"MBC! Power up!" Nicole yelled, raising her fist to the sky. Her purple and black action suit soon covered her body, and she joined her friends in battling the two Octovores in front of them. It wasn't very hard; they'd busted Octovores before. At the end of the fight, Danny walked up to the black haired girl, a big grin on his face as he granted her a high five.

"That was awesome, guys! We so busted those sorry Octovores' tentacles!" He laughed.

"Yeah, but I still have a ton of homework to do! The report's due tomorrow!" Chris whined, looking down.

"Oh, don't worry Chris! You'll get it done! You're the smartest person I know!" Cathy exclaimed, giggling, ruffling his blue hair. Sam, Danny, and Nicole all glared at the enthusiastic Rhapsodian.

"One of them, anyway." Cathy muttered, clasping her hands behind her back, rocking back and forth with a grin on her face.

"Come on, we've gotta get back to the clubhouse and get these Octovores to John." Sam stated, dashing back with the Vacuvator in her hands. The others soon followed, running behind her.

"Why do we keep running into these Octovores?" Nicole asked, placing her gloved hands on her hips.

"I don't know. We keep busting them, and they keep coming back." Chris replied, continuing to type into the MBC's computer.

"All I know is, I have to get Wendy to go with me to the school dance!" Danny swooned.

"And Mark!" Nicole sighed. Chris and Sam rolled their eyes at Danny and Nicole's crushes. Mark and Wendy were the most popular kids in school, and they were also the meanest. Danny and Nicole didn't notice or care, though. Danny was always trying to impress Wendy, and Nicole was just too shy to talk to Mark. Sam, Cathy, Chris, John, and pretty much the whole school knew that Danny and Nicole were perfect for each other. They were just too blind to see it.