Chapter 1: We are going to New York!

Austin/Brady's Point of View

"1,2,3,4….uh huh…..woo

I've always loved this time of year

White Snow and reindeer Heh yeah

There's something special in the air

Friends and Family everywhere


When everybody's singing My heart starts jing-a-lingin'

There's something 'bout those December nights

Today's the day, we'll celebrate with that Christmas soul

Feel that Christmas soul

We'll have a ball

Let's deck the halls with that Christmas soul

Feel that Christmas soul

We got that reindeer kinda cheer Santa's flying over here

All the way from the North Pole cuz we got Christmas soul

Just feel that, Just feel that

Just feel that Christmas soul (Christmas soul)

Just feel that, Just feel that

Just feel that Christmas Soul (just feel that Christmas soul!)

Just feel that, Just feel that

Just feel that Christmas soul


"Thanks for coming out and have a Happy New Year" I shouted to the crowd of fans I gave my performance to, I hopped off stage and went over to Ally and Dez with his fondue machine

"Man I love Christmas in Miami… I just wish Santa didn't wear shorts" I said with a disgusted look on my face as he walked by. I mean it is warm outside but not enough for that.

I sat down and said "Man what a year, Jimmy Star put me on his record label and I released my first album!"

"Not to mention you lost the love of your life." Dez said dipping broccoli into fondue. I shot him a glare and me and Ally screamed

"DEZ!" He just had the look on his face like what did I do?

But it was true Mack had to leave for New York with her aunt and promised to come down Christmas break but never came. I sent her texts, called her, and emailed her but she never responded, I thought her aunt might have something to do with it but Mack's Grandpa said she's working in Washington and left Mack behind. I moved to Miami to live out my dream after she left…I just wish she would tell me if she's okay. Ally snapped me out of her thoughts when she told me

"And you might get to live out your biggest dream, playing times square on New Year's Eve"

"if Trish can pull that off that would be the best Christmas present ever!" I said forgetting about Mack for a second

"You know what my best Christmas present was?" Dez asked

" The fondue?" I replied raising an eyebrow

"Nope the fondue..Wait did you just say foundue?" I gave him a look like yeah

"Oh well then you were right" Dez answered eating bread he just dipped in cheese

"Guess what I just did?!" Trish said coming up behind me startling me

"I just booked Austin to play Times Square on New Year's Eve!"We all got up and screamed for joy and ran over and hugged Trish.

"That's awesome! Now might be a good time to finish that song" Ally said hurrying of towards Sonic Boom.

"Thanks for making this happen Trish" I said hugging her one last time before I ran off after Ally on my way to Sonic Boom.