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"Today's the day!" Nine-year-old Anna exclaimed when she woke up. She rushed across the bedroom to where Elsa was sleeping. "Elsa! Wake up! Wake up!" Elsa just mumbled sleepily.

She bounced on her sister's bed, her braided pigtails jumping around her shoulders, and yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELSA!" Elsa groaned and pleaded "Just five more minutes..." Anna wasn't about to let her sister waste her birthday sleeping. So she just dragged her out of bed.

Elsa made a noise as she hit the floor, and a flurry of snow exploded around her. Anna giggled when she saw the snow cover her sister, making her look kind of like someone covered in flour. Elsa pouted at her sister, but it was only half-hearted. She couldn't truly be mad at Anna for long.

"Are you excited?" Anna asked, clearly excited herself, as Elsa tried to shake her magical snow off. Elsa nodded and replied "Of course!" Giggling, they raced each other downstairs, where their parents were waiting. "There's the birthday girl!"

Elsa was 12 now, bordering adolescence, although playing with Anna meant she ended up acting younger a lot of the time. Not to mention, she still strongly believed in fairies.

For her birthday, Elsa got a couple books she really wanted (Anna gave them looks of disgust, stating that they would "borify" her sister) as well as a ring with a jeweled snowflake on it, which Elsa happily slipped on her finger.

Once Elsa was done opening her gifts, the girls headed upstairs (the cake would be later). They entered their room, and Elsa wondered "What should we do while we wait?" Anna headed over to the dolls, six in particular. Two were the Anna and Elsa dolls, and the other four were five-inch wooden dolls resembling Tink, Peri, and the fairy versions of the princesses.

Tink had made them and Peri had made unmeltable ice wings for them with her talent. The fairy twins had given them to the girls during a visit (they visited whenever they changed the seasons and during each of the girls' birthdays). At other times, they'd sent Prilla with other gifts, such as flowers that wouldn't wilt and die (thanks to Rosetta) or just plain notes saying what was new with them. The girls made sure to hide these gifts from their parents to avoid questions, and the fairies avoided sending anything too magical in case anyone aside from the girls found it.

"Let's play 'Our Adventure'!" Elsa exclaimed, picking up the Anna and Elsa rag dolls and exclaiming, as the dolls "Let's build Olaf! Oh look there's a mouse! *run, run, run, run* Oh no! We're lost in the woods!"

Anna laughed and said, as the Anna doll, "Augh! Where's Elsa. I'll look for her. Oh look," She added, grabbing the Tinker Bell doll "Here's a fairy!"

"Oh look. Here's a fairy!" They heard a voice say. They looked over and saw...

"Tink! Peri!"


Lightning. Fire. Huge waves. These were what the crew and passengers of the ship witnessed before they were to be swallowed up by the sea. Two of the passengers were the King and Queen of Arendelle.

Back in Arendelle, everyone grieved at the loss of their beloved rulers. But none more so than their daughters. The two princesses were seen weeping at their parents funeral. Later, back at the castle, fifteen-year-old Anna walked through the halls alone. She knocked on Elsa's door (they'd eventually split up into two bedrooms). She walked in. Snowflakes hung in the air, unmoving, as Elsa lay sobbing on the bed.

Anna crawled up next to her sister, wrapped her arms around her, and cried herself to sleep.


Three years later, a choir sung as dozens of people were seated in the great hall. Elsa and Anna stood before them. Elsa was offered an orb and scepter. She took them, but with her magic she decorated the scepter even more, finishing it off with a snowflake on the top.

The crowd was clearly impressed.

A long speech was given, and Anna zoned out during it. At last, she heard the words "Queen Elsa of Arendelle" She clapped with their subjects, and the party began.

So many people were there celebrating, and most of them were unaware of the two figures outside the window. Anna nudged her sister, who glanced over. Two glows could be seen, and Elsa would recognize those glows anywhere.

For a second, as their eyes locked, it seemed like the four of them- two fairies, a princess, and a new queen, were alone. No party, no window separating them. Just the four of them in an imagined snowy wonderland.

None of them could have been happier.

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