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"Mommy" I turn around from the sink and take my gloves off putting them down.

"Yes princess" I say to my 5 year old daughter "What's the matter?"

"Look" She holds up a gold necklace with her name written on it "Auntie Haley gave it to me" I take the necklace from her "Tyler got a basketball signed"

"Hey…" I turn my head and see My 5 year old son walk into the kitchen with a frown on his face "I wanted to tell Mommy"

"Sorry" Tamara scrunched up her nose making me laugh.

"Signed basketball Ty" I say taking the ball from him and seeing the signatures of all the Laker players written around it "Uncle Nate done well this year huh?"

"He sure did" I hear the voice of Nathan throughout the kitchen "Don't you have employees who do that for you?" He nodded to the sink which was now all tidy and clean "I mean it is your kids birthday and here you are cleaning"

"I gave the staff the weekend off" I tell him giving the ball back to Tyler and putting Tamara's necklace on her "Be careful with that Tamie"

"I will Mommy" She responded running back into the living room with her brother.

"I miss doing the whole housewife thing" I tell Nathan "I'm always working nowadays with the company and travelling most of the time. I'm always missing out on things" He nods understanding what I was saying "Plus even though Lucas works from home it's not the same. The kids need me too"

"Yeah I get that" Nathan walks around the counter and grabs a bottle of beer from the fridge "I missed Lydia's first steps because I was in Miami recruiting a player who I didn't even manage to sign"

"Yeah… I missed Tegan's first words" My heart sinks at remembering that "She cried out when I left and cried Mama… that broke my heart"

"It's good to be home" Nathan looked around the kitchen and smiled "Nothing's better than have that family feeling"

"I totally agree with that" I pick up my beer and take a swig "Now why don't you get back to everyone else"

"You not coming?" He questions and I shake my head with a small smile.

"I still have to wash up the trays" I tell him nodding over to the trays which were soaking "Then I'll come out"

"Okay" He laughed shaking his head "Well Hurry up Scott" Yeeep… As you've heard… I am officially a Scott and have been for 2 years now. Lucas and I graduated then I gave birth to our amazing twins Tamara and Tyler while going to college. We moved away from Tree Hill while we went college, but once we graduated college we started a life in New York where I put my million dollar idea to the test and started up my own company which I now run from Tree Hill as we moved back home. Lucas is a successful writer, but in his free time he coaches the Tree Hill Ravens. We got married the last year of college where I also had my 3 year old daughter Tegan and I haven't been happier.


"What is she doing in there?" Haley asked her husband when he walked back into the living room.

"She's cleaning" Nathan replies "Weird I know"

"She only does that when she has a lot going on" Haley looks in the direction of the kitchen and goes to stand up when she sees Lucas heading in that direction.

"Well Tamara and Tyler liked their presents" Nathan smiled when he watched the kids playing in the garden "Where's Tegan?"

"Sleeping" Brandon says walking into the living room "I just checked on her"

"Okay" Nathan nodded "Marilee" Nathan calls out to his daughter "Mars…"

"Yes Daddy" Marilee came running into the living room with Tamara.

"Is Millie with you?"

"No Daddy she was sleeping with Tegan" Marilee says "She was really tired"

"Okay pumpkin" Nathan kisses the side of her head "You two can go play now"

"Okay Daddy" Marilee takes Tamara' hands and they run back into the garden.


I felt two hands wrap around my waist and kiss the side of my neck "Why is Mrs Scott cleaning on her kid's birthday?" Lucas asks me and I relax into him "Brooke what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong" I lie leaning up of him and scrub the tray again "I just have to clean these then I'm finished"

"We have people who do that for us?" He says like I don't already know that "I don't know why you gave them the weekend off sweetie"

"Because Martha and Kallie have families too Luke and I felt bad that we were celebrating the twins birthday and they were going to miss their Mother's" I tell him and I feel him smile at me.

"My girl has always had a warm heart" He kisses my cheek "But that doesn't stop the fact that there's something wrong and you're not telling me"

"Lucas…" I wash the last bit of soap from the tray and put it on the draining board and turn to face my husband "There's nothing wrong"

"You forget I know you Brooke" He tells me and I look away from him "Sometimes I think I know you better than you know yourself"

And he was right… he did know me better than I know myself. Always has and always will even before we started dating.


"Pretty Girl" He says softly tilting my face to look back at him "Talk to me"

"Your happy right?" I ask him and he nods "And you love us"

"Of course I do" He sounded worried now "Brooke please tell me what's wrong… your worrying me"

"Taylor is back Luke" I tell him "She has a daughter and I don't know her… Do you know how bad that is?"

"Brooke… baby…"

"No Luke you don't get it… even though I was mad about Brandon ditching me then coming back were okay now and I'm in KayLeigh's life… Ashley didn't even contact me when I came back" A tear slipped down my cheek. He wiped it away.


"But then again you knew she was back didn't you Lucas?" I bark whisper at him not wanting to disturb the others "How could you keep that from me?" I circle around him and head out into the fresh air of the garden which was away from the kids and the other guests we had in our home.

"Brooke… baby" He follows me shutting the door behind him "I know I should have told you, but she didn't want you to know… she knew it would hurt you" Lucas tells me and I give a small scoff. Of course it would hurt me… my sister vanishes once again out my life the shows up once again, but this time she had a daughter who seems the same age as the twins.

"And you keeping it from me hurts even more" I state as I feel him wrap his arms around me from behind. I don't protest against it… I fall back into him and feel the comfort I always love feeling "5 years Luke… she's been gone 5 years and now she's back and not even going to come see me"

"Actually Brooke…"

"Hello Brooke" Lucas gets cut off by the oh so familiar voice coming from behind us. I pull out of Lucas's grasp and turn around slowly to only be face to face with my sister.

"Ashley" I whisper and I see her nod "What… what you doing here?" I ask her as I take slow steps towards her.

"I came to see my baby sister" I hear her reply "I came to see my family"

"But its been 5 years" I retort back at her "5 god damn years Ashley"

"I know" She bows her head in shame once again, but when she looks back up at me this time I can see the regret she has in her eyes. The one thing I couldn't see before when I was California… I heard all her I'm sorries, but I never once saw that she meant it… not until now "I'm so sorry Brooke… I really am"

I didn't know what came over me, but I found myself embracing her into a hug. A hug I have missed for many years. A hug I have longed for so long. I wanted my sister back so bad and when we were in California I hated her for the simple fact of I never saw that she was truly sorry I just heard the words come out of her mouth. I didn't feel that she meant it, but as she stand here now with her arms tightly around me and not wanting to let go I can feel that this 'I'm sorry' was truly real and that she truly meant it. That's all I wanted. I just wanted her to mean she was sorry. I just wanted her to understand how bad she hurt me and how bad I needed her.

"I'm so so sorry Brooke" She whispers to me and I can hear the tears building up inside her "God you'd never know how sorry I truly am. I shouldn't have left you like I did… I ran away and I regret doing that and I have for a very long time, but I knew how much you properly hated me for ditching you so I stayed away until Rachel called telling me that my sister needed me" I finally pull away from her and wipe the fresh tear that slips down her cheek "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you Brooke"

"Its okay" I tell her and see the smile spread across her face "That's all I wanted Ash… I just wanted you to mean it… I just needed you to understand"

"Don't be mad at Luke" She says looking at my husband then back at me "I made him promise to not tell you… I just wanted to know if my stay here was permanent before I get your hopes up just to crush them again"

"I'm not mad" I walk into Lucas's arms to have him embrace me tightly "So are you staying?"

"Well Kyle and I have been offered jobs down here and since we have both taken them I guess we are" She beams a smile at me "It's not like I can afford to miss any more time away from my sister and brother" She says and I hug her. Oh how I have missed her. The three of us back together again after everything… it seems right… it seems like my family have all come together just the way I've always wanted it to be.


"Well if it isn't Ashley Marie Davis back from wherever she disappeared too" Brandon says when Ashley, Lucas and I walk into the lounge where everyone else was.

"Hello to you too Brady" Ashley says using the nickname she use to call him.

Brandon rushes over and embraces her into a long hug "How logn has it been?" He asks once they pull apart.

"It's been forever" she admits "Haley" Ashley turns to my bestfriend and gives a small smile "Where's Taylor?"

"Married with two kids in Connecticut" Haley replies with a small shrug "We don't really keep in touch much, but you look great Ashley considering I haven't seen you since I was like 13"

"Been too long"

"That it has" Nathan speaks up from behind Haley "Who knew you'd settle down" He jokes getting a playful glare from Ashley

"I could say the same about you Hot shot" Ashley fires back "Big basketball player Nathan Scott settles down with his high school sweetheart small town singer/song writer Haley James"

"Well what can I say… love changed me" He says honestly kissing the side of Haley's head.

"I know that feeling" Ashley agrees "And this must be Peyton… the girl I don't like very much"

"Oh don't worry sis, you're not alone of that front" I say cutting my eyes at my former bestfriend who I only tolerate because she's the mother of my niece and my brothers fiancé.

"Oh Brooke…" Ashley says my name and I look at her, she has a smile on her face "I have someone very important I'd like you to meet" Ashley goes to the front door and then walks back into the room "Brooke this is Kallie-Mae my daughter" The little girl looked just like Ashley except for her big green eyes that looked like emeralds. I have never seen such beautiful green eyes ever. She looked up at me and smiled "Kallie-Mae this is your family" Ashley tells the little girl who looks around at each of us.

"You're very pretty" Kallie let go of her mother's hand and walks over to me. I bent down so I as at her level. She brought her tiny fingers to my face and traced the outline of my nose "You're in the pictures" She tells me. Her voice sounding so soft.

"Kallie sweetie I don't think Auntie Brooke wants you touching her face sweetie"

"No…" I stop Ashley and look at my niece "She's okay"

"Daddy says that were staying" Kallie states with a small smile on her pretty little face "Daddy doesn't lie"

"I'm sure he doesn't sweetie" I smile back at her "You're a very pretty little girl Kallie"

"Thank you" She responds as polite as ever "Are you really my family?" Her question startles me a little and I look at Ashley.

"Growing up she didn't have anyone, but Kyle and me and her friends, but all her friends had families" Ashley utters "I felt guilty starving her off what she could have so when I got the job offer I jumped at it and we flew in on a whole bunch of hope and faith"

I nod understanding what Ashley meant… I couldn't ever think about taking this family away from the twins or Tegan "Yes sweetie… yes we really are your family" I see the smile spread across Kallie's face and my heart melts. How much time I've lost seeing this little girl growing up. 5 years of her life I've missed and those years I will never get back, but what I can do now is embrace her in the family she hasn't had.



What is life? I have always wondered to myself what the meaning of life is and I would always come up with 'life is what you make it' and I was right. I mean depending on how you want to live your life; you make it the way you want it to be. No one can predict what will happen in their lives so when I was about 13 I never would have thought I'd be married to Brooke with three great children… watching her as she sits on the steps of the garden and with everyone else… I never thought it was possible to feel this much happiness… I never thought someone could make you this happy… I would always watch those chick flick movies with her over the years and moan about how sappy the guys end up in those films, but this was real life and it feels like I'm in one of those films… it felt like my life was a movie and I was going to wake up real soon and find out it was all, but a dream and then I remember back to how we go together and everything we've been through and my heart fills with joy and happiness and glee.

Losing our first baby was what could have broken us forever, but we got through it together and when we came back together I knew that if we could get through that then nothing could ever break us not that I was willing to take that chance. I wasn't willing to mess up again… I wasn't willing to lose my pretty girl again. After she went through that pain I didn't want her to feel it again… I would never want her to feel any type of pain again so as long as I shall live I will protect her… I need to protect her.

And I promised her that until death do us part I will be here for her and I tend to not ever break that promise… not now… not ever.


I sat out in the garden watching as everyone was laughing and joking like no time was lost at all. Kallie was playing with the twins, Marilee and Kayleigh. Tegan and Millie had woken up about an hour ago and joined everyone else in the garden. I sipped at my wine and felt content. This is all I've wanted ever since I was a little girl. I wanted a family… a big family not meaning just kids, but the whole thing… the kids, the husband, the sister and brother and then the extra bits such as the aunties and uncles and I have my family. It might have taken a while to happen, but now everyone is back together and the hole that I felt inside was slowly healing. I had Lucas… I had my kids and they mean everything to me, but now I have my extended family too and I couldn't be happier.

Since my parents died when I was 10 I never thought I'd be able to live happy… I never thought I'd be able to have the family I've dreamt off since forever. I use to watch the Disney films and wish I could find my prince charming and be treated like a princess until I grew up and found out that fairy-tales don't really exist. You make life how you want it to be… you're never handed anything, you have to work for it and growing up I didn't know that because I was handed anything I wanted until that fateful night when my parents had died. Even though everything was split between the three of us I didn't use any of the money, not really until I got pregnant with Tamara and Tyler then I had no choice, but I didn't want that to be my life so I decided to fight for what I want and now I'm the proud owner of my million dollar company which I built from the ground up. Maybe if my parents were here then my life would be different and I'd properly be the girl who treated everyone like crap because they would have less than me… The girl who wasn't anything more than a popular girl in high school… the head cheerleader… the prom queen… the girl who paid to get through life, but I'm not and that is the important thing. I'm not that girl… I'm a woman with a husband and three wonderful kids… I'm a woman who built her company from the ground up and will teach her kids how to be independent. I didn't depend on anyone and I still won't. Being independent is one of the most things that is important to me and that is the one thing that had truly made me who I am today. I am Brooke Penelope Davis and even though I've been through a hell of a lot over these years… I am happy and I am content and I have what I've always wanted and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.

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