The Raging Galaxy


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Chapter 18-Liberty On Ryloth

Republic victory is at hand. Clones and US soldiers, under the command of the Jedi, have successfully invaded the Separatist occupied world of Ryloth. Anakin Skywalker battles the enemies in the skies, while Obi-Wan Kenobi and Avatar Aang frees villages from the grip of the vile Separatist leader Wat Tambor. Now, Jedi High General Mace Windu and Jedi General Rose Sapphire lead the attack on enemy lines in the final offensive to liberate the capital city of Lessu.

Republic Forces

Thousands of clone troopers and US soldiers, accompanied by dozens of AT-TEs, took a cliffside path that led to the capital. On their way there, they were ambushed by a group of enemy Armored Assault Tanks (AAT) on a nearby hill. Both sides opened fire, lighting the large gap between them with blue and red blasterfire. Two of the droid AATs fired at the lead Republic tank until they destroy one of the legs causing it to fall over, disabling it, and preventing the other tanks to move forward. A hatch at the top of the downed tank opened and Mace Windu, Rose Sapphire, and multiple clones quickly jumped out of the tank. "Take cover." Windu ordered and jumped to the front of the tank. Using the Force, Windu shattered the class where the tanks pilot lay unconscious in the cockpit. He threw the clone onto his shoulder and carried him to safety.

"We have stopped the enemy advance." A droid said, looking through his binoculars. "Give me those." The droid commander said, snatching the binoculars from the other droid. "Good. Now order our cannons to target their rear units." The commander ordered. "We'll box them in and blow them to pieces."

Commanders Ponds and Blaze ran towards the front of the line, dodging multiple blasterfire. They stopped next to Rose, who was taking cover behind a boulder. "We're pinned down!" Ponds shouted. "Commander, bring out Lightning Squadron." Rose ordered. "I want Lightning up here now!" Blaze shouted into his comlink.

At three of the rear tanks, two All Terrain Recon Transports (AT-RT) were lowered to the ground by cargo lifts in the tanks back section. The AT-RTs and their drivers sped towards the front at high speed with their light legs.

"Get the injured back! Me and Rose are gonna clear the road!" Windu ordered and he and Rose walked over to the downed tank. They closed their eyes and focused. Then, they lifted their hands slightly and pushed outwards. The heavy tank toppled over and fell off the cliffside. "Find some cover. Move it. Let's go." Ponds ordered. Lightning Squadron finally arrived and stopped in front of Windu and Rose. Two of the six clones got off of their recon transports and saluted. "She's all yours Generals." One said. Rose and Windu hopped onto one of the two transports. "We'll lead the way, Commanders." Rose said and they all sped off down the path towards the Separatist tanks. "Forward!" Blaze ordered and the rest of the men and the tanks began moving forward again.

"Now those Jedi is leading the attack." The droid commander said, watching the AT-RTs as they ran towards them. "This doesn't look good." The other droid said. "Concentrate all your fire on those walkers." The commander ordered. All of the tanks turned there attention to the incoming walkers and opened fire. The AT-RTs leaped over the blasterfire from the cannons and continued onwards.

"Did we get 'em?" The commander said.

The walkers maneuvered around the explosions, jumping over some. They got closer to the tanks and prepared to fire.

"Should we run?" The other droid asked.

"It would be better if we just surrendered." The commander said, but was blasted to pieces by Windu's AT-RTs laser cannons. The walkers blasted through the small number of battledroids and fired at the five cannons. Rose threw a grenade onto the top of one of the tanks and destroyed it as multiple other tanks were destroyed quickly. Once all of the tanks and droids were destroyed, Rose and Windu hopped off of their walkers. The rest of the AT-TEs and troopers made there way over and Commanders Ponds and Blaze walked over to them.

"How many men did we lose?" Rose asked.

"Thirty-two, I think." Ponds said, sighing. "Including command crews of three tanks."

"The good news is General Kenobi and Commander Aang has broken their lines. We can clear a path straight to the capital now." Blaze said as he and Ponds took off their helmets.

Unknown to them, a recon droid was watching them from behind one of the destroyed Separatist tanks. It sent the live feed to Separatist Command at Lessu.

Separatist Command-Lessu

"This battle was costly. We're gonna need help to take the city." Windu said from the holoprojection the recon droid was transmitting.

"The Republic is advancing faster than I expected." Wat Tambor said, watching the holoprojection.

"I calculate they will reach the main gates by morning." A tactical droid said. "I recommend we prepare our retreat."

"I will not retreat. Those Jedi do not have the troops to take this city." Tambor said, stubbornly. "Bring our units inside the walls and secure the bridge."

Republic Landing Zone-Outside the city of Nabat

The two Republic Acclamator II-class assault ships stood next to each other on the ground. Rose and Aang left 400 men from the 53rd, along with Katara, Sokka, Zuko and Toph, to guard the extra supplies, weapons, and the village nearby. Sokka had the tanks put in a circle formation around the two transports, and sent squads of AT-RTs to patrol the perimeter. Zuko and Katara were sitting on some crates, playing Pai Sho. Sokka sat to the side watching, while Toph laid on the ground.

"This is sooo boring." Toph complained. "I still can't believe Aang left us here to babysit a bunch of crates."

"Well, we are the only ones left to Command the troops. Anakin and Ahsoka are still fighting the Separatist fleet, Aang and Obi-Wan are saving other villages and securing the south, and Rose and Windu are taking the capital." Zuko said, moving another piece on the Pai Sho board.

"Yeah, at least the Jedi trust us enough to leave us in command of their troops." Katara said, moving her piece.

"I still think we should be doing more." Toph said, sighing. "We've already been here for what, two days."

Five clones were riding their AT-RTs further away from the two Assault ships, patrolling the area. "This sector is clear. Move on to sector 4." One of the clones ordered. "Copy that." The other replied and he and three others left further away.

Unknown to them, a herd of hundreds and hundreds of battledroids, superbattle droids, and AATs were approaching slowly. The four patrolling clones stopped at the top of a hill. One of the clones go off of his AT-RT and looked through his binoculars at the area surrounding them. "All seems clear." He said, then he saw what looked like a tank. "What is that?" He said. He looked again and saw the many battledroids marching towards them. "Sir, incoming droids!" He said to the lead walker. Then blasterfire started rushing towards them as two destroyer droids rolled up and stopped a few feet away from them. "Fall back!" A trooper shouted and they quickly ran off in their AT-RTs. "We have droids incoming! They're behind us!" One clone said into his comlink. "Copy that!" Another clone answered back.

A clone officer ran over to Team Avatar and saluted. "Sir, we have droids closing in." He said. "What!? How did they get here?" Sokka said standing up. "Not sure, sir." The clone answered. "Everyone, we must defend our backs!" Sokka ordered and he, Team Avatar, and the rest of the troopers all rushed to the back of their lines. "Finally some action!" Toph said, running after them.

When they got to the back, the droids were already on top of them. The clones and US soldiers began firing at the droids, taking cover behind the AT-TEs and boulders. "Wow, that's a lot of droids." Toph said, she could feel the ground shaking slightly as they marched forward. Then the enemy tanks were in range and opened fire. "Get down!" Zuko shouted and the blasterfire hit the ground nearby, knocking multiple troops to the ground. "Medic, we need a medic here!" A clone shouted.

"We have to contact command." Katara said.

"Someone get me Rose and Windu." Sokka said.

"Right away, sir!"

Rose POV

A dozen AT-TEs and troopers marched onwards towards the capital. We were now in a desert that lead straight to Lessu. Me, Windu, Blaze and Ponds were inside the lead tank. On a holoprojection in front of us stood Chancellor Palpatine, Ryloth Senator Orn Free Taa, President Obama, Anakin, Admiral Yularen, Master Yoda and Jedi Master Pong Krell.

"What is your progress, Skywalker?" Palpatine asked Anakin.

"My fighters have secured control of the space around Ryloth. We have the Separatist cruisers on the run." Anakin reported.

"Very good, General Skywalker." Palpatine said and Anakin cut his transmission.

"Master Kenobi and Aang have taken the Jixuan Desert, so the southern hemisphere is ours." Windu said, pointing to the holoprojection of the planet in front of us.

"Master Secura has engaged the enemy to the east of the capital, so we should have that city by tomorrow morning, maybe sooner." I said.

"Hmm, and what about you, Master Krell?" Obama asked.

"My men and I have taken everything north of the capital, your Excellency. We are now moving in towards another city." Krell reported.

"'s almost over." Free Taa said, sighing.

"Not yet." Windu said, holding up his hand. "The key position is the capital of Lessu. Our spies are certain the Separatist leader, Wat Tambor, has his command center there."

"When taken the city we have, capture Tambor we must." Yoda said.

"It's not gonna be easy, Master. Tambor has chosen his stronghold well." I said, pulling up an image of the capital. "This plasma bridge is the only way in or out of the city."

"I'm afraid a siege could drag on indefinitely." Palpatine said.

"My people have suffered so much already." Free Taa said.

"A plan you have to take the bridge, Master Windu? Hmm?" Yoda said, smiling.

"With our forces stretched so thinly, I'm gonna enlist the help of the freedom fighters, led by Cham Syndulla." Windu said, bringing up an image of a male Twi'lek. "His fight against the droids has made him a symbol of freedom for the people."

"Cham Syndulla was a radical before the war. He is very unpredictable." Palpatine said.

"He can't be trusted. I know Syndulla seeks to gain power. We were political rivals." Free Taa said.

"We'll leave the politics to you, Senator. I'm gonna do whatever I can to help these people." Windu said.

"Perhaps we can send you Republic reinforcements instead." Palpatine suggested.

"There are no reinforcements available, Chancellor." Yularen said.

"We can't win without Syndulla's help." Windu said.

Then Commander Blaze walked over. "Sir, we have an incoming transmission from the Landing Zone." He said. "Put it through." I said and he pushed a button on the console. An image of Sokka, crouching down behind a boulder as explosions sounded all around him. "Sokka, what's happening?" I asked.

"Well, the Separatist have circled around and are attacking from behind. They brought in a lot of tanks and they are starting to overwhelm us." He said, then we heard some shouting and Sokka dropped to the ground as cannon fire flew past him. "There's too many of them." He said, firing his blaster.

"Alright, hold out as long as you can. I'll send some reinforcements to you." I said.

"Right." Sokka said and cut the connection.

"Admiral, tell Skywalker to send some bombers to the Landing Zone." Windu ordered.

"Yes, sir." He answered and cut his transmission, along with the Chancellor, Obama, Free Taa, and Yoda.

"You left children in charge of our troops?" Krell said, folding his arms.

"Yes. They are very skilled and Sokka is an excellent leader. They can handle this for as long as they can." I said. Krell looked like he was about to say something else, but saw the look Windu was giving him. "Hmm, if you'll excuse me, I must be going." He said and cut his transmission. "Let's go find Syndulla." Windu said.

Separatist Command-Lessu

Wat Tambor and his tactical droid stood in front of a holoprojection of Count Dooku and Princess Azula. "Your tactical droid has informed us of the pitiful job you have done protecting our investment on Ryloth." Azula said, looking at her nails.

Tambor looked at the droid then back at them. "That droid exaggerates! I have not lost yet!" He said, pointing at the tactical droid next to him.

"You are no match for Master Windu and Sapphire. Do not become greedy, Emir Tambor. Take what valuables you can and destroy everything else." Dooku said.

"Everything?" Tambor asked, surprised.

"Everything." Azula answered, annoyed.

"We can put this defeat to political use. The charred ruins of Ryloth will demonstrate to the galaxy the cost of a Republic victory." Dooku said, smiling slightly.

"As you wish." Tambor said, bowing his head.

Rose POV

Me, Windu, and two clones walked through the flatlands of Cazne. We stopped on top of a ledge overlooking the flatlands below. "What makes you think the Rebels are this way, General?" One of the clones asked Windu as he jumped off of his walker. He knelt down to the ground and examined a footprint on the ground. "What is it, sir?" The other clone asked. "The resistance fighters ride creatures native to this region. And these tracks are fresh." Windu said. "Which means they can't be too far." I said, looking out at the horizon.

"Isn't this the spot where they were massacred?" Clone trooper Razor said.

"Looks like it was one heck of a fight." Trooper Stak said.

"I wonder who put up these gravestones?" I said aloud, examining the many, many stones on the ground. Then, we heard the sound of some sort of animal. "Is that them?" Razor asked. Mace held up his hand and we immediately silenced ourselves. He signaled for us to get back on our walkers and we followed him down the the ledge.

Cazne Flatlands-Separatist Army Ruins

A squad of four battledroids and two superbattle droids marched down a pathway, past the destroyed Separatist transports and dead droids from one of the first Republic attacks. "Keep on the lookout for that lost patrol." One of the superbattle droids said. Rose, Windu, Razor and Stak were behind a downed Separatist Multi-Troop Transport (MTT). Stak, accidentally, knocked over a rock, making a small noise. "Did you hear that?" A battledroid asked. They all looked down at the MTT and didn't see anything. "I don't see anything." Another droid said.

"Look." A battledroid said, picking up a dead droid's head. "It's RB-551."

"No wonder he got blasted. He's one of those older models programmed by a central computer."

"Not us. We're independent thinkers."

"Roger, roger."

"Roger, roger."

Rose and Windu watched as they all marched off down the path. "Why didn't we take them out, sir?" Razor asked. "I have a feeling the rebels will do it for us." Windu said. Then we could hear blasterfire from where the droids went.

"Look out!" A droid shouted.

"It's an ambush!"

"Help! It's the resistance."

Windu nodded to Rose and they ignited their lightsabers and ran up the hill, to where the shots were coming from. When the four of them got there, no one was their but destroyed and sparking droids. Then, out of nowhere, men and women surrounded us, weapons aimed. Above us, on top of another MTT a Twi'lek male appeared, looking down at us. "I was wondering when you'd find me, Master Jedi." The Twi'lek said. "General Syndulla, we've come for your help." Rose said, deactivating her weapons along with Mace. "What makes you think you will get it." Syndulla said. Rose and Windu exchanged looks.

Republic Landing Zone-Outside the city of Nabat

The hundreds of droids continued to hammer at the Landing area, firing their cannons at the Republic's tanks. Already, three of the AT-TEs were destroyed, and many troopers were down. Sokka, Katara, Zuko, and Toph were behind a rock wall, created by Toph, and were firing their blasters at the fast approaching droids. "When do you think reinforcements will arrive?" Katara asked. "Not sure, but I don't think we will last long if this keeps up." Sokka answered. Toph, using her seismic sense, could see every individual droid in front of them. "There's a lot more coming from behind them." She said, pointing behind the droids. She used Earthbending to send a wave of rocks at the incoming droids and knocked a handful of them into the sky.

"Sir, another cannon is down." A clone reported on Sokka's comlink. "Whoever Rose is sending to help us better get here soon." Zuko said, firing at the droids. "Is Aang close enough?" Katara asked. "No, he and Obi-Wan are in the southern hemisphere of the planet. Rose and Windu are going to the capital. Sooner or later we might lose the Landing Zone." Sokka said.

Separatist Command-Lessu

Wat Tambor exited the command tower and onto the balcony overlooking the city. His tactical droid was already there. "Emir Tambor, our bombers are nearly ready for launch." The droid said, gesturing to large squad of hyena-bombers being loaded with explosives by the battledroids. "And now I will ready your ship for evacuation."

"No. I am not yet ready to leave." Tambor said.

"In any case, we have a schedule to keep. The ship will be ready." The droid said.

Rose POV

We were led further down the flatlands by the Twi'leks. We entered a downed Separatist droid transport, where the resistance had set up a base. Several other armed Twi'leks stood at the entrance and more in the halls as we went deeper. "Some hideout you've got here." Windu said to Syndulla. "It has advantages." He answered as we passed by a cage where they kept their creatures, the Blurrgs. "We saw the graves of many of your people in that battlefield as well." I said. "Together, we can prevent that from happening again."

"Do you know why we were massacred, Master Jedi?" Syndulla asked me and Windu. "When the droids swept over Ryloth, the Republic was unable to help us. We were forced to surrender. And we came here unarmed. The Separatist brought tanks to exterminate us."

We turned around when we heard Stak talking to one of the creatures. "Come here, boy. Come on. Don't be afraid." He said, reaching out to pet the Blurrgs. The creature jumped forward, startling Stak, causing him to almost fall over. "Jigh-sen moof deng-ka." One of the Twi'lek men said, laughing. "He says his blurrg may be ill-tempered, but she is must faster than your riding machines." Syndulla said, smiling. "I don't know about that." Stak said.

We walked deeper and were then inside a much larger and opened room, full of other Twi'lek men, women, and children. A little girl ran over and hugged Syndulla as another man walked over, holding his arm. "What is this, a scratch?" Syndulla said to the young man. "Gobi, get better. I need you." Syndulla said, putting his hand on Gobi's shoulder. "Rahn fanyo, Syndulla." Gobi replied, nodding to him. "We have little food or drink, but it is our tradition to share what we do have with our guests." Syndulla said to us.

Separatist Command-Lessu

The droids finished loading the hyena-bombers and once they received the order, the bombers transformed to fly-mode and took off, escorted by many vulture-droids. "Target every Twi'lek village in range, the inhabited ones first." Tambor ordered. "Of course." The tactical droid said, nodding.

Rose and Windu's Forces-53rd Attack Corps and Systems Army Alpha

Rose and Windu had ordered their forces to continue towards the capital with the tanks while they went to find Cham Syndulla. The clones and US soldiers marched in formation, alongside the tanks and the AT-RTs as they neared the next village. Commanders Blaze and Ponds were inside the lead tank, looking at the different reports from the battlefields. "Our scouts reported in from the village up ahead. The enemy's already pulled out, sir. Friendlies are all that's left, mostly women and children." A clone said to Ponds who nodded in acknowledgement. "See if we can spare some rations." Blaze said. "Yeah, they'll be hungry." Ponds added. "Sir, enemy ships are entering our sector!" Another clone behind them shouted.

Multiple hyena-bombers dropped low to the ground and released their load onto the village. Explosions spread out all over the place, destroying almost everything and...everyone in the village. The tanks shook from the huge explosions. "Damage report!" Blaze ordered. "There's no tactical damage, sir. They didn't hit us. They...bombed the village." A US soldier reported.

Ponds and Blaze exited the tank and looked at the burning village. Almost everything was destroyed and on fire. The flames lit up the night sky. "Make contact with Generals Windu and Sapphire." Ponds ordered, sighing and shaking his head.

Rose POV

Me, Mace, and Syndulla were in a small booth area, watching a group of Twi'leks dancing to upbeat tribal music. "I hope you don't mind..this. A little distraction goes far to ease the burden of war on my men." Syndulla explained. "You have provided well for your men, all your people. So why won't you help us free them from this occupation?" Windu asked. "I don't trust Senator Taa, his plans for our world after the war." Syndulla said. "The Republic will help you rebuild. We won't abandon you." I said. "Your troops will stay for security?" He asked us. "For awhile, to keep the peace." Windu said. "Another armed occupation is not a free Ryloth. How long before I am fighting you, Master Jedi?" Syndulla asked.

I was about to reply, but my holoprojector began beeping. I answered it and Commander Ponds and Blaze appeared. "What is it, Commanders?" I asked. "The droids have begun a firebombing campaign. Several villages in our sector have been destroyed, sir." Blaze said, shaking his head. The other Twi'leks heard this as well and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us. I exchanged looks with Mace, then looked at Syndulla who appeared to be in deep thought. "Make the arrangements." Syndulla said finally. "I will speak to Senator Taa."

Separatist Command-Lessu

Wat Tambor stood in the city's center, watching the droids load his ship full of valuables. One of the battledroids walked over to him. "Is this all of it?" Tambor asked. "We are still awaiting two transports from our southern base. Should we depart without them?" The droid said. "No. I will have every valuable on this rock before I leave." Tambor said.

"Tambor, why haven't you evacuated!?" He heard a Azula say. He turned around and saw his tactical droid holding a holoprojector, Azula and Dooku did not look happy at all.

"Uh, our exit strategy is taking more time to implement." Tambor lied.

"I want you out of the city before the Republic arrives. Once Master Windu has invaded the capital, you will bomb it from afar." Dooku said, turning to the tactical droid. "Am I understood?"

"Yes, Count Dooku." The droid said, cutting the connection.

"You will not do anything until I give the order." Tambor said to the droid, once Azula and Dooku were gone.

"We have our orders, Emir." The tactical droid said, waving the holoprojector at him.

Rose POV

Me, Windu and Syndulla walked to a small room and Windu contacted Senator Orn Free Taa. "Senator Taa, so glad you could join us from comfortable Coruscant." Syndulla said to the Senator. "Our people have survived with only me."

"I knew you would try to turn this into a campaign to take power. Need I remind you that it is I who leads our people in the Senate?" Taa said.

"And it is I who leads our people here and now." Syndulla argued.

I decided to step in at this moment. "If you two don't work together, there will be nothing left to lead." I said. Then, Master Windu's comlink began beeping. "Master, do you read me?" Anakin shouted over the comm. "We read you, Skywalker."

Anakin's Squad

"My fighters are taking out the hyena-bombers as fast as they can, Master." Anakin said, dodging another vulture-droid that almost hit him. "Master Kenobi has taken the entire southern hemisphere and Aang is assisting us up here, but there are just too many. I also received reports that the Separatist bombers are heading to Sokka's forces." He fired at another bomber and it was shot out of ththe sky, but then another vulture-droid fired at him. "I doubt we can destroy them all in time. I suggest you get the people away from the cities."

"You must destroy those bombers, Skywalker." Windu said. "Then meet us at the capital." Rose added. "I'll do what I can." Anakin said and cut the transmission.

Anakin sped up and fired rapidly at the incoming vulture-droids, chasing after the hyena-bombers. Ahsoka followed after him, along with Aang's starfighter, and the clones. "We'll head down to Sokka's position first." Anakin said. "Right behind you, Master." Ahsoka said. "Let's go." Aang said as he, Anakin and Ahsoka tightened formation and sped up.

Rose POV

"What can the Separatist hope to gain from burning our homes?" Taa said sadly.

"Nothing. Wat Tambor spoils fofor others what he cannot possess." Syndulla said.

"Then we must act quickly." Taa said.

"Senator, your people are hesitant to join us because they're worried there will be another military occupation." I said, gesturing to Twi'leks behind me.

"The people have my promise that the Clone Army will leave once Ryloth is free of those droids." Taa said.

"General, what assurance can you give Senator Taa you will not try to assume power?" I asked Syndulla.

"I only want to see my people free, Master Jedi. I give my word. I believe in democracy." Syndulla said, nodding.

"Then we are together in this." Windu said. Taa nodded and cut his transmission.

Syndulla walked away and over to where his people were waiting. "Men of Ryloth, the time has finally come, to free ourselves!" He shouted, raising his fist in the air. The men all cheered. "You did well getting them to work together, Rose. I'm impressed." Windu said to Rose as they walked away. "Thank you, Master. I learn from the best." I said, smiling. "You are definitely on your way to Mastery, Rose." Mace said, smiling.

A few miles away from Lessu

The clones and US soldiers marched onwards towards the city. The many AT-TEs were alongside them, and a dozen AT-RTs as well. The Twi'leks rode their blurrgs, next to the clones on their walkers. "Try to keep up clone." One of the Twi'leks challenged. "Hyah!" He shouted, prompting his blurrg to speed up. The clone ran after him on his walker.

Rose, Windu and Syndulla stood behind a few boulders and in front of them was the city of Lessu. "Tambor is still here." Windu said. Syndulla took out his binoculars and could see the hundreds of Twi'lek prisoners being forced outside the city, in the line of fire. "How are we going to attack with my people so close?" Syndulla asked. "Your people won't be in danger if our walkers can cross that bridge into the city. The key is getting control of that bridge." Rose said. "Perhaps there is your way." Syndulla said, gesturing to a convoy of Separatist tanks and MTTs, escorted by multiple droid Single Trooper Aerial Platforms (STAPs). "My spies tell me that those transports carry treasure. It's not enough for the Separatist to enslave and murder us. They must rob us too." Syndulla said, frowning.

"Hmm, you think we can use them to get across the bridge?" Mace asked.

"It is risky. They are usually scanned while crossing." Syndulla said.

Republic Landing Zone-Outside the city of Nabat

Now Team Avatar has lost more then half of their tanks. The droids pushed them back further away and were getting to be way more overwhelming. "This isn't working." Zuko said, stepping back. "We actually get some action, but we lose." Toph said, Earthbending at more of the droids, keeping them away. One of the US soldiers looked through his binoculars and saw another wave coming. "Sir, third wave incoming." He reported. "This isn't good." Sokka said. The soldier then looked up and saw aircraft coming. He looked closer with his high-powered binoculars and saw the three hyena-bombers speeding towards them. "Sir, we got enemy bombers!" He shouted. "Where are you Aang?" Katara said.

The bombers prepared to fire, then blue blasterfire rained down at them and one of the bombers burst into flames and fell from the sky. Aang maneuvered his starfighter behind one of the other bombers and destroyed it quickly, followed by Anakin and Ahsoka who took out the last of the hyena-bombers. "Bombs away." Anakin ordered. The Republic bombers flew in low and released their load onto the droids in front of the landing zone. "It's Aang." Zuko said. The three Jedi starfighters flew over them, followed by the many Republic fighters. "Thanks for the save, buddy." Sokka said into his comlink. "I couldn't let anything happen to you guys." Aang said as he flew over them. "We have to be on our way, the capital is almost ours." Anakin said. "Alright, good luck." Zuko said.

Then, the Delta flew overhead after the starfighters and landed further away from them. The rest of their forces marched off the cruisers with the tanks. "Reinforcements have arrived, sir." A clone said.

Rose POV

Me, Windu, Razor, and Stak stood on top of a tall cliff, overlooking the Separatist convoy. "When we get control of the bridge, you must start the attack." Mace said into his comlink to Syndulla. He and I then jumped off the cliff, igniting our sabers. I landed on one of the STAPs and cut off the droids head then leapt onto one of the MTTs, followed by Razor and Stak. Mace cut a hole through the top of the MTT and we all jumped into it.

"They're in. Let's go." Syndulla said to the rest of our forces.

"Commanders, I'll need you to create a distraction. Get the rest of Lightning Squadron ready." Windu said into his comlink to Ponds and Blaze. "Yes, sir." Ponds replied.

Separatist Command

"It is time to leave. The Republic walkers are holding at 1,200 meters." The tactical droid said, walking over to Tambor who was looking out the window.

Then a battledroid walked into the room. "The last shipments of treasure are approaching."

"Just in time. Activate the bridge and get them across immediately." Tambor ordered.

In the bridge command room, the droids pulled a large switch and the plasma bridge was activated.

Rose POV

The two MTTs moved across the bridge and stopped in the middle to allow the battledroids to scan them all, while the STAPs stopped as well and waited. "Let's go, the boss wants this done." One droid said. They moved all around the first MTT, using the scanners in their hands to scan the inside. "This one's clear."

"They're coming." I whispered as I listened to the droids approach.

The droids scanned the transport. "Wait, I'm picking up an anomaly. Stay alert one droid said. They went to the back and the scanner started beeping wildly. The back door opened and the droids screamed when they saw us. "We're gonna die!" One droid said and tried to run. I used the Force to pull the running droid towards me and sliced him in half. The STAPs fired at us immediately, but me and Windu deflected their bolts back to them.

"Deactivate the bridge." A droid said into the comlink. "Oh, well. Too bad for them." Another droid said, flipping a switch again and the bridge began flickering.

"Run for it! They're turning the bridge off!" I shouted. Me and Windu used the Force to push Razor and Stak to the other side of the bridge, then it shut off and we began falling. Me and Windu immediately grabbed onto one of the MTTs as we fell. We flipped onto the top of it and the force-jumped onto two of the STAPs. I climbed up mine and cut the droids hands off. Me and Windu piloted our STAPs to crash into each other and we both jumped of our separate ariel platforms. We landed on the other side where Razor and Stak were hanging onto the edge of the cliff. I landed with my back turned to the two clones. I closed my eyes and used the Force to lift them both up and placed them on the ground next to me and Mace.

Then, the massive doors that leads to the city opened and a lot of battledroids ran towards us. "Me and Rose will hold 'em off! You two get that bridge back up!" Mace ordered. "Sir, yes, sir!" Stak and Razor said and ran forward.

"Charge!" Syndulla ordered and he, the Twi'leks on their blurrgs, and the clones on their AT-RTs all ran forward towards the bridge, that was no longer their. The tanks followed closely behind.

Me and Windu charged at the droids and began cutting them all down and deflecting their blasterfire. I activated my second lightsaber and jumped over the droids and cut down two superbattle droids. I force-pushed another battledroid into the two behind him. Mace was still behind me, destroying all of the droids I jumped over. Stak and Razor quickly ran onto an elevator while blasting at the droids.

Stak and Razor arrived at the bridges command room and found the several droids inside. "Hey, your not authorized." A droid said. "Save it." Razor said, blasting the droid. They both destroyed the few droids, and ran to the large console of buttons and switches. Stak flipped the switch again and the bridge activated. "The bridge is activated, sir."

Syndulla, his men, and the clones made it to the bridge right as it was turning on. They rushed forward and found Rose and Windu taking on the droids.

I sliced a droids legs and used the Force to crush two other droids. Two destroyer droids rolled quickly towards them, with a enemy tank, and multiple superbattle droids. I jerked my hand out and sent a powerful force-push at the destroyers and they all collided with the superbattle droids, destroying them. Mace used the Force to pull one of the massive doors off of it's hinges and it crushed the tank.

Then, Syndulla's men and the clones all rushed inside and fired at the next wave of droids. "You take these droids. We'll go find Wat Tambor." Mace said and we raced off. The clones, US soldiers, and Twi'leks fired at the droids. The AT-RTs fired at the enemy tanks, while the Twi'leks and their blurrgs rammed multiple droids away, while swatting others aside. "Search and destroy, men." Blaze ordered. "Secure this area."

The tactical droid and two battledroids walked towards a Separatist shuttle. "Start my ship." The tactical droid ordered and the two other droids ran to the ship to start it. "That Tambor is a fool."

A moment later, Tambor and four superbattle droids walked into the courtyard and saw the shuttle taking off. "My ship." Tambor said in disbelief. The shuttle flew off and left the city.

"I am afraid Emir Tambor refused to leave in time." The tactical droid said to a hologram of Dooku. "That is...unfortunate. Order our bombers to destroy the capital immediately." Dooku said. "By your command." The tactical droid said.

Windu charged forward, after reaching the courtyard, and quickly cut down two of the four superbattle droids. Then, Rose jumped in from behind them and cut down the remaining supers. "Surrender!" Windu said as he and Rose aimed their blades at him. "General Windu perhaps we can compromise." Tambor said, holding up his hands. "Not when I hold all the cards." Windu said. "It appears surrender is not necessary. We will all perish for the glory of the Separatist Alliance." Tambor said as the hyena-bombers grew closer.

Then blasterfire hit one of the bombers from behind. Anakin barrel-rolled away from one of the vulture-droids and Aang destroyed it as it past. Ahsoka and Anakin fired at the remaining droid bombers and destroyed them all, just in time. "Whoa, that was close, Master." Ahsoka said. "Isn't it always, Snips." Anakin said, smiling.

The rest of our forces, including the Twi'leks arrived and surrounded Tambor as me and Windu deactivated our blades. "What are your terms for surrender?" Tambor asked Syndulla, who was aiming his blaster at his face. "Unconditional." Syndulla said simply. "...Agreed." Tambor said. Two US soldiers walked over and took him away.

"I thank you, Master Jedi. Today all of Ryloth thanks you." Syndulla said.

"You have earned your freedom, General. All of you." I said. The Twi'leks cheered and raised their fists in triumph.

Jedi Temple-2 week later

Council Chamber

Master Windu walked into the room and found Masters Yoda, Obi-Wan, Mashu, and Plo Koon. "You wanted to see me, Master?" He said, bowing to Yoda. "Your former Padawan, Rose, think of her, what do you?" Yoda asked. "Uhh, she has grown very powerful over the years. During the Battle of Ryloth, she took charge and convinced Cham Syndulla and Senator Taa to work together, which shows her impressive leadership skills. And she is an excellent tactician, one of the best in the Order." Windu said, thinking about how powerful and wise Rose has gotten.

"She trains Avatar Aang, yes." Plo asked. "That is an example of her teaching skills. In under at least a year, Avatar Aang has grown quite powerful and skilled with her teaching him." He said, and everyone nodded.

"And if I remember correctly, she had nearly beaten you last week. Though you still almost lost." Mashu said.

"Master Windu, feel she is ready to be a Master, do you." Yoda asked.

"Personally I think she is more then ready." Windu said. "I have taught her everything I know and she has learned more skills during this war. What does the rest of the Council think?"

"We had a meeting yesterday and the rest of the Masters think it is a wise choice to promote her. And the Council needs someone with her skills, and knowledge to help lead the Order." Obi-Wan said.

"Wait, you mean giving her a seat on this Council?" Windu asked, shocked.

"Yes. Very powerful, young Sapphire is. Wise, courageous, and selfless. Puts others before herself, she does. Great leader, she is." Yoda said, smiling. "Summon young Sapphire to this chamber." Yoda said.

"Right away, Master." Mace said, smiling as well.

Rose POV

Me and Anakin were in one of the training halls, sparring. We have been fighting for 30 minutes now. "Well, at least we now know we're at the same level." Anakin joked. "Oh, please. I could have had you." I said. Then my comlink began beeping. "Rose, report to the Council Chamber, immediately." Windu ordered. "Uh-oh, what did I do?" I said aloud. "Yeah, usually I'm the one in trouble." Anakin said as we walked out of the room. "I'll see you later." I said, walking away towards the chamber.

Council Chamber

When I got to the chamber, I waited to be allowed inside. 'What could I have done this time? I don't think I did anything.' I thought while I waited. Then I heard the gong, signaling that I was allowed inside. I made it up the tower and the chamber doors opened. I stepped inside and stopped in the middle of the room. "Knight Sapphire, kneel." Yoda said. The other Masters stood and I'm sure they could sense my confusion. I knelt in front of the Grand Master of the Order. "Knight Rose," he said, igniting his green-bladed lightsaber and placed it at my left shoulder. "By the will of the Council, and the will of the Force." He said, moving his blade to my right. "Dub thee, I do, Jedi Master of the Republic." He finished. "Rise, Master Rose." Yoda said, deactivating his blade. "But, I don't understand, I haven't even trained a Padawan." I asked, confused but also excited.

"We have decided to use Aang's training as an excuse. The Avatar has excelled in the ways of the Force faster then he probably would have with another Jedi." Master Shaak Ti said.

"Your leadership skills have improved greatly and you have proven ready to lead." Plo Koon said.

"Grown very powerful in the Force you have, level of Mastery you are now." Yoda said. "Have another request, we do."

"Anything, my Masters." I said.

"A seat on this Council, we offer you." Yoda said, smiling.

"Do you accept?" Mace asked.

"Um, y-yes. It would be an honor to serve the Order. Thank you, my Masters." I said, bowing.

"We welcome you to our Council, Master Sapphire." Mace said, nodding his head. "Our first meeting is tomorrow."

"I won't let the Order, or the Republic, down." I said and left the chamber.

Jedi Temple-Training Hall

I found Anakin back at the training room. "Anakin, guess what just happened." I said, excitedly. "Hmm, you got in trouble?" He said. "Nooo, I was promoted to Master. And I was put on the Council." I said, proudly. "Wow, that's great. Finally a young person on the High Council. Doesn't that mean you're a High General now?" Anakin asked. "Yep. My army will grow bigger to about 294,912 clones." I said. "Good for you, I'll be a Master soon enough." Anakin said as we walked out of the room. "If you can master patience." I said, smiling. "Ha, ha. But, your right, it might take a while." He said. "Don't worry it'll happen sooner or later."

The End...of BOOK 1

Well, that that's. The Republic has liberated Ryloth and Rose was promoted to the rank of Master and given a spot on the Jedi High Council.

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