicated and made a whole scene about how he should be the one married to Laurey and not Curly. Curly and Jud got into an altercation that ended up turning violent. All the children including my Sara were very scared . Curly was trying to protect Laurey and he was very brave tonight. Laurey looked like she wanted to curl up in a corner and hide. I felt terrible for her. This was not the kind of thing young children should have witnessed.

Laurey's Reaction

I am so furious that Jud showed up at my wedding drunk. We fired him two weeks ago and I thought that would have gotten rid of him for good. Apparently that's not the case at all. It was so embarrassing for me and everyone else who was at the celebration. Curly and Jud got into the worst kind of fight that nobody tonight should have to witness. Jud ended up falling on his knife and they took him to the doctor's. He wasn't conscious when the doctor's took him away. I am wondering if he's going to wake up. The fight was something that I pictured happening in the dream I had before Jud took me to the Box Social. To see that actually played out in front of a crowd of over 50 people was frightening. In my dream Curly was the one who got hurt and I am so happy that didn't end up happening. He's the one I really should have been with all along.