Ch 2

It took time to set her priorities. Once she determined what she wanted to pursue, it became a matter of finding the right contacts. Her years with Mossad had their benefits, even if those she called upon were wary at first of her intentions.

She soon immersed herself in her new pursuit. It was long days and sometimes longer nights, but she reveled in the work she was accomplishing. Seeing people smile and greet her warmly was a welcome change from having people look upon her in fear.

Her new 'boss' wanted to expose her talents beyond their borders. She was nervous, but excited about the venture and knew that she would invite her old family to join her at her premiere in the states.

The mail cart stopped in the squad room and Larry dropped a small package at each of the four desks there. Four heads turned to see what was delivered, but Larry could only shrug at their questioning glances.

Moving away from the screen where they were reviewing the latest intel on their recent case each agent picked up an identical parcel. Before any of them could comment Abby rushed in waving her own similar delivery. Following more sedately, but wearing their own curious smiles Ducky and Jimmy appeared.

"Well looks like we're all here," Tony grinned. He'd noticed to postmark and was pleased to see his old friend and coworker had finally reached out to them.

Gibbs nodded and everyone set to opening their mail.

Seeing the picture first Tim smiled. Ziva's smiling face nearly glowed gracing the cover of the plastic case.

Abby squealed as she knew what she'd be listening to when she returned to her lab.

All the others shared a smile. Proud that Ziva had found her niche. Inside each case was a ticket to enjoy an "Intimate Night of Song… featuring Ziva David." Tim, Jimmy and Ellie each an extra ticket to take their significant others, as well.

Vance looked down holding his own invitation. He'd make sure that nothing interrupted their night to reconnect with the woman they missed.

Looking a little uncomfortable Ellie asked, "I don't understand?"

"It's her way of saying welcome to the family," Tony explained.

"But she's never even met me," she shook her head. Seeing the woman who had preceded her was a little daunting. Still shed never felt the others expect anything from her that she wasn't able to give.

"Didn't need to," Gibbs tilted his head slightly. "Being a part of the team makes you family- she gets that."

"Oh," Ellie shrugged accepting what he said even if she didn't quite get it herself.

Tony put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze. "You'll get it one day. Don't worry." He winked and released her looking at his cd as he took a seat behind his desk.

Gibbs looked up at Vance who gave a wave showing he own cd in hand. The two men shared an unspoken agreement that everyone would be free to go.

The next few days were filled with recollections and predictions of how Ziva would look, as well as solving the case. Ellie, having nothing to share soaked in all the stories. Some of them boggled her mind that they could be true. She found herself equally excited to finally meet Ziva.

The evening finally arrived. Everyone showed up separately or in pairs, meeting in the lobby of the theatre. A marquee displayed Ziva's name and an elegant picture of her was displayed at the entrance.

Nervous excitement practically emanated from them. The only exceptions being Ellie and her husband, Jake who were caught up in being included with the rest. When the lights flickered they went to find their seats.

As the house lights dimmed a spot light glided over the stage widening when it came to rest on a piano until Ziva appeared with a smile rarely seen by her friends. It took their breath away to see the peace and happiness that filled her.

She began, "Welcome and thank you all for coming this evening. I would like to dedicate tonight to my family." As she said family she looked at Gibbs and the others, so there would be no doubt she was speaking of them.

She enthralled them and all the others in attendance. By the time she concluded her performance everyone was standing to give her an ovation. The group from NCIS shared looks of pride and adoration. Ziva had found where she belonged and they couldn't have been happier for her.

The group gathered again in the lobby sharing their thoughts on Ziva's performance. None had anything but praise to say.

Gibbs looked away sensing that someone was watching. He smiled as he saw Ziva standing trying to decide when to join them. He tilted his head and she nodded as she walked toward them.

Abby was the first to run up and meet her throwing he arms around her. Ziva, after regaining her balance hugged her back saying, "I see some things will never change. It is good to see you, too Abby."

"You were wonderful, Ziva. Everyone loved you, not just us," she waved her arm around to indicate the number of attendees still loitering around.

Ziva looked around sharing a smile and a wave at those who looked her way.

"You were great," Tim said as he gave her a peck on her cheek.

"Tim's right. We really enjoyed your singing," Delilah smiled warmly.

"Thank you," Ziva returned her smile.

Everyone agreed and gave their own greetings.

Ellie and her husband shook her hand. "It's nice to finally meet you," Ellie said. "I've heard so much about you, especially these past few days. You were all anyone could talk about."

"Really?" Ziva eyed Tony and Tim. "Anything I should be worried about."

"Oh no," Ellie was quick to assure. "It was all good."

"Good then I will not need to resort to any of my former skills," she smiled demurely at both men who grinned enjoying seeing she hadn't changed completely.

The group continued to catch up on what was happening in each other's lives as Gibbs stood back proud of all Ziva had managed to accomplish in such a short time.

Vance came and clapped hi on the shoulder, "She's going to be just fine."

Gibbs nodded, "Yep. She is."

He watched as she moved on to greet more of the remaining concert goers. A few asked her to autograph their cd covers. Ziva obliged gracefully. She caught Gibbs' eye and smiled saying all the needed to be said between them.

He smiled, nodded his head and joined the rest of the family as they walked out the door giving final waves until they would see her again.