In Sasuke's head all he could think about was, "What made me that crazy to run away with Sakura? Why did I really want to stop the marriage? Oh MY GOSH!" Every thing made him unsure, "That faggat Naruto...made me confused. I...I don't I really going to settle on JUST Sakura?" Sasuke asked himself.

"What have I done?" Sasuke questioned himself.

The next day, Sasuke was expecting Sakura to run to his house like she use to always do before the incident. He was expecting her to still be the annoying girl. He was planning to tell her slowly that he was not sure what he was thinking. He believed he liked her some what, but he doesn't believe that he loves here enough to probably marry her. But because she didn't show up he was angered of her presence in the Hospital.

"WHAT IS THAT IDIOT DOING IN THE HOSPITAL?" He was angered by the fact that he thought he could predict her every move. He thought that since it was just a mistake that she would be upset that he might not like her as much as he thought.

Sakura knew. She knew it along. She understood the meaning of Sasuke leaving her like that yesterday. She knew...he wasn't IN love with her, he may have liked her, or missed her but he wasn't ready to settle with her. Refusing to notice Sasuke's presence in the hospital, she walked pass him without greeting him.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Sasuke wanted to ruin her.

Chapter 4

For 1 whole week Sasuke waited and waited. He waited for her to come chasing him.

"What's with her?" Sasuke growled under his breath as he walk down the city in the afternoon. The sun was burning hot. Realizing that Sakura was shopping he then decided to walk to her .

But before he could, Lee walked to Sakura first.

"Hi Sakura!" Lee scratched his shiny hair with his blushed face.

"Oh, Hi Lee!" Sakura smiled.

Sasuke observed the situation and stuck his pockets in his pants and was about to turn the other way when Lee grabbed Sakura's hands and leaned in to kiss her forehead. Sasuke watched Sakura as she let out her tears.

Turning away Sasuke walked off.

"Aren't you bothered?" Naruto asked Sasuke.

"Not my business." Sasuke said. Without knocking Sakura rushed in and found Sasuke sitting there.

"Oh..." Sakura then sighed and relayed to Naruto, "Naruto...IT'S A BOY!" Sakura yelled.

"REALLY?" He yelled and hugged Sakura and thanked her and said, "Sasuke watch post. I'm heading out." Naruto ran out to go find Hinata.

"Huh...Lucky her." Sakura smiled then her smile eased as she stared back at Sasuke who was staring at her with dull eyes. He couldn't help but think about what he saw in the morning.

"What?" She felt awkward, "Bye." She was about to walk out but he suddenly reached the door before she could.

"Haruno...Sakura...I'm interested." He gave a cold stare, "You move on quickly." He said.

"It's not like we want to stay there forever..." She said with a firm statement.

"True." He walked to her then sighed. She could feel his breath.

"You know...I'm curious to how much you really love me." He smiled, "Because for the past few weeks, you refused to talk to me." He said.

Sakura sighed, "It's not like I have to." She said, "What happened before, we both should forget and start a new. I'm sure that's what you want as well." She said.

He nodded then smirked, "You first priority is to restore my clan right?" He asked.

She gave him a naive look then blushed, "And?"

"You wish it was you." He teased her. She then punched his stomach and sighed.

"I don't. I hope you support me in finding a better guy." She said as she was about to walk off.

"There is no better guy than me!" He yelled as she left outside the door.

"WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!" She yelled in her room, "I COULD CARE LESS WHO HE IS NOW! IT'S OVER!" She broke over 100 punching bags already.

"CALM DOWN SAKURA!" Ino entered from the kitchen.

"I've never seen so clearly in my life before. I was too obsessed with him to understand what's before me. I...SHOULD FIND MY REAL TRUE LOVE!" Sakura was determined, "It'll be a miracle!" Sakura began to drink the tea.

"If you're serious..." Ino sighed, "Which I doubt."

"Although it was over a 16 years crush, I believe that I shouldn't be luck out of love." Sakura smiled.

"Yah, what a pain Sakura..." Ino sighed.

The next day, Sakura walked into the hospital with short skirt and a shirt that showed her belly button. Her hair was up and her bangs were hanging. She wore high heeled shoes.

"WOW...Sakura..." The patient she treated was losing so much blood because of her. Everyone scattered the words of Sakura's new change. Spreading to Sasuke, he was amazed about what happened. He then planned to visit her.

"Wow." He stood behind Sakura, "You sure are trying to impress me much." He looked at her skirt.

"Shut-up." Sakura rolled her eyes, "If you have no business here...please leave."

"Sure sure." He smirked and as he saw a nurse with big breast he walked to her and began flirting. Sakura saw his idea and she then yelled at the nurse.

"Mam, if you're patients are healed then you wouldn't be here flirting!" Sakura yelled watching her leave.

"You are one jealous girl!" Sasuke licked his lips.

Sakura rolled her eyes and out of jealousy she kicked him out of the hospital.

Later that night as Sakura trolled home, she took off her shoes and sighed.

"What A PAIN!" Sakura went home to change into training clothes. Heading to the forest she began to build up her strengths. Watching her, Lee clapped.

"You get amazing everyday." Lee smiled.

"Lee!" She smiled, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to check on you of course!" Lee smiled, "I heard you changed."

"Oh..." Sakura smiled, "Let's not discuss that. Anyways, want to be my sparing partner?"

"Reporting!" An anbu appeared, "Naruto want's discussion with Sakura right away."

"Yes-sir!" Sakura smiled at Lee and they departed.

As she walked into the room she realized Sasuke was there as well.

"What? What's going on?" She entered the room.

The wide smirk on his face turned her stomach upside down. Sakura became curious of what was happening.

Naruto sighed, "Sorry Sakura, but I've planned to gain more trust from the sky land. It's going to cost a lot. I was hoping you and Sasuke can help me out. I trust you two." Naruto said.

"But...why us two? Why can't you just send him?" Sakura asked.

"Because he sucks at being friendly." Naruto laughed.

"Shut-up." Sasuke argued.

Sakura nodded and understood, "Then...we're trying to gain the entire people's trust."

Naruto smiled and scratched his head, "Yeah, Sasuke may need a medic ninja."

Sakura bit her lips and didn't argue, "I don't mind..." She said firmly, "But I hope you know, this is ONLY work for us." Sakura said to both Sasuke and Naruto.

"Be out there at 3 in the morning." Sasuke said to her.

"Whatever." She walked out.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "So the sky... what's the deal Naruto? We don't really need them." Sasuke said.

"It's not that." Naruto sighed, "It's not our business...but their people are suffering. The sky won't let us help them."

"You're too kind." Sasuke said heading for the door.

"Don't be too harsh Sasuke." Naruto said as he watch Sasuke go.

At 3 in the morning, Sakura waited for 30 minutes and he hasn't shown up.

"Huh!" She was impatient. She was dressed very inappropriate for a mission. Her short skirt, bra showing her entire body figure. Her long hair was tied up into a pony tail. Her headband was her pride which shine on her head.

"Did you wait long?" Sasuke smirked as he see the way she dressed. His eyes flowed up and down. She suddenly blushes and covers her hands to her chest.

"Pervert." Sakura said.

"You wanted the attention right?" Sasuke asked.

She gave him a glare, "Not from you." She said. He then became a little tick by her words.

"Well it ain't worth looking at anyways." He said walking pass her. As they began their journey, there was silent.

Passing though a big village Sasuke finally spoke, "Let's rest here." He said.

"Alright." She said.

"At that hotel." He pointed to a big built hotel.

She blushed and thoughts came into her head, "Sure.."

"What? You couldn't be possibly thinking that you and I?" He laughed, "You think too much." He said.

She just walked pass him.

"We just need one room." Sasuke said to her, "It saves up more money." He said.

"Huh..No." Sakura argued, "Why would I sleep with YOU?" She panicked.

"Because we both are going to be traveling for ALONG time and we need to save money." He said and began to enter their information onto the paper and ordered one room, "Let's go!" He took her hand and dragged her to the room.

The room number was 317.

"How annoying." Sakura said running in and then jumped on the bed, "I call the bed!" She said.

He just looked at her and smirked, "You really think you're going to sleep on the bed by yourself?" He asked.

"Why not? I mean...I am the girl." sakura said.

"Sure sure, anyways, I'm going to get the club house. You want to go?" He asked.

Sakura's eyes lit up, "YES!" She was hoping to meet the guy she was fated for. She was hoping that maybe she might meet "THE ONE."

Sasuke just looked at her with suspicion and let her go with him. As soon as they entered the music pounded in their ears and ladies with showy clothing were all over the place. Sakura then stared over to see some girls making out.

They were naked and on top of each other. They battled each other and their hands landed on each other's genital. Sakura began to blush. As they continued men and women were doing each other Sakura's heart was blushed.

"How could they do that so openly?" She sat down beside Sasuke and then as she turned to him he was already hitting it off. The girl was grinding on him. She was ontop of him and he was holding her from falling. She moved up and down his body. Her moans got him smiling and Sakura turned bright red.

"So disgusting." She got up and walked over to the drinking area. As Sakura drank someone suddenly touched her shoulder and sat down beside her.

"Hi lady." The guy was young and he had blonde spiked hair. His eyes were chocolate brown and his smile was sweet. She fell head over heels with his smile.

"Hello." She blushed.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"The names Sakura Haruno." Sakura smiled embarrassingly.

"Oh." He smiled, "You're cute." He was straightforward. His hands then landed on her thighs. Sakura's heart began to beat. Her hormones came on. She was confused and didn't know what to do. His eyes were on her and she looked at his hands crawl up her womanhood.

"Uhh..." She then stopped him from rubbing it, "Stop." She said blushing.

"What? Are you still a virgin?" He asked. She looked at him and nodded.

He began to laugh, "Wow...interesting. You dress like that and you haven't did it?" He smirked.

Sakura blushed and yelled, "So? It's not a bad thing." She yelled. Her eyes then began to check him out. She could see his muscular body figure.

"You checking me out?" His face leaned closer to her. She could feel his breath on her lips. It warming her up.

"My name is Natsu." He said as he licked the side of her lips. She then pulled away and shrugged up.

"Sorry, I'm not use to it." She replied innocently.

"It's ok." His suddenly grabbed the back of her head gently and as he was going to pull her into a kiss, a loud screech came from the mics.

"Hello everyone." The voice was familiar in Sakura's ears.

"I'm here to sing a song for someone who believes she could make ANY guy fall for her. It's dedicated for her and her adventurous moments to finding a man who'll accept her. So has fail." Sasuke smirked as his and her eyes connected. Sakura's face became bright red and she was so mad and stood up and was about to walk away.

"Don't you leave baby." He said seductively, "Cause your punishment might be harsh." He then snapped and the music came on. As he sang he walked to Sakura and pushed Natsu and grabbed Sakura's hands.

"What?" Natsu stared at them two. Sasuke then pulled her small waist towards him. She could feel his heat. Her hands landed on his chest to separate the distance between them.

"What are you doing?" She whispered as everyone cheered them on.

Sasuke was still singing and at the side of his lips landed a smile. Once the song ended he dropped the mic and grabbed her with both his hands. One hand on her hips and the other on her back.

"Sakura, I'll be there to ruin each and everyone of your relationship and show you what hell of love is like." Sasuke smirked. She stared into his dark eyes and her thoughts were despised him.

"I hate you." Sakura pushed him off. He just laughed at her and watch her sit back down for a drink. Sasuke then looked at Natsu and smirked, "I wouldn't hit on her if I were you. She's a big nerd."

Natsu then took a drink and walked off. As Sasuke stared at Sakura's back he smirked. Walking towards Sakura he slightly touched her back with one finger he tickled her by moving it down. She turned around and grabbed his hands.

"Don't touch me so willingly." Sakura said.

Sasuke smirked, "Whatever." Sasuke smirked and watched her still. He then eyed her skirt and realized that when she sit, her skirt could almost reveal her underwear.

"You are such a bad girl." He then grabbed her out of the seat and dragged her into a room.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She yelled, "I WANT MY DRINK!" She tried pushing him but his eyes were focused on her. She was trying her best to escape.

"Sakura!" He said her name with a soft voice. Noticing something was weird Sakura stared into his eyes. And she realized what he was up to.

"You..." Her heart began to beat out of fear, "What are you planning?" She took a step back. Sasuke had already locked the door.

"You wanted the attention." Sasuke smirked as he looked at her up and down she suddenly blocked him from viewing her.

"I already said I didn't want you." She said stepping back. He was getting closer and closer towards her. The room was dark with one lamp on.

"Too bad Sakura. It's funny to see you trying to lose your virginity so fast." He said angrily. She then reached her limits and she was up against the wall. He locked her in. His breath was on top of her. She faced away from his chest.

"Wearing such a short skirt." His hands landed on her thigh and slowly rise to her genital.

"Stop Sasuke." She tried pushing him but his warmth came closer to her, "What are you doing?" She couldn't think. He rubbed her womanhood and loved the way she slightly moaned.

"Sasuke!" She bit her lips, "Are you drunk?" She asked calmly, "Think clearly!" She said.

"I am!" Sasuke replied, "I'm just showing you Sakura how other guys would take over you. And you wanted it, so before you do it with anyone else...mind as well do it with me." He then forced her up against the wall and there were no more space left between them.

"uhh..." She was scared. His face rubbed against hers and slowly licked her cheeks to her neck. As he sucked her neck and gave her a hickey she yelled.

"STOP!" She was about to use force until his lips smashed into hers and his hands flowed all over. He touched and caressed her. Her eyes were wide open trying to get him off her. She couldn't breathe. But he kept using his tongue. She then bit his lips and he was forced to remove his lips.

"Ouch." He said calmly. He then stepped away from her. As he looked at her he realized that he had almost took off her bra.

"You look good." He smirked and walked to her and took a blanket to cover her, "Stop trying to look good. Unless you want guys to do what I just did." He said. She then began to tear down.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" She yelled, "Stealing my first kiss...then ALMOST STEALING MY VIRGINITY!" She cried.

He was blank and emotionless, "Think about it Sakura-"

"Out of everyone're the last person I would want to touch me." She said. His eyes widen and sighed.



Sasuke then punched the wall beside her, " it. You'll regret. Like I care." He then left her there as he exit.

Sakura stood in there with her thoughts trying to collect to why he was doing this, "What ever I do shouldn't matter to him." She said. As she came out, she walked over to the drinking area and near by Sasuke was on a girl. His hands were observing her inner areas. Sakura's eyes widened. She walked closer and she witnessed him licking her.

With fury she stormed out. Later as Sasuke tries to find her she was no where. Sighing he walked out and once heading back into the room he realized that she wasn't in there. Hearing the water turned on she was taking a shower.

"How annoying." He sighed, "Could've at least told me you were going back." He yelled as he laid on the bed.

"How to make his life miserable." She whispered to herself.

Turning off the water she realized that she got in the shower without getting her stuff.

"HUh..." Sakura sighed opening the door a little bit eyeing where Sasuke was.

"He's sleeping..." Sakura walked to her suit case with a towel wrapped around her.

"What are you doing?" He looks up to see her in her towel. Blushing bright red Sakura throws her bag at his face.

"OUCH!" He yelled, "There's nothing to see! I've already seen you." He sighed walking into the bathroom with a smile on his face.

"That jerk." She sighed.

With what he saw he was content to see her so uptight about seeing her.