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Now, there's a few important things you should know before reading this.

First : This is a sequel to my first story Getting to know you which you can find in my profile. I know most of you have been reading and reviewing it and thanks to that it currently has more than 300 reviews (thank you guys so much! I love you!)


For the ones of you that are reading this and yet haven't read my other story, here are some tips and info:

My first story has more than 50 chapters and is still on going. And just like in my first story, you will find out while reading this that even though though you'll see blood and tears, this has a more possitive view about Jack's life before becoming a guardian and during it, and you'll meet and lot of new characters (most of them already mentioned in my other story) :D

Also, my first story start from the very moment the guardians get to the workshop after defeating Pitch and moves on although not necesarily in the right order.

So, like any story of drabbles, it had lots of independant chapters and arcs.

This story is a sequel to my seasonals arc that starts at chapter 50 and keeps going until chapter 66, so if you only wanna read that arc you can start just there on chapter 50.

However, this is just an "in between" kind of sequel cause once this is over we go back and continue the arc where we left it. So it would like a time skip or something.

So while working on this my other story will go back to its drabbles leaving the seasonal arc on hold.

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Without you there wouldn't be a Getting to know ...and who you were , i would have never come this far and this stories wouldn't exist, they would have grow old in my memory and no story, no matter how it is or about what it is, deserves that.

Your imagination is wonderful, never doubt that and never let anybody tell you or try to convince otherwise.

Our thoughts and ideas are our most precious possesions and they deserved to be believed in by us the least. They deserve that much from the people who they were born from. Cause what is a child without the love of a mother?

So... love yourselves... love your minds... love your crazyness... cause at the end of the day that's the only truly palpable thing you'll be able to hold on to.

Don't let anybody make you think less of yourselves, cause you all worthy of greatness... and whenever you feel alone or that nobody understands you...

ALWAYS remember that the world is big, and that there will always be at least one crazy person that thinks like you do and will be forever grateful to be able to read your ideas and know that he or she, just like you, are not alone and someone gets them.

That's what all of you have help me to realise i want to help you all in the same way.

So if you have an idea... GO... CHERISH IT... LOVE IT... BELIEVE IN IT...

Cause we'll all be here waiting for it! Ready to thank you for having the guts to share it and giving us the chance to have a wonderful time reading about it.

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And believe me. The shame of being pointed at or laughed at... it's nothing compared to the pain of regreting. Cause once you regret something, there's nothing to do about it, while after being laughed at, you can always stand up and give another try.

So thank you. THANK YOU wonderful people. Thanks to you and your support i've come to realise all these things, and i couldn't be more grateful.


Here we go!

Tooth had been the one to come up with it.

She had even been the one to press the lights and everything.

She had been the one to grab them by the ear, sit them down and knock some sense into their aching consciences. The one to drag them out of their depressed corners and do something. Something for Jack.

And really, who were they to stop her?

Tooth was always right after all, so… they didn't really have the right to.

Because the truth was… and they had all thought about that painful reality… that they didn't know anything about him.

Nothing about that wonderful child that had come to their lives as the most precious gift they could have ever asked for.

Jack had been with them for two hundred years or so.

That meant that for more than half of his life… he had been alone.

For more than half of his life… he had had no one.

For more than half of his life… he hadn't been believed in.

For more than half of his life… he had been walked through.

For more than half of his life… he hadn't had the warmth of a family.

Yet… for the guardians… that precious time where Jack hadn't had no one, had been believed in, hadn't been walked through… had had the warmth of a family… that precious yet short time were Jack had been happy… had been the longest and most amazing period of time they had ever experienced even though they could have been twice as old as Jack.

His very presence had made their existences happier when they hadn't even suffered as Jack had before that.

He had made them so happy! And yet they hadn't even got to pay him back in the same way.

So this was the least they could do.

They had taken Jack for granted. There was no need to try too hard when you had eternity ahead of you after all, was there?

And yet here they were.

Eternity hadn't done its part of the job and now they were paying the price for their assumptions. They had taken it seriously. They hadn't even tried to make the most of their new life along with that wonderful child Jack truly was.

And, yet again, they were now paying the price.

They had known it from the start. They knew it. They had never been worthy of him. They didn't deserve him. Yet Mim or whatever force it was, had given him to them. Had passes him on for them to truly meet him, to take care of him, to realize how wonderful he was.

To love him more than anything!

Cause being a Guardian meant to love and care for every single child in the world.

But children tend to grow. And forget. And move on.

Jack, however, a sprit of his own, a teen, a young yet entirely capable of taking care of himself on his own, powerful Spirit of Winter, a seasonal none the less…

Was a child inside.

A forever innocent boy, whether he himself was willing to accept that or not, for them to take care of… forever.

A child born for them to care for and them alone.

And yet they had failed.

Every single time.

More than half of his life he had spent it alone, with no one to really share it with.

Memories and experiences they never truly fought to know.

But Jack… their Jack… deserved so much more than that.

So, no.

Their Jack would not be gone without them knowing all about him. Learning about his life, about his past, about his experiences… about him.

They owed him that.

They owed him at least that. Because truth be told… they owed him a hell lot more than something so simple... so essential, so basic as to just… learn about him.

Cause they had tried. They really had. They had slowly, yet certainly made their way through the delicate web of emotions and experiences that was their child.

Yet how could that even matter? Didn't all this mean they had done a terrible job? Wasn't all of this a proof of mediocre their work had been?

They should have tried harder. If they had really, truly cared, then they wouldn't had found themselves in that situation now would they?

So, yet again, no. They wouldn't allow it. Jack deserved to be known; he deserved people to learn about him, to know him.

They owed him that much.

And they would give it to him.

And that's how, in the middle of the room where they had shared so many hours laughing and just living, the four older Guardians grabbed each other's hands, closed their eyes, and entered a world lost and buried in the past…

… yet alive and everlasting in the limits of that tiny golden box that held the memory of life of certain, wonderful and, oh, so dear boy.

And the world could keep moving… Pitch could keep planning… weather could keep going down… even belief- and they were ashamed to admit it- could falter, even if Jack would never forgive them for that...

But this they would be for him…

For Jack…

For their child.


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