I want to break up." Beck said calmly.

"Again?" I asked.

"Yes, Again. I'll catch up with you later." He said walking away.

"You always think breaking up with me is the answer!" I yell, fully aware that I'm causing a scene. But, I don't care. This is the third time this week that he's broken up with me. And frankly it will be the last.

I mean sure, I know I can be evil sometimes, vile really, but it isn't nothing he couldn't handle. It isn't anything he hasn't already seen before. Why are boys so sensitive these day? I shake my head and head to lunch.

"Hey, Jade-Jade." Cat said as I approached the table.

"Cat." I merely acknowledged.

Robbie, Tori, and Andre are so engulfed in a heavy discussion, that they didn't notice my approach.

"Cat, what's up with them?" I asked waving my hand towards the discussion.

"Oh, there's a new kid coming to Hollywood arts after lunch. They're all trying to call dibs on showing her around."

"What's so special about the new kid?"

"Well, for one.. she's a girl. That got Robbie's and Andre's attention. For two..she can sing. For four.. she plays guitar and violin. Plus we heard her acting skills are really good." Cat said out of breath.

"Breathe cat, you skipped three. But anyways, she seems okay. She should pick Robbie to show her around, that way losers can stick together." I laugh.

"Jade, I'm not a loser." Robbie said.

"Yes. You. Are." I yawn.

"Not!" He yells, getting up, emptying his tray in the garbage bin, and walking away.

"Jade, must you always be that rude?" Andre asked.

"Y'all should be use to it by now. Then again, maybe not, since beck can't stomach my banter anymore."

"Y'all broke up..again? I'm so sorry." Cat says sincerely.

"It's cool. Now Tori can have him . I don't want him back this time." I say nonchalantly.

"For the last time, I do not want Beck, Jade." Tori says a little to angrily, also getting up and walking away.

"Jade, He, and you will be back together in a day or two, it happens every time." Cat said, trying to brighten my mood.

"She's right you know." Andre agreed.

"You're both wrong." I say pointedly as the bell sounded.

"I'll catch you guys in class, I have to go make a great first impression." Says Andre leaving quickly.

"Yeah, see you in class Jade-Jade." Cat said getting up.

Five minutes later, I'm in sycowitz class. He's rambling on about the effects our voices will have on global warming or so. I'm not really paying attention, my mind is on beck. How could he just sit over there and act like this doesn't bother him. Look at Tori, sitting right next to him pretending to be all innocent. I knew she liked him. But he was mine. But he's a free agent now. He can associate himself with whomever he wants. I don't care anymore. Or maybe I do. But he won't know it.

"..and now class I want you to break up into groups of two and pretend you've lost your voices. Today we are going to learn the affects of talking with your hands." Sycowitz says.

I really should sit this one out. I'm not really feeling this assignment. I feel like its a dumb game of charades, and I hate games.

"Jade-Jade, be my partner?" Cat asked, in her way that you just can't say no too.

"Sure cat, you go first." I reply.

She starts moving her hands in this weird forward motion and for the life of me I can't figure out what she's doing.

"Cat, stop doing that retarded hand gesture, here let me show you."

"Jade, no talking." Sycowitz says walking up.

I roll my eyes, and use one finger to symbolize come closer and she does. I use two fingers in a walk away motion, and she takes two steps back.

Sycowitz gives me the thumbs up.

Hey, this game isn't so bad. I still dislike games. Cat is holding her hands out, I think she's symbolizing she wants to hug me. How cute? I think to myself silently and walk into her hug.

A few seconds later the door to our classroom opens and our principle walks in.

"Sycowitz, you have a new student. Her name is Bellatrix Black. She's transferring from London School of Dramatic Art."

"Well, she's already proven she has great acting skills, she's learned to become invisible." Sycowitz jokes, pretending to look around.

"She's right outside the door. I'll go fetch her." The principle states. Not even a minute later, she walks in with the new student.

I must say, the way she was described, is in no way how she looks. She is wearing a black corset dress with black army boots. Her hair is wild and curly. Her skin is pale, like mine. She's hauntingly beautiful. I can see why people were tripping over themselves to get to class first.

"Well, hello there Miss Black, I'm sycowitz. We were in the middle of an acting lesson. If you'd care to join us you can, if not, you may take a seat." Sycowitz states sipping his coconut juice.

She looks like she'd rather be anywhere but here, as she sits in one of the front row seats.

The bell rings and I look back to her and wonder who is going to get to her first.

Everyone is grabbing their book bags and jackets and heading out of the classroom.

I frown. That's strange, they were all dying to meet and greet this girl just an hour ago, why are they pretending she doesn't exist now?

If you want something done, you must do it yourself I see. I think to myself with a sigh, grabbing my backpack and approaching her.

"I'm Jade West." I state.

"Bellatrix Black." She states back.

"I'm guessing I'm suppose to say something like welcome to Hollywood arts blah blah blah, but to be honest I really don't care."

"Neither do I." She states arrogantly.

Her arrogance sounds familiar, but I can't quite out my finger on it.

"Come, let me show you the halls and walls of this boring school."

"Alright." She states unenthusiastically.