I don't own Hikaru No Go. All rights belong to Yumi Hotta, Takeshi Obata, and any others who had part in creating the series.

Just some thought about Hikaru from Sai. I wrote this while in volume 9 of the manga; yea first Hikaru No Go fic. So hope it's not horrible.

The Musings of a 1000 Year Old Teacher

Sai sat beside Hikaru's bed, thinking on his new young pupil. Hikaru started out so annoyed by the idea of playing Go, especially with having me to help him… And now look at him, heading for the Pro test; he's become such a strong player, and though he may not realize it Toya has become a great drive, pushing Hikaru to do better, and go farther than he ever would have without him.

This boy never ceases to amaze me, he plays so often, and so many people, and has defeated so many, that he has grown stronger than I could ever have imagined him too… It's amazing, Hikaru, you have more heart than I've ever seen, and you'll pass Akira Toya sooner than you think…