I had a dream that night, it was very... how can i put this... cryptic... that sounds right. In the dream, i am standing on a ledge, maybe a cliff, it's covered in snow and frozen shrubs, forest and rivers like veins encase the expanse before me, then a large black figure darts towards the sky in the distance, smoke suddenly blows by me, changing the beautiful forests to a town on fire, the figure from before reveals itself to be a black fantasy type dragon, relentlessly scorching the town, soldiers in red frantically shooting arrows and running about, slowly i look down, before me lays the body of a woman, burned beyond recognition, in her arms is a baby, burned in parts, but still alive, a man runs past, then stops in his tracks.

He was no older then me, he had long red hair, tied back into a pony tail, his eyes were a steely grey, he had a muscular build, visible even under his cloak, leaving little to no skin in sight, but every glimps of him told a story, he tucked the baby in his arms, then took off running, the smoke swallowed me once more, bringing me back to the capturing sight, the wind blows heavily behind me, though it was paced, almost like... breathing. I snap around, another dragon sits proudly before me, the beast was white, some spots are almost golden, his eyes were a piercing blue, matching the sky almost perfectly.

"I am Akatosh, father of Nirn, you are not a creation of mine, who are you?" his voice echoed through the mountains, forests, the rivers, even the ground beneath my feet, it's almost as if it's the world itself speaks in unison with the imposing dragon. "I am Tsukune Aono, Bane of Alucard," i say, trying to be as imposing as possible. "That title is unknown here, where are you from, Bane of Alucard?" He says, wisdom of ages showing itself in simple words, this dragon most definently is one of the most powerful things to ever make my presence, he had to be, the aura he sports is out of any league i've ever sensed, aka don't piss off the dragon.

"Where am I?" I ask, trying to keep eye contact with him, "at this second, dreaming in a cave, surrounded by all the women you could ever want." he answers, i feel like he's grinning. "No, i mean Nirn, I've never heard of it." i ask, the dragon laughs, "we are in a different plane of existence, different in most ways then the one you hail from, I know not how you and your friends came to be here, but i know you come at a time where you can be of use, do you remember the burning town from before?" he asks, i merely nod. "that is the second coming of Alduin, the world eater, his job is at the end of time, to eat the universe, then give it new birth, but he has strayed from this path, he enslaved the entirety of nirn in his first coming, he was defeated, but now he is back for his revenge, and to once again take over the world, he must be stopped, now, your busty friend are attempting to wake you, so i shall return you to the land of the consious." he finishes, i hear talking and what sounds like arguing.

A bright flash of light welcomes me back to the cave, the the girls are all arguing again... all but Kokoa of course, she's always been a heavy sleeper. I groan, getting into an up right position, turns out cave floors aren't too good for your back, shocker! I stretch a bit, you could have mistaken my back for bubble wrap. The makeshift door Mizore carved last night flung open, Kurumu stumbled into the cave, caked in dirt and snow, i dash to her side, "Kurumu, are you alright?" i frantically ask, "don't worry about me, Mizore and Moka... they're fighting for thier lives out there!" she says, i dash outside, just to be creamed in the face by a snow ball, i frantically try to brush my face off, just to be pelted by a volley of snow, courtacy of yukari and fangfang (Finally got his name right!), just as i can see again, an icy wall forms in front of me, blocking their assault, Mizore gives me a thumbs up, i reply in kind. I collect myself, forming a snowball hastily, i chuck it as cover fire, then duck behind Mizore and Moka's 'fort' almost getting tagged in the process, that was close! "welcome to the fort Tsukune!" Moka says enthusiastically. "Thanks Moka, and thank you Mizore for the save back here, that really helped!" I respond, "yeah, no problem..." Mizore says sheepishly, sinking her crimson red cheeks into her scarf. "alright team, lets show them who's boss!" i shout, "yeah!" they both shout, doing a cute little fist pump, then on to the snow flinging! Mizore starts hyper forming snow balls, and we throw them nearly as fast as she makes them, almost. Thats not to say that they don't return fire, they lay down a hefty barrage, but are out manned and out gunned, or rather, out snow balled.

After they raised a white flag that looked to be constructed of a handkerchief and a small branch, we cheer to our victory. Yukari and Lingling skulk out of their 'fort' build mostly of brass wash tubs and snow, it was quite unorthodox, but effective. "yay, we did it Tsukune!" Moka attaches herself to my arm, "Hey! Why do you get to hog him!" Yukari shouts, "spoils of war." Moka says cutely, sticking her tongue out when she thinks i'm not looking. "At least let me in there to!" Yukari shouts, Moka replies by quickly evading her charge for us two, causing her to land face first in a pile of snow. We all laugh, even Yukari, once she pulls her head out of the snow. Our stay here is bound to be an interesting one, to say the least.

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