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Ch1: Taken.

Where things had gone he didn't know, it had all happened so fast. One moment he and Ben had been fighting Eon. He and his beloved who was in his Crash Hopper form, were at the upper hand. The fight would be over soon.

Then everything changed and before he realized what was happening four of Eon's henchmen had appeared behind him and pinned Rook to the ground.

As if it had been waiting for just the wrong moment Ben's omnitrix times out.

"Rook!" Ben cried trying to rush to his fiancé's side only to have more of Eon's minions block his way.

Clenching his fists at his sides, Ben glared at Eon. He still didn't know who the man in purple armor was. The guy had only attacked him once, which was over a year ago, and Eon had left abruptly during the fight. "Leave Rook out of this, Eon!" Ben cried. "This is between you and me! He's got nothing to do with this!"

Eon smirked showing of teeth that were surprisingly sharp. "On the contrary," the time-traveler drawled his tone mocking. "in this world, he has everything to do with it." He eyed Ben, a look of disgust on his face. "It's kind of amusing that all my weakling forms have similar weaknesses."

"Ben!" Rook cried, worried for his beloved.

The villain snorted before looking at Ben and meeting his eyes, when he spoke next he sounded like he was giving advice, or at least something Eon viewed as advice. "Caring- Loving, makes us weak Ben. Weak for..."

He didn't finish.

But his point was made when one of the henchmen that had been holding Rook suddenly fired its' weapon at Rook. Upon being hit by the purple ray the Revonnahgander started convulsing violently.

"NO!" Ben cried out, once again trying to reach his fiancé. Again his path was blocked.

If he thought this was bad.

Than nothing could have prepared him for when Rook's body suddenly stilled.

Fearing the worst Ben tried to run to his lover, but stopped when the masked minion that had fired its' weapon at Rook changed the weapon's setting and again aimed it at Rook.

"He's only stunned Ben"

Upon hearing Eon's voice Ben quickly whirled around. The omnitrix was still timed out, but he would fight! He'd been fighting bad aliens since he was a kid... there had to be something he could do now.

After hurting Rook there was no way Ben was going to let Eon go.

But he couldn't- No! He wouldn't and could never risk Rook.

"No more games, Eon!" The teenager cried. "Just tell me what you want?"

Eon smirked. "That's very simple Ben." He said slowly walking closer to Ben, who didn't try to move away in fear of Eon ordering his minion to kill Rook. "What I want, is you."

Ben's eyes grew and he just stared at Eon dumbly.

He and Rook had fought Eon a couple of times now and never had the mysterious time traveler fallen into the classic villain cliché and told them what he wanted. Not untill now.


"I want you to surrender yourself to me."

Surrender... Ben had never surrendered. Not to Vilgax, not to Malware and not Agregor. The only time he had ever surrendered had been against the incursians, and even then he had somehow found a way to fight them and save earth.

Maybe he could do something like that again?

Go with Eon and try to stop him from the inside out.

But to do that he had to...

Ben glanced at Rook and made his decision.

"Fine, but-"

"You are in no position to make demands." Eon harshly cut him off.

"I want to say goodbye." Ben demanded as if Eon hadn't spoken at all.

Eon considered it and clearly he no longer believed Ben had a chance of turning things around for himself. "Fine."

The masked men holding Rook down didn't move, but the ones blocking Ben's way stepped aside.

Shoulders sinking the wielder of the omnitrix walked over to Rook and knelt down in front of him. Ben would never admit how his hands shook as he gently shifted Rook so he was laying with his head in Ben's lap.

"I'm sorry fuzzball." Ben whispered carefully running his fingers over the markings on Rook's face. "I'm so sorry... I guess, I won't be around for a while, but... We'll be back to making wedding plans in no time" Ben failed at trying to sound like his usual cocky self. "I-I love you." His voice broke and Ben closed his eyes as he kissed Rook's forehead.

Ben got up, and turned to Eon and was about to tell the time traveler that he was ready when Eon suddenly fired a purple ray at him from an odd staff that Ben hadn't noticed before.

Ben clenched his eyes shut expecting pain.

When the pain didn't come Ben opened his eyes and glared at the purple clad man. "Dude what the hell?!" Ben demanded.

Or at least he tried to, but his mouth didn't obey him.

Eon turned around. "Come," he said. "We've already spent too much time here."

To his horror Ben -along with all the other masked minions- started following Eon.

Having your body do things without your consent... Being a passenger inside your own body was terrifying.

As they walked to an alley Ben caught a glimpse of himself through the window of a parked car. His insides turned cold when he saw himself dressed in the same clothes all of Eons goons wore.

No not goons -If those others were like him- other Bens from other dimensions- Slaves.


Less than ten minutes after Ben and Eon disappeared Rook woke up.