Emma woke up and instantly didn't feel well. She knew that she had to go to university today. She couldn't miss it. It just wasn't her. Emma had never missed a day of university so far and she was now in her 3rd year of university and it was getting really hard. She couldn't miss a single lecture or tutorial without being completely lost. She needed to go in, no matter how sick she felt. She got changed and looked at herself in the mirror and she looked like death.

"What is wrong with you?" Ethan asked.

"I just don't feel well" Emma said.

"What's up with you? Do you need to go to the doctors?" Ethan asked and Emma rolled her eyes.

"My endometriosis is playing up, thank you very much. I know exactly what is wrong with me and my mother is a doctor and I am training to be a doctor so I think I would know when I needed to go to the doctor. I can manage by myself. I am able you now" Emma snapped. Ethan was slightly surprised with Emma reaction. She was not the type of person that would snap earlier if at all. She was not like her mother in that way. Ethan decided to just leave Emma along. He knew that she would not snap at him unless she really didn't feel well.

Emma left for university. She ended up throwing up twice on the way to the campus. She hadn't eaten anything so hoped that she wouldn't throw up again. Once she arrived at the campus. She walked into the building and got sat down. It was luckily only a short lecture so lasted only 1 ½ hour but Emma already had a sore head.

She settled down and set her Ipad up. She was planning to video it and then watch it again when she felt better. She tried to take note but didn't really manage. She just wasn't in the right zone. The lecture was nearly boring her to sleep. She nearly fell asleep. She hated the fact that these seats were so comfy, it made it all so much harder to stay awake.

Emma was so glad when the lecture was other. She was shattered and just wanted to go home but then she realised that she needed her mum. She knew that Ethan was heading into the campus to do his afternoon lecture and she wanted someone to look after her. She didn't really want to be alone, she wanted to be looked after.

She headed to the hospital. Her mum was always there. Maybe she would be willing to take her home or even if she could just stay in her office. She didn't care if she was 21 or not. She needed her mum and that was all she wanted.

Emma arrived at the hospital and went up to Darwin. She found her dad.

"Woah, what's up with you?" Jonny asked seeing his very pale ghostly daughter.

"I don't feel well and I just want my mum" Emma said and Jonny nodded.

"Let's go and find her. She should be in her office" Jonny said and Emma nodded allowing her dad to lead her to the office. They knocked at the door and Jac called them in.

"Oh I think we have a very poorly little girl here" Jonny said walking in and then letting Emma walk in.

"What's wrong?" Jac asked.

"I just don't feel well. Can I please just stay here with you or go home with you?" Emma asked and Jac nodded. Noting to ask more when they were alone.

"Well my shift is almost finished so let's go home" Jac said and Emma nodded.

"Okay thank you" She said as they went to Jac's car. They got into the car and headed home. Once they arrived at the house. Emma walked in.

"So what's really wrong?" Jac asked

"I really don't feel well. It's my time of the month and well my endometriosis has been playing up." Emma said and Jac nodded.

"Sadly, this does sometimes happen. Did you have uni today?" Jac asked and Emma nodded.

"Yeah, I went this morning and I threw up like twice on my way there but I did survive the lecture" Emma said and Jac smiled.

"Do you want to go and get changed into your jammies" Jac asked and Emma nodded. She disappeared and soon came back down the stairs.

"Do you want a cuddle?" Jac asked and Emma nodded. Jac sat down and pulled her daughter into her chest.

"Thank you for this. I know that I am older now but I still need my mum" Emma said and Jac laughed.

"I understand completely. I promise that I am always your mum" Jac said. "I am always there for you no matter what sweetie"

Emma nodded and leant closer to her mum.

"Do you want a hot water bottle" Jac asked and Emma nodded. She loved it when her mum spoilt her like this. It didn't happen often but when it did it was amazing.

Jac came back not long later with a water bottle and a bar of chocolate.

"Thank you" Emma said.

"It will make you feel better" Jac said before sitting back down next to her daughter.

"It's not nice but it doesn't usually happen that often. If it does just go back to the doctors" Jac said and Emma nodded.

"I will" Emma said and Jac pulled her baby back into her chest.

"I love you so much Emma" Jac said.

"I love you too, mum" Emma said.

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