The Raging Galaxy

Book 1

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Chapter 1 - The Battle of Geonosis


"This is only the beginning."

"Everything is going according to my design."

"This party's over…"

Blasterfire rained upon the Jedi in every single direction. It seemed that every few seconds another fell. Then another. And another...

The images washed away, the short vision over, leaving Padawan Rose Sapphire reeling, her head spinning. She looked around frantically, forgetting where she was for a moment. Then, she breathed a sigh of relief. I'm still in my quarters on Coruscant.

She slowly stood from the circular, cushioned meditation pad and walked to the window, watching the Coruscanti going about their business, unaware of the drama building in the Jedi Order and the Galactic Senate. The entire Galaxy even.

Finally, she turned to the small holoprojector in the corner of the room, answering the call. "You signaled me, Master?"

"Yes, Padawan, meet me in the Room of a Thousand Fountains." Mace Windu, Master of the Order, said to his young Padawan.

"Of course, Master. I'm on my way now." She deactivated the projector and pulled on her black Jedi robes.

Jedi Temple, Room of a Thousand Fountains

"Ah, Rose, you made it." Windu said, standing next to a small waterfall leading into a pond. With him was Mashu Sapphire, her adoptive father, Plo Koon, and Adi Gallia. Master Sapphire, a Council-member, was the Jedi who discovered her when she was only 3 years old.

"What happened, Masters? Did we find Master Kenobi?" She asked, bowing her head to the four Jedi.

"Yes but it's what he reported that's… disturbing." Plo said, his voice filtered through a respirator mask to allow him to breath in oxygen that was not his own planet's.

"What you're about to hear must remain a secret for now, Padawan. I trust you enough with this information." After receiving a nod from Rose, he continued, "on the planet Kamino, Knight Kenobi discovered the existence of a massive clone army, built specifically for the Republic and the Jedi. The army was ordered by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas many years ago, without our knowledge."

Adi Gallia continued for him. "Kenobi had tracked Senator Amidala's would-be assassin to the world and followed him from there to Geonosis, we have since lost contact with him. All we know is that he was captured alive."

Rose thought for a moment, then spoke up. "We're planning a rescue aren't we?"

Windu nodded. "Correct. We need as many Jedi as we can to get Kenobi out of there and stop whoever is behind all this. I want you to prep for the mission and meet us all in the hanger. See if you can get anyone to come along if you can."

Nodding, Rose bowed and walked away, heading back to her quarters. I have a bad feeling about this mission…

• • • • •

Walking through the quiet halls of the Temple, deep in thought, Rose didn't notice a male Nautolan Jedi Padawan walking towards her at a fast pace, almost bumping into him.

At the last minute she sensed his presence and stopped.

"Jeez, Rose, watch where you're going." He said, smirking.

She rolled her eyes. "Hello, Glenn."

Padawan Glenn Fisk was her… rival when they were initiates not long ago. She eventually grew to consider him a friend as they got older.

"Hey, Rosie, where you off to? Another elaborate mission? You've been stuck on Coruscant for about a month."

"Don't call me that and yes, actually, I am. A pretty big one too. We have to rescue Master Kenobi from Geonosis."

"Oh, that doesn't seem too hard then."

"Well, we are bringing as many Jedi as we can and I think the Council is expecting something big, so it could be difficult. Hey, wanna join?"

Glenn shook his head. "That sounds exciting but me and Master Singe are going to Ord Mantell on an undercover mission. We'll be gone for a while."

"Oh." Rose said, disappointed. "Well, good luck, Glenn."

Glenn nodded. "Good luck to you as well, Rose. Sounds like you're all going to need it."

"May the Force be with you." Rose stepped around him, patting his shoulder.

"And with you."

• • • • •

After going to her quarters, Rose made her way to the Temple hanger. She was widely surprised at what 'as many Jedi as they can bring' actually meant.

In the large hangar were literally hundreds of Jedi Padawans, Knights and Masters, approximately 212 Jedi in total.

She weaved her way through the ocean of fellow Jedi and made her way to the very front where Masters Windu, Adi Gallia, Mashu Sapphire and Plo Koon stood, preparing to leave.

"Okay everyone listen up." Windu said, the crowd quickly quieted down and listened. "I'm sure you all know the overall objective of this mission so I'll make this short. We'll use multiple transports to get the majority of us to the planet. Everyone else will use their fighters and be escorts."

"Any questions?" Plo asked, met with silence. "Very well, you all know your assigned ships. May the Force be with us all."

Getting straight to work, the Jedi boarded the large transports while others got in their Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptors.

Rose hurried into the cockpit of her crimson colored Delta-7 and prepped for launch, checking all the systems. Looking to her left, she could see her master preparing as well. "Are we ready to launch, Master Windu?"

A moment later the Korun Human nodded. "We're ready." His fighter sealed shut and began to take off, leaving the hangar behind with the many other interceptors and transports.

Here we go. Time to focus… Rose thought to herself as they climbed higher and higher into Coruscant's atmosphere.

Geonosis - 33,000 light-years from Coruscant

Rose sat up straighter as the streaks of hyperspace disappeared, revealing the orange planet of Geonosis, home to lots and lots of bugs. She shivered from the thought and shook her head.

Behind her and the Jedi interceptors, many transports dropped out of lightspeed as well.

"Okay, escort team one, we'll go in first. Escort team two will hang back with the transports." Plo Koon's voice said over the comlink.

Taking a deep breath she acknowledged his orders and pulled her ship in behind Plo, Mace, Mashu, Kit Fisto Luminara Unduli, and Adi Gallia.

"We're going in." Windu said and followed Plo Koon down into the planet, the twenty other interceptors staying behind.

As they grew closer, seemingly out of nowhere, anti-orbital cannons opened fire. "Evasive maneuvers!" Rose heard herself shout and spun her fighter around, dodging the heavy lasers.

Behind them, multiple Jedi interceptors were torn to shreds by the intense fire.

"We won't be able to get the transports down there till we disable those guns!" Windu shouted then commed his Padawan and Master Luminara. "Rose! Luminara! On me, now! We're taking out those cannons! Plo, pull everyone back till I give the word."

Nodding to herself, Rose fell in-line behind Luminara and her own Master, eventually slipping through the planet's defenses.

"Wow, that was easy." She commented out loud.

"Did you doubt our skills, Padawan?" Windu joked.

"Of course not, Master." She rolled her eyes with a smile. "Just saying it was faster than I thought it would be."

Once they got closer to the surface, battle droids from the Trade Federation opened fire with their blasters while Hailfire droids fired their missiles.

The three Jedi skillfully flew through the field of lasers, firing the interceptor's weapons at the droids, destroying handfuls of them. "I see a communications tower." Rose said, indicating the large tower in the short distance.

"Great, if we take that out we'll cut off the droids communi-"

Luminara was cut off as Rose sped ahead of them, firing her own missiles at the base of the tower.

Surprisingly the tower was without a shield and was torn apart by the missile barrage. All of the droids around the towers vicinity were annihilated by stray explosions and falling debris.

"That was reckless, Padawan." Windu said as she returned, the communications center in ruins.

Rose frowned. "I'm sorry, Master Windu. I just figured that since we obviously caught them off-guard they wouldn't waste energy with having their shields up."

With a sigh, Windu let it go. "Fine. But remember to always have a plan before you try something like that."

"Yes, Master, of course."

"We'll with that out of the way, we can focus the last of our missiles on the cannons." Luminara said and led the two of them to the four, large cannons.

They flew in low and opened fire, firing their missiles and laser cannons at the same time, destroying each cannon one by one.

When they reached the last cannon, they all realized a problem. "Masters we're out of missiles."

"Yeah, we noticed, Rose. Let's go. We're heading in on foot." He circled the pretty well defended cannon and landed not to far away, Rose and Luminara doing the same.

Almost immediately, battledroids appeared, blocking their path to the target.

Rose activated both of her lightsabers, the blue-colored blades emitting from the shiny began batting aside the stream of blaster fire, redirecting some back to their source. Quickly, she dashed forward, cutting down droid after droid, keeping up with the two Jedi Masters perfectly.

After cutting through the first wave, a much larger one was waiting for them at the base of the massive cannon, looking even bigger up close.

Two Hailfire droids fired at the three, forcing Mace and Luminara to back up while deflecting the blaster bolts from the battledroids. Rose, on the other hand, jumped high into the air, trails of smoke following her path. She landed directly behind the wall of droids and ran to the cannon.

Using the Force to augment her jump once again, she leapt upwards and onto the very top of the gun, slicing the droid gunner's head clean off on the way up. Once she was clear, she ran along the entire length of the cannon's long barrel, dragging both of her blades on it at the same time.

Finally, reaching the end of the barrel, she reached behind her and produced two detonators, dropping them both into the cannon itself before leaping off, heading back down to Mace and Luminara, who just finished off the last of the droids.

"Rose, where'd you go?" Her Master asked, crossing his arms as the Padawan landed gracefully in front of him.

She held up a finger. "Wait for it…"

Right after she says this, the massive cannon implodes, throwing metal and debris in every direction.

After the smoke began to settle, the three of them stood back up, having been forced to the ground.

Rose smiled and walked around the surprised Jedi Masters. "All of the cannons are taken out, Masters. We can bring in the rest of the transports."

Shaking his head, Windu deactivated his lightsaber, along with Luminara, and brought his comlink up. "Master Plo, the orbital cannons are gone and the droids communications have been taken out. Bring down the transports a few meters from the Geonosian Arena. We have an execution to stop."

Military Complex, Tipoca City, Kamino

About 24 hours earlier

"Commander, you've been standing there for ten minutes." A voice said behind the Clone Regimental Commander, who was standing next to his military bunk, staring at the window as lightning constantly lit up the sky.

The commander turned to the person who spoke, someone who shared the same face, voice and body as him.

"Sorry, Captain Hawk. The rain soothes me for some reason."

"We have lived here for about 10 years... Our entire lifetime."

Commander CC-02/2578 was the current leader of 5th Regiment, while Hawk, CT-04/3151, was captain of 1st Company, a division of Fifth Regiment, called Razor Company behind the Kaminoans back. They were bred and trained together for about ten years, along with over 2,000 to 3,000,000 other clone soldiers, cloned from the famous, highly skilled bounty hunter, Jango Fett.

"How did Razor Company do today? I missed their training exercises."

Hawk nodded. "They performed excellently. Highest scores of the week."

"Really? Well-" The Commander started to reply when an alarm began sounding, blaring loudly throughout the barracks.


Hawk and the Commander stared at each other for a moment, trying to process what they just heard.

"Is… Is she serious?" Hawk asks in disbelief.

Another trooper barged into the room. "Commander, Captain, we have to go! They're activating the entire army!"

Snapping out of his stupor, the clone commander quickly went to his assigned locker and began dressing into his armor and grabbing his weapon, a DC-15A blaster rifle.

Outside the barracks, hundreds of clones were scrambling to arm themselves and began reporting to the staging area. They've practiced this many times in drills, practicing for the day they would be activated. But, no amount of training could really prepare them all for the highly unexpected, rapid deployment happening at this very moment.

By the time the two clone officers made it to the platform, thousands of their brothers were already there, loading up in hundreds of gunships to be whisked off to six waiting Acclamator-class assault ships above the city. It was here where it became obvious that they weren't as prepared as they thought for such a fast deployment.

But they will learn and adapt from this experience.

Troopers rushed around everywhere, some carrying crates full of ammunition and other small arms. Hundreds of the AT-TEs (All Terrain Tactical Enforcers) were marching up the huge boarding ramp of the remaining six Acclamator ships.

"Move it, men, move it! I want movement!" The clone loadmaster shouted above the thunder and heavy rain, standing in the middle of the chaos. Beside him, two more LAAT/i (Low Altitude Armored Transport/infantry) gunships arrived. "Alright Squads 49 and 50 embark. Come on, move your shebs boys! Fast as you can!"

The troopers immediately began boarding the gunships.

"We have a standard hour to load up and be out of here! Move it, men!"

Commander CC-02/2578 waited in the perfect formations, side by side with his men, waiting to be called up next.

After almost fifteen minutes waiting in the rain, the loadmaster turned to his Regiment.

"Commander! Start loading your men up on the next wave of gunships!"

"Yes, Sir." 2578 said and not a moment later a second wave of gunships arrived right on time. "Alright, 1st and 2nd Company load up! Move it!"

"You heard the commander, boys!" Hawk said and directed his men onto the transports.

I can't believe this is actually happening. The Commander thought to himself, watching his men board their ships.

Petranaki Arena

"We should've got some popcorn or something." Rose commented as she and Mashu took a seat in the spectator area, overlooking the arena below.

"Really, Rose? Really? Popcorn at a time like this?" Mashu asked.

The group of 212 Jedi Masters, Knights and the few Padawans there had long split up, taking positions within the massive crowd of bugs. They were all wearing their dark Jedi cloaks to better blend in.

"What kind of arena doesn't have popcorn?"

"Apparently a Geonosian one." He pointed to one of the doors in the arena. "Found Obi-Wan."

The Jedi Knight was led out of the catacombs below the arena, hands bounded with energy bonds. He was then shackled to a long pillar-like structure.

"Okay this should be easy-" Rose started but stopped as the gates opened again, revealing another Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, along with a Galactic Republic Senator by the name of Padmé Amidala of Naboo.

Groaning in annoyance, Rose turned to Mashu. "Why is Skywalker here?!" She hissed quietly. "And with the Senator no less."

"Maybe he attempted a rescue?" Madhu suggested, shrugging.

"Oh okay. He did a great job…" Rose said sarcastically, chuckling to herself.

Mashu shushed her. "Just stick to the plan and watch the show."

Sighing, she did as he said and kept quiet for a moment.

Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of Geonosis, announced the beginning of the executions, met with wild applause and praise from the crowd of bugs. Three doors on the far side of the arena opened, revealing an acklay, a nexu, and a reek, three highly dangerous animals from many different worlds.

"This should be… entertaining." Rose muttered to Mashu who only nodded.

The three beasts were directed towards the three prisoners, attacking soon after.

Miraculously, after a series of twists and turns, Obi-Wan, Anakin and the Senator survived the encounter, with Amidala suffering only a few semi-deep cuts on her back and side. The three found themselves riding on top of the reek, steered by Skywalker, the nexu dead and the acklay injured and surrounded by Geonosian Guards trying to corral it.

Above them, on the VIP balcony, Nute Gunray, the Neimoidian businessman in charge of the Trade Federation, was absolutely furious that Amidala has once again escaped death.

"This is an outrage!" He turned to the Mandalorian bounty hunter standing with them. "Jango! Go down there and shoot her or something!" He demanded, only to be stopped by the Separatist leader, Count Dooku of Serenno, an older gentleman who was once a Jedi Master.

"Patience, Viceroy, patience. The Senator will die."

Back in the arena, rolling out of the side tunnels, a handful of the deadly Droidekas, or destroyer droids, surrounded the reek, trapping the Jedi and Senator.

Rose was starting to get fidgety in her seat, tapping her foot. "Come on, Master. Any time now..."

Right after she says this, Jedi Master Windu himself appeared on the VIP balcony, his violet blade aimed at Jango Fetts neck.

"This party's over, Count." Windu said to Dooku, staring him down.

Rose and Mashu both stood simultaneously. "There's our signal." The Padawan said, activating her twin blades.

Throughout the large arena, over 200 Jedi joined her, one by one they turned on their lightsabers, startling the Geonosians all around them. Green, blue, even rare colors such as yellow.

Dooku only shook his head in disappointment. "Brave, but foolish my old friend." He said to Windu. "You're all hopelessly outnumbered."

Windu scoffed. "Humph, I don't think so."

Slightly surprising the Jedi, Dooku only smiled. "We shall see, won't we?" He stepped back a little as the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard behind them.

Mace whipped around to face the tunnel entrance to the balcony, seeing two droids, much bulkier than the ordinary B1 battledroids, ones he's never seen before. The droids raised their right forearms and fired the small dual laser cannons mounted on it.

The Jedi twirled his lightsaber around to deflect the bolts, batting them aside. The bounty hunter aimed his right gauntlet at the Korun Master and fired a stream of fire from the small, built-in flamethrower.

Windu was forced to leap off the balcony, a trail of smoke following as his dark brown cloak was ignited from the fires. He landed inside the arena and quickly threw his cloak off as the largest door slide open, revealing thousands of Trade Federation battledroids and the new B2 battledroids.

"Master!" Rose called out, jumping down and into the sandy arena to help her mentor. Behind her, the hundreds of other Jedi followed her lead and charged forward.

The droids responded in kind and also charged at the Jedi, firing their blasters.

Within seconds, the arena was a loud death trap, filled to capacity by both Jedi and machines.

Rose and Mashu ran over to Obi-Wan and his apprentice. "Here. You'll need these." Mashu said, tossing Kenobi a spare lightsaber while Rose handed Anakin his own.

Anakin activated the weapon, a green blade emitting from the hilt, and used it to cut Amidala's bounds off her wrist.

"This is going to be a long morning." Rose muttered and charged back into the fray, cutting down droids left and right as she went.

Okay, that's the end of Part 1 for The Battle of Geonosis.

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