April 17th 1983

Hydra 'Heidi' LeStrange was just that; strange. Well at least in the eyes of her family she was. She was born the Pure-blooded daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus LeStrange, the niece of Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy and the older cousin to Draco Malfoy, and certain things were expected from the heiress to both the LeStrange and Black lines. Heidi was born on the 20th of September in 1977 during the height of the Dark Lords reign. She was four years old when he fell from power, but she had already received her dark-mark curtsy of her mother's dark obsession with him.

The first memories Heidi had were of her mother teaching her the unforgivable curses. Heidi remembered the screams of her mother's victims and the pure joy etched on to Bellatrix LeStrange's face as she slowly killed those who were not worthy of life. Heidi knew people feared her mother for that very reason, her ability to take joy in the pain she bought to others, but Heidi didn't fear her mother. As long as Heidi didn't disappoint or disobey her mother she was safe. Maybe not as loved and cared for as other children were, but safe none-the-less and she was okay with that.

It took over a year for both of Heidi's parents to be caught by Aurors after the Dark Lords fall. During that time Heidi was passed between her parents, her aunt and uncle and a variation of other death eaters that Heidi never learned the names of. When her parents were finally caught, Heidi was with them. Ratted and tatted in an old black dress her aunt had given her, Heidi had not eaten in over three days. She was dehydrated and covered in cuts and bruises from both her parents and mother nature.

Heidi was five years old, a few months off six, and was asleep curled up in the corner of the current hide-out her parents had bought her to. Heidi remembered her dream from that night. Snakes and demons curling around her, yelling and hissing at each other, venom dripping from their mouths as they fought. While it wasn't really a pleasant dream, it certainly wasn't one of her worse nightmares she had ever had. It was closing in on a little over three in the morning when her mother jolted her awake from the fight.

Startled Heidi didn't really register what was going on until she heard her mother's voice, just a breath away from her ear, hissing.

"Hydra, wake up. Now!" her mother demanded in her usual insane voice.

Shifting a yawn, Heidi rose from the ground without a mutter of a complaint to be heard. She didn't fancy another night spent outside in the colder air.

"Mommy? What's wrong?" Heidi asked in a voice far to alert for one just waking up.

"Those scum are here for us Hydra. We must leave. Now," Bellatrix stressed, pulling her daughter after her.

Nodding her head, Heidi trudged after her mother, her father nowhere in sight. It was not an odd thing for her parents to escape using different routes, but it was strange that her mother had come to get her and not her father. Heidi's father always seemed to like her more than her mother did and was always willing to wait the extra 10 seconds it took to get her.

Doing the best a five year old could do, Heidi just managed to keep up with her mother, falling behind only once or twice throughout the run. While Bellatrix would later blame her daughter for her capture, the truth was that it was not Heidi's fault, but rather Bellatrix's.

As the two ran, Heidi could hear footsteps that were clearly kept light. The person who was chasing them would catch up every once and a while, but then fall back behind at certain times, as if on purpose. Slowly realization dawned on the young girl.

"Mommy they herding us!" Heidi cried, trying to pry her hand from her mothers.

"Shut up brat!" her mother snarled in retaliation, not even looking at her daughter. Clearly not believing the words of her daughter.

But Heidi did not shut up. She continued to whine and beg her mother to stop and change directions. They would be caught otherwise! But her mother did not heed the young girl's words, and continued on her path oblivious to the awaiting danger.

As if they came from thin air, the LeStrange woman where surrounded. Dropping Heidi's hand, Bellatrix pulled her wand out and began firing curse after curse at the Aurors circling her, forgetting about the young girl behind her.

It appeared that the surrounding Aurors didn't see Heidi, as they fired spells that just boarded on the Darkarts at the girls, and would never have done that if a child was at risk. Heidi, not wanting to die at only five, made a break for it after one practically loud and distracting spell was cast at her mother. Dashing for the first opening she saw, Heidi was not expecting the firm hand that held her from disappearing into the surrounding streets.

Turing her gaze upwards Heidi saw a large blondish man with a fake glass eye staring at the fight, even though his head was turned to her. Heidi assumed that the eye was magic, seeing as he didn't miss a beat on casting spell after spell at Heidi's mother.

"LET ME GO!" she cried, attempting to rip herself away from the looming figure over her.

"Shut up girl. You couldn't survive one day on your own," he snarled sending a spell that hit her mother square on the chest. Screaming out in pain, Bellatrix LeStrange fell to the ground, unconscious.

Screaming in horror, Heidi ripped away from the man who grabbed her, and instead of fleeing off into the night, raced towards her mother.

"MOMMY!" Heidi yelled throwing herself over her mother. "Mommy wake up, we have to go! I don't want you and daddy to go to jail! I'll be all alone," she whimpered, feebly shaking her mother's arm in weak attempt to wake her mother.

"Dear lord she had a kid," Heidi faintly heard from the surrounding assailants, which one she wasn't sure.

"If you'd paid more attention you'd have known that, Hackle!" the man who had grabbed Heidi snarled, advancing on the unconscious mother and heartbroken daughter. Snapping her head towards the figure, Heidi noticed a limp to him and saw a wooden leg. While the injury should have made him slower and weaker it just made him scarier in Heidi's eyes.

"Girl!" he snapped glaring at Heidi, making her shrink back slightly and give off a small whimper. The man continued to glare at the young girl for a few moments before sighing and gesturing to one of the others, who seemed hesitant to approach the grief stricken girl, forward. "Shacklebolt you're good with kids. Take the girl."

A dark skinned man who appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties stepped forward. He was draped in nothing but purple and gold and wore a fez that Heidi found delightful, even with the current situation. Heidi had a very short attention span after all.

"Young one, would you come with me?" he asked in a strong soothing voice that Heidi instantly liked.

"You killed my mother!" Heidi snarled back, cling on to her mother tighter, whilst glaring at the man.

"No Dear one, not kill. Your mother is not a nice woman, she must be held accountable for her crimes on others," he said walking a little closer to the scared girl.

"Why?" Heidi shot back, standing to her feet, her mother's wand in hand. Although she had basic knowledge on how to use the thing, Heidi would be no match against multiple attackers.

"Because what she did was mean. People want to know that she will not do it again," he said whilst taking another step forward, his eyes never leaving Heidi's.

Heidi continued to glare at the approaching man, her hands trembling. Within only a few seconds he stood before her, kneeling down to Heidi's own eye level. A kind and warm smile on his face that Heidi had never seen before, he slowly reached out and took Bellatrix's wand from her daughter.

"My name is Kingsley Shacklebolt, what is yours dear one?"

"…..Heidi LeStrange," Heidi answered after a heartbeat of silence.

"Well Heidi will you come with me, please? I won't hurt you. I promise," he asked, out stretching his hand to her. Heidi had been taught manners by her aunt. She had been taught Please and Thank you. But no one had ever used them on her, so she felt like she had to go with the man. On principle.

Nodding her head, Heidi grabbed the man's hand and was pulled off to the side, away from her mother and the other Aurors. Sending her mother one last worried look, Heidi followed the strange man around the corner.

After only a few feet from the others Kingsley stopped and dropped back down to the girls eye level.

"Tell me Dear one, how old are you?"

"I turn six in a few months," Heidi muttered weakly, eyes down cast.

"And when were you born?

"20th of September."

Nodding his head Kingsley sat down on the ground next to her and smiled at the little girl in front of him. It was sort of unnerving how much she looked like her mother. She had the usual nest of black hair that came with the Black name, her mother's maiden name, and her skin tone was an exact match to her mothers, overly pale. Whilst her hair must have once been pinned down, Kingsley could see a few of the pins still in place, it was now a scatted and curly mess like her mothers. Her eyes were familiar as well. Whilst not dark like her mother's, they appeared sort of stormy grey, like her second cousin's; Sirius Black.

'What a sad case she is', Kingsley thought grimly. Her entire family had served He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. If she was lucky she'd end up with her aunt Andromeda and her cousin Nymphadora, but that was unlikely. Her other aunt, Narcissa, had married into a wealthy family and still had access to her own family's money, so there was a good chance they would pay off officials into letting them have her. If only her second cousin hadn't turned out to be a Death-eater, she might have had a normal life.

This was possible her only chance to be set straight. She would most likely only interact with other Death-eaters till her time at Hogwarts, and by then it would be too late. Kingsley had to at least attempt to help her.

"Dear one," he said slowly, breaking the silence. "Tell me, what do you know of Muggleborns?"

"Mudbloods?" Heidi asked staring up at Kingsley with wide innocent eyes. Wincing at the curtly some of his closest friends went through, Kingsley shook his head.

"That is not a kind word Dear one. Please do not call others that," nodding Heidi continued to stare curiously at the first person who had shown her any kindness. Whilst her aunt was polite, there was no love or respect there. Or even general liking. Mr Shacklebolt seemed to like her. Why shouldn't she do as he asked?

"Muggleborns are not underneath Pure-bloods Dear one. Some of the brightest and most interesting people are Muggleborn."

"Are you Muggleborn sir? Is that why you like them so much?"

"No Dear one. I come from an old Pure-blood family, not unlike you. But my family did not look down on those who came from Muggle parents, or were half-blooded. They are no less than us Dear one."

"Then why dose mother dislike them?"

Hesitating, Kingsley looked deeper into the little girl's eyes. She was actually curios. She was so young and so innocent that he was greatly saddened by her future; if he managed to break through to her it would not be an easy one.

"Your mother…. She is not a kind woman Dear one. She has been taught to hate by your grandparents. She never really had a chance to be different," Kingsley answered cautiously, not wanting to upset the girl over her mother who she clearly loved.

"Yes I know my mother is not nice," Heidi answered in a strong voice imminently, her eyes never breaking from Kingsley's own. It was only then that he noticed the bruise above her right eye. "But what makes you think I'll be any different?"

"You've been told. You aren't set in your ways yet like your mother. You have a chance."

"You think?"

"I do," the two lapsed into silence for a few more moments before Kingsley branched into what he really wanted to know.

"Dear one, what do you know of He-Who-Mus-Not-Be-Named?"

"The Dark Lord?" when Kingsley nodded his head Heidi began shifting unconfutable again. "Mommy says I shouldn't talk to people about him without her there and only if she says to…"

"Dear one, I promise nothing will harm you."


Nodding his head, Kingsley had a solemn look on his face. "Promise."

"Mommy says he's a great man and will pure the world of the Mudblo-sorry, Muggleborns. Mommy says he's taking a rest at the moment but will come back for those who stay loyal to him. Mommy also says I shouldn't show people my arm because he likes me."

At her last words Kinsley's heart launched. She wouldn't, would she? No, who would do that to a child? Not even Bellatrix LeStrange could be that cruel.

"Dear one, show me your arm."

"But Mommy said-"

"Dear one, please this is important. Show me your arm," Kingsley stressed, reaching for the girls left arm.

With little struggle Kingsley pushed the tattered remains of her long sleeved dress up her arm. Clear as day against the girls pale skin was the Dark-Mark. On a five year old.

"Those sick bastards," Kingsley mutter, absentmindedly stroking the mark with his thumb.

"Mr Shacklebolt, did I do something wrong?" Heidi asked in a high pitched voice. Oh he was so to nice, Heidi didn't want to make him have to hurt her.

"What? No, not you Dear one. Your mother. This should not be on someone so young."

"Am I going to prison," Heidi asked, her voice just above a whisper and quivering.

"No, Dear one. Never one of such a young age. Your mother though, yes. She shall be sent to Azkaban for her crims on others. You will be cared for Dear one. Mark my words you will be taken care of."

"Thank you Mr Shacklebolt."

"Call me Kingsley," Kingsley quickly interjected a smile back on his face.

"Thank you Kingsley."

The two lapsed into silence for one final time as the man with a wooden leg limped towards them.

"Alister," Kingsley called out, quickly rising to his feet. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes. We got the other LeStrange as well. Those two aren't going anywhere any time soon. Now what about the girl?"

"Her names Heidi. Alister, she's got the Dark-Mark," Kingsley muttered, learning in to the man he called Alister.

"On one so young?"

"Yes. Bellatrix was one of his favourites after all. She's probable been raised to serve the Darkarts. Though she isn't that bad."

"Hmmmm," was all 'Alister' said before turning and gesturing for the two to follow. Grabbing Kingsley's hand, Heidi rushed after the limping figure.


"Full name?" the ministry worker demanded, glaring through his glasses at the LeStrange girl. Heidi could feel the eyes of passer byers on her and shrunk deeper into Kingsley's side.

"Hydra Bellatrix LeStrange."

"Date of birth?"

"20th of September 1977."

"Relations to the arrested?"

"Daughter," 'Is she an idiot or something?' Heidi thought gazing at the odd man.

"Will you be testifying?"


"She most certainly will not!" came the overly high pitched voice of Narcissa Malfoy. Turning around Heidi caught the white blonde hair of her uncle and the black and blonde hair of her aunt as they marched towards the trio.

"How could anyone make a five- FIVE- year old testify against her own parents!? She will be doing no such thing!"

"Mrs Malfoy-" Kingsley began only to be cut off by Lucius Malfoy.

"No Shacklebolt my niece," the word was more sneer then anything, "will not be testifying. I forbid it."

"No offence Mr Malfoy but you have no-say in the matter," Kingsley sneered back.

"Actually Mr Shacklebolt I can. Court order, Narcissa now has full legal power over Hydra until her seventeenth birthday," Lucius sneered handing over a piece of parchment. Reading it Kingsley's face began to fall.

"All appears in order. But, you do not have any power until this meeting is finished."

"Fine, we'll wait," Narcissa glared, her eyes daring defiance. Which she got.

"No. Only the witness and ministry workers involved in the case are allowed to be present."

"I will not allow my niece to be left alone," Narcissa stressed, stepping forward only for her husband to grab her arm and pull her back.

"Now, now Narcissa, no need for that. We'll be at the end of the corridor. Return our niece to us as soon as you're finished with her Shacklebolt," Lucius said, his cold demean falling back into place as he began to lead his wife away. Heidi could faintly hear the two arguing in hushed voices as they went.

"They're right Kingsley. You have to give up the girl," the ministry worker insisted, glancing at Heidi for a moment before returning his gaze back to Kingsley.

"I know Ludo, but those people are vile and will corrupt her mind," Kingsley answered back with a sigh, his hand moving to Heidi's back.

"Kingsley… Her parents are the LeStranges. She has the Dark-Mark on her. She's already been corrupted," 'Ludo' retorted in a soft voice.

"No. the girl is still young. She could still change, but I doubt the Malfoys will allow it now they have their hands on her."

"There's nothing we can do Kingsley. We all know the Malfoys were Death-Eaters, but they're to powerful. To many connections within the Ministry. You have to give the girl to them," 'Ludo' stressed. Sighing 'Ludo' shook his head with a frown. "Kingsley, if she can't testify then I'm done. I don't need anything more from her and she has to go with her aunt and uncle. Sorry mate," and with that he was gone, mixed with all the other ministry workers there that day.

Silence passed between them. The five year old knew her family awaited her, but she didn't want to go just yet. She liked Kingsley.

"I like your hat," Heidi blurted out. The words hung in the air for a few moments before Kingsley broke out in laughter.

"Oh Dear one, you are something," grinning widely, Kingsley reached up to his head and pulled of his fez. "Here Dear one. I think you should have this," with a quick swish of his wand to fez began to shrink.

Smiling widely Heidi took the now miniature fez from her friend. 'Oh thank you Kingsley!" she gushed as she devoured him in a hug.

"Think nothing of it Dear one. Now keep it out of sight of your aunt and uncle. I don't think they'd be to thrilled about it. Understand?"

Nodding her head fiercely, Heidi grabbed his hand and was led to the ice cold masks of her family…..

(WOOH! New story for HP universe. I was rereading the books and then some fan-fiction and there was this one I loved. I can't remember what it was called but Sirius Black had a daughter and Remus was raising her and it was freaking adorable (Not a gay couple in that one. Her mother was just dead and with her father in jail it was up to her godfather to raise her) and she and Harry played with batman toys and ARUGH bloody adorkable. So I thought 'well Bumble, who else can have a kid? Hmmm Oh I got it *finger snap* Bellatrix!" and here we are. Heidi is going to be a different OC then the usual ones that come from Death-eaters. So here I'm going to give you her character profile righttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt now:

Name: Hydra 'Heidi' Bellatrix LeStrange.

DOB: 20th of September 1977

Age (In this chapter): 5, 6 in five months.

Hair: A mass of black curlers like her mothers.

Eyes: Gray like her uncle Sirius.

Skin: overly pale no matter how long she spends in the sun.


Mother; Bellatrix LeStrange.

Father; Rodolphus LeStrange.

Aunts; Narcissa Malfoy and Andromeda Tonks

Uncles; Lucius Malfoy and Ted Tonks

Cousins; younger Draco Malfoy, older Nymphadora Tonks

Second cousins; Sirius and Regulars Black.

Welp, that's all I can give you without killing all the plot bunnies in existence. Hope you like it and, well comment if you do. Comments and favs and the lot keep writers alive. We need the love of readers to FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED)