So again this is centered around Blaine because...well he's my fav ;) This is set in 2nd season, but their never is a relationship between blaine and kurt and some things in the timeline may be changed.

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If Blaine were the type of person to believe in things like reincarnation he would be forced to conclude that in his past life he must have been a telemarketer. Or at the very least a lawyer or perhaps a tax collector.

Blaine was forced to these conclusions because it was really the only logical explanation as to why the universe hated him so much. Surely there must be an explanation as to why he somehow always found himself in the center of unbelievable circumstances. It was almost as if someone had gone out of their way to construct a giant comedy of errors and had cast him unwittingly as the main character.

Seriously, most of the time Blaine could brush off his bad luck, but this was too much. Fate had gone too far this time. And as if it were not enough that fate was toying with him, it seemed even more unfair that he was expected to take what had been dealt to him without even the proper support of his fellow warblers. For some exasperating reason he was the only one out of his band of merry men that seemed to take his dilemma seriously. It was exasperating. When he had told his room-mate and best friend Jeff (Jeff attended Dalton academy for boys, the boarding school Blaine currently was a student in) his woes, he did not get a look of abject horror or even an empathetic shred of sympathy from his fellow warbler. No, instead of these undoubtly called for reactions, he was met with his friend's unbridled laughter. Not even informing Jeff that his laughter was akin to the irritating baying of a horse had served to subdue his best friend's mirth.

So what is this horrid dilemma that had taken over Blaine's life you ask? What could possibly be bad enough to fluster the ever collected and oh so dapper Blaine Anderson? Well to really understand the full brevity of the situation you would have to go back to the incident that put everything in motion…