Big Announcement! Successor Found!


Recently, I had to break the disappointing news that I would be discontinuing Ultimate Fairy and retiring from writing on FanFiction. I definitely understand how you guys and gals feel since I am a fellow reader on this site too and have experienced the disappointment of having a story I enjoyed get discontinued.

But fear not, citizens! There is hope!

A new writer for Ultimate Fairy has been found!

His name on FanFiction is TypingMonkey98. His moniker on Archive of our Own (another fanfiction site) is Monkey Knight. His writing style is good and he is eager to get started on picking up where I left off.

I'll also be sticking around as an advisor for him whenever he has questions or needs ideas for the upcoming storyline.

He's recently uploaded the first chapter of Ultimate Fairy to his profile and will continue to publish the rest in due time. Chapter 45 will be mostly my writing, but Chapter 46 and onwards will be all his work.

Show him love and support and don't worry, I'll keep the story post on my profile as well.

Thank all of you for your support over the years! May the story continue on...