I've had this idea for a little while, and I've been writing this for a couple weeks but I haven't liked the result until now. (When I first thought of this, nobody had make a Tinker Bell /Frozen crossover, but someone beat me and posted the first one)

I'm not sure how this whole story is going to turn out, but I figured I'd give it a shot. The worst that can happen is it'll be really stupid and nobody will like it, but I'll never know until I try.

This story takes place after Secret of the Wings and it is an Alternate Universe Frozen, it takes place when Anna is 5 and Elsa is 8 (like in the beginning of the movie).

This is just a prologue.

Disclaimer: I don't own Frozen or Disney Fairies.

A snowflake slowly fell and landed on the baby's nose. The odd thing was that the baby was inside, lying in a cradle in the middle of a large room lit by a roaring fire.

The baby had startling blue eyes, and her hair- so blonde it was almost white- was just beginning to show. The baby gurgled and waved an arm clad in a powder blue sleeve. A tiny dusting of snow shot into the air.

The baby's mother and queen of Arendelle, nudged her husband, the king, whispering "Look at Elsa, dear." The royal parents watched as their daughter windmilled both arms wildly in the air, squealing with laughter as a flurry of snow whipped around her tiny body. After, her first laugh ever, baby Elsa cooed and turned her head as if following the progress of something floating out the window.

Even if their baby had not been surrounded by snow, Elsa's parents would not have noticed the what floated out of her mouth the first time she laughed. If they had seen them, they would have probably come to the conclusion that their daughter had eaten a dandelion at some point and hiccuped it back up. They would have thought that explanation to be rather unlikely, but they would have openly laughed at whoever told them what it really was.

The "dandelions" were actually the beginnings of two fairies, which under the watchful eye of Elsa, floated out the window and headed towards the second star to the right on the journey to Neverland.

The king and queen would not have seen the laugh if it floated right in front of their faces because they were too old to see the beginnings of a fairy, believing it to be childish nonsense. Even if they could have seen the laugh, they were too busy exchanging a worried glance. They both knew how almost everybody, both in Arendelle and the neighboring kingdoms, felt about magic.

Most people were under the impression that magic was something any sensible person wanted nothing to do with. People from Wesleton and the Southern Isles were strongly against magic, thinking that anybody who used it was evil and should be killed. Perhaps the weirdest magic theory came from a short old man with a long beard who had just wandered into Arendelle one day. The old man was a frequent customer at the pub in Arendelle, and he often prattled on about witches and warlocks and glowing hair that prevented aging. Those ideas were not very credible coming from a man who had regularly downed five bottles of beer in under ten minutes at the tavern before passing out and having to be dumped in the carriage that brought drunks home when the tavern closed.

The King and Queen of Arendelle did not want Elsa to be feared or bullied because of her powers. The queen scooped her baby out of the cradle and held her at arms length. Elsa giggled and reached towards her mother. A couple snowflakes shot out of Elsa's hand and into the queen's face. She flinched and looked over at her husband. They would have to gently discourage their daughter from using her magic, but that would be difficult for a couple years because one cannot reason with a baby.

Elsa was wrapped in a blanket, so only her face was visible, and placed back in the cradle. Her parents hoped that, with her arms tucked to her sides in a warm blanket, Elsa would not be able to produce as much snow. With that thought, they went to bed themselves.

However, they realized they would not succeed in getting Elsa to quit using magic while she was a baby. When they unwrapped the blanket from around her, they saw that Elsa had frozen both the skirt of her tiny dress and her diaper solid and she did not seem to mind the cold.

The two unborn fairies floated towards the second star to the right, Elsa's laugh echoing around them. Once they arrived in Neverland, they were blown towards Pixie Hollow. However, one of the dandelion fairies started to descend and settled into the Winter Woods, while the other drifted off towards the warmer part of Pixie Hollow. The fairy that landed in the Winter Woods would become a frost fairy known as Periwinkle, while the other would be a tinker fairy known as Tinker Bell

"I'm going to get you!" the King called out. Three year old Elsa ran through the halls of the castle, desperately trying to run faster. Her dad was gaining ground, and if she got caught, Elsa would have to chase him, and that was hard. The King had taught daughter how to play Tag a week ago, and young Elsa just couldn't get enough of it.

Elsa glanced over her shoulder. Her father had almost caught up with her. She started to speed up even though she had stopped moving her legs. She looked down at her feet and realized that she was sliding on a strip of ice that was appearing in front of her as she went. However she didn't pay attention to what was in front of her, and slid into the wall at the end of the hallway.

After confirming that she was not injured, the King knelt before Elsa and asked her "Do you remember the rule about snow?" The little girl nodded and said "Snow is for outside in the winter." The King left it at that, instead of discussing the dangers of snow with her, because she had not used her powers in a couple days. It had been decided that Elsa could use her powers as much as she wanted during the winter, when it would be harder to notice them, as a treat for trying to conceal her magic during the other seasons.

What her parents didn't know was that each night, after she was put to bed, Elsa unleashed her powers in her bedroom and played in her snow. She did not do it rebelliously. It was just that her magic stored up when she did not use it, and Elsa eventually could hold it no more and would use all the magic she had been trying not to use during the day.

"Your mother and I have something to tell you." The King stood up and held out his hand to Elsa. She grabbed it, and the elder winced at its frigid temperature. The royal father and daughter walked into the master bedroom. In the bed lay the Queen, her stomach bulging outwards. Elsa ran over and scrambled on the bed, crawling over to her mother. While she hugged Elsa, the Queen's eyes widened. "You're all cold," she told her daughter, "Did you do magic again?"

"Yes, Mommy. I'm sorry." Elsa replied. The queen tousled her daughter's platinum blonde hair and said "We don't want you to accidentally get hurt, or for someone else to get hurt. People could easily slip and fall on the ice you make." The Queen let her message sink in for a moment, then smiled and asked "Do you want to hear the big news?"

"Yes!" Elsa shouted, delighted at the idea of hearing something important. "You're going to be a big sister. Mommy's having a baby." The King told Elsa. Elsa clapped her hands and laughed, and her parents did not notice the snowflakes that drifted down onto the white bedspread.

A couple months later, Elsa lay awake, wanting to play with her new sister. Anna had been born a few days ago, but her parents had not let Elsa see her much because they were afraid Elsa would pass on her fever that she'd had a week ago. Elsa tiptoed to her door and pulled it open.

Hearing her parents snores, she crept to the baby's room. She quietly gazed down at baby Anna sleeping in the cradle. The platinum-blonde then kissed the baby and whispered. "Hi! I'm Elsa, your big sister, and I'm gonna take real good care of you." Elsa smiled down at her, and started softly singing. She was so excited to see her little sister that a bit of her magic escaped and made a dusting of snow appear. Anna woke up and stared at her older sister.

When the snowflakes touched Anna's face, she laughed and windmilled her arms just like Elsa had done three years before. Both the baby and the toddler watched the fairy drift out of Anna's mouth. Unfortunately for the fairy-to-be, the window in the room didn't open, so the only way out was the fireplace. Elsa tried to shoot snow at the fire, but only a few snowflakes came out; she couldn't purposely use magic yet. The unborn fairy was blown into the fire, and it was burnt quite badly. Both Elsa and Anna were crying. The charred fairy-to-be escaped the fire, but fell apart before it got out of the chimney.

In Pixie Hollow, Mother Dove cooed softly and mourned for the fairy that never got to see the world.

There will be more Tinker Bell/Fairies in the next chapter. I'm not sure if a character death automatically makes a fanfic rated T.

This idea popped into my head when I was watching Frozen for a couple reasons.

The lame reason is that Elsa and Periwinkle similar because they both have white-ish hair, wear blue and have snow powers- I have something planned for them since they both have snow powers, but I won't reveal it.

Another similarity between Frozen and Secret of the Wings that I noticed is that both Elsa and Periwinkle save their sister from some fate that was incurable. Periwinkle helped fix Tink's broken wing after it broke in the cold, and Elsa helped thaw Anna.

The drunk old guy I mentioned is a cameo from Tangled. He is supposed to be the guy in the Snuggly Duckling pub and in this story he blabs about Rapunzel.