A/N: Another bit of fluff from the WAMP verse. Inspired by the one little tyke who is the sunshine of my family's life.

Don't Wake Up Dada

September 1835

Eponine knew better than to hope that over time, Enjolras' work in the legislature would become less taxing. 'If ever he's got more to work with than when we were all starting out,' she mused one evening as she wiped her hands on her skirt, having just finished washing up after supper. Although on most evenings Enjolras offered to help her with this chore as well as with helping Gavroche, Neville, and Jacques with their homework, this time he had excused himself immediately after eating, in order to review a bill that needed to be heard the next morning in a committee. She checked her pocketwatch and rolled her eyes on seeing that it was past nine in the evening. "Time to make sure he isn't working himself into a headache again," she told herself as she stole out of the kitchen.

As she passed the corridor she noticed her brothers quickly putting away their books and packing their school satchels in the front sitting room. She did a double take at this sight, noticing now that something, or rather someone was missing. "Where's Laure?" she asked.

Gavroche gaped at her for a moment before beginning to look around, while Neville and Jacques exchanged confused looks. "I didn't see her go out," Jacques said after a moment.

"How could you? You were scribbling away, mome," Gavroche chided. "She's probably just hiding somewhere, Ponine," he replied.

Eponine sighed as she hurried in to begin looking for her daughter. "I asked you to please keep an eye on her while I clean up after supper. It was only a few minutes!" she said worriedly as she began checking under and behind the chairs and the settee.

"She can't have gotten far," Neville suggested. "She's not climbing the stairs."

"Yet," Eponine pointed out as she crouched near the window to see if Laure had squirmed into a gap there. It was then that she caught sight of an ajar door across the hallway. 'That's the study room,' she realized as she got her feet. "Are you sure you didn't hear her?" she asked.

Gavroche put a hand on his chest. "Not a sound. Maybe you should put bells on her shoes."

Eponine snorted. "I'll do that, and let's see how you three deal with the racket that's the bells and her talking," she said before quitting the room. Of course, she reasoned, if Laure had wandered into the study there wouldn't be much cause for her to worry since Enjolras was already there. 'All the same I should be sure,' she thought as she quietly pushed the door open, taking care not to let it creak on its hinges.

Almost immediately she caught sight of Laure pulling herself to her feet by holding on to a chair. "What are you doing here, petite?" Eponine asked as she hurried over to the child. At that moment she caught sight of Enjolras sprawled out on the small chaise near the window. 'So much for reading,' she thought, noticing the paper dangling from his fingers. She was pretty sure that if she stepped close enough she would be able to catch him snoring, a sure sign that he was tired out.

Laure followed Eponine's gaze and her eyes narrowed with a quizzical look. "Da-da?"

"Yes, it's just your Papa sleeping," Eponine said as she took the child's hand. "He's supposed to be working though."

Laure squirmed out of her mother's grip. "Dada!" she chirped more enthusiastically as she took a few steps forward.

"Laure, don't wake up your father. He needs to sleep a bit," Eponine chided, but it was too late to stop the toddler from ambling across the room and grabbing onto the chaise.

Laure gave her mother an impish grin before turning to blow on Enjolras' hair and shake his shoulders with her pudgy hands. "Dada!"

Enjolras stirred and raised his head slightly. "Hello Laure," he greeted drowsily, earning a delighted shriek of laughter from the child. He clasped the child's hand before she could totter on her feet. "What are you doing here?"

"She sneaked in. I'm sorry," Eponine said as she went over to them. She ruffled Enjolras' hair and squeezed his shoulders firmly. "Are you feeling well? You have a lot to do."

"I can manage," Enjolras replied, giving her a reassuring smile as he sat up and stretched for a moment. He checked his own watch and let out a rueful sigh. "I must say that you ladies have rather perfect timing,. I almost lost a good hour there."

"I look out for you, and she's picking up on it too," Eponine teased as she helped hoist Laure onto the chaise. For a moment she thought of also retrieving the document, but the sight of Laure crawling onto Enjolras' lap was enough to make her relent. "I'll leave her to watch over you a little bit," she joked.

"Eponine, it's way past her bedtime," Enjolras pointed out. "She'll be cranky in the morning if she stays up."

"Maybe. But I s'pose she's happier down here instead of restlessly going about upstairs while I try to tire her out," Eponine remarked. "Where she gets her energy, I do not know."

"You are the one who's still wide awake. I don't know how you do it," Enjolras quipped.

"Touche," Eponine laughed as she sat next to him, determined to make the best of these remaining wakeful hours.