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Chapter I: Secret Origins.

Night Time Wayne Tech. Metropolis Sub-Station.

Two men were running a top of a science lab. One was in a grey suit with, a black bat logo, mask with long ear's, cape, glove's, boot's, small tights, and a yellow belt. And the other was six feet tall, in a black shirt, cargo pants, combat boots, black finger-less gloves and a short-sleeved trench coat with a hood up covering the top half of his face. (1.) Opening a vent they dropped down on to a beam seeing four scientists. Three males and one female.

"You're all coming to my party right?" One male scientist with glasses', and short blond hair asked the other three. One a balding grey-haired man nodded smiling, as the other one with short black hair smirked. "Of course wouldn't miss it." The only female with dark skin, and long hair kept silent typing on a computer. The blonde scientist left, and the other three glanced at each other.

The balding scientist stood up, and spoke in an alien language as the other two walked up with him to the back wall with huge computer's covering it. The black-haired male picked up the computer's causing the two up on the beam to widened their eyes at his strength. The woman punched the wall revealing a black alien looking device with a few red glowing sections on it.

Up on the satellite the scientist put's the device on top, and it dissolved in to it. "I doubt that's legal." Turning round the scientist's saw the two men. "It look's like an alien bomb I've been finding Batman." The one with the hood said to the now identified Batman." Before pulling out a strange-looking knife with three blade's and threw t past the scientist to where the 'bomb'' went in.

Batman threw a bolas around the two male scientists as the hooded man disappeared in a black flash. (2.) He reappeared beside the knife, and looked for the 'bomb' as Batman fought the scientist as the two male became thinner to get out of the bolas. Batman threw a batarang at the female only for it to bounce off her.

"Rasangan (Spiraling Sphere)." The hooded man hit's the balding scientist with a blue ball that formed in his hand but the attack didn't do anything but push him back a few inch's. The man jumped over the scientist dodging an attacked from the female landing beside Batman. "Remind me again why I agree to help you?" Before Batman could reply they heard a voice from behind them.

"Need a hand?" Turning around they saw a muscular man with black hair in a blue spandex suit with a red cape, boot's, and small tights, with a yellow belt, and shield with a red 'S' on his chest. "No thanks' we're fine." Batman quickly said running towards the scientist's. "We could use your x-ray to find what I believe to be a bomb they placed in the satellite Superman."

Superman's eye's widened, and started flying over but grabbed his head, screamed in pain, and fell down on one of the support's. "Crap." The man cursed picking Superman up, and saw the balding scientist pull out a small device, and pushed a button. All three men jumped off the building, and slid down a hill as it exploded. "Damn that hurt." The hooded man said holding his head as Batman looked at the fire.

"What happened?" Superman asked holding his head. Batman looked over to him from seeing the scientist leave through the woods. "You two alright?" The hooded man asked walking over. "I take you're Kage. (3.) The new hero that popped up last year?" Superman asked before using his x-ray, and his eye's widened. "Naruto?" He asked as Naruto removed his hood.

Revealing a teen with spiky blond hair with two bang's framing his face, blue eye's, and three-whisker mark's on each of his cheeks. "How do you know him?" Batman asked as Superman turned to him. "He's dating my cousin." Naruto's eyes widened. "What?! The only cousin I know of Kara's that's your age is . . ." Naruto stopped imagining glasses' on Superman. "Clark? How does glasses hide your identity? Regular glasses' at that!"

Before Naruto could ask more question Batman interrupted. "Never mind. What happened back there?" He asked Superman who turned to Him confused. "I don't know? I just saw image's that was so intense, that's all I can remember." All three turned around to the burning building. "Look's like they where destroying evidence." Batman commented as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, maybe those image's of yours are related to them." Naruto said to Superman who turned to Batman. "What's this all about?" Batman turned back to him, and explained. "I've found breach's in our deep space globule monitor network, and Naruto here has found alien tech in a few key place's around the state." Superman's eye's widened. "And no one's claimed responsibility?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "I guess no one want's the blame for it, or we have mole's." Superman nodded before turning around. "I'd love to stay, and help.. But I'm needed back in Metropolis." He said reaching for his belt. "Another key to the city?" Batman asked as Superman pulled out a watch from his belt, and gave it to Batman. "It's a communicator if you need me." He said before turning back to Naruto who raised an eyebrow.

"Well I am your parent's neighbor I can just tell Kara if I want to get ahold of you since she's your cousin.. I guess I don't have to worry about her finding out about me now." Naruto explained as Superman flew away. "Seriously how does glasses' hide his identity? Lois Lane should be able to tell it's him. She's work's with him, and get's saved by him so much, it's not funny!"

Naruto complained looking back. Only to find that Batman was gone. "Got to give it to him. I'm a real shinobi, and he got away without me seeing him." Moving his hood back up, Naruto focused for a moment before disappearing in a flash.

Morning Smallville, Kansas

Naruto's wearing blue jeans, and a red shirt was driving a black Dodge Charger down the small road. He pulled in a driveway with a sign that read Kent Farm at the entrance, and came up to a two-story house with a barn beside it. Getting out he saw an old man working on a tractor. "Morning Naruto." He greeted as Naruto waved. "Morning John, Kara here?" He asked as John Kent Nodded. "Yeah she's inside eating."

Nodding Naruto walked inside, and saw an elderly woman putting a plate in the sink as a girl around 5'8 with blonde hair that went past her shoulder's, and blue eye's wearing a blue skirt, and shirt drinking orange juice with an empty plate in front of her watching Superman on television at the U.N. "Morning Naruto." The woman greeted as the girl quickly got up, ran over, and kissed him. "Morning Martha, Kara."

He greeted wrapping an arm around Kara. "What are you doing here this early?" Martha asked as the news went to a man in a red costume with yellow lightning bolts on his head, arm's, waist, and a lightning logo in front on his chest. "I'm the fastest man alive.." The man ran around the reporter in a flash. "But even I can't be in five place's at once." Naruto looked up from the TV. "I'm here to take Kara from you for a bit."

Nodding Naruto, and Kara got in his car, and left. "So what are we doing?" Kara asked Naruto who kept his eyes on the road as he replied. "We're going to my house for a bit." Kara smirked, and crossed her arms. "For a make out session?" She asked as Naruto smirked himself. "Maybe if we have time." A few miles down the road, they pulled up to Naruto's house. A small two-story house with a front, and back porch both screened up with a few chairs, and a swing on each with two acres and a few tree's in the yard.

As Naruto got out he was talked by a black blur. "Hey Hunter." Naruto greeted the adult black wolf that was licking his face. Pushing him off, Hunter jumped up to Kara, and licked her face. Going inside Naruto brought her to the office room filled with books, and a desk. "What did you want to talk about?" Kara asked as Naruto walked up to a bookshelf. "That Clark is Superman . . . Are you Supergirl?" Eye's widening Kara tried lying. "What No! What are you tal . . ."

She stopped seeing Naruto lift a book off, and the book self fell in to the floor revealing a room with a couple of monitor's, weapon's including weird-looking knives. Kara walked in, and saw two costumes. One full black with shirt, pants, and short-sleeved trench coat with a hood. And the other has a Kevlar vest, black cargo pants, and a red trench coat with a hood, with black flames on the bottom, and the sleeve's.

"I was helping Batman out last night, and ran in to Superman, he used his x-ray to see my face... I still think he use's that for other reason's." Kara finally looked to him. "You're Kage? Why didn't you tell me?!" She asked/yelled as her eye's glowed red for a moment. "That answer's my question if she's Supergirl... Better make sure not to forget her birthday now." Naruto thought sweating a little.

"The whole 'bad guy's coming after loved one's' I didn't know you're Supergirl." Naruto replied before explaining about his past. "So . . . after beating Madara you were suddenly teleported here with the technique you used?" After Naruto nodded she smiled. "Ok I guess this is like when Clark told me about Lois going to a world where he teamed up with Lex."(4.)

"Yeah.. I can still talk to them, and all with summoning toad's to send letter's but we haven't found a way back yet." Nodding Kara walked over to him. "What about Kurama?" Naruto smiled, and continued. "I can use a little of his chakra, and I'm able to summon him also if thing's get too bad."(5.)

Taking a look around Kara looked to the desk with the monitor's, and saw a pair of sunglasses' hooked up to them. "What's this?" She asked picking them up. "Put them on, and hit the button on the right side." Kara unplugged them, put's them on, and pressed the button. Suddenly everything took a blue tint, and an information box came up when she looked at Naruto showing his heartbeat, and pulse. "Whoa!"

Naruto smiled, and started to explain. "I had Batman help with that, he call's it 'Detective Vision' hold the button down while looking at me." Doing so the glasses' zoomed in, and a circle started scanning Naruto. After a moment a box with his information came up. "This is amazing." Naruto walked up to her, and continued explaining.

"It can show me if an enemy has a gun, scan a crime scene to highlight points of interest, and have and holograms act out theoretical scenarios of the crime to see if there's anything I missed when I rewind, or pause. It also has night vision."(6.) Naruto, letting her go, pulled out a box beside the desk. He opened it showing a black bow handle with a laser sight, a red button the inside of the handle, and a few button's on the outside. (7.)

Hitting one of the buttons the handle unfolded in to a recurred bow. "I thought you used jutsu?" Kara asked as Naruto picked up a black quiver, and hit's the red button. "I do. But I'll use this for stealth because I'll use smoke bomb's, flash bang's, sleep gas, and my Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) the move that I use to teleport." The bottom part of the quiver moved around for a second.

"I'm also using it for when I face villain's that you, and Clark have a hard time to beat. So I'll have an edge, I also have some trick arrow's that Green Arrow use's too." Kara raised an eyebrow, as she put's the glasses back. "The alien's we fought last night took a Rasangan (Spiraling Sphere). Like it was nothing, and it's one of my strongest attack's."

Naruto walked out with Kara following. "I have a bad feeling something's going to happen, so we should be ready." He said leading them to the living room with a couch, a few chair's, and a flat screen. "How are you paying for this? I know you help out on the farm, but you must have another job." Naruto smiled as he sat down with Kara sitting on his lap. "Well . . . I write books. Mainly of my time, and other's in my world. And I'm thinking of working for the Daily Planet as a photographer."

Kara leaned against him as he talked with Hunter walking in, and lay down on the floor. "Well I better get going." She said getting up, and walked to the door. "Need me to drive you home?" Shaking her head she leaned up, and kissed him. "No I'll just fly back since I don't have to hide it from you." She replied before floating up, and leaving.

Naruto took his bow, quiver, and walked out to practice. "Wonder why shinobi didn't use the bow a lot? It's awesome." pressing the red button the bottom part of the quiver moved around before he picked up a black arrow with silver tip, and fired it at a target that popped up out of the ground. "Thanks' Oliver."

Night. Warehouse.

Naruto, in his black costume jumped in front of a warehouse right before Batman. "Clue's to those scientist lead you here?" He asked as Batman nodded. "Yeah I got an alien signal coming from here." As they walked in Batman noticed Naruto's bow, and arrow. "Trying to be like Green Arrow?" Naruto snorted at that. "No he wish's he could be as awesome as me."

"While I use trick arrow's also, I use my ninja technique's like my explosive tag, flash bang's, smoke bombs, sleeping gas and Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God). That move that make's me teleport. It's also if I ever fight villain's that Superman has a hard time to defeat since I live close to Metropolis. That alien we fought took one of my strongest attack like it was nothing, so I want to have something that'll stop them, and give me an edge."

Naruto explained before walking over to a table, and saw the detonator the scientist used. Naruto pressed, and held the button to scan it. "Nothing in the database about it." Naruto replied before turning his vision off. Hearing a door opened Naruto pulled his bow out, and unfolded it but left the laser off. Looking to the bottom floor they saw the balding, and female scientist walk out of a small room, and leave.

Dropping down, Batman pulled a flashlight out, and looked around before landing on the wall. "Oh my Kami." Naruto said seeing three pods with the three scientist's in them. Batman pulled a knife out before cutting the balding one out. "Man, who else have they replaced?" Naruto asked before hearing growling. Turning around they saw a brown dog walk up to the door, growling at them.

"Easy there boy." Naruto said but the dog jumped at him. Batman kicked the dog away before he, and Naruto jumped up to the rafter's. The dog started walking up the wall, and changed into a white see-through alien. "Of course." Naruto said jumping down before pulling out an arrow, and shot it at the dog. It exploded in a white substance covering the dog before hardening.

"Damn what else can go wrong?" Naruto asked before they heard cracking, and the dog broke out.

With Superman.

Clark was in the restroom washing his face before hearing a beeping. Quickly changing he flew before coming to a warehouse, and looked around before finding an unconscious batman under a bookshelf, and Naruto against the wall. Naruto got up from the wall, and looked around. "That's right you better run you mutt!" Walking over, he picked up, and folded his bow, before turning to Superman who got Batman up from the floor.

Before anything else could be said, light came through the windows, and they saw a meteor fly past. "Go on I'll catch up." Naruto said as Superman nodded, and flew off with Batman. Naruto picked up his cell phone, and dialed a number. "Hey babe, can you come pick me up? I have the feeling we'll need everyone we can get." In a moment Kara came flying in her outfit.

She's wearing a white shirt with Superman's logo on it that showed her midriff, white glove's, red cape, and boots, and a blue skirt. "Need a lift?" She asked picking him up, and flying after Superman. When they got there they saw Superman get hit with a laser by a tall white with red spot's design alien. The police that surrounded the area took shot's at it, but their bullet's bounced off.

Naruto shot an arrow down where Superman fell, and a white substance came out, and cushioned his fall. "You can drop me, and help out." Naruto said as Kara nodded, and dropped him on to a roof, and flew to the alien with Superman following. Both punched it sending it in to a building. It shot another laser sending them through a building landing in another. "AAHH!" Looking down Naruto saw a black hair woman with a notepad about to be hit by a broken piece of the building.

Naruto shot another arrow blowing up the piece up, and he landed beside her. "You're Lois Lane right?" He asked as she nodded. "And you're..?" Naruto smiled at her. "I'm Kage." Lois eye's widened. "You're the new hero? How about an interview?" Sweat dropping, Naruto replied. "I'll give one after we deal with this." He pointed to the alien that was still shooting lasers at everyone. "How would I get ahold of you." Naruto smirked before putting his finger's in a cross shape.

"I'll ask Superman since he save's you on a daily basis.. Taj┼ź Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu)." A bunch of Naruto's poofed around them, and Naruto ordered them to help evacuate. Hearing a jet, Naruto looked up, and saw a bat shaped jet flying above attacking the alien. "What the . . .? Is he a billionaire or something?" He asked before a clone yelled out from a roof. "Hey boss there's two more of them!"

Naruto cursed. "Damn it! One took a beating from the two strongest people on the planet and swatted them like fly's." Naruto said as more jets flew in, and shot missiles at the first. "Kage!" Turning around Naruto saw Kara float down. "Superman flew off somewhere with Batman following." She explained as Naruto looked around. "Then let's follow, I have clone's teleporting people out of the city."

Army Base Outside Metropolis.

"Wow . . . Wonder why Superman did that?" Naruto asked seeing the damaged tank's as he had a radio frequency play over his glasses' earpiece. "And we're getting report's of more landing around the world. And thanks' to Kage a new hero whose teleporting people out of the city, there aren't a lot of casualties." Turning it off, He and Kara landed beside Batman who as walking in a hole in the wall.

"Any idea why he's doing this?" Naruto asked as they walked in. "None." Batman simply said pushing an opened door. "Oh my God." Kara exclaimed seeing the room filled with people in pods. Naruto pushed the button on his glasses'. "They're alive barely.." Naruto stopped as he started scanning one. "This is the General stationed here." He exclaimed as the information came up on his lenses.

Hearing pounding, they walked out of the room to see Superman pounding on a steel door. Throwing a batarang, Batman spoke up. "Destroying Government property isn't your style. What's going on?" Looking back Superman gestured at the door. "See for yourself." Throwing the door away, they walked down the hall, and through another door.

"What the . . .?" Naruto asked seeing a green alien chained up in the middle of the room. "What is it?" Batman asked as Superman broke a console freeing the alien. "Earth only hope." Superman replied catching him. "He's been reaching out to me telepathically, but the stasis field interfered. And when it broke through, I came to rescue him." Kara walked up. "Why is he here?" She asked as the alien looked up.

"The invasion." Batman, Naruto, and Kara winced a little at the telepathic voice from the alien. "I came here to warn you. But was captured and prisoned here." The alien explained as Batman raised an eyebrow. "Big surprise." He replied gesturing to his appearance. "I sense you don't trust me. Perhaps' this will help." The alien said before shifting in to a more human shape with a blue cape with a high collar, boot's, tights with a red belt, and two red strap's crossing his chest in a 'X'.

He walked over to Batman, and held out his hand. "I'm J'onn J'onzz." J'onn introduced himself as Batman just stared. "Don't take it personal J'onn, he doesn't trust anyone." Superman said getting in-between them. "A wise policy." J'onn said before they started walking out of the building. Only to be blinded by light's. "Hold it Superman." An Army solider said as a they aimed their weapons at them.

Superman got in front of the group. "Hold it General I'll..." He stopped when Naruto shot an arrow at the 'General'. "The General's in a pod inside a room." Naruto said pointing back as the 'Army' turned in to white, and black alien's with three red dot's running vertical down on their 'face's." They picked up gun's and shot laser beam's at them hitting Superman in to a tank. Naruto threw a smoke pellet in front of them as Batman picked a batarang with a blinking light on it.

An alien came up behind them. "Look out!" J'onn yelled going through Batman, and created a blue aura around him protecting Batman from a blast. Naruto shot an arrow at the alien causing it to be encased in ice. as Batman threw his batarang at another group causing an explosion. Superman, and Kara jumped in front of them holding tanks. "Get him out of here! We'll distract them!"

Batman, and Naruto carried J'onn in the jet, and Batman got in the cockpit. "I'll hold on to the Wing. Think of it like Spider-man." Naruto said the sole's of his boot's glowed blue. He got on the right wing. As they started floating up, J'onn opened his eyes, and they flashed yellow for a second. Superman, and Kara threw the tanks before flying after the others. "Are we good?" Batman asked as J'onn shook his head, and looked to his left.

"No." A bunch of triangle ship's started flying after them. Superman, and Kara attacked the ship's destroying a few. "I got this one." Naruto said as a ship flew up beside them. He shot an arrow with a paper attached to it in front of them. The arrow arched back and hit's the ship causing an explosion. Another one shot the left wing of the jet off, and they started falling.

Until a green ball of energy formed around them. "Green Lantern?" Naruto asked seeing a man with dark skin short hair with the side's buzzed, and green eye's, in a black suit, with green boot's, glove's and chest/shoulder's with a lantern logo on his chest. He's holding out his right fist with the green energy coming from a ring.

A woman flew past him with light brown hair, wing's, hawk mask, yellow, and black suit with red tights holding a mace with lightning forming around it. She attacked two ship's blowing them up. "Hawkgirl what's she doing here?" Batman asked as J'onn went out, and attacked the ship's as Green Lantern set's the jet down, and Naruto, and Batman watched the other' make short work of the ship's.

Hawkgirl get's hit, and fell to a ledge with another woman flying down. "Allow me." The woman has black hair reaching mid-back wearing a golden tiara with a red star on the front. She also has silver star earring's arm protector's with a red top with two W's at the top with the bottom blue, with a white star pattern, a golden lasso, and red silver trimmed boot's. The woman blocked the blast with her arm guard's sending them back to the ship.

Green Lantern created a shield around them as piece's fell. "Who's the rookie in the tiara?" He asked as Superman threw a ship down. "I don't know." He replied as they flew down. "You ok?" Kara asked Naruto who put's his bow on his back. "Yes dear." He replied jokingly before she punched him in the shoulder. A man in a red suit dashed over holding Batman's wing. "Hey Bat's you dropped this."

The other's floated down and he looked at the black-haired woman. "Whoa . . . Where have you been all my life?" He asked as she blinked at him. "Themyscira." She replied causing the Man to blink. "What?" Naruto snorted. "It's an island of Amazon women Flash." Naruto replied before feeling a heated glare. "And how do you know an island with only women on it?" Sweating Naruto turned to his girlfriend. "I've read up on it. The internet's a wonderful thing."

"I am Diana Princess of Themyscira." Diana introduced herself. "Pinch me I must be dreaming." Flash said before Superman roughly elbowed him. J'onn went on to explain that the alien's invaded his home, and stopped them with nerve gas with him being the only survivor until the astronaut's woke them up.(8.)"They've sent agent's to weakened earth's defensive."

Naruto's eyes widened at that. "Like getting rid of our nuclear missiles! I think it's a BIG coincidence that we got invaded as soon as we get rid of them." Suddenly he heard something on his earpiece. Turning to Batman he spoke up. "Do you have a small projector to hook up to my glasses'?" He asked removing his hood. Nodding Batman took out a small projector. Naruto removed his glasses' plugged the projector to his glasses', and aimed the projector to the ground.

News Report Metropolis LIVE.

"This is Snapper Carr from 'Ground Zero' in Metropolis, where the alien walker's continue to clear the impact site." A male reporter with short brown hair said as the Army roped off the area. Snapper turned to a balding grey-hair man with dark skin in a General uniform. "General Well's the Army seems to be unable to stop them why?"

General Well's shook his head. "Because our big missiles have been disarmed. And our 'Protector' Superman has abandoned us." He walked away as Snapper turned to the camera. "Earlier Senator Carter had this to say." They went to a press conference with a man in a black suit, blue tie, and short brown hair. "When I first proposed my 'Peace Plan' no one expected an invasion like this." Carter explained to the reporter's.

"Now we must rise up, and resist this invasion." He finished as they went back to Snapper Carr. "We have a breaking development." He turned to the meteor that started cracking before three tentacles came out. Everyone gasped as it transformed in to a big machine that started drilling into the ground producing smoke that started covering the sky.


Naruto unplugged the projector, and put's his glasses' back on. "It's begun." J'onn said looking towards the city seeing the smoke. "What are they doing?' Hawkgirl asked as J'onn explained. "They're nocturnal, they're blocking out the sun." Naruto raised an eyebrow at him. "You mean the sun's their weakness? Are they related to the 'War of the World's' alien's? Where they died from the common cold."

Flash walked up to J'onn. "Can you make anymore of that gas?" J'onn shook his head. "No the only way to make it is from a rare Martian plan. And the only sample I brought was destroyed, when I was captured." Diana puts her hands on her hips. "Then we take out those 'factories'." Green Lantern scoffed. "Lady this is no job for amateur's." Diana started bickering with him until Naruto got between them.

"Ok G.L. we need all the help we can get, and she's proved herself just now saving Hawkgirl's ass. And besides without that ring you're pretty much powerless so don't get all high, and mighty." Naruto said before holding his ring up making his suit disappear." Naruto threw his ring back, and walked over to the others. "Ok let's split up, and get to each one."

Flash ran up to Diana, and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "I call the Amazon." Diana just looked back to the group. Later Batman, Naruto who's scanning the factory with his glasses', Kara, and Diana are hiding behind some rubble. "Hiding's for coward's why not fight?" Diana asked before J'onn phased up from the ground.

"I can not find an entrance." Diana looked at the alien walker. "Then we'll make one." She flew past Naruto, and Kara. Naruto let's go of his glasses' and turned to Kara. "Want to go help?" Kara just flew over, and helped Diana push the walker in to the factory, creating a hole. "That work's." Naruto said running up in the hole with the other's seeing the alien's run off. "They're running away." Diana exclaimed as batman looked up to the sun as the clouds are still forming.

J'onn paused for a moment. "Superman, and Hawkgirl failed." Everyone turned to him. "Are you sure?" Diana asked him getting a nod in return. Getting past some alien's they came up to a room with a gem behind an orange shield. Attacking the alien's J'onn phased to get the gem out, but was shocked by an alien. Naruto shot an arrow at him causing ice to form.

Diana floated down to J'onn. "Let's go!" Batman ordered as everyone rushed to the door. Naruto seeing it close behind Diana, who's carrying J'onn, and Kara yelled out. "Supergirl!" Turning around Kara caught the gem just as the door closed leaving Naruto, and Batman behind. "NARUTO!" Kara screamed dropping the gem, and ran to the door. Only for the door to distort from laser blasts. "NOO!" Kara tried punching it, only for J'onn to stop her.

"It's no use..." Diana looked to him. "You mean they're..?" Nodding they left with Kara picking up the gem as tears fell from her eyes. Later everyone met on top of a building. "Well?" Flash asked as J'onn spoke up. "We've managed to get the gem from ours, and Superman, and Hawkgirl are captured." He pointed at the factory. "And where's Batman, and Kage?" J'onn looked down. "Gone." Flash took a glance as Kara who's looking at the factory, trembling a little.

"They were true warrior's." Diana said as they went to the factory. Once inside they found Superman, and Hawgirl hanging upside down. Their eye's opened showing red eyes as smoke blew in to the room knocking everyone out. 'Superman', and 'Hawkgirl' changed in to aliens, and carried every one out. "J'onn!" J'onn woke up to see Superman yelling at him as everyone was caught in the wall.

An alien walked up. "Earth mightiest heroes." He changed into Senator Carter. "The real Carter never returned from Mars." He explained before the ceiling opened having a black ship come in, causing the alien's to bow. "All hail the Imperium." The Carter alien said as a big purple alien hovered out with tentacles, and brought J'onn up to it. "The last Martian." Imperium shocked J'onn causing him to revert to his original form.

"You've defied us for centuries." J'onn stood up. "And I will never bow before you, or your kind." Imperium grabbed, J'onn, and brought him inside. "What are you hiding?" He asked shocking J'onn.

"NOW!" An explosion hits above the hero's while an arrow was sent flying at Carter. He caught it, only for it to explode in his face. Looking up, they saw Batman, and Naruto standing on the wall with a hole in the shield holding a gem. "KAGE!" Kara exclaimed struggling to get out. Batman put's a device in the hole causing everything to go blue." I mentally shielded them to protect them. Batman used a small torch to get Diana out while she helps get everyone out. Once Kara got free, she flew to Naruto, and hugged him.

"I thought I lost you." She said as everyone started creating holes in the factory killing the alien's as with the sun as it peaked through the clouds. Naruto smiled before kissing her. "I'll never leave you Kara." Letting him go Kara turned and saw Diana wrap her lasso around the ship keeping it from escaping. She lost her grip as the ship fired back. Kara flew up, and grabbed it as Hawkgirl attacked with her mace destroying the armor.

Diana flew up, and helped pull the ship back down crashing in to the factory. "It's going down!" Hawkgirl yelled as everyone flew out with as the factory blew up, having the cloud's disappear. Landing on a building, they saw a large ship go up in the sky, and disappeared. "Hopefully that's the last we'll see of them." Naruto commented as Kara held on to him. "You gonna let me go?" He asked getting her to shake her head.


"This is Snapper Carr. In the aftermath Superman, and a team of hero's drive out pocket's of resistance as everything slowly return's to normal." Snapper said showing clips of everyone attacking alien walkers from around the world. The scene changed to Snapper at a press conference with General Well's talking to the reporter's. "We got lucky this time. But what if they return?" He asked before Batman turned off his monitor, and thought for a moment.

The Watchtower.

"Incredible." Superman said looking down at earth, before turning to Batman. "Does your stock holder's know about this Bruce?" Batman just walked up. "Bruce? Bruce Wayne?" Naruto with his hood down asked walking up to them. "Well I guess I know how you pay for your gadget's." Naruto said as Batman explained about the watchtower. "That felt good." Kara exclaimed drying her hair. "I love the bath room you had put in Naruto."

Hawkgirl with her hair wet and helmet still on nodded. "Yeah the hot spring's are really good." Naruto smiled at them. "Yeah I also lined the divider with lead so if we get anyone else with x-ray power's up here, they won't be tempted." Kara floated up, and wrapped her arms around his left one. "And a fully stocked kitchen." Flash commented as he, and Diana also with wet hair had an iced mocha in their hands walked up from another room.

Diana took a sip. "Hhmm.. They don't have these on Themyscira." Flash turned to her and clanked glasses. "Stick around Princess I'll show you the rope's." Diana smiled at him. "Maybe I will." John floated down to them. "But what does this have to do with us?" Superman walked to the window, and explained how they should be a team. "What like 'Super Friend's'?" Flash asked jokingly as Superman smirked.

"More like a 'Justice League'." One by one everyone walked over, and put their hands together. "I expect you to study Kara, and not up here all the time." Superman said to Kara who nodded. "Ok I'll just come up here on week-end's, and school break's." Looking over to Batman Superman asked. "What about you?" Batman just stared at him. "I'm not much of a 'people person'. But when you need help, and you will 'Call Me'."

Naruto looked around. "Where's J'onn?" Looking up, and seeing him Superman flew up to talk to him. "You ready to go home Kara?" Naruto asked Kara as she nodded, and left with Naruto.

To Be Continued.

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1. I'll probably give him a mask like Kakashi.

2. Just saying the flash will be what color's covering his head.

3. Best Name I could think of.

4 That's an episode from Superman the animated series, I forget the name but it's where Lois goes to an alternate universe where she died, and Superman teamed up with Lex.

5. Just so I wouldn't get tempted to use his cloak for every fight. I'll still use it on fight like Hades. Speaking of which can someone help with having Naruto be accepted on Themyscira? So that Hippolyta. (Diana's Mother.) Won't be mad when he go's there.

6. Yes it's Detective Vision from the Arkham game series. From Arkham: Origins I like that one the best, and thought it would help Naruto with information on people/places.

7. It's Hawkeyes bow from the 2012 film. I thought I should give Naruto a gadget/weapon to use on villains that can take Superman on equally.. If he doesn't know ahead of time who'll he'll fight. if he knows, I'll use 'Sage' mode or the cloak for the fights. I just thought since the fights take place in cities/outer space, he wouldn't have time to gather natural chakra.

8. I want to put Young Justice on here so I'll probably have it where there are survivors like Kara's background for these shows is that she was on a planet near Krypton that other Kryptonians populated that got caught in the blast.

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