Chapter 10: I'm Cool With It

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Mack's Point of View

After Jessie had ushered me out of the store, I decided to go and hang out with Luke, Ravi, and Brady's weird friend Dez.

I found Luke taking a picture with a bunch of girls, and Ravi putting sun screen on Mrs. Kipling's snout.

"You do not want to get burned Mrs. Kipling. The only red on your snout should be from the blood of your victims." Ravi said applying sun screen on his giant lizards nose. That statement made a whole bunch of girls run away. I couldn't help but laugh.

"You are one big can of girl repellent." Luke mocked. Ravi just shrugged.

"So little dudes and little gals." Dez started as he approached us. "What sites can I show you first; The world's largest bottle of sun screen, a manatee that looks like Ernest Hemmingway! Oh! The Vanilla Ice Museum!" Dez finished doing this weird dance along with strange noises coming from his mouth.

I leaned in closer to Luke and Ravi.

"This guys nuttier than a porcupine on a peanut farm." I told them, a little embarrassed to be seen together with him in public.

"True dat! Thank you Mr. Dez but we have other plans" Ravi answered. Me and Luke smiled as we were about to take off. But Mrs. Kipling wouldn't move.

"Mrs. Kipling!" Ravi begged

"Mhm" Dez said very creepily before bending down and squatting next to Mrs. Kipling.

"Looks like someone can't get enough of the Dez Mister." Dez whispered petting the lizard.

"Maybe we can all go to the beach?" He suggested

"Great idea! Perhaps I can bury in the sand up to your neck and watch the crabs start nibbling out your eyeballs!" Ravi answered about to charge at Dez before Luke and I held him back.

"Vanilla Ice Museum it is!"Luke and I decided at the same time. I also decided to head back to Sonic Boom to grab a water bottle when I overheard Brady, Ally, and Jessie's conversation.

"Quit worrying! Your song about the imaginary friends is really good." Brady reassured. Wait her what?

"Her what? About who?" I practically screamed making Jessie turn around.

"See you on stage!" Brady exclaimed giving me a kiss on the cheek before leaving the store.

"And just in case you think of breaking anything else! I've got the whold store's inventory right here." Ally warned tapping her head before following Brady out of the store.

I walked over and sat on the bench and Jessie followed me.

"Look McKenzie I know this looks bad. Me an adult stealing a song from you a teenage girl. Wow it evens sounds bad. Look I'm so sorry! If you want to smash something, go ahead, I've got a tab." Jessie confessed

"No it's okay. I'm cool!" I reassured

"Wait you're not mad?" Jessie asked disbelieving me.

"No I know how much this means to you, so you can take the credit!"

"Mack, that is such an amazing gesture thank you!"

"Besides what else do you got in your life. Play writing didn't work out, acting didn't work out, and you're dating a doorman!" I sassed

"Oh, you could've just stopped at the gesture!"

I decided that I was going to go find the three boys. I did see them looking at Luke's IPad.

"Dez and Mrs. Kipling look really cool surfing." I stepped into their conversation.

"Meanwhile even the manatees were laughing at me!" Ravi whined

"Here's Dez and Kipling chilling by Miami Vice!" Luke pointed out

"While they were having fun, that old lady was trying to pinch off my cheeks!" Ravi complained

"And here's you dressed like a girl!" I exclaimed

"Because they took the two best holes! I cannot bare to look at these pictures you took any longer. They prove Mrs. Kipling favors another!" Ravi complained once again

"Dude! There's no way she would choose Dez over you." I started

"You hatch her from an egg, took care of her babies! Trust me she loves you!" Luke finished

"For realzies?" Ravi asked

"For realzies!" Luke and I laughed

"I heard everything! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to steal your best friend away from you! Animals just love me! Isn't that right Senior Whiskers!" Dez explained pulling a rat out of his back pocket.

"Wait!" Luke started

"How long have you had that rat?" I finished

"It's not a rat it's a gerbil. And I found him in New York! You guys have tons of them just roaming the streets." Dez explained

"Oh!" The three of us exclaimed

"Oh thank goodness! Mrs. Kipling was only after her favorite snack! She does not give one rat toot about you!" Ravi said

"Um excuse me but I don't think our whole relationship is based off of Senior Whiskers!" Dez looked offended. Mrs. Kipling leapt up an knocked Dez down.

The three of us burst out laughing!

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