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Chapter LXVIII: Epilogue.

Last Time.

Later, Metro Tower.

"It's past time that Luthor's partners in crime were locked up." Wonder Woman said crossing her arms under her bust.

"Wait a minute, we help you guys save the world, and we don't even get any consideration?" Atomic Skull asked.

"You're right. Today you were the heroes. Tell you what: If you can go at least a month without any robberies, then we'll leave you be. After today, I think we all could use a vacation." Naruto said as the villains flee.

"A month? You're getting soft." Kara said to her fiance.

"Don't you have a building to go leap?"

"That's Clark you're thinking off."

Martian Manhunter pulled out his cell phone and phone his wife. "I should be back in time to dinner. I love you too."

"These are the end times..." Flash trailed off at seeing J'onn actually getting a woman.

The entire League then follow suit with them going home to rest.


Smallville, Naruto's House 2058.

Naruto groaned as light hit him. He now has lighter color hair and graying at the temples.

It's been 40 years since Darkseid's failed invasion and outside of the random plot to overthrow a leader/country, nothing big happened for 20 of those years.

He opened his eyes before feeling a pair of breasts press on his side.

Looking to his left, he saw Diana leaning on him, having no change except for two grey streaks in her hair that framed her face. (1.)

He slowly got up and saw her nude form before covering her up and walked out into the hall. He saw the added rooms to his left that he made for his kids before walking down to see that his family was inside, his kids stopping by for a visit.

He saw the ones he met during his first trip into the future, Matt, Jean, Donna, and Greer. As well as Carol who was cooking.

"Don't you have a meeting with the League today? I thought Clark set that up."

"Terry quit last week." Jean replied eating oatmeal. (2.)

"Yeah I heard about that. He's been going through some stuff. Found out Bruce is his father." Naruto replied before Matt spoke up.

"Amanda Waller actually orchestrated that."

"What? By pimping him out, stole a sample?" Naruto asked, not surprised that Matt found that out being his and Barbara's son and her giving him training to be a policeman before he became a lawyer.

"She got some of Bruce's blood when his age started to catch up to him before building that technology suit. Waller used her old Project Cadmus contacts to launch Project Batman Beyond. She found a young couple, Warren and Mary McGinnis, that was almost an identical psychological match for Batman's father and mother."

"When Warren went in for what he thought was a flu shot, his reproductive DNA was overwritten by that of Batman's by nanobots." Matt finished drinking coffee.

"Then that would explain why he and his little brother both have black hair when their parents both have red." Naruto said before a red light blinked.

"Trouble!" Greer said jumping over the table and into an empty room used to get to the League's HQ.

His kids left while his wives walked down the stairs, all having just lighter color hair including Barbara who used some of the modern medicine to help keep her younger looks.

"Heading off again?" Shayera asked as Mei and Anko walked in, after visiting their kids in their world.

"Yeah. Some random crime I guess."

"And they all left?" Anko asked crossing her arms under her bust wearing a mesh tank top.

"They're all just board, things were harder when we did this."

Gotham, A Few Weeks Later.

Matt Uzumaki was walking with a 30 year old Terry and an African American woman with pink messy hair and is wearing tight black pants, sneakers and a blue shirt under a leather jacket.

This is Maxine "Max" Gibson Terry's friend since High school and Matt's girlfriend.

"Why are we going to this park?" Max asked as they walked to a park.

"To check on something." Matt replied as he tapped his cane for affect.

"I ever tell you about the Diaz kid a few years ago?"

"No..." Max replied looking to Matt.

"Well there was this kid Miguel Diaz, about Max's age when Terry and I started out. Gonzo about that new action toy Soldier Sam."


Gotham, Three Years Ago.

During a community picnic, a young boy, Miguel Diaz, is playing with his Soldier Sam action figures.

"Shouldn't he be playing?" A woman asked Miguel's mother.

"He is playing." Mrs. Diaz replied.

"I mean with the other children."

"Miguel. Why don't you give Soldier Sam a rest and go play with the other boys?"

"But, Mom." Miguel whined looking back.

"Come on, you have been doing that all day. Time for something else."

"Uh...such aggressive behavior." The woman relied watching Miguel walk off.

"Yeah, not like your kid over there beating up another boy.

The woman looked to see Naruto in a black suit with Barbra who had her badge on her belt and holstered gun.

"And what the hell would you know about that?!"

"I know I caught your son breaking store windows last week. Word of advice: parent your kid before commenting another." Barbara said getting the woman to huff and walk off

Across the park, Miguel saw the boys roughhousing before running off to a building and decides to climb a nearby art sculpture

"Soldier Sam to the tower!"

In another part of town, agents of Kobra are breaking into a bank, but Batman and Daredevil jumps down and breaks up the robbery.

Daredevil jumped off a chair and kicks one man out of the window as Batman ran out of the smoke and kicks the next two. The two heroes ran as they were shot at by a flying car as the Kobras flee into the car as the heroes are forced to hid from the guns.

Batman and Daredevil then got into the Batmobile and gave chase.

"Are we catching up to them!?" Daredevil asked as Batman glanced back.

"Yeah, I thought you could see?"

Everything's a blur at this speed at first."

The Kobras' vehicle then fires a missile that misses them but hits the art sculpture, which begins to burn and topple.

"Damn it!" Batman cursed seeing Miguel on the roof, trapped by the flames, Batman abandons the chase and flies down to land in front of him.

Miguel recoils in fright as the two heroes dropped down in front of him.

"It's all right. Don't be afraid." Batman tries to reach for him, but he runs away, falling and hanging onto the ledge of the roof.

"Get away from me!"

"Hey, we're the good guys." Daredevil says to the kid.

"You don't look like good guys." Miguel replied as the two gestured to their suits.

This, it's just to scare the bad guys really. Come on. You have to trust us." Batman said as Miguel wasn't convinced.


Batman just sighed at that as they pulled their mask/cowl off. "Ah, slag it! Look!"

Miguel takes his hand, and the three fly to safety just before the building collapses.

Later, the evening news came on, the lead item of which is Miguel being interviewed after the fire, and saying that Batman and Daredevil are just regular guys, without their masks.

(Flashback End.)

"So the kid got on TV and told the whole world how he saw you two without your masks?" Max asked as the trio sat on a bench, Max leaning against Matt.

"Yep." Terry replied.

"And the old man, he saw the report?"

"How could he not, it was the news bite of the day."


Before long, the news is all over town, and Bruce is furious over the fact as he and Naruto stood in the dining room, cloths protecting the furniture.

"What the hell were you thinking?!"

"He would have died. What was I supposed to do? There wasn't another way." Terry tried to soothe Bruce who narrowed his eyes.

"There's always another way!"

"I don't see what you're so worried about, he's probably forgotten what I look like by now." Terry continued, insisting that their identity is safe, since Miguel doesn't know who he is.

"That doesn't matter!" Bruce yelled as he slammed his hand down on the table. "By announcing that he's seen your true face, Miguel has made himself a target for Batman's and Daredevil's enemies."

A few day's go by, and at Bruce's insistence, Terry and Matt keeps a constant watch on Miguel. Now watching from the shadows and rooftops as Miguel is walking home from piano practice

"We can't watch him forever Bruce." Batman pleads due to having a life outside of being a hero. Bruce relents and promises to call Barbara to arrange police protection.

As soon as Batman hangs up, he sees a gang of Kobras try to abduct Miguel outside his mother's apartment. Batman and Daredevil drop down and easily take are of them.

A moment later, a police car arrives as Daredevil was tying the men up before stopping.


He heard the police heartbeat beating very fast as Terry hands Miguel to him before running to Batman.

"Batman, that man was lying!"

Later, the duo searches the city desperately for Miguel, then realizes that the car was probably real, meaning that it was stolen.

"And we can trace it!" Daredevil exclaimed as Bruce does a search for the car's tracer, and locates Kobra's hideout.

Kobra Hideout.

At the hideout, the leader places a blue mind-reader on Miguel's head, telling him to concentrate on the day of the fire, and especially on Batman's and Daredevil's face after he pulled up his mask.

Looking to a screen, a blurred image came u having the leader calm him down by placing his Soldier Sam figure in his hand. The image resolves itself, and the leader smiles.

"Drop him." He orders his soldiers to drop Miguel in the snake pit, but just then Batman and Daredevil arrives and attacks.

Daredevil takes two agents our by kicking one's leg, breaking it before bringing the second head down onto his knee, knocking him out.

Batman subdues the soldiers and the leader by throwing bolas at them, and the leader laughs.

"It's too late I already uploaded the image to every Kobra computer in the world, and it will only be a matter of time before they identify you!"

They hear the police pull up outside, and decides to take his own way out, the leader then jumps into the snake pit.

Batman shields Miguel from the gruesome sight, and looks at the screen and smiles: the face of Soldier Sam has been superimposed on his and Matt's.

(Flashback End.)

"The kid must not have gotten a good look at us."

Finishing his story, Matt concludes that Miguel must not have gotten a good look at him to begin with, and instead just gave their faces his 'hero's' face.

"How can you be so sure?" Max asked as Terry catches a stray soccer ball and tosses it back to the kid who came to get it.

"Because that was Miguel, comes here all the time." Terry said as they left.

"And he's never recognized either of you?"


However, as Terry, Matt and Max walk away, Miguel glances over his shoulder with a knowing smile on his face.

A Few Weeks Later.

Naruto turned the TV on and saw a news report to see Kalibek attacking Metropolis with Parademons before seeing Superman who has grey around his temple in a black suit with metal around the arms, hands, and calves with white around his chest was taken through a Boom Tube.


Black Panther was sent into a car beside a bald Green Lantern.

This is Kai-Ro, a Tibetan Green Lantern recruited at a very early age to the Justice League when Terry was a teen.

Ann African-American Woman sped around the cars as she punched Parademons in the face.

This is Danica Williams, the current Flash. (3.)

"RAH!" Tigra and Phoenix yelled clawing and using a mace on other Parademons as Batman flew down to them.

"Everyone OK?"

"Clark was taken a few minutes ago." Panther replied jumping over a flipped car before Batman looked up and flew through a Boom Tube.

"OK, let's attack together!" Tigra said as she crouched on top of a car looking at Kalibek on a floating device.

"We should blind him, that way he can't direct the Parademons." Green Lantern said getting the other to nod as Donna was thrown to them, sword and lasso at her hip.

"Got it!" Green Lantern and Flash flew/sped off as Troia, Panther, Tigra, and Phoenix followed, attacking any Parademons they got to.

They flew up to Kalibek before he turned just in time to get his eyes slashed.

"AAHHH!" He screamed as Troia wrapped her lasso around him and the others started punching him towards a boom Tube.

Just then, Batman and Superman flew through another and slammed into him, throwing him through the Boom Tube.

A Few Days Later, the League stood in front of the White House where the President was commending them on stopping the attack, Naruto, his wives, John and Mari, all in attendance.

The End.

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1. In the JL Beyond comics that are out after they rebooted Batman Beyond for the comics, all she had were two white/grey streaks in her hair that framed her face.

2. I thought having Damien was going to screw up with Terry, but again after rebooting the comics in '10 and for Rebirth in '16 there is a Damian After being Robin he decided to find his own path but became the leader of the Assassins' so I just went with the finding his own path only to still have Terry be born as in DCAU there was no Damien so Amanda had Terry be born with Bruces DNA instead of his father's.

3. Danica is the new Flash for the Beyond comics.

OK sorry this didn't go up in Feb for the Anniversary but combination of being busy, this site acting up again and weather messing with my internet kept us from working on the Ch.'s.

Also, Ultimate Spider-Man TV series won the poll, got a lot of vote in the last couple of days but I guess that's because of the Spider-Man game getting its release date and GameInformer doing a month long coverage for it.

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