31st of August of 1989

"Of my little Hydra's all grown up and off to school," Narcissa cooed, well as much as the wife of Lucius Malfoy could coo over anything. Tomorrow morning Heidi would be off to her first year of official schooling, foregoing all the training her mother and uncle had given her for proper training in all manner of the divine arts. From Transfiguration to charms, from potions to astronomy, Heidi would learn it all whilst revealing in her freedom, not that she didn't love her family, she's made it quite clear that she does in fact love them all, she just didn't like how everyone, even Draco, hovered over her shoulder judging her.

"I know aunty, I can hardly believe it. I wander what Hogwarts will be like…"

"Oh Hogwarts is one of the most magical places in the world Hydra. I loved my time there. In truth there are only two problems, the Mudbloods," Heidi fought so hard not to flinch. Over time that word had become more of a sensitive topic for her, to the point that she felt physically sick every time she heard it. "And the Gryffindor's of course. Swine the lot of them."

"Yes aunty."

"And you will not associate with any of them, will you Hydra?"

"No aunty."

"You are to only associate with your House mates, and possible a few Ravenclaws."

"Aunty…. What if I am in Ravenclaw?" Heidi asked, her stormy eyes downcast as she folded a dark green dress robe.

"Well I suppose there is always the possibility that you will be a Ravenclaw what with all the reading you do, but your mother is a Black and your father a LeStrange and you have been raised by Malfoys. I wouldn't be too worried if I were you. While Ravenclaw is a good House, you were meant for Slytherin.

"Yes aunty," Heidi's voice was deject but if her aunt noticed, she pretended it wasn't there.

"Now enough of such talk, it is your last day with us for over a month and while Lucius did have to step out, Draco and I are here to wish you all the best. So come down stairs when you've finished packing and we'll have a nice family dinner," with one of the largest smile Heidi had ever seen on her aunts face, Narcissa left the white room.

Once Narcissa had left her niece alone she stopped packing. For her entire life Heidi had decided to not worry about her future and enjoy herself when she could. But tomorrow one of the biggest factors of her life would be decided for her; her Hogwarts House. Only three people in her entire life had ever told Heidi that she mightn't be in Slytherin. Well two really, Kingsley had just offered her a branch to a better future.

Since meeting Andromeda Tonks Heidi had encountered her twice more. Both times at Flourish and Blotts while book hunting. Andromeda had told Heidi that she had the true makings of a Ravenclaw, and that if she didn't want to grow up like most of her family, that was her best bet. Heidi didn't mind this idea, she'd heard that the Ravenclaw common room held some of the rarest books on earth.

Sirius Black, the mass murder, had told Heidi on more than one occasion that she would make a brilliant Gryffindor. Being brave and knowing what is right and wrong were at her core apparently. But Heidi didn't think she was brave, she was scared of her parents, even though no one knew it, she feared what would happen to her if she disobeyed her aunt and uncle and most of the people she knew she only associated with from fear. Also she had no idea what was right or wrong! Every night Heidi went to bed debating her family's view on the world. Some say it's the right one, some say the wrong one and Heidi had no idea who to believe.

And then there was Kingsley. The man who opened her mind to all the torment it endured. The constant battle over which family members were right, who she should be or even who she wanted to be. Kingsley caused it all, even if he had no idea what he had done at the time. And you know what? Heidi wouldn't have traded it for the world. Even though she had a constant headache from all her conflicting thoughts, Heidi was glad that she could think of her own accord. She'd watched as Draco had grown up and witnessed a perfect blend of her aunt and uncle. He never thought for a moment that he was wrong and Heidi was happy that she was cursed with independent though.

Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff. Heidi had no idea how she would be sorted, but she knew it would be tomorrow. She would either lose herself, or lose her family tomorrow night, so she would enjoy what she had while she had it. So with a faint smile, Heidi folded the last of her robes into her trunk and neatly packed the last of her books away. Fixing her hair, which had turned grey thanks to her conflicting emotions finally catching up to her, Heidi opened her door and descended to the ground floor as a Black/Malfoy/LeStrange for dinner for what may have been the last time. But she wore a smile, for what good was life without one?

"Good evening Draco, are you excited for tomorrow?" Heidi greeted when she caught sight of Draco on the ground floor.

"Oh yes of course, I get to lose my cousin for an entire year as she gallivants around a magical school with all manner of despicable," Draco grumbled, his own way of telling Heidi he'd miss her.

"Such big words Draco, someone's been reading the thesaurus I got them~ And it won't be all year. I will return for Christmas and ester."

"Yes but Christmas is so far away. I'll have nothing to do for so long."

"Well you could always read a book, or play with Pansy. I know you enjoy spending time with her."

"Mother makes me."

"Oh come now, she seems like a perfectly… pleasant girl. I'm sure she has some redeeming features."

"None that I can find."

"Look harder then. Oh hello aunty. Draco was just telling me how much he would miss me while I was gone," Heidi said with a huge smile on her face as she pulled her chair out and sat down at the overly large main table.

"I was not!" said boy protested.

"That's sweet of you Draco, but Hydra won't be gone for long, and before you know it you'll be off to Hogwarts as well. Hydra you be sure to take care of him when he starts alright. Show him around and what not."

"Of course aunty. Now what's for dinner?"

(Shortest chapter yet. I just wanted to get in one more before Heidi went off to Hogwarts so yeah. I know most people do buying all the school supplies, but I'd rather show Heidi's last night with her family.

NEXT CHAPTER: Heidi boards the Hogwarts express. Friends and enemies are made and Heidi's future is set.

Hufflepuff: 5

Ravenclaw: 4

Gryffindor: 1

Slytherin: 1)