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"Mummy" Emma screamed. She had been calling on her mum for what felt like forever. She grew impatient. Emma jumped onto the edge of the cot and managed to climb across so she was sitting on the top. She flipped herself over and she lost her balance falling a reasonable height for her cot.

Jac was just getting out the bed when she heard a loud thump. She ran quickly into Emma's bedroom and saw the small girl lying on the floor crying.

"Emma, what did you do? You sill girl" Jac said pulling Emma pull.

"I fall mummy. I hit my bottom on the floor, it sore. You make it better" Emma asked rubbing her eyes.

"Yes, Mummy will make it better" Jac said pulling Emma into a close hug and gently rubbing her bum.

"What were you doing?" Jac asked again.

"You took too long, I needed out the cot. I no wait longer" Emma said. Jac smiled.

"Next time you wait for Mum to come okay" Jac said and Emma nodded.

Jac changed Emma nappy and then they walked into the kitchen and Emma climbed onto the chair sitting waiting for her breakfast.

"Faster, mommy" Emma said.

"I'm coming" Jac said placing the cereal in front of Emma. The girl grinned and started eating it.

"Right, I'm going to get ready so you eat up and then we'll get you changed" Jac said.

"No" Emma said adamantly

"Yes, mummy is telling you what is happening" Jac said.

"No, no, no" Emma said jumping up and down throwing a tantrum.

"Calm down" Jac threatened. Emma just ignored her and soon threw herself on the ground in frustration. Jac just left and went for a shower. She kept the door open so she could still hear Emma. She heard Emma get up and it sounded like she was in her room.

Jac got out the shower and walked into Emma's room. The little girl was sitting on the ground with her tights half on and a top around her neck.

"Mummy, I try to be big girl" Emma said smiling. Jac laughed and help Emma get changed.

"Mummy, I big girl" She asked.

"Yes you are getting bigger but you are still only little" Jac said.

"No, I big" Emma said and Jac just raised her eyebrows.

"I big girl, I big girl" Emma said and Jac just nodded to shut the girl up.

"Come on" Jac said pulling a jacket onto the small girl. They got into the car and started the drive to the hospital.

"Emma, your behaviour was unacceptable this morning" Jac said.

"I no understand" Emma said. Jac realised Emma wouldn't understand what unacceptable means

"Your behaviour was very very naughty this morning and I will not be happy if you do it again" Jac said.

"I sorry" Emma said holding her head low.

"It's okay, just don't do it again" Jac said and Emma nodded.

They arrived at the hospital and Jac got up and opened the door next to Emma.

"Come on then jump out" Jac said unbuckling Emma.

"Mummy, please carry me" Emma asked.

"Okay but just this once" Jac said and Emma nodded cuddling into her mum.

"I love you" Emma said. She had never said this to her before.

"Oh baby, I love you too" Jac said and she laughed smiling as the girl clung onto her closer. They arrived at the crèche and Jac put Emma done.

"No, mummy please, no" Emma said holding onto Jac's leg.

"Emma I need to go" Jac said.

"No, no" Emma said clinging onto Jac's leg. Jac pulled her away and bent down to her level.

"Emma, I need to go and save people's lives and if you are holding onto me, I can't do it" Jac said explaining it to Emma.

"So will you let Mummy go" She asked and Emma nodded.

Jac gave the girl a kiss and then left her.

Jac went to her office and started working she managed to get a lot of work done before she received a phone call. She answered it and it was crèche. They had a shortage of staff so the crèche was getting closed early. This meant Jac would have to get Emma.

"Jac if you need to we can manage without you" Elliot said.

"No, Emma can stay here until I'm finished" Jac said. Elliot offered to go and get her with Jac accepted.

She was with a patient when she heard a little girl shouting from behind her.

She turned around just in time to catch Emma as she jumped up.

"Mummy" Emma said hugging Jac.

"Oh your daughter is beautiful" The patient said. Jac thanked her.

"My mummy going to fix you and make you better" Emma said and the patient laughed and nodded.

Emma then went into the office and played with toys in her bag.

Soon Jac was with another patient and Emma was being naughty.

"Emma stop it" Mo shouted at the little girl,

"No, no, no" Emma said before running out the office. She was laughing and wasn't looking where she was going and ran into a small table which cut just above her eye. She screamed in pain and started crying.

"I want Mummy" Emma cried. Mo picked the girl up and carried her to Jac.

"Mummy, I hurt" Emma said holding her arms out for Jac. Jac picked her up.

"Mummy,it cut" Emma said "Blood"

Emma touched the cut.

"It's a laceration and no touching" Jac said and Emma just looked at her confused. They went into a cubicle and got an F1 to put paper stitches on the cut. Emma cried as it happened as she didn't understand what was going on.

"Come on, baby girl. Let's get you home" Jac said carrying Emma to the car.

They arrived home and Jac made Emma's tea. She then carefully gave the girl a bath before putting her to bed.

"Night, Mommy I love you" Emma said.

"I love you too baby girl. See you in the morning" Jac said kissing the girl on the head. She then put the small nightlight on and closed the door slightly.

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