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Then next memory started out in the open, somewhere around the woods. There were lots of snow around and they could see the children all bundled up by their parents as they came nearer to the frozen lake.

There was Charlie up front walking along with a kid the guardians knew to be called Abel. The brunet boy was only a few inches taller than Charlie his blue eyes were only a little bit more serious that Charlie's. At least, that's what the guardians could tell, even if all Jack saw was a bigger boy.

Then there were the kids, Jack and his friends, followed by Uncle Will who was telling them a story of some horses. Jack wasn't really paying attention.

"I don't like this scarf!" Henry said next to him.

"Henry, say that one more time and we're going home!" Charlie said over his shoulder, interrupting his conversation with Abel.

"But Charlie!" Henry whined.

"No, remember what mother said"

"Yeah, Henry, besides is so you don't catch a cold, I'm sorry to tell you, but parents are usually right" Abel laughed. The guardians couldn't help to laugh at Jack's train of thought, he didn't really like his scarf either, it wasn't really cold outside, but then, that's what he probably should do if Pippa ever wanted to take her scarf off during winter. Yes, he decided, he wouldn't let Pippa take her scarf off ever!

"But it isn't cold!" Liam objected from behind, no longer listening to his uncle's story.

"Look, kids" said uncle began "It doesn't matter if you're cold or not! Women have this horrible sixth sense!" he said with finality "If they tell you to put some more clothes on because it's cold and you don't and you'll get sick, you will definitely get sick, I assure you!"

"What?!" Jack perked up, also not happy about his bundled up situation "Then Anne can just tell us not to wear them! Anne! Tell us to take off our scarves!"

"What? I will not!" she said "Mama would get mad! She told me not to get any clothes off!"

"It wouldn't work!" Liam said as it was obvious "Anne's not a woman, she's just a girl!"

"Yes, I am a woman! And like one, I now say that if any of you take your scarves then Liam will get sick and get all green!" she said with a scowl.

"Me too?" Jack asked innocently.

"Oh, what a smelly head" Henry pouted.

"Children,children" laughed the old man, the two older boys rolling their eyes at the kids' rant "I didn't mean women, I meant mothers"

"Ohhh" the kids said in unison, everything making sense with just that clarification, making the older people there laugh.

"Anyway, you still gotta stay warm cause if you don't then we won't teach you a thing" Charlie sang.

"Is Uncle Will gonna skate as well?" Henry asked to which said man burst out laughing.

"Oh no, you don't want stepping into that thing"

"Why not?" Anne asked.

"Mom says he's too big" Liam answered. Apparently, the guardians thought, he had already had this conversation in his house.

"So?" Jack asked as they got to the edge of the pond.

"We really need to start with the basic, it seems" Abel laughed "Okay, sit down"

Uncle will had some blankets with him which he arranged so the kids could sit down without getting wet. He sat along with the children with Charlie and Abel standing in front of them.

"Do any of you know what this is?" asked Abel pointing to the frozen water.

"The lake" Anne answered.

"And what happens when we're in the middle of winter?" he asked again.

"It freezes over" Liam shrugged.

"Well, yes, but do you think it's completely frozen?"

"Yeah…" Henry said deep in thought.

"Ah, well, it isn't" Charlie answered.

"It's not?" Jack asked confused.

"Nope" Abel continued "Only the surface freezes, but underneath there's still water, really cold water. Do any of you know how to swim?"

The children shook their heads.

"Well, now we know what we're doing next summer" Charlie laughed.

"You'll teach us to swim?" Anne cried happily.

"Sure, why not" he replied.

"Now" Abel interrupted "That will be on summer; right now, the surface is frozen enough for the ice to hold up, and Charlie and I have already been checking, but still, you always have to be careful"

"Yes" Charlie seconded "First, you always check the ice once you go in. No matter how many other times you've checked during the day or days before that. If the ice is white or black, don't get in. It'll probably won't support you"

"You can go if it's clear, blue or green, but still taking your time and being careful about it" Abel continued.

"So… white or black are no-no" Anne recited.

"Exactly" Uncle Will called "But that doesn't mean that if the ice seems strong enough it won't break, that's why you always have to be careful and be ready for an emergency"

"And what happens if it breaks?" Jack asked confused.

"Well, you'd be in big trouble, squirt" Charlie laughed uncomfortably.

"Yes, children, it would be really bad" the adult there said gravely "You could die"

The guardians could feel how the seriousness of that statement finally sank in to Jack's child mind. The other kids seemed to have gotten the message as well judging by their expressions.

"Then why would you do it in the first place?" Henry asked fearfully.

"Kids" Charlie started as he crouched in front of them "Everything can be dangerous, everything can kill you" he said bluntly "But that doesn't mean we stop doing things"

"Yes, if it were like that, then we wouldn't even step out of our huts!" Uncle Will laughed, successfully cheering the mood.

"So!" Abel started with a clap "Want to give it a shot?"

The two older kids started to make their way into the lake. They didn't put their skates on, walking in just their shoes, carefully getting further from the shore.

Liam's uncle stayed standing by the edge of the pond along with some things next to him: the guardians could see rope, the older boys' skates, the blankets and a bunch of tools.

Following the older boys, the rest of the kids were left giggling to themselves as they tried to keep up with them without falling down.

"Charlie! Wait up!" Henry kept calling as he fearfully tried to make his way towards his brother, who made his way to him.

"Hey, it's okay squirts! We're not alone! There's no shame in falling down and if anything were to happen we have Uncle Will"

"That's important kids, never do this alone. Always come in groups and with an adult, alright?"

"How come you come here alone?" Liam asked as he tries to keep his balance. Anne and Jack were both holding into each other, both giggling out of nervousness. Still, the guardians could tell their boy was loving it.

"Ha! Well that's because we are big!" Charlie laughed.

"Aw, I wanna be big now" Henry pouted.

"Yes, you'll have to wait until you're older if you want to come without any adults" the boy mused "But I don't know if that would be reason enough. You should enjoy being little still"

"We're not little!" both Liam and Jack squeaked at the same time, affronted.

"Whatever you say squirts" Charlie laughed "Now, let's teach you guys how to stand in the ice without falling over your butts…"

The memory ended with the kids laughing at the naughty word.

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