"How annoying." He sighed, "Could've at least told me you were going back." He yelled as he laid on the bed.

"How to make his life miserable." She whispered to herself.

Turning off the water she realized that she got in the shower without getting her stuff.

"HUh..." Sakura sighed opening the door a little bit eyeing where Sasuke was.

"He's sleeping..." Sakura walked to her suit case with a towel wrapped around her.

"What are you doing?" He looks up to see her in her towel. Blushing bright red Sakura throws her bag at his face.

"OUCH!" He yelled, "There's nothing to see! I've already seen you." He sighed walking into the bathroom with a smile on his face.

"That jerk." She sighed.

With what he saw he was content to see her so uptight about seeing her.

Chapter 5

Heading out the next day Sakura stared at his back the entire time.

"Why do you keep staring?" He asked staring at her.

"It's just..." She looked away, "nothing." She said.

"Really?" He asked, "If that's how you see it." He said.

Sakura sighed, "Where are we heading to now?" She asked him.

"We're getting closer but we won't get there by today. Tomorrow morning we should be able to get the ride up." Sasuke said. Sakura just nodded without a reply.

He looked at her outfit. She was more covered up. Her shirt showed only her belly button, and she wore a short pants.

"Took my advice?" He asked her. She was confused and didn't reply.

"You dress more like a shinobi today." He said.

Feeling insulted she gave him a silent treatment.

"Whatever...glad you're not talking. It's annoying when you do." He said.

"Shut-up!" She yelled with annoyance. She began to speed ahead leaving the smiling Sasuke behind.

Finally as they reached the last village before heading to the sky land it was a small village.

"Wow..." Sakura stared at the people.

"Small..." Sasuke stared.

"But...peaceful." Sakura smiled and walked forward. Walking around to see if they could sleep anywhere they found a place to eat. As they ate there, there was a band singing songs, and people dancing.

"Such a nice place." Sakura said as she ate her bun.

"Sakura?" Natsu stared at her.
"The guy from...last night?" She took a closer look at him. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.

"Are you stalking us?" Sasuke bit into his bun.

Natsu laughed and replied, "No...I work here."

Sakura looked surprised and laughed, "Yah, you look a lot different today then last night." She said.

Natsu smiled and replied, "Well...last night was different." He said, "Actually can I talk to you...Sakura? Alone?" They both looked at Sasuke and he was angered.

"Don't ask me to move." He retorted.

"Ok." Sakura smiled and got up. Sasuke watched as the pink haired girl walk to another table with Natsu.

"Is he a stalker or what?" Sasuke watched them carefully.

"So...what is it?" Sakura asked.

"I was hoping you won't mention this to anyone here...about what happened last night." The boy said.

Sakura smiled and replied, "It's cool. I won't. I have no one to tell anyways." Sakura said. He reached out to grab her hands with joy and thanked her.

"It means so much to me." He smiled then winked, "Maybe we should even...continue what we left off last night." Natsu smiled.

"Haha..." Sakura just laughed, "Well, I'll head back-" Sakura turned back and two girls were already talking and laughing with Sasuke. The pink haired girl's hair began to fly. Sakura glanced at Sasuke who was enjoying them. The girl then gave him a drink and laughed as they talked.

"What are ya'll laughing about?" Sakura walked over, "Very funny cause I just remembered that Sasuke doesn't know how to joke." Sakura stared at Sasuke who was perfectly in great shape with a smile.

"I thought you said she wasn't your girlfriend." The brown hair girl said.

Sakura twitched at the sound of that, "Why would I be this JERK's girlfriend?"

"Like I said she wanted to be." Sasuke sighed with the smile still on his face.

"WHO WOULD?" Sakura yelled, "You know what? Hurry up and eat cause I REALLY want to sleep." Sakura glared at him with an impatient look.

Sasuke sighed, "It was fun girls. We should hang out sometimes in the sky."

Sakura's face then looked sharp, "Sky?" She whispered.

As they walk off, Sakura took Sasuke's hands and asked him, "SKY? What do you mean?" She asked.

"It's dangerous to just fly to the sky. We should have companions that are willing to conceal our identities as we head over." Sasuke said, "What? You think I wanted to do them girls?"

"Well don't you always?" Sakura crossed her hands.

Sasuke wrapped his arms around her shoulder and tugged her closer to him, "Are you jealous?" He asked.

Sakura pushed him away, "You wish. I'm over it Sasuke. We're just people who are trying to finish our mission. Don't forget that. Let's act like it."

"Act?" Sasuke smirked, "I want to be real, not fake." He whispered into her ears. Slapping his face the other way she walked off. With a smile Sasuke followed her.

"Where could we go?" Sakura walked around town. As they headed back to the place to eat, they saw Natsu packing up.

"Oh're still wondering around?" He asked.

"Actually...we can't find a place to stay." Sakura smiled.

Natsu then lightened up, "You can come over! My parents left for a mission. I'm staying alone." He said.

"REALLY?" Sakura smiled, "ALRIGHT! Sasuke let's-" Sakura was interrupted.

"No." Sasuke pulled her over to his side, "How can you trust him so easily Sakura?"

Sakura then stared at Sasuke with a dull look, "Do you want to sleep outside?" Sakura then grabbed Natsu's hands and she walked off. Sasuke was stubborn but he followed anyways. As he assigned them rooms, Sasuke was left out of all the conversation.

"That's amazing!" Sakura smiled, "You do that much?" She was really into him as Sasuke saw it.

"Why should I care?" Sasuke sighed as he sat on the chair eating the bread.

Leaving Sasuke and Sakura alone, Natsu went outside to check on his goats and cows.

"He's a nice guy." Sakura smiled and began to day dream.

Sasuke sighed, "Don't think too much of him." Sasuke said, "He may be nothing but crooked. Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" He asked kindly.

Sakura stared at him dully, " Aren't you thinking too much?" She asked about to get up.

"Be alarmed Sakura." Sasuke warned, "I'm giving you one last chance." Sasuke said.

Sakura thought about it.

Later that night Sakura heard footsteps coming towards her room, she began to think about what Sasuke said.

"That idiots...probably asleep already." Sakura said to herself.

"Sakura?" She heard Natsu's voice.

"Oh..Natsu?" She said, "Come in!" Sakura felt relieved.

Natsu walked in and she blushed. He was wearing a t-shirt and a long sweat. He attracted her.

"Hi. I was just..." He stared at her and then she stood up and walked over to him.

"Natsu..." Sakura said cautiously, "Listen...I really want to thank you and apologize...Sasuke is a tempered man. He's always been like that. Don't take him to heart." Sakura said with a smile.

All of a sudden, Natsu grabbed her and kissed her into a deep kiss.

She was too shock and didn't move. She didn't think he was really like that.

He pulled away and Sakura stared at him, "I like you Sakura... at first my hormones were just going crazy but I you." His hands began to crawl up her shirt.

"huh?" Sakura stared at him.

"Please..." Natsu then grasped her breast and squeezed them.

"NO!" Sakura tried removing him from her. But he bit her neck.

"What are you doing?" Sakura yelled.

"I LOVE YOU!" He was confessing.

"I'm sorry." Sakura then used her strength and hit him hard on the nuts.

"Sorry..." Sakura waved him a goodbye to sleep.

"I told you." Sasuke was at the door.

"Huh..." Sakura sighed as she walked pass him. Sasuke then grabbed her arms and asked her, "Did you like him that much to let him go that far with you? You could have just let him kiss you but touch you?" He raged.

Sakura looked him with emotionless eyes, "I was shocked...that he was someone like you. Funny how all guys are a like." Sakura walked off. Sasuke sighed.

Waking up Natsu was tied up in a chair. He realized Sakura left a letter beside him.

Making their way up to the sky on a boat with those two girls, Sasuke and Sakura began their journey to the sky.

"I'll be back." Sasuke said to Sakura as his eyes converted to the brown haired girl.

"Whatever. Don't come back." Sakura new his objectives.

Sasuke walked to the girl and as he leaned in to seduce her she fell for it. He grabbed her closer and deepened the kiss. He touched her butt and squeezed it. Sakura stared down at the land and looked at the sky. Sasuke had gone into a room with the girl. As Sasuke pushed her onto the bed she placed his hands on her chest and his other hands on her womanhood.

"You are one sexy slut." He licked her tits. Hearing her moans he ripped her clothes off. As she faced the bed Sasuke kissed her back.

She moans in pleasure, "As you kiss wouldn't mind your pink head girl in pleasure as of now too right?" She stared at him for a reaction.

Sasuke automatically rose up and sighed. With his sword to her neck he watched her beg for mercy.

"I was only warning you that this boat is not a regular boat! We sell girls on this boat!" She yelled, "I'm only trying to help you!" She cried. Sasuke ran out to where Sakura was and found her no where. He then noticed that everyone here were drunkies and people who were here to buy girls.

"Should've known." Sasuke sighed running back inside to find the right room Sakura was in.

As he entered each room he only found naked womens and mens doing it. As he reached the end of the rooms he found on with a golden tab.

He entered the room to find Sakura drinking tea.

"What?" Sasuke sighed, "What are you doing here?" He asked her. Sakura turned to look at him and sighed.

"You must be some horny man." Sakura stood up to look at him.

"Excuse me?" He asked.

"I don't know how you go around with all these's not only shameful but embarrassing." She poked him harsh.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed her finger, "Sakura...what are you doing here?" He asked her with a serious tone.

Sakura then pushed him and replied, "We're on a mission Sasuke...not here to DO IT with everyone!" Sakura yelled in anger.

"What? Keep your jealousy to yourself!" He yelled, "One-sided love will get you no WHERE!" He yelled at her. She took her fist and was about to punch his face but he grabbed her hands and pulled her in.

"You tell me one more time to stop being myself then disappear Sakura. Run away. I can finish this mission myself." He said unaware that she was hurting. Her bangs covered her eyes and as she looked down she didn't dare look up. Her heart was beating and she was filled with anger and hatred.

"Last kept giving me hopes. This time, let's end it for real." Sakura said, "Don't touch me." She unlock his grasp and turned away from him, "Get out...I'm waiting for a guest." Sakura said.

Sasuke replied with no hesitation, "End what? Something that was never there?" He retorted, "So now what? You want to lose your virginity to someone you don't know?" He yelled. He forced her to turn around and her tears flew every where. He stared at her speechless. He was confused and didn't know what to do.

"Leave me a lone.." She hugged herself. Tears were endlessly falling.

"Sakura..." He whispered, "Stop..crying." He pulled her in for a hug. She started to cry harder. As they stood in that position for a little bit someone knocked.

"Did I come in the wrong room?" A young men with black hair and purple eyes walked in.

"Oh, sir..." Sakura pushed Sasuke, "It's me's been a long time." Sakura smiled.

The guy smiled and stared at Sasuke, "May I ask who this is?" He asked.

"His name is Sasuke Uchiha." Sakura said politely.

"Huh...the man who was once a criminal and saved us all." The guy said sticking out his hands and saying, "Hello, my name is Ikuto." He said fiercely, "I'm the prince of the sky."

"I wonder what the prince is doing on a boat like this?" Sasuke asked as he grabbed Sakura's hands to pull her closer to him. Sakura stared at his back in curiosity.

"Huh..." Sakura sighed, "Sasuke...that's dumb question...isn't all guy the same?" She retorted.

"Shut-up." He gripped her hands tighter. She didn't say it hurt, rather she wanted him to hold her hands.

"I'm here for my women. I bought her." Ikuto said with a pure smile.

Sakura then sighed and said to Sasuke, "Get out Sasuke."

"What? You telling me you are going to do it?" Sasuke yelled.

"Why do you care?" Sakura asked, "It's my decision. Besides, it's not like we're dating or we're married." Sakura rolled her eyes.

Sasuke blurted, "Then marry me." He said angrily, "I'm sure you want to. Just marry me and get this over with. Naruto will kill me if you dare to do something so STUPID!" He yelled. Sakura was in shock.

"How do I know?" Sakura stared into his eyes.

"You can have my eyes." Sasuke said, "If I go back on my words." He was serious.

Sakura was surprised with joy and she could careless as of now, "Ok then... marrying me would be an endless torture for you." She agreed with a smile.

"I've already bought you honey. Nothing you can take back now." Ikuto said.

"How much?" Sasuke asked.

"Oh..." He smirked, "I bought her for 100."

"THAT'S IT? THAT'S HOW LOW YOU SET YOUR PRICE TO?" Sasuke yelled at Sakura.

"Shut-up." Sakura said, "He offered."

"Give him his money back." Sasuke yelled.

"Huh..." Sakura took out the money and handed back to him. Once Ikuto held the money he tore it up in front of them.

"Wow...I've always wanted money to fall from the sky!" Sakura smiled.

"How immature." Sasuke said and as they were about to walk out Ikuto held her hands.

"You're going to regret this Sakura..." Ikuto smiled.

As she studied his smile she frowned, "Is that a threat?" She asked firmly.

"Yes." He replied.

"You'll be sad to find out something as well..." Sakura sighed, "Your sick isn't that well. It would be bad if Konoha stopped giving you those antidote we made for only your sickness." Sakura said.

Ikuto frowned and as he leaned in closer Sasuke grabbed Sakura to his side.

Ikuto began to laugh and sighed, "Why would you believe someone who never loved you Sakura? Why would you want to marry someone who doesn't love you?" He asked.

"What do you know?" Sasuke asked. As she realized that those words meant something she blushed. Running to a room, Sasuke and Sakura sat down.

"Huh...what a pain." Sasuke sighed.

Sakura didn't say a word. Sasuke glanced over at Sakura and realized she wasn't smiling.

"You not happy?" He asked.

Sakura replied, "I'm thrilled. But..." She slightly smiled, "It's kind of hard to believe." She said.

Sasuke sighed, "You really don't think that I won't keep my promise?" He asked.

Sakura nodded, "No...that's not what I meant..." She said, "I'm just...unsure...and," She sighed, "I don't want to get my hopes up for something fake." She said. Sakura stared at the honest girl. It was long since he seen her like this. She was being innocent.

He smirked and walked to her, "What? Is that what you think of me? Dishonest?" He asked lifting her chin up.

Her face turned bright pink as her hair and she didn't know what he was thinking.

"We're married." He smirked.

"But...hold up." Sakura sighed, "Why?" She asked.

"I'm beginning to become curious myself." He said and leaned in to kiss her.

This time she knew the difference between his kisses. It was soft and gentle. She doesn't know whether he was serious or what but she knew...that she'll love him and only him forever. Whether he loves her or not, she is going to make him fall for her.