I couldn't get over him. Every part of my heart and soul belonged to him. There wasn't any part of me that denied him.
My every existence was to live and love him, to treat him like the only king, and to devote to him. People ask me why I
love a man who doesn't love me, but I reply back saying that I will make him love me. For the past 16 years of chasing him
even after he is a criminal in Konoha...I still loved him. Even after he left me, or when he tried to kill me, I loved him with all
my soul. Even now that it has been 3 years after the war and everything has been set back to a great age of Naruto, my heart
and soul belong to him...Uchiha Sasuke only. Only him whom I could love. Even after trying to love Naruto, it wasn't the same.

But after the war, and Sasuke's sentence to 3 years of service, I rarely see him. Although I do try to make obvious visits like almost everyday, he never seems to care. Watching him do all the hard work, I try to be the first one to give him water. After knowing he was hungry after work, I try to be the first to give him food. I wanted to be the first one through out those 3 hard year of competing with other girls.

Sadly, through out those 3 years, Sasuke only said a couple of words to me. Example would be:

"Sakura, this food stinks," or "Sakura, you're annoying." or "Get a life." Sometimes he even tells me, "I have no interest in you." But that makes me fall even more for him. But I keep trying. Although he has tried to change his schedule so many times, I'm the only one who can get to him first because...heroes of Konoha are easily successful like that.

Now that it's been the 3 years and Sasuke is out of service, he's been taking all kinds of mission. For three time straight in a row, I was luckily able to get the same mission as him. Although...we fail those missions due to my obsession...Sasuke. After those three times, Sasuke made it mandatory for me and him not to be on the same team. Sasuke wouldn't allow anything like that. Of course I was disappointed, but I had to drag my depression until he comes back for a 3-5 days rest in Konoha. He takes so many mission that I barely get to see him anymore.

It's been a month and he went on a mission with 2 boys and 1 girl. That lucky girl...was all my worries. Everyday in the hospital I quickly go to the gate and wait all day.

"Do you have nothing to do all day?" Naruto sits at the gate with me when he's off time and sneaked out of office.

"Why don't you send him home earlier?" Sakura sighed sitting at the corner waiting for him to come through.

Naruto would laugh and sigh, "Sakura...I must tell you...you're getting old...you should be marrying soon." Naruto laughed. Naruto was with Hinata and had two kids already, a boy and a girl. "Nana," and "Nito."

"Go babysit your kids." Sakura said not letting his words effect her.

Naruto's gravity was filled with seriousness, "I'm not joking Sakura. Your parents didn't want to tell you and believed that I should tell you...but you're arrange to marry someone..." Naruto sighed.

Sakura's eyes widen and stood up with no hesitation, "WHAT?" She grabbed the collar of his shirt and was about to punch him but she couldn't, "Just because you're hokage...once you're off duty...I'll kill you. My parents said that?" Sakura asked with a worried wavering eyes.

Naruto took out a contract, "Here." The contract signed 4 years ago by her dead parents held their requirements.

"We require Sakura to get married to someone to help Konoha build a friendlier and better relationship with the country. She must marry someone whom would help Konoha's allies."

"NO WAY!" Sakura yelled.

As Sasuke came home from his last mission, he realized Sakura wasn't there waiting for him this time. He smirked in victory.

"She finally gave up huh?" He thought to himself.

"Sasuke-kun!" The lucky girl on the team from his last mission hung over his arms, "Seems like one rival down for me." The lady smiled. Sasuke sighed and gave her a stare that says, "Let me go." Doing so, she let him go. Heading to the office of the Hokage he saw that everyone seemed more relaxed.

"Is there some sort of good news or something? I was sure just telling you that the land of water wanted a firm alliance through marriage." Sasuke complained to Naruto, "and that wasn't so long ago. Or...is something else making everyone so relieved? Aren't you suppose to be fixing this problem? What kind of Hokage does this?" Sasuke slammed Naruto's desk. Naruto laughed.

"Huh...Sasuke...I've solved that problem since long ago." Naruto sighed, "You guys don't have to worry about it." Sasuke was shocked on how fast Naruto worked out.

"Well...the guy kept saying he won't get married but the mizukage is forcing him to." Sasuke said.

"Isn't he the Chojuro guy?" Naruto asked with a smile, "Well I'm sure our alliance will be perfectly firm after their marriage."

Sasuke sighed, "Whatever. As long as this is over and done with." Sasuke sighed, "So what do I do?"

"Ya'll will have to send her over for a couple of dates to plan an engagement." Naruto said, "So...tomorrow morning, make sure you send Sakura over to the mizukage." Naruto smirked.

Sasuke stared straight into Naruto's calm eyes, "What are you planning?"

Naruto continuously smirked, "It was her decision." Naruto smiled, "And her parents did send her their last wishes. Plus-"

"That's not what I mean...if Sakura fails...then the Mizukage would back away from the resources we would be given." Sasuke said crossing his arms.

Naruto stepped on his chair and stance himself perfectly to balance his clumsiness.

"Who said...that she would fail? Besides, it's her decisions." Naruto smirked, "So...be out there to send her off and guide her through the engagement." Naruto said.

Sasuke sighed, "Alright then. It's whatever." Sasuke sighed as he exit. He suddenly had an urge to go to the hospital. There he found Sakura smiling perfectly fine without him. She was great with the kids, but she would get hotheaded when they call her, "Obachan."

Sasuke walked in with his hands covering his right arm. He walked in and everyone became aware of the great Uchiha from the war was in the hospital.

Sakura glanced up and there the Uchiha was staring straight into her eyes. Sakura didn't smile nor did she frown. She looked more surprise then anything else.

"What are you doing here?" Sakura asked.

He became irritated and replied calmly, "I'm obviously injured." He had sliced himself before he entered the hospital. His arm was leaking of blood.

"Wow..." Sakura saw his bare chest and bandaged his wounds. She couldn't understand the cut though. It was freshly cut.

"Did Naruto cut you?" Sakura asked worried.

Sasuke grunted, "NO." He said angrily. Sakura carefully tend his wounds and gave him his prescription. He just stared at her the entire time.

"I'll call a nurse to check you up. I've got to rush to the ER." Sakura suddenly ran out the room in a rush and Sasuke was trying to stop her but could due to the deep cut he cut.

Sakura ran to the bathroom and splashed water onto her face and sighed, "I got this." Sakura sighed and ran to the ER. Later that day, Sakura over worked herself trying to finish what she could at the hospital before she left. Sakura had provided the hospital the best after Tsunade's death a year ago.

Walking out, Sakura couldn't help but head to the Ramen shop.

"AHH!" Sakura ordered and began eating her noodles.

"I'll get one." Someone sat beside Sakura. Sakura listened to the voice and quickly stared next to her.

"Sasuke?" Sakura looked at him in shock, "What are you doing here?"

He looked at her with his dull eyes, "I can eat any where I want to." He implied.

Sakura laughed, "Oh that's right." Sakura quickly ate her food and was about to walk out but Sasuke asked her a question before she could pay and leave..

"You want to marry the guy? Or are you forced to?" Sasuke asked seriously.

Sakura stared at Sasuke with a seriousness, "I..." Sakura inhaled a deep breath and was about to say something long but Kakashi entered and sat down.

"Yo guy. Ya'll are getting along well." Kakashi ordered a meal, "Sakura, you are needed with Nadishko."

"Ah?" Sakura sighed, "I just came from there not too long ago."

"Why are you summoned by the anbu?" Sasuke asked in curiosity.

Sakura sighed, "Wedding crap." Sakura ran out.

"Girls are really...into wedding for no reason." Kakashi rubbed in.

Sasuke grinned his teeth and sighed, "What is Naruto up to?"

Kakashi shuddered and replied, "It was Sakura's decision. The Chojuro wouldn't marry anyone here besides Sakura."

"Doesn't make sense that she would volunteer willingly." Sasuke ate his bowl of noodles.

Kakashi laughed, "Boy, you must not know then..." Kakashi quickly ate his meal the other side so Sasuke wouldn't see.

"I'm not really interested. All I have to do is finish my job right?" Sasuke sighed. He stood up and was about to leave until Kakashi sparked an interest.

"The most interesting part is...Sakura is agreeing so that Obito would be set free from the debt of the land of water." Kakashi said.

Sasuke turned to look at him, "I was never aware that they had a relationship."

Kakashi nodded, "Strange."