"Do you see what she is wearing?" Tori asked, walking in to school, with her normal entourage.

"Yeah, and those boots, why would anyone?" Andre questioned.

"I can't believe they said, she'd be talented. She doesn't even look like she can act her way out of a plastic bag." Trina says laughing.

"Hey Trina, shut up, she's staring." Beck says casually, turning away from Bellatrix's piercing stare.

"I don't think she looks that bad, she's just not what we expected." Robbie says closing his locker and walking away.

"Yeah, she kind of looks like Jade, and we all love jade." Cat states in, what was suppose to be a whisper.

"Who looks like me?" Jade asked walking up.

"Uh, no one. Anyways, me and Beck are about to be late for band, so see y'all later." Andre says, grabbing Becks shoulder.

Jades looks past them and notices Bellatrix, looking a bit annoyed.

"Well, run along gentleman.. and Beck, but don't forget to take your lap dog with you." Jade joked, as they walked away.

"You know what Jade, if I ever do, actually go out with Beck, at least I know that I will treat him right." Tori whispers in her ear then stomps off.

"Morning, Black." Jade said gesturing her to come over there.


"Omg, I can't be seen around her, or you. Black dye might start rubbing off on me." Trina winced, walking away.

"Cat, this is Bellatrix, Bellatrix, this is Cat." Jade says through gritted teeth.

"Hi, Bella." says Cat.

"It's Bellatrix, but hey."

"Jade-Jade, we are going to be late to voice rehearsal, let's goooo..." Cat says tugging on Jades arm.

"Isn't that your class too, Black?"


"Then let's go, before all the seat in the far back are taken." Jade states, walking along side them to class.

"Today's lesson will be about Voice Structure. The way in which you will see your voices progressing. This is known as Voice Classification." Mrs. Blair lectured, from the from the front of the class.

"So West, I say we leave and go grab some food, i'm starving."

"Alright, but you're buying." Jades states, getting up.

"Mrs. West, would you like to tell the class, which three types of voice classifications are for women?"

"Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, and Contralto." She answered stultifyingly.

"Correct. Now if you must, go empty your bladder, but come right back." Blair said, with a wave of her hand.

"But, I was about to go to the restroom, so I'll just go too." Bellatrix said, rising from her chair.

"You may go, if you can tell me the four types of male voice classifications."

"All this, just to use the bathroom?–bellatrixs asked, rolling her eyes, but answering–Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass. Now, if I may."

"Also correct. Yes, you may go."

"So, what's up with that old bat anyways?" Bellatrix asked, fastening her seat belt and driving off.

"Blair? She is happy to preach the same stuff every year, so I've learned to tune her out." Jade replied with a pretend yawn.

"She's lame, and your friends are lame too."

"They are very much lame, but I'm sure you had lamer friends in London."

"I didn't have many friends in London, plus, I ditched school a lot." Bella states, shrugging.

"Big surprise." Jades jokes, pointing at Bellatrix, herself, and the McDonald's in front of them.

"Oh, whatever." Bellatrix laughed.

"Let me guess, everything about this school is 'rubbish?'" She asked using air quotes.

"Pretty much, but Cat seems okay, I guess."

"Yeah, she's a little out there, but otherwise, she's pretty cool."

"Pretty cool, huh? So, the vampiress does have feelings?" Bella joked.

"Tell her, and I'll cut you. She's the only 'friend' I can really count on." Jade adds, half blushing.

"I hear ya, but I guess you can count on me too, as long as we don't have to stay in school all the time."

"Deal." Jade agreed, taking a bite of her sandwich.

"So, why did you and that Canadian hunk break up?"

"He just doesn't get it, you know. I like to be in control. I like to be aggressive, but I mean well. Everytime I try to explain that to him, he jumps to breaking up."

"He sounds like a loser. Not that it matters. You clearly don't want him anymore. You have a crush on Cat."

Jade spits out her soda. "What?!"

"It's okay, I just know. Your secret is safe with me. If you're anything like me, you're vile most of the time, but deep down, you have a soft spot. Your soft spot just so happens to be a short red headed girl."

"Do you just know, or are you a raging lesbian?" Jade asked, pulling herself forward on the bench.

"A raging lesbian I guess, I mean, I have a knack for these things. But we don't have to talk about it. I don't want you to cut me on my second day of school." Bella jokes.

"You're getting dangerously close Black" She threatens, looking down at her watch.

"but, I think we should get going. We've been here almost two hours. It's almost time for sycowitz' class."

"Alright, let's go."

"Sycowitz, I was wondering if I could interrupt your class for just a moment?" asked Mrs. Blair, walking in.

"Sure, Norma, please, go ahead."

"I need to see Jade West and Bellatrix Black, if you do not mind."

"Are they in some kind of trouble?"

"No, so can I borrow them?"

"You can borrow them, but bring them back in one piece." He jokes.

"Thanks, let's go ladies."

"What's your problem lady?" Bella asked as soon as the classroom door closed behind them.

"My problem is, that you two left to use the bathroom and were gone for 45 minutes. Care to tell me what happened?"

"It's my fault, I was showing her around the food court and we got hungry." Jade volunteers.

"You left my class to get a snack? That is unacceptable. I'm giving the both of you detention, after school today."

"And if I don't show?" Bella challenged.

"Then I suppose, that'll be the end of Hollywood arts for you Mrs. Black."

"This is such rubbish. Here you are, giving us detention for ditching your class, yet you have us ditching another one right now. Perhaps you want us to give you detention too?"

"Make that two detentions, today and tomorrow. Get back in there and hopefully learn to leave your butts in those seats." Mrs Blair says walking away.

"Nice going Black, we have to be in school all the time now, I thought this wasn't what you wanted?" Jade sneers.

"It wasn't intentional West, but thanks for trying to cover for me. We could make detention fun you know. You could tell me all about your red headed 'friend' since we will have about an hour to kill." She smirked.

"Maybe it's an hour where you're from, but it's two hours here in the US." Jade said, rolling her eyes and walking back to her seat.