He loves her.

But how could he tell that girl?

He's a god

She's a mortal.

Emotions folding in an endless whirl.

Must he put his heart in a box?

Does it matter he's a fox?

She could not love him, but how could he be sure?

A god come to earth and then made a slave by a human temptress.

Convinced to join her court.

The straw he drew was short.

And he was trapped in an orjacks shell.

And it was hell.

Until he was, free.

As he rose to see the stars in the evening sky.

He saw her daughter.

But not by him.

And he knew that her mother's life had dimed.


And feeling rose inside him again.

As he met the daughter of fire.

As his heart began to play with music as a lyre

He knew what his desire was.

Her mother's rejection had not lessened his affection

He wanted her

In many ways.

And next, she meet him

As the sun rose

And by this prose

He tried to kill her

To save himself

He pushed his love on the shelf

He was trapped in a doll

Made by the woman who first trapped him in her thrall

Made to obey the young girls every call

But he loved her still.

And he could not tell her

Once more in his form

His fur unshorn

A barrier rose again.

He was a fox

She was a girl

He had to tell her

She might think him a cur

Or would she admit a love for his fur?

What could he do, but tell her true?